Story: Darker Heights (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Drawing the line

[Author's notes:

I jus' changed this around a bit, I'm sorry I had complete on it. I'm thinking about making it a series or a bunch of one shots. This is one of the first writing I did so it needs a little brush up. 

Sorry again

Enjoy for now until I can update it some.


Welcome to Darker Heights,

A hot little red head opened her locker and pulled out a couple of book as girls of an all girl’s school surrounded her moving up and down the hall. Gem Antonelli, A short girl with a good looking body and beautiful short red hair sided her face with two ruby red eyes. A goody-to-shoes kind of a girl, with not to many friends cause she never jumped in anyone's shit and always minded her own business.

"Are you ready Gem?" Gem closed her locker door as another girl smiled at her on the other side.

"Yeah, give me a minute Roxy." Gem smiled back softly as she put her books in her bag.

"We got class in 5 minutes." Roxy nagged on as Gem zipped up her bag and lifted it over her shoulder. Roxy Spaulding looked and stood just like Gem exept with short purple rave-hair with long pink bangs and small black-rimmed glasses.

"What's the rush?" A playful voice rang in from behind them, followed by Roxy's body being slammed into the lockers. A tall blonde with shoulder length hair held Roxy in place as a tanned Indian girl put her hands on Gem's locker, pinning Gem between her arms.

"Good morning Gem." The tanned goddess spoke sweetly as her eyes crept up and down Gem's small luscious body.

"Good morning to you too Sarah." Gem said quietly as she stared at the floor trying not to make eye contact with Sarah's pretty brown blubs. Sarah Rainmaker, a bully and terror to everyone and anything she comes into contact with. She knows how the system works in the school and what goes on, she has a partner in crime...

"Be still bitch." The blonde yelled viciously as she twisted Roxy's arm up behind her back. Rachel Goldman, a hot-to-trot tall blonde bombshell with the body and face of a runway model. Both girls were from rich families and they didn't hestiant to flawnt it every chance they got. They found pleasure in other peoples pain and suffering and picking on Gem and Roxy is one of their favorite things, in a way you'd think they did like each other or maybe they just didn't...

"Ouch you’re hurting me Rachel." Roxy cried feebly as her body and arm remained pinned to the locker under Rachel's power.

"Your such a fucking cry-baby." Rachel grunted as she pushed off Roxy's body and back to Sarah's side.

"So Gem when are you and Roxy going to come hang out with Rachel and I?" Sarah asked nicely, leaning in as she grinned over at Rachel.

"Why don't you just leave us alone?" Roxy demanded weakly as she stepped into stop Sarah.

"Shut up Roxy, no one was talking to you." Rachel spat crudely as she pushed Roxy into the lockers again.

"Rachel, there's no need rude, be nice." Sarah's calm voice only held so far with Rachel as the blonde stared darkly at Roxy, who regained her footing and fixed her glasses.

"Well Gem?" Sarah asked again a little more lethally as she searched Gem face for an answer.

"I'll tell you later, I've got class." Gem said hurriedly as she tried to side step around the raven-haired girl but Sarah with her cat-like quickness extended her arm, blocking Gem's way again.

"You'll tell me now." Sarah demanded stiffly about to lose her cool as Rachel and Roxy watched blankly.

"Is there a problem Ms. Rainmaker?" A woman's harsh voice answered Sarah's question swiftly.

"No, not at all Mrs. Highborn." Sarah's replied ever so sweetly as if she was doing nothing wrong.

"We were just talking that all." Rachel grinned sympathetically as she wrapped her arm around Roxy's slender neck buddy-buddy like.
"Gem, Roxy, is that true?" Mrs. Highborn asked sternly as she raised her eyebrows.

"Talking." Gem answered quicker then Highborn could finish as Highborn looked irritably at both Rachel and Sarah who always seemed to be lying through their perfect white teeth.

"Ok, but stop messing around in the hall and get to your classes." The two beautiful bullies stared deranged at the two smarties as the teacher turned her back on the four girls.

"You’re going to answer me sooner or later." Sarah's eyes burned meanly into Gem's as they locked eye's, waiting for the other to turn away.

"Come on, let's go." Roxy and Rachel pulled their friends in different directions as Gem and Sarah still glared coldly at each other. Gem and Roxy rounded the corner and into their class as Roxy sighed annoyingly.

"Why do you always let them push you around?" Roxy asked madly as the two girls sat down.

"Cause if you fight back you'll just provoke them, you told them to leave us alone and you got pushed." Gem replied calmly as she opened her bag and pulled out her books.

"It's not fair, someone’s got to teach them two a lesson." Roxy grunted miserably as she opened her book.

"Maybe it should be us huh?" Gem said softly as she flipped the pages.

"Yes, it would be great just getting them at there own game." Roxy plotted out loud as her vengeance broadered on obsession.

"Just once."

"I want to get Roxy alone." Rachel punched the palm of her other hand as they walked out to the parking lot.

"Ahhh that would be amusing." Sarah smiled slyly as her mind went into gear.

"But Gem, ohhh Gem my little sweet little red haired queen." Sarah smiled in a lusty voice as she through about Gem decked out in a queens dress with crown and all. Sarah's body trembled slightly in the hot summer air as her mind danced away.

"You need to think with your head and not your pussy all the time." Rachel snarled as she hit her car remote, opening the doors to her slick black Audi.

"Hey one day it's going to happen, I'm just biding my time." Sarah replied hotly as she got in the car next to rachel.

"Well I hope I'm right there went it all goes down." Rachel smiled coolly as she started the car and slammed it into reverse. The car rocketed backward out of the parking spot and slammed to a stop.

"Hold on." Rachel grinned viciously as she put on her sunglasses and threw it into first gear. The Audi exploded full-force as the bass kicked on. Both girls laughed as the car spun out of the parking lot at an easy 60 mph.

"What classes do we have now?" Sarah asked Rachel as she fiddled around in her bag.

"History 105, then gym." A smile cracked across Sarah's face. Gym was the only class where Sarah and Rachel just happen to have with Roxy and Gem, which basically made it there favorite class.

"Light it, light it." Rachel hurried Sarah as she handed her a lighter to spark up a joint. The purple haze filled the small car quickly as both girls inhaled the strong scent.

"Some good dope, where did you get it?" Rachel asked as she held in a large hit.

"Stacy black, half ounce for 70 bucks, its pretty good shit." Sarah laughed as she took back the joint.

"That gothic chick wannabe with the short black hair?" Rachel laughed surprised as she let out a huge puff of smoke.

"That's the one, got something else here to." Sarah reached into her pants and pulled out a small bag of white powder and opened it.

"The finest flake around." Sarah dipped her long nail into the powder and snorted it quickly. The Indian beauty relaxed back into the leather seat as the coke worked right to her head. Sarah moaned slowly as she stared starry-eyed over at Rachel.

"Come on Sarah give us a bump." Rachel cleared her nose as she glanced over at the bag.

"Sure sweetheart." Sarah dipped her nail again and put it to Rachel's nose, the tall blonde wasted no time huffing the drug in one sniff.

"Wow that's some good shit." Rachel giggled happily, shifting into 4th gear as the turbo's wastegate flushed out.

"Careful Rachel I don't want to get pulled over with this shit." Sarah moaned lustfully into Rachel's ear as she grabbed her driver's crotch.

"Mmmm Sarah I though we said not during school?" Rachel's crotch started to soak in her friends hand as Sarah just smiled deviously.

