Story: A Better World Lemon (all chapters)

Authors: Teresa kaiju

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Chapter 1


This is the bedroom scene that I cut out of "A Better World".


A Better World, Lemon

When we got to her room she dropped her robe on the floor and held her arms out to me. So I dropped my robe and went into her arms. As we clung tightly to each other the warmth of her flesh against mine felt SO wonderful! "Would you like to lie down for a while?" She said softly. I just nodded and went over to her big bed and laid down right on top of the spread. Kazumi got in on her knees and bent over me. "Do you mind if I touch you?" She asked softly. That thought made my heart race.

"No. I don't mind." I whispered.

"Any time you get uncomfortable, just let me know and I'll stop, okay?" I nodded and tried to smile, but it was hard because I didn't know what she was going to do. But whatever it was, I thought to myself, it was okay with me. I wanted to be hers completely.

She started by softly stroking her fingers up my arms, and then my legs, and then she ran her finger tips real lightly over my breasts. The thrill made me shake. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Oh yes, I am!" I gasped, hoping she would do it again. And she didn't disappoint me. Then as I was still quivering she bent over and put her mouth on my right nipple. As that perfect pink mouth of hers touched my breast, I felt a shock go all through me. After doing the same thing to the other nipple, she ran her fingers down my body from my breasts to my private place between my legs. My body arched as it tried to press against her hand but she pulled back and kept her touch light and gentle. Then she went back to my breasts, licking each nipple and then gently sucking on it. I had never felt anything like this in my life. Playing with myself wasn't even close. It was SO exciting, I started making noises. I couldn't help it.

After playing with my breasts for a while, she kissed a line down my body to my private place. I tried to prepare myself for what I thought would come next but when she put her tongue into me I spasmed anyway. I had touched myself down there before, and it had felt good, but somehow the fact that it was SHE who was touching me with her tongue and lips made it a thousand times more exciting. I put both hands on the back of her head and sunk my fingers in her long black hair, then pushed her against me. I felt like I was lifting up off the bed, like I was going to fly... my hips started rolling, rubbing my private spot against her mouth... I got higher and higher... then finally a hot flood rushed up my body from below, engulfing me in the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. An orgasm, I thought to myself, I was finally having a real orgasm. Then too soon I felt the tide of pleasure slowly draining out of me. Finally, it was over and I felt completely limp. Like my body had turned to liquid.

Kazumi moved until she was laying right on top of me. Her beautiful face was right above me, and her full breasts were laying right on top of my smaller ones. After kissing me lightly, she whispered, "How was that?"

"Beyond my wildest dreams," I said simply, then just smiled at her.

"Good enough," she said softly then rolled off me and just laid close along side me as I slowly regained my ability to move. As I lay there, I realized that I should now do for her what she had just done for me. So when I felt ready, I got up on my knees, bent over and kissed her, then whispered, "Now it's your turn.".

"You don't have to." She replied softly.

"Oh, but I want to!" I assured her truthfully. So I started running my fingers lightly over her; first her limbs then around her breasts. She just laid there and looked at me with just a slight smile. Even when I kissed and gently sucked on her nipples she never moved or made a sound. This bothered me. "Am I doing it okay?"

"Yes my sweet Himeko, you are doing just fine." She assured me with a smile. So I did the trail of kisses thing down to her private spot, then just looked at the dark hairy patch. Where was her slit, I wondered. It had to be there somewhere. So I just pressed my mouth against the hair and stuck my tongue out. The hair parted like magic and my tongue slipped in. It was wet and slippery, and didn't taste bad at all. She still hadn't moved or made a sound. Then I found the little bump near the top of the slit that is really really sensitive and sucked on it. Finally she spasmed. *Success!* I thought to myself. I explored up and down her slit with my tongue, but kept coming back to that special bump. Finally she started moving and making little sounds. I kept at it for what seemed a long time. I was getting worried that I was doing something wrong, but finally she arched and moaned kind of loud. This is when she grabbed my head and forced my face against her. The pressure was pushing my tongue against my teeth kind of hard so I pulled it in and just let her press my face against her slit. *I had done it!* I thought, and felt happy. I hoped I had given her as much pleasure as she had given me.

When she finally went limp, I wiped my face and crawled up on her until my face was up to hers. "How was I?" I asked.

"Simply wonderful..." She replied with a big smile. After a lingering kiss I rolled off her and we just laid there until we cooled off. "Now, I would like to get cleaned up. Will you join me in a shower?" I followed her and found a very large western style shower just off the toilet room.

After washing each other for the second time in one day, we went back to bed, this time under the covers. As I lay in Kazumi's arms, I thought that I had never felt such joy and contentment. It didn't seem right somehow that I should feel this good. And after a while the glow wore off. I was getting hungry and I had to pee. It felt like I was coming back from a trip to a magical fairy land. And soon I would have to come back to reality. Going back to my room in the dorm and then tomorrow, of course was school. *That was the worst part of coming back to reality*

But on the other hand. Kazumi and I were really a couple now. And it didn't bother me a bit. I was proud to be Kazumi's lover and I was day dreaming of a heavenly future together with her as I peed.

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