Story: Darker Heights (chapter 7)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 7

Title: Uh Oh

"Hehehe Sarah do you feel a bit strange?" Rachel giggled lightly as she stumbled into Sarah. A lusty feeling consumed Rachel as she looked into Sarah's big brown eyes.

"A little, Hehehe." Sarah giggled stupidly as she squeezed Rachel's ass.

"Hey stop that did you put something in that weed we smoked earlier?" Rachel toned psychedelically as she walked arm in arm with her giggling friend.

"No, it was the same shit I always get." Sarah dropped to the floor swiftly dragging Rachel down. Rachel landed on top of Sarah as her brow connected with the back of the Indian girl’s head.

"Damnit." Rachel moaned harshly as she rolled off, palming her head. Sarah pushed herself off the floor still giggling as she looked over at her hurt friend.

"Oh... honey." Sarah purred earnestly as she crept to Rachel and kissed the blonde's brow. Rachel looked appreciably into Sarah's eyes as she cupped her face and kissed her.

"What the hell are you two doing?" A familiar voice asked miserably as the two looked up invitingly. Gem and Roxy stood side by side, sharing the same apprehensive glances.

"Nothing, just messing around ya' know." Sarah scrambled to her feet as she punched Rachel to get up. In seconds the two were on their feet with unconvincingly smart grins on their faces, smarter than usually.

"Drunk already, you were here 15 minutes." Roxy' eyes darted sideways as the two inebriated girl's began swaying slowly, but the two girls just stared back insanely as they stayed silent.

"What the hell's wrong with you?!?" Roxy demanded mystified as she watched a lustily and sadistic emotion stir in the taller girl's eye's.

"Nothing... why?" Sarah started sedately as Rachel shifted too. Like flowing water the two were on top of Gem and Roxy.

"Hey a little space you freaks." Roxy put her hands up to block the two from Gem, but Rachel put a stop to that quick and in a hurry. The wrong idea was the only thing Roxy could think of as the side of her face met the dark wall to her right. Roxy moaned softly as the pain struck her body, she loosened herself in Rachel's firm grip.

"Mind your manners please." Gem asked sternly as Sarah stood in front her grinning at her friend. Sarah caught the corner of Rachel's eye and nodded, and as quick as Rachel grabbed Roxy she was let go.

"Why not show us around Gem? After all you did invite us." Sarah changed gears as she wrapped her arm around Gem's slim white neck and lead her back the way they came. The two pairs walked slowly down the hall as Gem explained the different rooms and parts of the house.

"What's that?" Sarah asked as Gem walked by a locked black steel door without mention.

"That's the basement." Gem spoke up as her face colored.

"What's down there?" Rachel asked anxiously as she pushed Roxy into Sarah and grabbed the doorknob.

"That's mommy's room." Gem moaned uncomfortably as excruciating memories flooded in her head. She hated the basement, it was setup like a bar with large couch's and full bar.

Ivana's little hideaway.

It's was a nice place with evil intent, she'd suffered humiliation and pain in front of a lot of strangers that grinned dark affectionate as they paraded their own pets. Toys, girls, boys, pissing, whipping, spanking, they thrived on anything sexual. Gem shook away the deranged thoughts as they banged around in her mind.

"Are you alright Gemmy?" Sarah asked fondly as she laid her hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Gem remarked coldly as she struck her with a ruthless glare. Sarah pulled away, hurt as Gem turned and rushed off, leaving the other's looking curiously at each other. Both Sarah and Rachel focused on Roxy as she knew they wanted answers. Roxy's eyes widen with fear as she turned trying to follow Gem.

"Oh Roxy...” Sarah grinned as she jumped in front of the short girl. Rachel muffled Roxy's yell as she palmed her mouth. Gem was nowhere in sight as Sarah opened a door to the left. Rachel shoveled Roxy into the room as Sarah followed lightly and shut the door.

"Calm down Roxy we're not going to hurt you." Sarah lied deliberately as she grabbed Roxy's clit and squeezed. Roxy howled into Rachel's tightly clamped hand as she started to breathe harder through her nose.