"We're not really at school now are we?" Sarah whispered slyly as Rachel struggled madly trying to keep her hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

"Saaarah." Rachel whined as she quickly arranged her leg's giving Sarah a hand full of her heated gap. Sarah's long fingers danced through Rachel's tight pants as she leaned over and tasted Rachel's sweet neck.

"Mmmm please stop Sarah..." Rachel's senses went into overdrive as she started to drive faster.

"Now I know you don't mean that." Sarah attacked Rachel's ear fiercely as she gently nipped at her ear lobe.

"Sarah, please... I'm driving." Rachel begged breathlessly to her friend, but Sarah continued to anxiously kiss and suck on the hot blonde's neck and ear as she clamped her hand lethally on the Rachel soaking wet slit, threatening early orgasm.

"I-I-I need to pull over." Rachel panted blissfully as she slowly down and pulled to the side of the road. Rachel groaned harshly as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, flushing her face and body.

"Wow, that good?" Sarah asked happily as she watched Rachel's body twitch lightly.

"Amazing." Rachel said groggily as she straighten her posture in her leather seat.

"I told you to stop." Rachel moaned desperately as she could feel her cum-soaked panties rub on her wet slit.

"I though stop meant go." Sarah grinned mildly as she relit the joint.

"Hurry up gym starts in 20 minutes you can change then, ok?" Sarah assured as she puffed the joint back to life.

"Fine." Rachel agreed as she turned the car around and roared back down the road. The bell rung as Gem quickly finished up her paper and reloaded her backpack. Roxy smiled slyly as she stood infront of Gem with her books over her chest.

"How'd you do." Roxy asked as Gem shrugged and got to her feet. The two headed for the door and dropped their papers in the tray.

"What do we have next?" Gem asked disintrestly in the hall as she opened her locker. 
"Gym." Roxy muttered as she leaned up against the locker she was forced into earlier.

"I wish I could just skip so I don't have to see their faces always watching us, it creeps me out." Roxy continued scrutinizing the very presents of Rachel and Sarah as Gem listened quietly.

"You worry to much, she's watching me, she touched my ass, she thinking about me, just stop whining." Gem spoke carelessly as she glanced at some passing girls.

"Gem your not listening to me, if they want something they'll take it." Roxy urged wildly.

"Your paranoid Roxy this is’ in prison!" Gem spat furiously as she slammed her locker and walked pass Roxy who followed quickly behind her.

"Gem, Gem wait up!" Roxy cut swiftly through the other girls to Gem.

"Your right, I shouldn't worry so much." Roxy agreed as she walked next to her friend.

"Let's not fight." Roxy said smoothly as she glanced over at Gem's face for approval.

"Ok, race ya." Gem finally said as the short slender girls raced down the stairs and into the girl’s locker room.

"Beat ya." Gem bragged as Roxy slowed in the red head's wake.

"Whatever." Roxy moaned as the two girls moved casually through the other chatting and stripping girls to their shared locker.

"Hi Jana." Roxy smiled excitedly as a tall, lean girl turned around.

"Ohh helo Roxy." The German exchange student smiled as she put her short black tank top over her head.

"I don't see them, maybe they skipped?" Roxy's breath relaxed longingly as the two terrors had not showed up.

"Good..." Before Roxy's could finish the door was pushed open lethally making all the girls jumped.

"...Shit is it them?" Roxy turned her back quickly as she looked into her locker.

"No, it's worse... Kat's kiddy club." Gem whispered silently, not to be heard as a group of cheerleaders flocked in.

"How many?" Roxy asked patiently as she took her shirt off.

"Just three Kat, Jocey, and Gen." Gem reported swiftly as she pulled up her red track pants. The head cheerleader’s eyes searched the room, spying openingly at the other girls until Kat's eye's targeted Roxy and Gem and quickly headed straight for them.

"In coming." Gem turned and threw her cloth in the locker.

"Gem, Roxy how are you, delightful I hope?" Kat's valley-girl voice cut through Roxy and Gem like a knife as the tall, build, red head's face seem to glitter in the light as she waited for feedback. Kat Fairchild the "Good girl" of Darker heights was in charge of school rallies, fun raisers and everything of the like fell under Kat and her little group but you can't have good without a little bit of bad.

"Fine Kat, you?" Roxy said dryly as she turned to face Kat with Gem.
"Wonderful, so when are you going to join our pep rally?" Kat sniped back as she raised her eyebrows. Roxy's temper seem to have a mind of it's own as she opened her mouth without thinking.

"Never, it's a waste of time, besides you cheer for other girls and sell cookies, how gay is that?" Roxy blurted boldly as Gem waited quietly for things to get outta hand.

"Hmm I think your wrong." Jocey said dimly as she threw in her two cents.

"Shut up you no-nothing air-head." Barked Roxy as she ripped into Jocey.

"I know stuff!" Yelled jocey hurtly as she looked to Kat to do something.

"Now, now no need for hurting other people's feelings Roxy." Kat said calmly as she glared over at Gem.

"Freedom of speech." Quoted Gem as Roxy stepped closer to Kat. Kat smiled at the floor as her arm flailed up and hand fixed around Gem's mouth.

"Free, until you hurt someone else's feelings." Kat's face snapped up, staring madly into Gem's cute, red eyes.

"Gem!" Roxy cried as she tried reaching out to grab Kat's arm, but was snatched up quickly by Jocey who locked her arms behind her back.

"I might not know a lot of things, but I know a lot about somethings." Jocey whispered darkly as she licked teasingly at Roxy's sweet neck. Roxy's body shuddered in confusion of lust and disgust. The mild commotion had every girl’s eye in the locker room, a very silent locker room.

"Now I asked you a simple question, all I want is a simple answer." Kat's voice threatened as she put her other hand to the top of Gem's chest and pushed her back to the lockers. Kat leaned her head in next to Gem's ear and breathed deeply.

"Your scent is intoxicating." Kat moaned sweetly into Gem's ear as her hand slid down the hot, red head's chest and squeezed.

"That turning you on Roxy?" Jocey giggled lustfully into Roxy's ear as the young girl continued to try and break loose Jocey's tight grip. Gem's body started to heat up as Kat caressed her chest lightly. 

"Well?" Kat moaned again in hopes for the answer she wanted as someone cleared their throat loudly behind them.

"Are you done?" A menacing voice announcd itself as everyone frozen, they knew who it was, Sarah Rainmaker. The tanned girl leaned against a set of lockers as Rachel lay sprawled out on one of the bench kicking her feet in the air. The two had sneaked in and caught the last few moments of Kat's preaching unnoticed.

"Funny Sarah, I didn't even hear you walk in." A sinister smile cracked across Kat's face as she took her hands off Gem and turned to Sarah.

"Now how about leaving them alone, you got plenty of girls to play with Kat." Sarah's eyes dodged from Gen to Jocey then back to Kat.

"Your point?" Kat marched bravely up to Sarah as Rachel sprung to her feet.

"Just keep your hands to yourself that's not to much to ask is it or do you want to end up in the Headmistress's office huh?" Sarah smiled spitefully as Kat's face flared back.

"Do you mind?" Rachel asked spitefully, walking up to Jocey who still held Roxy.

"We were just playing around Rachel, honestly." Jocey said innocently as she opened her hands, letting Roxy fling forward.

"I don't fucking care bitch!" Snarled Rachel as she backhanded Jocey hard across the face, snapping the girl's head back. Jocey stared strangely shocked at the floor as she held her burning cheek. 

"I think she liked it, I wonder why?" Sarah smiled slyly at Kat, who's face went pink. Roxy backed up, stunned by the forceful action to Gem's side.

"Time to go." Rachel snapped as she grabbed Jocey's arm and pushed her hard into Kat's side.

