Story: Darker Heights (chapter 4)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 4

Title: Water girl

"I'm home." Gem announced gladly as she walked though the double doors of the huge mansion.

"How was your day Miss Gem?" The head maid Alice asked as she watched the short red head walk in.

"Ok, just a lot of homework." Gem sighed dolefully as she set her book bag down and smiled at Alice.

"Madam wishes to see you, same time as always I put your cloths out already." Alice smiled happily as she lower her head.

"Thank you, Alice." Gem thanked her gratefully as she climbed the stairs to her room. Gem hit the lights to her room and looked around to find her cloths laid out on her bed like always, a red leather skirt with matching top, black collar, and tight rubber panties. Gem began to strip down naked in the middle of her room, her slim body trembled slightly in the AC cooled room as her white cotton panties and school uniform hit the floor. Gem felt a queer feeling flush over her as she pulled the red rubber panties with her name over her ass and sealed her pink little pussy tightly. Gem put the top and skirt on quickly as a knock on the door spooked her. Gem watched the door crack open slowly as Alice the maid walked in.

"Miss Gem, I just wanted to give you this." The maid lifted a ball-gag in her hand as she walked closer to Gem.

"Thank you Alice." Gem blushed darkly.

"Here let me help you." Alice smiled as she lifted the straps and looped them though. Gem loosen her lips as the ball gag slipped into place in her tiny mouth.

"You look so cute." Alice grinned happily as she curled her hand under Gem's cheek. Gem's eyes flirted wildly to Alice's sweet words.

"Would you like me to take you to the Madam?" Alice asked gladly as she let the chain of a leash drop out of her hand. Gem nodded as she laced the collar around her neck and locked it. The red-eyed girl got to her hands and knees as Alice clipped the leash to the leather collar. Alice led Gem out the door and slowly down the hall to the headmistress's room.

"Madam?" Alice asked as she knocked on the door and cracked it open. The black room was dimly lit as Alice looked around.

"Let her in Alice." A dark voice echoed from the other side of the room. Alice opened the door fully as Gem crawled in.

"Will that be everything Madam?" Alice asked the darkness as she unhooked Gem.

"Yes, thank you Alice that will be all." The voice thanked coldly as Alice closed the door behind her. Gem spread her knees and sat back on her ass with her hands in front of her.

"Come here Gem." The voice sounded sweetly as it shifted around. Gem picked up her ass and crept slowly to the voice sitting behind a jet black desk.

"That'd girl." The voice assured as Gem set her head on the madam's leather-covered thighs. Gem smiled around the gag as she looked up at Ivana.

"You look so pretty with your new toy, did Alice get that for you?" Ivana asked motherly as she lifted Gem's face with her palms. Gem nodded her head as she turned to the right, blushing. Ivana smiled as she reached around Gem's head and unstrapped the gag and set it on the desk.

"So honey how was your day?" Ivana asked as she pulled Gem's body closer in between her legs.

"I got an A+ on my history paper." Gem smiled gladly as she watched Ivana's eyes trace her face and body with growing intent.

"That's great, I love to hear you do well, now get on the desk." Ivana ordered offhandedly as she stood up, letting her chair roll back slowly.

"Ohhh mommy, do I have to?" Gem pouted feebly as she got feet. With a simple replied Ivana slapped the beautiful red head across the mouth. Gem grunted harshly as Ivana's open palm connected.

"Now honey." Ivana remained calm as ever as she opened the side of her desk to a set of handcuffs and a large plastic injector. Gem's eyes glanced to a large bowl of water not to far away as she climbed onto Ivana's desk on her hands and knees.

"Don't pout Gem and start playing with yourself until I get ready." Ivana suggested sternly as pulled out the tools and bowl of water. Gem winched a little at the request as she lower her cheek to the cool desk, arching her ass and reached in between her legs. Gem slid her fingers under the tight latex panties to her hungry pink cunt. A few minutes Ivana cleared her throat

"That's good Gem, are you ready?" Ivana asked caringly as she setup behind her.

