Story: Darker Heights (chapter 5)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 5

Title: Dear Alice

"Uhhh, where I'm I?" Gem moaned weakly as she looked up into Alice's face.

"You fell asleep in the shower." Alice told Gem as she carried the naked girl in her arms. Gem remained silent as she laid her head on Alice's chest. Gem could smell the strange sweet metallic smell coming off Alice as she looked seduced into the corner of the maid's eye.

"Is there something wrong Miss Gem?" Alice asked unsurely as she watched Gem's eye's glaze over. Gem shook her head slowly as she cracked a little smile.

"Good, I have a nice hot bubble bath waiting for you in your room." Alice assured as she opened Gem's door and walked in with Gem still in her arms to the bathroom.

"Here you go Miss Gem." Alice smiled heartily as she laid Gem into the hot bath. Gem dipped her head under the water and came up. Gem enjoyed the sweet scent of her bath, Alice always ran her baths and always used her flavor bubbles.

"Ok Miss Gem if that is everything I'll leave you to your bath." Alice stood up as she headed for the door.

"Alice wait, please sit with me." Gem asked quickly as she put her hands on the side of the bath. Alice turned back to Gem and pulled a small chair from the corner and sat next to her. Gem grinned slyly as she watched the maid pay little attention to her naked, soapy, wet body moving around in the bubbles and water.

"What'ca jus' thinking about Alice?" Gem grinned wildly as she watched Alice's eyes. Alice smiled unsurely at the nature of Gem's clever question, androids really didn't think they just did what they were programmed to do.

"Nothing Miss Gem, I'm just sitting like you asked me to." Alice played stupid as she finally looked at Gem's naked form. After spending so much time working for Ivana and taking care of Gem she had grew very fond of the pretty red head and the strange feeling these human's called love was starting to merge into her software. Stranger more is that Gem did it on propose, she just wanted someone to love her, Ivana played mommy but she had a ruthless love for Gem which made her sexual wants and needs stronger for others and now was no difference.

"That's not true Alice, you can tell me and stop calling me Miss Gem say Gem or Gemmy." Gem giggled as she rubbed her firm tits just above the waterline. Gem knew what she was doing and she liked it, no she loved it and she loved Alice, Alice was always there for her helping, caring, loving something Ivana rarely did, But now she wanted Alice to love her and not just her feelings, her body and that sweet metallic smell.

"Do you ever think about me?" Gem asked slyly as she slid a hand under the water to her wet slit and started masturbating. Alice heat sensors picked up Gem's growing body temperature as the young girl continued to diddle herself.

"Yes Gemmy, all the time." Alice smiled distractedly as she watched Gem tremble lightly as she worked her hot sex under the water.

"Ohhh Alice, I love it when you call me Gemmy." Gem moaned hotly as she bit her lower lip in sexual bliss. Alice cupped Gem's cute face, leaned forward and kissed her sweet hot lips. The red head groaned hurriedly as she felt her cum split between her fingers and mix silently into the hot soapy water.

"Oh Gemmy." Alice smiled permissively as she stood up and let Gem slide quietly under the water again. Alice turned to Gem's closet, pulled out sets of cloth and waited in Gem's room. After a little while Gem slowly strolled into her room where Alice stood in the middle of the room, smiling. Gem blushed darkly as she dropped her towel and started to get dressed.

"Alice, who's coming over?" Gem asked unsurely as she watched the mech maid.

"You don't know? The madam gave me a list, I called them and they're all coming, there's a Miss Goldman, Rainmaker, and Spaulding...'' Alice explainded as she watched Gem's face drop. ''...Is something wrong.''

"No, no everything is fine, can you get me something to eat?" Gem asked as she looked around and grabbed her belly.

"Yes Miss Gem, Uhhh I mean Gem." Alice smiled shortly as she walked out.

"What does she got planned?" Gem though unsurely as she pulled her shirt over her head and sighed.

To be continued...

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