"This is’ in over." Growled Kat as she wrapped her arm around Jocey's slender neck and hurried her off followed by Gen out the door.

"Are you ok?" Sarah asked softly but before Gem could answer Roxy cut her off.

"We didn't need your help." Roxy spat rudely as she stared at Sarah.

"Why you ungrateful little shit." Rachel lunched forward at Roxy as Sarah seized Rachel's shoulder.

"Temper, temper Rachel." Sarah spoke calmly again as she pulled Rachel back, who still tried to reach for Roxy's neck.

"Just keep this in mind, Rachel and I aren’t going to be around all the time, so watch yourself." Sarah warned as her and Rachel stepped over to their locker.

"Not prison huh?" Roxy uttered under her breath as they walked out the door and into the gym. The other girls began to fill the gym and started stretching.

"So what do you want to do today?" Roxy asked as she helped Gem stretch her leg.

"I don't know." Gem glanced up at the second level of the gym where Kat and Jocey stared down viciously at them, Gem's eyes fixed to Kat's who winked back grinning. Gem turned back to Roxy as Rachel and Sarah stormed in.

"Ok girls line up." A heavyset woman yelled as the girls started to fall in line.

"Good afternoon ladies." The woman bellowed as her voice echoed around the gym.

"Good afternoon Ms Gates." The girls answered back obediently to the butch dike.

"Today we'll be doing team sports, I've paired you up so went I call your names group up, alright team 1 Kelly, Lewis, Stone, Washington..." The girls started grouping up as Gem glanced back at Sarah who was staring sedately at her while Rachel chatted lowly, her face twisted with anger.

"This is going to be good." Roxy smirked sarcastically.

"...Team 4 Rainmaker, Goldman, Antonelli, Spaulding ok let's go." Roxy moaned as she slouched her shoulders, looking over at Gem. Rachel cracked her knuckles as she nudged Sarah and smiled.

"Get the ball's out and warm up." Some of the girls giggled to the mention of balls as Rachel and Sarah stepped behind Gem and Roxy.

"Let's warm up, go get a ball Roxy." Rachel smiled brightly as she pinched Roxy's ass.

"Don't touch me." Roxy remarked darkly with the corner of her eye as she moved for the ball rack.

"Ready to play?" Sarah asked Gem as she checked over at the other girls.

"Yeah let's do it." Gem muttered unwillingly as she tore off her red track pant's unveiling her sexy, slim legs. Sarah glared at Gem's form as it became a little more naked.

"Get your mind on the game and off my body. Gem sounded crudely as Rachel and Sarah grinned slyly at each other.

"Team 1 vs. 4 on this side and 2 and 3 on the other." Gates yelled as she blew her whistle.

"Ok you two take Becky and Cali, we'll take the other two, just stay on your guard." Sarah checked in the ball and passed it to Rachel who scored quickly.

"Like I said stay on guard." Sarah smiled lightly as she jumped into the game while Gem and Roxy looked at each other and joined in. The girls started out slowly then began balling, passing and dunking with no problem beside Rachel and Sarah doing all the damage Gem and Roxy played hard. The first game didn't take long but the girls had worked up a sweat, their body scents drifted around the court as they started playing harder and faster. After the first game Sarah and Rachel leaned against the wall glaring over at Roxy and Gem at the drinking fountain.

"Look at them, all worked up on the court, I wonder if they get that worked up in bed." Rachel smiled slyly as she imaged Roxy, naked sweating as she tongue fucked the pink-banged girl's pussy.

"Sarah I'm losing it, I want her so bad I can taste it." Rachel groaned huskily wanting to grab herself desperately, but forced herself not to makea scene infront of everyone.

"Take it easy girl, I know how you feel Gem's driving me fucking crazy." Sarah replied frankly as she started daydreaming again about Queen Gem.

"I can't remember the last time I worked out so hard." Roxy panted brightly as she waited for Gem to finish drinking. Gem let out a deep breathe as the cold water soothed her dry throat and soul.

"Do you got any sand in ya for another game?" Roxy teased in an Irish tone as she smirked gladly at the short red head.

"Your damn right." Gem laughed as she pushed Roxy by her slender shoulders.

"You bitch." Roxy laughed back as she grabbed Gem's wrist and stared into her red eyes.

"Ok girls time for one more!" Gates voice screamed from across the gym as she turned back into her office.

"Let's go our dates are waiting." Roxy joked as she turned back to the courts where Rachel and Sarah stood grinning.

"Roxy!" Gem looked strangely at Roxy as she followed her. The second game went as fast as the other but with a few fouls on Rachel and Sarah's hands on their own teammates.

"Good job sexy." Rachel smiled wildly as she slapped Roxy's tight ass.

"Thanks." Roxy's blood was rushing too much to argue with Rachel and her ever-excited hands.

"Ok girls hit the showers!" Gates head popped out of her office as the girls head for the locker room.

Chapter 2

Title: Ego trip

"That's it you two I've had enough!" Gates hollered quickly as her thick hands and arms split the two swinging girls.

"She started it!" A tall red head yelled hatefully as she pointed at the tall indian beauty who stared back savagely.

"Shut up Fairchild, you two were provoking each other, now I'm sick and tired of breaking you two up went your ego's start flaring, report to the headmistress's office now! I'll let her know your coming." Gates yelled madly as she pointed to the door. The other girls looked confusedly around as the large woman turned her back to them and headed to her office to report the two.

"Your dead meat bitch." Kat whispered derangely to Sarah as they crossed the gym floor.

"Lick me gutter slut." Sarah stung back as they both headed for the door side by side.

"Their in trouble now." Sighed Rachel as she turned to Gem and Roxy.

"Why's that?" Roxy asked curiously as she watched the two slender girls exit the gym.

"You've never seen the headmistress before?" Rachel asked surprisingly, glancing over the two girls as Roxy shook there head slowly. Gem said nothing as she just listened.

"Well... it's uhhh, she's very strict, she makes you not want to see her for any trouble issues believe me." Rachel kind of smiled to herself as her own memories flashed back of her office time.

"Like what?" Gem asked darkly as she waited to know more about the person that ran the high-class school.

"Why don't you break some rules and find out." Rachel grinned mischievously at giving unsound advice to two A+ students into doing something wrong.

"What's her name?" Roxy asked bewildered at the though of not even knowing the woman's name as Rachel stared warningly at Roxy.

"You don't say her name went she's not around." Rachel's tone sharpened at the mention of the headmistress's personal information.

"Whatever." Roxy interrupted, pissing Rachel off.

"Get in trouble and you'll find out." Rachel said irritably as the bell sounded, sending the girls to the locker room.

"That was weird." Roxy silently over to Gem as she watched the blonde walk off.

"Yeah weird." Gem replied quietly as she watched Rachel slid through the door and glanced back at her. Sarah and Kat walked down as they stopped in front of the office door. 

"You first." Sarah bowed as she opened the office door for Kat.

"Thanks." Kat snapped spitefully as she passed by the raven-haired girl without a second though.

"Ahhh Ms. Rainmaker and Ms. Fairchild, she's waiting for you." A purple-haired girl behind the desk face broke into a grin as the two girls walked into the office.

"Thanks Nicole." Sarah spat dryly as she closed the front door and headed for the headmistress's door. Nicole Bliss sneered at Kat and Sarah as they opened and walked into the other room and shut the door. Both girls looked around the large dim room as a prick of fear and excitement struck them. The room had a red and black interior, a large matching desk with two chairs in front it.

"Sit down!" A harsh voice rang out, the fear consumed both girls as their asses quickly found the leather seats in front of a huge gothic black desk.