"Yes mommy." Gem groaned hotly as her fingers slide in and out of her warm honey-hole, and tapped her clit repeatedly.

"Hands behind your back." Ivana asked politely as she unlocked the cuff's, waiting. Gem removed her hand from her panties and folded the other behind her back as Ivana cuffed her.

"You have such a hot little pussy." Ivana grinned happily as she pulled Gem's rubber panties down to the middle of her thighs and stared at the red head’s soaking silk hole, dripping with her hot girl juices.

"We're going to play a game Gem, and if you do well I'm going to let you have some friends over tonight, don't that sound like fun." Ivana smiled venomously as she played with Gem's dripping wet fuck hole.

"Y-yes mommy, t-thank you." Gem replied unsurely as she wiggled around trying to get comfortable.

"Good." Ivana grinned sadistically as she lower the large plastic injector into the water and pulled the plunger back, filling it with warm water.

"Now Gem this may feel a little funny." Ivana sneered lethally as she pushed the plastic tip into Gem's cunt and filled her up. Gem's eyes went wide in shock as the warm water filled inside her. Gem tensed her pussy tightly to keep in the water as Ivana continued her sick game with injection after injection until Gem couldn't take it.

"Mommy please stop, I c-can't take anymore." Gem begged helplessly as she squirmed wildly on Ivana's desk.

"Ok Gem, now hold it." Ivana ordered as she pulled Gem tight latex panties back up and helped her off the desk. Ivana pulled the zippers on the top sides of her pants down, letting them fall to the floor, flashing off her neatly trimmed pussy and wet cunt lips, she always got off molesting Gem as sick as it sounded she enjoyed it. Gem started doing her peepee dance. The red head's crotch muscles started to ache from holding as Ivana picked up Gem's ball gag and put it back on her.

"Now Gem, not a drop on my carpet or you will be punished without mercy, understand?" Ivana demanded hauntingly as she marched Gem to the door. Gem nodded fanatically as tears started to fall as the aching turned to pain. Ivana lead Gem out the door by her arm and down to the bathroom as the two walked in Gem tried to make a dash for the toilet but was quickly snatched up by her hair. Gem grunted hurtfully as she reeled back in Ivana's body.

"Not in there, in here!" Ivana yelled brutally as she pushed Gem into the shower stall and forced her to her knees with her hands still behind her back. Gem looked up at Ivana with shock and confusion as she watched the tall women move her crotch over her face. Then it hit her, and she knew she was about to get a shower of her own and not the clean kind. Just then a stream of hot piss hit her face, she tried to turn away from the torrent of hot urine, but Ivana forced her face back up to the golden shower as it splashed her face.

"How does that feel Gemmy?" Ivana laughed coldly as Gem shook her head crying as it was too much, the humiliation, and the pain in her crotch was starting to become unbearable. Gem screamed around the gag allowing Ivana's piss into her mouth and cried insanely as she pissed herself, she could feel liquid rapidly fill her tight rubber panties and stream slowly down the sides of her legs. Gem looked feebly into Ivana's wicked eyes as her mothering figure finished pissing on her. Ivana loved the weak, innocent, childish look in Gem's face every time she molested or violated her.

"Ok Gemmy you’re done, I'll let Alice know who to call, now get yourself cleaned up." Ivana assured unashamedly as she uncuffed Gem and walked to toilet to wipe her dripping slit.

"Now what do you say honey?" Ivana face contorted unsurely as she looked down on the piss-soaked, crying red head.

"Thank y-you m-mommy." Gem whimpered in between sobs as she stared at the water still flowing from her panties.

"That's a good girl." Ivana grinned menacingly as she turned on the shower and walked out the door back to her office. Gem stripped off her cloths and curled into a naked ball of shame, crying as the fresh water sprayed her dirty flesh. Gem cried herself to sleep as the water continued to spray her.

To be continued...

[End notes: A little sick I know but thats what I write.


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