Story: Darker Heights (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Ego trip

"That's it you two I've had enough!" Gates hollered quickly as her thick hands and arms split the two swinging girls.

"She started it!" A tall red head yelled hatefully as she pointed at the tall indian beauty who stared back savagely.

"Shut up Fairchild, you two were provoking each other, now I'm sick and tired of breaking you two up went your ego's start flaring, report to the headmistress's office now! I'll let her know your coming." Gates yelled madly as she pointed to the door. The other girls looked confusedly around as the large woman turned her back to them and headed to her office to report the two.

"Your dead meat bitch." Kat whispered derangely to Sarah as they crossed the gym floor.

"Lick me gutter slut." Sarah stung back as they both headed for the door side by side.

"Their in trouble now." Sighed Rachel as she turned to Gem and Roxy.

"Why's that?" Roxy asked curiously as she watched the two slender girls exit the gym.

"You've never seen the headmistress before?" Rachel asked surprisingly, glancing over the two girls as Roxy shook there head slowly. Gem said nothing as she just listened.

"Well... it's uhhh, she's very strict, she makes you not want to see her for any trouble issues believe me." Rachel kind of smiled to herself as her own memories flashed back of her office time.

"Like what?" Gem asked darkly as she waited to know more about the person that ran the high-class school.

"Why don't you break some rules and find out." Rachel grinned mischievously at giving unsound advice to two A+ students into doing something wrong.

"What's her name?" Roxy asked bewildered at the though of not even knowing the woman's name as Rachel stared warningly at Roxy.

"You don't say her name went she's not around." Rachel's tone sharpened at the mention of the headmistress's personal information.

"Whatever." Roxy interrupted, pissing Rachel off.

"Get in trouble and you'll find out." Rachel said irritably as the bell sounded, sending the girls to the locker room.

"That was weird." Roxy silently over to Gem as she watched the blonde walk off.

"Yeah weird." Gem replied quietly as she watched Rachel slid through the door and glanced back at her. Sarah and Kat walked down as they stopped in front of the office door. 

"You first." Sarah bowed as she opened the office door for Kat.

"Thanks." Kat snapped spitefully as she passed by the raven-haired girl without a second though.

"Ahhh Ms. Rainmaker and Ms. Fairchild, she's waiting for you." A purple-haired girl behind the desk face broke into a grin as the two girls walked into the office.

"Thanks Nicole." Sarah spat dryly as she closed the front door and headed for the headmistress's door. Nicole Bliss sneered at Kat and Sarah as they opened and walked into the other room and shut the door. Both girls looked around the large dim room as a prick of fear and excitement struck them. The room had a red and black interior, a large matching desk with two chairs in front it.

"Sit down!" A harsh voice rang out, the fear consumed both girls as their asses quickly found the leather seats in front of a huge gothic black desk.

"Where are your uniforms?" Demanded the voice from the shadows of the room as Kat looked uneasily at Sarah.

"We just came from gym and..." Sarah started.

"No excuses!" Yelled the woman cutting off Sarah as a wall of screens flashed on revealing a tall woman's back.

"Darker heights is a school for outstanding students, rich and famous, I'm paid to make you respectable young ladies and that’s what I'm going to do." The slender woman turned and stepped away from the wall of screens, that showed the whole school. The woman came into the girls view behind her desk her spiky black hair pointed in different direction, a cute but menacing looking face fit perfectly into her tight, black button up shirt that held her busty chest with matching pants that connected to her knee-high leather boots.

"Now Rainmaker knows who I I'm, but I don't think we've met, Miss Fairchild, is’ it?" Ivana grinned menacingly as Kat nodded at her name, but remained silent.

"I'm Headmistress Ivana Baiul, but you will call me Mistress, understand?" The woman’s voice threatened as both girls jumped.

"Yes mistress." Both girls answered quickly in unison.

"Now, time for your punishment, stand up Sarah and put your hands on my desk." The dark woman ordered as she pulled a leather cane from out of her desk and stepped around it.