"Where are your uniforms?" Demanded the voice from the shadows of the room as Kat looked uneasily at Sarah.

"We just came from gym and..." Sarah started.

"No excuses!" Yelled the woman cutting off Sarah as a wall of screens flashed on revealing a tall woman's back.

"Darker heights is a school for outstanding students, rich and famous, I'm paid to make you respectable young ladies and that’s what I'm going to do." The slender woman turned and stepped away from the wall of screens, that showed the whole school. The woman came into the girls view behind her desk her spiky black hair pointed in different direction, a cute but menacing looking face fit perfectly into her tight, black button up shirt that held her busty chest with matching pants that connected to her knee-high leather boots.

"Now Rainmaker knows who I I'm, but I don't think we've met, Miss Fairchild, is’ it?" Ivana grinned menacingly as Kat nodded at her name, but remained silent.

"I'm Headmistress Ivana Baiul, but you will call me Mistress, understand?" The woman’s voice threatened as both girls jumped.

"Yes mistress." Both girls answered quickly in unison.

"Now, time for your punishment, stand up Sarah and put your hands on my desk." The dark woman ordered as she pulled a leather cane from out of her desk and stepped around it.

"Rainmaker you know the routine, why don't you be a team player and show Catlin how it's done?" Baiul demanded softly to Sarah, grinning at the offer Sarah stood up and leaned over Ivana's desk, planting her chest and stuck out her ass.

"Like this?" Sarah asked curiously as she knew what was next, but before Ivana answered the whip cracked across Sarah's hot round ass. Sarah let out a harsh moan, her body clinched to the desk as the pain shot throughout her whole body.

"Yes, jus' like that." Ivana said fiercely as she whipped Sarah's ass again.

"Thank you mistress." Sarah muttered her thanks as she remained still on the desk. Kat stared dazed and confused at the spikey haired woman's strict punishment.

"You, pull down her pants." Ivana ordered Kat, as she pointed her black-gloved finger at her.

"M-me?" Kat pointed at herself as she was still trying to figure out what was going on.

"Yes you, listen when I talk to you girl." At these words Kat's cheek met with the mistress's whip for the first time. Kat yelped as she held her burning cheek, staring back at Ivana.

"Do what your told girl." Ivana instructed with her whip, without hesitating Kat dropped swiftly to her knees, gripped Sarah's tight gym shorts and yanked them to the floor. Sarah's musky scent hit Kat's nose as she remained on her knees, staring at the tanned girl's glistening slit and redden ass.

"Not as quick as Rachel is she?" Ivana laughed meanly as she patted Sarah's bear ass lightly.

"I guess not." Sarah said quietly as Ivana whipped her again.

"One more for you and... your done." Ivana mentioned heartily as she lifted Sarah up and sent her violently back into her chair. Sarah gritted her teeth painfully as her whipped ass hit the chair. Kat looked over at Sarah, her mean conformed look was reduced to a child's smiling, teary-eyed face like getting candy if you fell and scraped your knee. 

"Now you." Ivana said frankly as she reached for Kat.

"Hurry up I don't have all day." Ivana gripped Kat's arm roughly. To Kat's surprise, this normal sized woman seem to have super human strength, lifting her almost off the floor and leaned her over her desk.

"Ouch you’re hurting me, you can't do this! wait 'til my father..." But before she could finish her protest Ivana savagely lashed Kat's ass three times in rapid succession. Kat moaned breathlessly, clinching to the desk as the pain surged over every inch of her ass.

"I can't do what?" Ivana barked viciously as she forced her hand into Kat's shorts between red-hot ass cheeks to the girl's moisten love hole.

"Mmmm you like that don't you?" Ivana teased consolingly as she began to play between Kat's tight cunt lips.

"I can do what I want, when I want and no ones going to tell me otherwise understood Miss fairchild?" Ivana said huskily as she pushed two fingers deeply into the girl’s dripping slit. Kat froze in silent fear as Ivana's handy work continued unchecked.

"Well!" Ivana demanded with a forceful squeeze. Ivana's words caused Kat's pussy to soak even more in Ivana's glove as she felt hot tears race down her face.

"Y-y-yes mistress..." Kat said feebly as Ivana removed her hand from the red head's tender area.

"Good, very good." Ivana smiled, rubbing Kat's wetness between her gloved fingers as she looked over at Sarah. Ivana shook her head slowly as she realized that the tanned girl had been touching herself.

"Now get out of my office!" Ivana yelled as she rounded her desk and sat down. Both girls sprinted swiftly to the door desperate to escape.

"And have a good afternoon." Ivana smiled derangedly, licking her fingers as the door closed behind them. The two girls stepped shaken into the main office, where Nicole meet them with a wicked smile. The girls headed quickly for the outer door, looking at each other as they stood in the hall.

"Let's get one thing strait Sarah, you don't say anything to anyone and the same for me, But." Kat said mildly, wiping her teary eyes as her ass started to ache.

"We could just get in trouble again and end up back in the headmistress's office, I'm sure you'd like that?" Sarah grinned gladly as she thumbed back into the office.

"Never, Agreed?" Kat's bargain ended on that note as she turned her back on the tanned girl and headed down the hall.

"Agreed." Sarah said quietly to herself as she headed in the opposite direction.

Chapter 3

Title: Bookworm Bust

[Author's notes: It's been awhile]

On the second level at the main library, a young girl worked quietly and alone.

“Ohhhh, so many reports to do, so little time.”

A young nerdy girl with glasses sighed as she looked at her book bag then around the empty room.

“No ones ever here, so maybe jus’ one…”

Becky Carson or to be more proper Rebecca Carson is what she made everyone call her as smart as she was stuck up. She did everything by the book, ratting and snitching her way into the good graces of every teacher and authority figure at the school, everyone but one.

The Headmistress.

Rebecca was a good student, but just like Kat there can’t be good without a little bad.

The blonde unzipped her bag and reached in. Still looking around she grasped a soft piece of fabric and pulled them out. They were just a simple pair of white cotton panties, but they brought a smile to Becky’s face. First, they weren’t hers and second they were dirty.

“Ohhh dear sweet Abby.”

Rebecca shuddered as she lifted the “soiled” panties to her face and breathed them in deeply. Abby Maple was captain on the lacrosse team, with a firm body, cropped black hair, and piercing hazel eyes. Becky’s mind flooded with perverted images of herself scissoring with the sporty girl. Becky closed her eyes, huffing away at the panties as she started to lower her hand to her moistening crotch.

“Grind me harder.” Becky moaned as she slowly opened her eyes to a most unwanted surprise.

“Anytime you want sweetheart.” A blond said sharply, standing next to a tall beautiful Indian girl. Panic forced Becky to drop the panties in her lap like nothing was wrong.

“R-Rachel! Sarah! W-what are you doing here?!?” Rebecca yelled in shock as both girls smiled deceitfully at her.

“Shhhh, you know you’re in a library right Beck?” Rachel reminded the girl as Becky snarled back at being called Beck.

“My name is Rebecca, not Becky, not Beck, Rebecca.” Rebecca retorted sternly as she fixed her glasses. Both girls just giggled as they knew she had been caught red-handed.

“Still have that dirty little habit I see?” Sarah said slyly as she leaned over and looked into Becky’s lap. The blonde quickly covered her lap as Rachel crawled right onto the table just as curious as her friend.