"Just tell us about Gem and her “mommy”." Rachel whispered possessively as her other hand gripped her nipple. Roxy's eye's flickered unsurely as she shook her head defiantly. Sarah sighed shortly as she twisted Roxy's little clit between her finger and thumb. Roxy grinded her body back into Rachel's as she lifted on her tippy toes, trying to get away from Sarah's threatening fingers to no avail. Roxy closed her eyes, whimpering as the pain flushed over her.

"What do you know?" Sarah looked sternly into Roxy's watering eyes. Roxy moaned feebly as her legs shook under her weight.

"I-I-I don't know anything, I've never met her…." Roxy spat as Rachel caressed her trembling body.

"Fuckin' Liar." Rachel sneered glacially as she tracked her tongue down Roxy's sweet neck. Roxy suppressed the building lust between her legs as she felt her will start to break.

"I swear, but I think I know who she is." Roxy guessed sparingly as she felt Sarah's fingers stir. Sarah rubbed Roxy's little bud firmly as she watched the innocent girl’s eye's fold up into her head.

"Who?" Sarah and Rachel asked with mimicking curiosity.

"The Headmistress..." Roxy panted as she felt the beads of sweat run from her forehead. Both girls backed away from Roxy as if she was poisonous. Sarah could see Rachel reel back into a desk as the blonde searched the room with instinctive eyes.

"Ohhhh god Sarah." Rachel twitched jerkily as Sarah did the same thing.

"What the hell's wrong with you two?" Roxy watched the two stupidly as she rubbed her sore clit.

"We need to get out of this house." Rachel whispered raucously as she gritted her teeth.

"What are you scared of?" Roxy was surprised to see Rachel squirm, and then it set in her mind Rachel didn't scare easy, something was wrong. Sarah walked to a set of double doors to the outside.

"Locked." Sarah's dark expression reflected on the glass, deep thought’s clouded her head.

"Is it true? Are we in the belly of the beast?"

Sarah tried to speak but a strange cotton mouth struck her throat.

"Sarah, I'm scared." Rachel admitted aloud as her eyes started to water. Roxy's jaw dropped at Rachel's words of surrender as she watched Sarah.

"She's going to get us Sarah." Rachel's emotions started to turn outward of fear and helplessness as her eyes leaked. Sarah watched her friend crack up in front of her as she tried to fight the building frustration.

"Sarah!" Rachel yelled mercifully as she moved closer to Sarah.

"Get a hold of yourself bitch!" Sarah yelled back irritably as she slapped Rachel in the face with brutal force. Rachel's legs folded under her as she hit the floor. Roxy stared at Sarah breathing heavily as her hands shook convulsively. Sarah glowed with anger as she gripped her fist in front of her.

"Get your shit together Rachel or god knows what she'll do to you or us!" Sarah screamed chaotically as she leaned over and grabbed Rachel's face. Roxy insides stirred unevenly as she watched Sarah take Rachel apart; all of a sudden she was feeling bad for Rachel.

Even if she was a bitch, she was someone who paid a lot of attention to her, the boys were all too scared to even talk to her, but Rachel was the only one who'd ever put her in her place, then she realized the truth, she was a hypocrite, a lair, she was a lesbian. Her mind caught its breath as it became clear.

"Let her be Sarah." Remaining calm, Roxy moved swiftly to Rachel and pulled her away from Sarah. Sarah’s face contorted strangely as Roxy embraced her arch-rival endearingly. Rachel set her face into Roxy's bosom and started crying. Sarah's body lazed as she took a step back, controlling her breathing. Then she couldn't believe it, she'd hit Rachel. The brown Indian goddess stood dumbfounded as Roxy hushed Rachel to a sob.

"Rachel." Sarah whispered heartbroken as she dropped to her knees.

“Dinner is served…” Alice appeared in the doorway as the three looked fearfully at the grinning maid.

To be continued...

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