Story: Darker Heights (chapter 6)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 6

Title: Getting the party started

"Gem, some of your friends are here." Alice announced formally from the front door as she let Sarah Rainmaker and Rachel Goldman in.

"Ok, I'll be right down." Gem yelled back as she shut her door and raced down the stairs. Gem froze at the last couple of steps as she saw who was waiting for her.

"Oh, it's you two." Gem grumbled carelessly as she looked at Alice with floating eyes.

"Did you miss us?" Sarah grinned as she locked arms with Rachel and walked passed Alice to the foot of the stairs. The two girl's shared dirty looks as their eyes locked on the pretty red head.

"Alice, please show our guest in and give them whatever they want." Gem ordered sternly as she turned her back on them and headed back upstairs.

"Ladies." Sarah looked at Rachel happily as they followed Alice's into a large gothic bar room.

"So what can I get you? Drinks, food?" Alice offered as she stepped behind the bar. Rachel giggled as she grabbed Sarah's ass and skipped to the sharp, jet black bar.

"Yeah, a couple of captain 'n cokes." Sarah smiled as she sat at the bar with her favorite drinking partner. Alice nodded as she made the drinks and set them up. The girls picked up the drinks, cheered and drank.

"So you’re the maid huh?" Rachel asked as she watched Alice closely.

"Yes, Miss Goldman." Alice agreed willingly as she stared back at the gorgeous blonde with a toothy grin. The three looked at each other as the door rang again.

"I got it." Gem yelled as she flew down the stairs and answered the door.

"ROXY!" Gem screamed girlishly as she jumped into Roxy's arms.

"Hey Gem." Roxy laughed surprisedly as Gem gripped her tightly. Gem loosened her grip and bounced back grinning wildly.

"Come in, come in." Gem grabbed Roxy's hand and pulled the short-haired girl though the double doors. Roxy stood still as she saw her worst nightmare sitting at the bar. Rachel turned slowly catching Roxy in the corner of her eye, as she let a grin slide up her cheek.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Roxy asked coldly as she stared at Gem.

"Uuhhh, their here for the slumber party." Gem answered knowingly as she bit her lower lip. Roxy sighed deeply as she lower her head.

"Want to see my room?" Gem smiled reassuringly as she headed up the stairs.

"Yeah, sure." Roxy moaned as she watched Rachel and Sarah blow kisses from the bar. Roxy turned and followed Gem up the stairs, but the red head had disappeared.

"Gem?" Roxy whispered as she got to the top of the stairs and looked down the empty hall.

"In here." Gem spooked Roxy from the red door down the hall. Roxy walked slowly as she checked out the gothic black and red interior of the house. The young girl came onto Gem's stop sign red door with a gold heart on the door with her name in big old English. Roxy opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit reddish room.

"Gem stop playing around." Roxy asked nervously as she looked around trying to find Gem's outline. Roxy gripped her other arm as a chill hit her. Gem crept up behind Roxy and let her breath hit her neck.

"Gem!" Roxy turned on a dime to find no one behind her as she backed up to Gem's bed.

"You need to lighten up Roxy." Gem sprung onto Roxy from the shadows and pinned her to the red mink covered bed. Roxy could feel Gem's warm breath inches from her face.

"Uhhh Gem what are you playing at here?" Roxy tried to struggle under Gem's tight thighs as they squeezed her sides. Gem brushed her nose up the side of Roxy's cute face as her tongue tasted her sweet cheek. Roxy purred hotly as Gem nipped her ear lobe and pulled.

"Gemmy, I've only been here 30 seconds and you're all over me." Roxy insisted sternly as slowly let her guard down. Gem paid little attention to Roxy's protests as she grinded her cunt into Roxy's crotch.

"What are you scared of Roxy, afraid someone might find out that the two smartest girls in one of the most respectable all-girls school's in the nation are full-lip stick lesbian lovers huh?" Gem teased as licked the out line of Roxy's lips.

"Gem, we come from very respectable and rich families, I mean no one in my family knows I'm into... girls, what about you?" Roxy drew concern into her voice as she looked into Gem's lust filled eye's, waiting.

"Don't worry my mommy knows." Gem giggled as she pressed her chest into Roxy's.

"That's funny Gem I've never met your mom before, will I?" Roxy asked as she felt her own heat grow between her legs.
"Maybe I don't know if you'd want to, she's pretty busy." Gem smiled heatedly as she kissed Roxy fully on her lips. Both girls locked their fingers into each other hair as there tongues did the same.

"Ok just a quickie." Roxy moaned hotly as she licked in her lips lustfully at her horny friend.

"Oh Roxy I want to taste your sweet pussy so badly." Gem sneered slutfully as she slid down between Roxy's legs.

"Whatever you want lover." Roxy purred as Gem unbuckled the raven-haired girl's pants and dropped them to her ankles along with her pink panties. Roxy teen hood scent hit Gem dead on making her dizzy with sexual bliss. Roxy spread her knees as Gem's lips crept down to her moist flower.

"Oh Gemmy."


"So what do they pay you around here?" Sarah asked as she set her drink down.

"The mistress doesn't have to pay me." Alice replied oddly as she filled Sarah's glass, smiling. Sarah twisted on the inside as she looked over at Rachel.

"So your like a slave? Creepy." Rachel giggled as she tipped her glass back finishing it's contents. Alice tweaked her head as she looked up at the two girls.

"Madam will be joining you for dinner at 9:00, you're free to the grounds until then." Alice stopped as she looked distant.

"I think we'll look around." Sarah got swiftly to her feet, grabbed Rachel and lead her out into the hall. Alice turned her head up and tapped into her intercom-link.

"Is there something wrong mistress?" Alice asked as she stared blankly. A dark women stirred in the darkness of the room as a computer screen lit the room with eerie intent.

"No, everything is fine, blend in and start that special dinner for are guests." Ivana ordered as she lifted off the speaker phone and looked to a screen to her left. She smiled vigorously as the two gorgeous girls strolled down the black and red hall mesmerized by the hellish looking house.

"Yes mistress, the drug's will take effect T-minus 5 minutes." Alice reported instinctively as she became more robot-like.

"Good get started, I'll keep a eye on are guest." Ivana smirked brutally as she turn to the screen revealing Gem and Roxy. Roxy moaned loudly over the speaker as Gem licked deliberately at Roxy's dripping sex. Ivana's face contorted venomously as a jealous spitefulness hit her. She grabbed herself sexually over and over again as she continued to watch the hot, live sex show.

"Gemm...y I-I-I'm going to c-c-umm." Roxy panted wildly as her legs tensed up. Roxy jissed spasmodically into Gem's cute face, her sticky jism spattered Gem's lip's, nose and mouth as her trembling body fell to the red mink blanket, sweating, exasperated, but mostly fighting for breathe.

"How was it?" Gem whispered unashamedly as she crept on to Roxy's slender figure. Roxy moaned her answer of approval as she cupped Gem's face and kissed her softly.

"Let's get downstairs before someone start's looking for us." Roxy smiled hurriedly as she stood up with panties in hand.

"Whatever you say sexy." Gem slapped Roxy's tight ass as the girl's panties curled up and around her sweet cheeks. Ivana leaned back in her chair as she watched Gem and Roxy finish up, and then switched to Sarah and Rachel.

To be continued... 


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