“The great panty raider has returned huh? You’ve been underground for months now, why the comeback?” Sarah asked simply as Becky pursed her lips in anger. A few months ago, other girls started complaining that they’re panties had come up missing during they’re shower. No one knew who was doing but one day Sarah and Rachel walked in on Rebecca masturbating with a couple pairs in the girl’s bathroom. Though she’d been caught, the two bullies kept it a secret… with blackmail.

“I’m done stealing undergarments, you know that!” Lied Becky as a dark crimson filled her face.

“Listen to you, “undergarments” jus’ because you use proper terms for things doesn’t make you any less of a pervert Becko.” Rachel harped as Sarah grabbed the panties out of Becky’s lap. Becky tired reaching for the panties as Rachel pushed her roughly back into her chair.

“So who do we have here?” Sarah smirked as she swung the panties in front of Becky’s face. The girl looked away as she pretended to not even notice them.

“Come on, tell us, you know you’re secret’s safe with us.” Sarah rounded Becky and purred into her ear from behind as she started to undo the lying girl’s tie.

“What do you want?” Becky toned rudely as Sarah started sucking on her ear.

“You’re no fun, what happened to the old carefree Becky?” Rachel pouted, swinging her legs around and set them on Becky’s thighs.

“She grew up, something you two need to Arrggg!” Becky felt Sarah pull her hands behind the chair as Rachel punched her in the stomach.

“Are you ready Rachel?” Sarah smirked as she swiftly tied the gasping girl hands behind her. The blonde bully nodded as she pulled her tie free and gagged Becky as well. Becky glared vicious at both girls as the makeshift gag kept her quiet… somewhat.

“Ok, here’s the deal...” Sarah began as Rachel lifted her skirt and started playing with herself. Becky’s eyes automatically fixed to Rachel’s blue silk panties.

“…Rachel got a B on her last test in Miss Wicker’s class, but she needed an A- or better to go on vacation and if Rachel can’t go, I can’t go…” Sarah continued to explain as Rachel let out a lusty moan. “…so you see our problem?” This was’ in the first time she’d been blackmailed by the two bullies, like her period these two showed up wanting something every month. Becky looked over her shoulder and then to Rachel.

“What’da say?” Sarah whispered as Becky started shaking her head violently.

“That’s too bad…” Sarah sighed carelessly as she pushed Becky’s chair in and right into Rachel’s crotch. “…Rachel really wanted to go too.” Sarah groaned as she put Abby’s panties on the bonded blonde’s head.

“Mmmm, Beck you got my pussy all hot and wet, can you smell it?” Rachel gripped Becky’s hair and grinded her face deeper between her simmering thighs.

“Fight it all you want girl, but you know can’t resist us.” Sarah hummed as she switched from ear to ear, with her hand in her own panties.

“Taste, taste h-how sweet I-I really I’m.” Rachel panted wildly. The two waited patiently as they knew Rebecca would crack any second.

“I c-can’t fight them…”

Moaning lowly Becky’s tongue left her mouth and tasted the sweeten cloth. In both of the bullies eyes Becky looked like she was nodding her head as they smirked at each other. Seconds after Becky fell victim to her own lust, Sarah pulled the girl by her hair.

“Good girl.” Becky trembled with her tongue hanging out. Sarah wiped her slick fingers across Beck’s mouth as Rachel stood up and took off her panties.

“Here, a token of my appreciation.” Rachel smirked lightly as she placed her panties on top of Abby and hopped off the table.

“I guess we don’t have to tell you what will happen if you don’t help us?” Sarah assured threateningly as she took her panties off and put them on Becky’s head as well. Both girls smiled as Rebecca struggled around riotously, glaring insanely.

“Good girl, Send you a post card.” Sarah and Rachel turned for the stairs, leaving the girl bound to the chair with three pairs of dirty panties on her head.

Chapter 4

Title: Water girl

"I'm home." Gem announced gladly as she walked though the double doors of the huge mansion.

"How was your day Miss Gem?" The head maid Alice asked as she watched the short red head walk in.

"Ok, just a lot of homework." Gem sighed dolefully as she set her book bag down and smiled at Alice.

"Madam wishes to see you, same time as always I put your cloths out already." Alice smiled happily as she lower her head.

"Thank you, Alice." Gem thanked her gratefully as she climbed the stairs to her room. Gem hit the lights to her room and looked around to find her cloths laid out on her bed like always, a red leather skirt with matching top, black collar, and tight rubber panties. Gem began to strip down naked in the middle of her room, her slim body trembled slightly in the AC cooled room as her white cotton panties and school uniform hit the floor. Gem felt a queer feeling flush over her as she pulled the red rubber panties with her name over her ass and sealed her pink little pussy tightly. Gem put the top and skirt on quickly as a knock on the door spooked her. Gem watched the door crack open slowly as Alice the maid walked in.

"Miss Gem, I just wanted to give you this." The maid lifted a ball-gag in her hand as she walked closer to Gem.

"Thank you Alice." Gem blushed darkly.

"Here let me help you." Alice smiled as she lifted the straps and looped them though. Gem loosen her lips as the ball gag slipped into place in her tiny mouth.

"You look so cute." Alice grinned happily as she curled her hand under Gem's cheek. Gem's eyes flirted wildly to Alice's sweet words.

"Would you like me to take you to the Madam?" Alice asked gladly as she let the chain of a leash drop out of her hand. Gem nodded as she laced the collar around her neck and locked it. The red-eyed girl got to her hands and knees as Alice clipped the leash to the leather collar. Alice led Gem out the door and slowly down the hall to the headmistress's room.

"Madam?" Alice asked as she knocked on the door and cracked it open. The black room was dimly lit as Alice looked around.

"Let her in Alice." A dark voice echoed from the other side of the room. Alice opened the door fully as Gem crawled in.

"Will that be everything Madam?" Alice asked the darkness as she unhooked Gem.

"Yes, thank you Alice that will be all." The voice thanked coldly as Alice closed the door behind her. Gem spread her knees and sat back on her ass with her hands in front of her.

"Come here Gem." The voice sounded sweetly as it shifted around. Gem picked up her ass and crept slowly to the voice sitting behind a jet black desk.

"That'd girl." The voice assured as Gem set her head on the madam's leather-covered thighs. Gem smiled around the gag as she looked up at Ivana.

"You look so pretty with your new toy, did Alice get that for you?" Ivana asked motherly as she lifted Gem's face with her palms. Gem nodded her head as she turned to the right, blushing. Ivana smiled as she reached around Gem's head and unstrapped the gag and set it on the desk.

"So honey how was your day?" Ivana asked as she pulled Gem's body closer in between her legs.

"I got an A+ on my history paper." Gem smiled gladly as she watched Ivana's eyes trace her face and body with growing intent.

"That's great, I love to hear you do well, now get on the desk." Ivana ordered offhandedly as she stood up, letting her chair roll back slowly.

"Ohhh mommy, do I have to?" Gem pouted feebly as she got feet. With a simple replied Ivana slapped the beautiful red head across the mouth. Gem grunted harshly as Ivana's open palm connected.

"Now honey." Ivana remained calm as ever as she opened the side of her desk to a set of handcuffs and a large plastic injector. Gem's eyes glanced to a large bowl of water not to far away as she climbed onto Ivana's desk on her hands and knees.

"Don't pout Gem and start playing with yourself until I get ready." Ivana suggested sternly as pulled out the tools and bowl of water. Gem winched a little at the request as she lower her cheek to the cool desk, arching her ass and reached in between her legs. Gem slid her fingers under the tight latex panties to her hungry pink cunt. A few minutes Ivana cleared her throat

"That's good Gem, are you ready?" Ivana asked caringly as she setup behind her.