"Rainmaker you know the routine, why don't you be a team player and show Catlin how it's done?" Baiul demanded softly to Sarah, grinning at the offer Sarah stood up and leaned over Ivana's desk, planting her chest and stuck out her ass.

"Like this?" Sarah asked curiously as she knew what was next, but before Ivana answered the whip cracked across Sarah's hot round ass. Sarah let out a harsh moan, her body clinched to the desk as the pain shot throughout her whole body.

"Yes, jus' like that." Ivana said fiercely as she whipped Sarah's ass again.

"Thank you mistress." Sarah muttered her thanks as she remained still on the desk. Kat stared dazed and confused at the spikey haired woman's strict punishment.

"You, pull down her pants." Ivana ordered Kat, as she pointed her black-gloved finger at her.

"M-me?" Kat pointed at herself as she was still trying to figure out what was going on.

"Yes you, listen when I talk to you girl." At these words Kat's cheek met with the mistress's whip for the first time. Kat yelped as she held her burning cheek, staring back at Ivana.

"Do what your told girl." Ivana instructed with her whip, without hesitating Kat dropped swiftly to her knees, gripped Sarah's tight gym shorts and yanked them to the floor. Sarah's musky scent hit Kat's nose as she remained on her knees, staring at the tanned girl's glistening slit and redden ass.

"Not as quick as Rachel is she?" Ivana laughed meanly as she patted Sarah's bear ass lightly.

"I guess not." Sarah said quietly as Ivana whipped her again.

"One more for you and... your done." Ivana mentioned heartily as she lifted Sarah up and sent her violently back into her chair. Sarah gritted her teeth painfully as her whipped ass hit the chair. Kat looked over at Sarah, her mean conformed look was reduced to a child's smiling, teary-eyed face like getting candy if you fell and scraped your knee. 

"Now you." Ivana said frankly as she reached for Kat.

"Hurry up I don't have all day." Ivana gripped Kat's arm roughly. To Kat's surprise, this normal sized woman seem to have super human strength, lifting her almost off the floor and leaned her over her desk.

"Ouch you’re hurting me, you can't do this! wait 'til my father..." But before she could finish her protest Ivana savagely lashed Kat's ass three times in rapid succession. Kat moaned breathlessly, clinching to the desk as the pain surged over every inch of her ass.

"I can't do what?" Ivana barked viciously as she forced her hand into Kat's shorts between red-hot ass cheeks to the girl's moisten love hole.

"Mmmm you like that don't you?" Ivana teased consolingly as she began to play between Kat's tight cunt lips.

"I can do what I want, when I want and no ones going to tell me otherwise understood Miss fairchild?" Ivana said huskily as she pushed two fingers deeply into the girl’s dripping slit. Kat froze in silent fear as Ivana's handy work continued unchecked.

"Well!" Ivana demanded with a forceful squeeze. Ivana's words caused Kat's pussy to soak even more in Ivana's glove as she felt hot tears race down her face.

"Y-y-yes mistress..." Kat said feebly as Ivana removed her hand from the red head's tender area.

"Good, very good." Ivana smiled, rubbing Kat's wetness between her gloved fingers as she looked over at Sarah. Ivana shook her head slowly as she realized that the tanned girl had been touching herself.

"Now get out of my office!" Ivana yelled as she rounded her desk and sat down. Both girls sprinted swiftly to the door desperate to escape.

"And have a good afternoon." Ivana smiled derangedly, licking her fingers as the door closed behind them. The two girls stepped shaken into the main office, where Nicole meet them with a wicked smile. The girls headed quickly for the outer door, looking at each other as they stood in the hall.

"Let's get one thing strait Sarah, you don't say anything to anyone and the same for me, But." Kat said mildly, wiping her teary eyes as her ass started to ache.

"We could just get in trouble again and end up back in the headmistress's office, I'm sure you'd like that?" Sarah grinned gladly as she thumbed back into the office.

"Never, Agreed?" Kat's bargain ended on that note as she turned her back on the tanned girl and headed down the hall.

"Agreed." Sarah said quietly to herself as she headed in the opposite direction.

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