Story: Darker Heights (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: Bookworm Bust

[Author's notes: It's been awhile]

On the second level at the main library, a young girl worked quietly and alone.

“Ohhhh, so many reports to do, so little time.”

A young nerdy girl with glasses sighed as she looked at her book bag then around the empty room.

“No ones ever here, so maybe jus’ one…”

Becky Carson or to be more proper Rebecca Carson is what she made everyone call her as smart as she was stuck up. She did everything by the book, ratting and snitching her way into the good graces of every teacher and authority figure at the school, everyone but one.

The Headmistress.

Rebecca was a good student, but just like Kat there can’t be good without a little bad.

The blonde unzipped her bag and reached in. Still looking around she grasped a soft piece of fabric and pulled them out. They were just a simple pair of white cotton panties, but they brought a smile to Becky’s face. First, they weren’t hers and second they were dirty.

“Ohhh dear sweet Abby.”

Rebecca shuddered as she lifted the “soiled” panties to her face and breathed them in deeply. Abby Maple was captain on the lacrosse team, with a firm body, cropped black hair, and piercing hazel eyes. Becky’s mind flooded with perverted images of herself scissoring with the sporty girl. Becky closed her eyes, huffing away at the panties as she started to lower her hand to her moistening crotch.

“Grind me harder.” Becky moaned as she slowly opened her eyes to a most unwanted surprise.

“Anytime you want sweetheart.” A blond said sharply, standing next to a tall beautiful Indian girl. Panic forced Becky to drop the panties in her lap like nothing was wrong.

“R-Rachel! Sarah! W-what are you doing here?!?” Rebecca yelled in shock as both girls smiled deceitfully at her.

“Shhhh, you know you’re in a library right Beck?” Rachel reminded the girl as Becky snarled back at being called Beck.

“My name is Rebecca, not Becky, not Beck, Rebecca.” Rebecca retorted sternly as she fixed her glasses. Both girls just giggled as they knew she had been caught red-handed.

“Still have that dirty little habit I see?” Sarah said slyly as she leaned over and looked into Becky’s lap. The blonde quickly covered her lap as Rachel crawled right onto the table just as curious as her friend.

“The great panty raider has returned huh? You’ve been underground for months now, why the comeback?” Sarah asked simply as Becky pursed her lips in anger. A few months ago, other girls started complaining that they’re panties had come up missing during they’re shower. No one knew who was doing but one day Sarah and Rachel walked in on Rebecca masturbating with a couple pairs in the girl’s bathroom. Though she’d been caught, the two bullies kept it a secret… with blackmail.

“I’m done stealing undergarments, you know that!” Lied Becky as a dark crimson filled her face.

“Listen to you, “undergarments” jus’ because you use proper terms for things doesn’t make you any less of a pervert Becko.” Rachel harped as Sarah grabbed the panties out of Becky’s lap. Becky tired reaching for the panties as Rachel pushed her roughly back into her chair.

“So who do we have here?” Sarah smirked as she swung the panties in front of Becky’s face. The girl looked away as she pretended to not even notice them.

“Come on, tell us, you know you’re secret’s safe with us.” Sarah rounded Becky and purred into her ear from behind as she started to undo the lying girl’s tie.

“What do you want?” Becky toned rudely as Sarah started sucking on her ear.

“You’re no fun, what happened to the old carefree Becky?” Rachel pouted, swinging her legs around and set them on Becky’s thighs.

“She grew up, something you two need to Arrggg!” Becky felt Sarah pull her hands behind the chair as Rachel punched her in the stomach.

“Are you ready Rachel?” Sarah smirked as she swiftly tied the gasping girl hands behind her. The blonde bully nodded as she pulled her tie free and gagged Becky as well. Becky glared vicious at both girls as the makeshift gag kept her quiet… somewhat.

“Ok, here’s the deal...” Sarah began as Rachel lifted her skirt and started playing with herself. Becky’s eyes automatically fixed to Rachel’s blue silk panties.

“…Rachel got a B on her last test in Miss Wicker’s class, but she needed an A- or better to go on vacation and if Rachel can’t go, I can’t go…” Sarah continued to explain as Rachel let out a lusty moan. “…so you see our problem?” This was’ in the first time she’d been blackmailed by the two bullies, like her period these two showed up wanting something every month. Becky looked over her shoulder and then to Rachel.

“What’da say?” Sarah whispered as Becky started shaking her head violently.

“That’s too bad…” Sarah sighed carelessly as she pushed Becky’s chair in and right into Rachel’s crotch. “…Rachel really wanted to go too.” Sarah groaned as she put Abby’s panties on the bonded blonde’s head.

“Mmmm, Beck you got my pussy all hot and wet, can you smell it?” Rachel gripped Becky’s hair and grinded her face deeper between her simmering thighs.

“Fight it all you want girl, but you know can’t resist us.” Sarah hummed as she switched from ear to ear, with her hand in her own panties.

“Taste, taste h-how sweet I-I really I’m.” Rachel panted wildly. The two waited patiently as they knew Rebecca would crack any second.

“I c-can’t fight them…”

Moaning lowly Becky’s tongue left her mouth and tasted the sweeten cloth. In both of the bullies eyes Becky looked like she was nodding her head as they smirked at each other. Seconds after Becky fell victim to her own lust, Sarah pulled the girl by her hair.

“Good girl.” Becky trembled with her tongue hanging out. Sarah wiped her slick fingers across Beck’s mouth as Rachel stood up and took off her panties.

“Here, a token of my appreciation.” Rachel smirked lightly as she placed her panties on top of Abby and hopped off the table.

“I guess we don’t have to tell you what will happen if you don’t help us?” Sarah assured threateningly as she took her panties off and put them on Becky’s head as well. Both girls smiled as Rebecca struggled around riotously, glaring insanely.

“Good girl, Send you a post card.” Sarah and Rachel turned for the stairs, leaving the girl bound to the chair with three pairs of dirty panties on her head.

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