"Yes mommy." Gem groaned hotly as her fingers slide in and out of her warm honey-hole, and tapped her clit repeatedly.

"Hands behind your back." Ivana asked politely as she unlocked the cuff's, waiting. Gem removed her hand from her panties and folded the other behind her back as Ivana cuffed her.

"You have such a hot little pussy." Ivana grinned happily as she pulled Gem's rubber panties down to the middle of her thighs and stared at the red head’s soaking silk hole, dripping with her hot girl juices.

"We're going to play a game Gem, and if you do well I'm going to let you have some friends over tonight, don't that sound like fun." Ivana smiled venomously as she played with Gem's dripping wet fuck hole.

"Y-yes mommy, t-thank you." Gem replied unsurely as she wiggled around trying to get comfortable.

"Good." Ivana grinned sadistically as she lower the large plastic injector into the water and pulled the plunger back, filling it with warm water.

"Now Gem this may feel a little funny." Ivana sneered lethally as she pushed the plastic tip into Gem's cunt and filled her up. Gem's eyes went wide in shock as the warm water filled inside her. Gem tensed her pussy tightly to keep in the water as Ivana continued her sick game with injection after injection until Gem couldn't take it.

"Mommy please stop, I c-can't take anymore." Gem begged helplessly as she squirmed wildly on Ivana's desk.

"Ok Gem, now hold it." Ivana ordered as she pulled Gem tight latex panties back up and helped her off the desk. Ivana pulled the zippers on the top sides of her pants down, letting them fall to the floor, flashing off her neatly trimmed pussy and wet cunt lips, she always got off molesting Gem as sick as it sounded she enjoyed it. Gem started doing her peepee dance. The red head's crotch muscles started to ache from holding as Ivana picked up Gem's ball gag and put it back on her.

"Now Gem, not a drop on my carpet or you will be punished without mercy, understand?" Ivana demanded hauntingly as she marched Gem to the door. Gem nodded fanatically as tears started to fall as the aching turned to pain. Ivana lead Gem out the door by her arm and down to the bathroom as the two walked in Gem tried to make a dash for the toilet but was quickly snatched up by her hair. Gem grunted hurtfully as she reeled back in Ivana's body.

"Not in there, in here!" Ivana yelled brutally as she pushed Gem into the shower stall and forced her to her knees with her hands still behind her back. Gem looked up at Ivana with shock and confusion as she watched the tall women move her crotch over her face. Then it hit her, and she knew she was about to get a shower of her own and not the clean kind. Just then a stream of hot piss hit her face, she tried to turn away from the torrent of hot urine, but Ivana forced her face back up to the golden shower as it splashed her face.

"How does that feel Gemmy?" Ivana laughed coldly as Gem shook her head crying as it was too much, the humiliation, and the pain in her crotch was starting to become unbearable. Gem screamed around the gag allowing Ivana's piss into her mouth and cried insanely as she pissed herself, she could feel liquid rapidly fill her tight rubber panties and stream slowly down the sides of her legs. Gem looked feebly into Ivana's wicked eyes as her mothering figure finished pissing on her. Ivana loved the weak, innocent, childish look in Gem's face every time she molested or violated her.

"Ok Gemmy you’re done, I'll let Alice know who to call, now get yourself cleaned up." Ivana assured unashamedly as she uncuffed Gem and walked to toilet to wipe her dripping slit.

"Now what do you say honey?" Ivana face contorted unsurely as she looked down on the piss-soaked, crying red head.

"Thank y-you m-mommy." Gem whimpered in between sobs as she stared at the water still flowing from her panties.

"That's a good girl." Ivana grinned menacingly as she turned on the shower and walked out the door back to her office. Gem stripped off her cloths and curled into a naked ball of shame, crying as the fresh water sprayed her dirty flesh. Gem cried herself to sleep as the water continued to spray her.

To be continued...

[End notes: A little sick I know but thats what I write.


Chapter 5

Title: Dear Alice

"Uhhh, where I'm I?" Gem moaned weakly as she looked up into Alice's face.

"You fell asleep in the shower." Alice told Gem as she carried the naked girl in her arms. Gem remained silent as she laid her head on Alice's chest. Gem could smell the strange sweet metallic smell coming off Alice as she looked seduced into the corner of the maid's eye.

"Is there something wrong Miss Gem?" Alice asked unsurely as she watched Gem's eye's glaze over. Gem shook her head slowly as she cracked a little smile.

"Good, I have a nice hot bubble bath waiting for you in your room." Alice assured as she opened Gem's door and walked in with Gem still in her arms to the bathroom.

"Here you go Miss Gem." Alice smiled heartily as she laid Gem into the hot bath. Gem dipped her head under the water and came up. Gem enjoyed the sweet scent of her bath, Alice always ran her baths and always used her flavor bubbles.

"Ok Miss Gem if that is everything I'll leave you to your bath." Alice stood up as she headed for the door.

"Alice wait, please sit with me." Gem asked quickly as she put her hands on the side of the bath. Alice turned back to Gem and pulled a small chair from the corner and sat next to her. Gem grinned slyly as she watched the maid pay little attention to her naked, soapy, wet body moving around in the bubbles and water.

"What'ca jus' thinking about Alice?" Gem grinned wildly as she watched Alice's eyes. Alice smiled unsurely at the nature of Gem's clever question, androids really didn't think they just did what they were programmed to do.

"Nothing Miss Gem, I'm just sitting like you asked me to." Alice played stupid as she finally looked at Gem's naked form. After spending so much time working for Ivana and taking care of Gem she had grew very fond of the pretty red head and the strange feeling these human's called love was starting to merge into her software. Stranger more is that Gem did it on propose, she just wanted someone to love her, Ivana played mommy but she had a ruthless love for Gem which made her sexual wants and needs stronger for others and now was no difference.

"That's not true Alice, you can tell me and stop calling me Miss Gem say Gem or Gemmy." Gem giggled as she rubbed her firm tits just above the waterline. Gem knew what she was doing and she liked it, no she loved it and she loved Alice, Alice was always there for her helping, caring, loving something Ivana rarely did, But now she wanted Alice to love her and not just her feelings, her body and that sweet metallic smell.

"Do you ever think about me?" Gem asked slyly as she slid a hand under the water to her wet slit and started masturbating. Alice heat sensors picked up Gem's growing body temperature as the young girl continued to diddle herself.

"Yes Gemmy, all the time." Alice smiled distractedly as she watched Gem tremble lightly as she worked her hot sex under the water.

"Ohhh Alice, I love it when you call me Gemmy." Gem moaned hotly as she bit her lower lip in sexual bliss. Alice cupped Gem's cute face, leaned forward and kissed her sweet hot lips. The red head groaned hurriedly as she felt her cum split between her fingers and mix silently into the hot soapy water.

"Oh Gemmy." Alice smiled permissively as she stood up and let Gem slide quietly under the water again. Alice turned to Gem's closet, pulled out sets of cloth and waited in Gem's room. After a little while Gem slowly strolled into her room where Alice stood in the middle of the room, smiling. Gem blushed darkly as she dropped her towel and started to get dressed.

"Alice, who's coming over?" Gem asked unsurely as she watched the mech maid.

"You don't know? The madam gave me a list, I called them and they're all coming, there's a Miss Goldman, Rainmaker, and Spaulding...'' Alice explainded as she watched Gem's face drop. ''...Is something wrong.''

"No, no everything is fine, can you get me something to eat?" Gem asked as she looked around and grabbed her belly.

"Yes Miss Gem, Uhhh I mean Gem." Alice smiled shortly as she walked out.

"What does she got planned?" Gem though unsurely as she pulled her shirt over her head and sighed.

To be continued...

Chapter 6

Title: Getting the party started

"Gem, some of your friends are here." Alice announced formally from the front door as she let Sarah Rainmaker and Rachel Goldman in.

"Ok, I'll be right down." Gem yelled back as she shut her door and raced down the stairs. Gem froze at the last couple of steps as she saw who was waiting for her.

"Oh, it's you two." Gem grumbled carelessly as she looked at Alice with floating eyes.

"Did you miss us?" Sarah grinned as she locked arms with Rachel and walked passed Alice to the foot of the stairs. The two girl's shared dirty looks as their eyes locked on the pretty red head.

"Alice, please show our guest in and give them whatever they want." Gem ordered sternly as she turned her back on them and headed back upstairs.

"Ladies." Sarah looked at Rachel happily as they followed Alice's into a large gothic bar room.

"So what can I get you? Drinks, food?" Alice offered as she stepped behind the bar. Rachel giggled as she grabbed Sarah's ass and skipped to the sharp, jet black bar.

"Yeah, a couple of captain 'n cokes." Sarah smiled as she sat at the bar with her favorite drinking partner. Alice nodded as she made the drinks and set them up. The girls picked up the drinks, cheered and drank.

"So you’re the maid huh?" Rachel asked as she watched Alice closely.

"Yes, Miss Goldman." Alice agreed willingly as she stared back at the gorgeous blonde with a toothy grin. The three looked at each other as the door rang again.

"I got it." Gem yelled as she flew down the stairs and answered the door.

"ROXY!" Gem screamed girlishly as she jumped into Roxy's arms.

"Hey Gem." Roxy laughed surprisedly as Gem gripped her tightly. Gem loosened her grip and bounced back grinning wildly.

"Come in, come in." Gem grabbed Roxy's hand and pulled the short-haired girl though the double doors. Roxy stood still as she saw her worst nightmare sitting at the bar. Rachel turned slowly catching Roxy in the corner of her eye, as she let a grin slide up her cheek.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Roxy asked coldly as she stared at Gem.

"Uuhhh, their here for the slumber party." Gem answered knowingly as she bit her lower lip. Roxy sighed deeply as she lower her head.

"Want to see my room?" Gem smiled reassuringly as she headed up the stairs.

"Yeah, sure." Roxy moaned as she watched Rachel and Sarah blow kisses from the bar. Roxy turned and followed Gem up the stairs, but the red head had disappeared.

"Gem?" Roxy whispered as she got to the top of the stairs and looked down the empty hall.

"In here." Gem spooked Roxy from the red door down the hall. Roxy walked slowly as she checked out the gothic black and red interior of the house. The young girl came onto Gem's stop sign red door with a gold heart on the door with her name in big old English. Roxy opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit reddish room.

"Gem stop playing around." Roxy asked nervously as she looked around trying to find Gem's outline. Roxy gripped her other arm as a chill hit her. Gem crept up behind Roxy and let her breath hit her neck.

"Gem!" Roxy turned on a dime to find no one behind her as she backed up to Gem's bed.

"You need to lighten up Roxy." Gem sprung onto Roxy from the shadows and pinned her to the red mink covered bed. Roxy could feel Gem's warm breath inches from her face.

"Uhhh Gem what are you playing at here?" Roxy tried to struggle under Gem's tight thighs as they squeezed her sides. Gem brushed her nose up the side of Roxy's cute face as her tongue tasted her sweet cheek. Roxy purred hotly as Gem nipped her ear lobe and pulled.

"Gemmy, I've only been here 30 seconds and you're all over me." Roxy insisted sternly as slowly let her guard down. Gem paid little attention to Roxy's protests as she grinded her cunt into Roxy's crotch.

"What are you scared of Roxy, afraid someone might find out that the two smartest girls in one of the most respectable all-girls school's in the nation are full-lip stick lesbian lovers huh?" Gem teased as licked the out line of Roxy's lips.

"Gem, we come from very respectable and rich families, I mean no one in my family knows I'm into... girls, what about you?" Roxy drew concern into her voice as she looked into Gem's lust filled eye's, waiting.

"Don't worry my mommy knows." Gem giggled as she pressed her chest into Roxy's.

"That's funny Gem I've never met your mom before, will I?" Roxy asked as she felt her own heat grow between her legs.
"Maybe I don't know if you'd want to, she's pretty busy." Gem smiled heatedly as she kissed Roxy fully on her lips. Both girls locked their fingers into each other hair as there tongues did the same.

"Ok just a quickie." Roxy moaned hotly as she licked in her lips lustfully at her horny friend.

"Oh Roxy I want to taste your sweet pussy so badly." Gem sneered slutfully as she slid down between Roxy's legs.

"Whatever you want lover." Roxy purred as Gem unbuckled the raven-haired girl's pants and dropped them to her ankles along with her pink panties. Roxy teen hood scent hit Gem dead on making her dizzy with sexual bliss. Roxy spread her knees as Gem's lips crept down to her moist flower.

"Oh Gemmy."


"So what do they pay you around here?" Sarah asked as she set her drink down.

"The mistress doesn't have to pay me." Alice replied oddly as she filled Sarah's glass, smiling. Sarah twisted on the inside as she looked over at Rachel.

"So your like a slave? Creepy." Rachel giggled as she tipped her glass back finishing it's contents. Alice tweaked her head as she looked up at the two girls.

"Madam will be joining you for dinner at 9:00, you're free to the grounds until then." Alice stopped as she looked distant.

"I think we'll look around." Sarah got swiftly to her feet, grabbed Rachel and lead her out into the hall. Alice turned her head up and tapped into her intercom-link.

"Is there something wrong mistress?" Alice asked as she stared blankly. A dark women stirred in the darkness of the room as a computer screen lit the room with eerie intent.

"No, everything is fine, blend in and start that special dinner for are guests." Ivana ordered as she lifted off the speaker phone and looked to a screen to her left. She smiled vigorously as the two gorgeous girls strolled down the black and red hall mesmerized by the hellish looking house.

"Yes mistress, the drug's will take effect T-minus 5 minutes." Alice reported instinctively as she became more robot-like.

"Good get started, I'll keep a eye on are guest." Ivana smirked brutally as she turn to the screen revealing Gem and Roxy. Roxy moaned loudly over the speaker as Gem licked deliberately at Roxy's dripping sex. Ivana's face contorted venomously as a jealous spitefulness hit her. She grabbed herself sexually over and over again as she continued to watch the hot, live sex show.

"Gemm...y I-I-I'm going to c-c-umm." Roxy panted wildly as her legs tensed up. Roxy jissed spasmodically into Gem's cute face, her sticky jism spattered Gem's lip's, nose and mouth as her trembling body fell to the red mink blanket, sweating, exasperated, but mostly fighting for breathe.

"How was it?" Gem whispered unashamedly as she crept on to Roxy's slender figure. Roxy moaned her answer of approval as she cupped Gem's face and kissed her softly.

"Let's get downstairs before someone start's looking for us." Roxy smiled hurriedly as she stood up with panties in hand.

"Whatever you say sexy." Gem slapped Roxy's tight ass as the girl's panties curled up and around her sweet cheeks. Ivana leaned back in her chair as she watched Gem and Roxy finish up, and then switched to Sarah and Rachel.

To be continued... 


Chapter 7

Title: Uh Oh

"Hehehe Sarah do you feel a bit strange?" Rachel giggled lightly as she stumbled into Sarah. A lusty feeling consumed Rachel as she looked into Sarah's big brown eyes.

"A little, Hehehe." Sarah giggled stupidly as she squeezed Rachel's ass.

"Hey stop that did you put something in that weed we smoked earlier?" Rachel toned psychedelically as she walked arm in arm with her giggling friend.

"No, it was the same shit I always get." Sarah dropped to the floor swiftly dragging Rachel down. Rachel landed on top of Sarah as her brow connected with the back of the Indian girl’s head.

"Damnit." Rachel moaned harshly as she rolled off, palming her head. Sarah pushed herself off the floor still giggling as she looked over at her hurt friend.

"Oh... honey." Sarah purred earnestly as she crept to Rachel and kissed the blonde's brow. Rachel looked appreciably into Sarah's eyes as she cupped her face and kissed her.

"What the hell are you two doing?" A familiar voice asked miserably as the two looked up invitingly. Gem and Roxy stood side by side, sharing the same apprehensive glances.

"Nothing, just messing around ya' know." Sarah scrambled to her feet as she punched Rachel to get up. In seconds the two were on their feet with unconvincingly smart grins on their faces, smarter than usually.

"Drunk already, you were here 15 minutes." Roxy' eyes darted sideways as the two inebriated girl's began swaying slowly, but the two girls just stared back insanely as they stayed silent.

"What the hell's wrong with you?!?" Roxy demanded mystified as she watched a lustily and sadistic emotion stir in the taller girl's eye's.

"Nothing... why?" Sarah started sedately as Rachel shifted too. Like flowing water the two were on top of Gem and Roxy.

"Hey a little space you freaks." Roxy put her hands up to block the two from Gem, but Rachel put a stop to that quick and in a hurry. The wrong idea was the only thing Roxy could think of as the side of her face met the dark wall to her right. Roxy moaned softly as the pain struck her body, she loosened herself in Rachel's firm grip.

"Mind your manners please." Gem asked sternly as Sarah stood in front her grinning at her friend. Sarah caught the corner of Rachel's eye and nodded, and as quick as Rachel grabbed Roxy she was let go.

"Why not show us around Gem? After all you did invite us." Sarah changed gears as she wrapped her arm around Gem's slim white neck and lead her back the way they came. The two pairs walked slowly down the hall as Gem explained the different rooms and parts of the house.

"What's that?" Sarah asked as Gem walked by a locked black steel door without mention.

"That's the basement." Gem spoke up as her face colored.

"What's down there?" Rachel asked anxiously as she pushed Roxy into Sarah and grabbed the doorknob.

"That's mommy's room." Gem moaned uncomfortably as excruciating memories flooded in her head. She hated the basement, it was setup like a bar with large couch's and full bar.

Ivana's little hideaway.

It's was a nice place with evil intent, she'd suffered humiliation and pain in front of a lot of strangers that grinned dark affectionate as they paraded their own pets. Toys, girls, boys, pissing, whipping, spanking, they thrived on anything sexual. Gem shook away the deranged thoughts as they banged around in her mind.

"Are you alright Gemmy?" Sarah asked fondly as she laid her hand on her shoulder.

"Don't touch me." Gem remarked coldly as she struck her with a ruthless glare. Sarah pulled away, hurt as Gem turned and rushed off, leaving the other's looking curiously at each other. Both Sarah and Rachel focused on Roxy as she knew they wanted answers. Roxy's eyes widen with fear as she turned trying to follow Gem.

"Oh Roxy...” Sarah grinned as she jumped in front of the short girl. Rachel muffled Roxy's yell as she palmed her mouth. Gem was nowhere in sight as Sarah opened a door to the left. Rachel shoveled Roxy into the room as Sarah followed lightly and shut the door.

"Calm down Roxy we're not going to hurt you." Sarah lied deliberately as she grabbed Roxy's clit and squeezed. Roxy howled into Rachel's tightly clamped hand as she started to breathe harder through her nose.

"Just tell us about Gem and her “mommy”." Rachel whispered possessively as her other hand gripped her nipple. Roxy's eye's flickered unsurely as she shook her head defiantly. Sarah sighed shortly as she twisted Roxy's little clit between her finger and thumb. Roxy grinded her body back into Rachel's as she lifted on her tippy toes, trying to get away from Sarah's threatening fingers to no avail. Roxy closed her eyes, whimpering as the pain flushed over her.

"What do you know?" Sarah looked sternly into Roxy's watering eyes. Roxy moaned feebly as her legs shook under her weight.

"I-I-I don't know anything, I've never met her…." Roxy spat as Rachel caressed her trembling body.

"Fuckin' Liar." Rachel sneered glacially as she tracked her tongue down Roxy's sweet neck. Roxy suppressed the building lust between her legs as she felt her will start to break.

"I swear, but I think I know who she is." Roxy guessed sparingly as she felt Sarah's fingers stir. Sarah rubbed Roxy's little bud firmly as she watched the innocent girl’s eye's fold up into her head.

"Who?" Sarah and Rachel asked with mimicking curiosity.

"The Headmistress..." Roxy panted as she felt the beads of sweat run from her forehead. Both girls backed away from Roxy as if she was poisonous. Sarah could see Rachel reel back into a desk as the blonde searched the room with instinctive eyes.

"Ohhhh god Sarah." Rachel twitched jerkily as Sarah did the same thing.

"What the hell's wrong with you two?" Roxy watched the two stupidly as she rubbed her sore clit.

"We need to get out of this house." Rachel whispered raucously as she gritted her teeth.

"What are you scared of?" Roxy was surprised to see Rachel squirm, and then it set in her mind Rachel didn't scare easy, something was wrong. Sarah walked to a set of double doors to the outside.

"Locked." Sarah's dark expression reflected on the glass, deep thought’s clouded her head.

"Is it true? Are we in the belly of the beast?"

Sarah tried to speak but a strange cotton mouth struck her throat.

"Sarah, I'm scared." Rachel admitted aloud as her eyes started to water. Roxy's jaw dropped at Rachel's words of surrender as she watched Sarah.

"She's going to get us Sarah." Rachel's emotions started to turn outward of fear and helplessness as her eyes leaked. Sarah watched her friend crack up in front of her as she tried to fight the building frustration.

"Sarah!" Rachel yelled mercifully as she moved closer to Sarah.

"Get a hold of yourself bitch!" Sarah yelled back irritably as she slapped Rachel in the face with brutal force. Rachel's legs folded under her as she hit the floor. Roxy stared at Sarah breathing heavily as her hands shook convulsively. Sarah glowed with anger as she gripped her fist in front of her.

"Get your shit together Rachel or god knows what she'll do to you or us!" Sarah screamed chaotically as she leaned over and grabbed Rachel's face. Roxy insides stirred unevenly as she watched Sarah take Rachel apart; all of a sudden she was feeling bad for Rachel.

Even if she was a bitch, she was someone who paid a lot of attention to her, the boys were all too scared to even talk to her, but Rachel was the only one who'd ever put her in her place, then she realized the truth, she was a hypocrite, a lair, she was a lesbian. Her mind caught its breath as it became clear.

"Let her be Sarah." Remaining calm, Roxy moved swiftly to Rachel and pulled her away from Sarah. Sarah’s face contorted strangely as Roxy embraced her arch-rival endearingly. Rachel set her face into Roxy's bosom and started crying. Sarah's body lazed as she took a step back, controlling her breathing. Then she couldn't believe it, she'd hit Rachel. The brown Indian goddess stood dumbfounded as Roxy hushed Rachel to a sob.

"Rachel." Sarah whispered heartbroken as she dropped to her knees.

“Dinner is served…” Alice appeared in the doorway as the three looked fearfully at the grinning maid.

To be continued...

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