Story: Imperial Child (all chapters)

Authors: Rena_Dante_Cub

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Chapter 1

Title: One

Years before the planet known as Earth came into being there was a System known as Oylun that was comprised of twenty planets. All the planets of Oylun were governed by their own individual rulers chosen by the Gods. Of the twenty, ten planets fell under the protection of Moon Empire while the others governed themselves accordingly refusing to ally themselves under the Moon. Sol was amongst those planets. But unlike other planets it was a planet of immense beauty, wealth and knowledge, favored and blessed by the Gods. Despite all this the planet was very much isolated from the rest of the Oylun System. Emperor Koar Okie selected by the Gods to rule Sol came to power with a vision for his people. He wanted Sol to ally itself under the Moon in the hopes of gaining exposure to other planets and civilizations. While many thought the Emperor to be wise, many misjudged his good intentions for weakness. Soon a civil war broke within the planet tearing apart unions and destroying a quarter of the populace. Emperor Koar was killed and his head sent to the Moon palace by rebel forces as proof that no Solarians would want such distasteful unions. The death of the Emperor was considered a direct act of treason against the Gods. To go against them was to incur their wrath. Sol would be the first and the last in the entire Oylun System to commit such an atrocity. The planet was torn apart as were its ministers. Revenge and bloodshed ran rampant attracting demons and darkness to a land that was known for its light. Dark skies covered Sol marking its fall from the grace of the Gods. The skies served as a warning to ward off travelers. Those persecuted by the warring Lords cried to the Gods for mercy pleading an end to their suffering. Their cries rang as did their blood tainting the dark lands.

Two hundred years of plagues, droughts and bloodshed passed before the Gods finally answered the Solarians. Their answer came in the form of small golden haired infant. And so begins the tale of the..

Imperial Child

Chapter 1


Despite the travesties that befell the planet of Sol the Gods continued to protect Komei, the birth place of Sol’s Emperors and Empresses. Komei resides on the top of Jihon, a large mountain reaching high into the clouds of Sol. There are no paths to Komei and flight is not possible as the altitude is very high. The clouds that surround Jihon and the steep cliffs up Jihon protect Komei from outsiders. Untouched by the perils of the planet there is peace here in Komei. Lush green grass covers the plateau and in the centre stands a magnificent ancient palace home to many of the immortal Sages and guardians of Sol. The palace is built around a fairly large open pond. This is the sacred pond Sola, whose waters are crystal blue and pure. An emperor or empress is created in a Sol shell, that looks much like a sea shell. The shell grows just as the baby grows within it. When the child is ready to be born the shell floats to the surface of the pond and opens revealing the new leader of Sol. It is then the job of the Sages to instill the teachings of Sol within the child and assign a Sage as its life advisor to help keep the new leader on the right path. This has been the way of Sol for centuries and will continue to be its path.

A small red walking bridge goes across the pond dividing it into two equal parts. One end is shallow while the other is very deep. A figure leans over gazing at the clear blue waters at the deep end of pond.

“Even now there’s no sign of even a small shell.”

“Kora you mustn’t be so impatient,” a voice chastises. Turning the red haired woman comes face to face with her superior and bows slightly.

“Forgive me,” she whispers. The older woman sighs deeply and shakes her head smiling as she stands beside the younger one. Her emerald eyes wander to the pond.

“I understand your feeling Kora, but we who incurred the wrath of the Gods cannot demand answers in our own time. We gave up that right when we angered them of our own will. So too will they refrain from answering us until they decide to. All we can do for now is to continue offering prayers to the God’s in hopes to appease their anger.”

“Two hundred years have passed Lady Ula.”

“And perhaps another two hundred more will pass, still it is not our place to ask when but simply to say we are sorry.” Lady Ula watches as Kora’s violet eyes shift back to the pond gazing at the waters with fierce intensity. Absently Lady Ula thinks back the most recent Sage who left to the serve the late Emperor. The similarities between the two are immense and yet each are so different. Lady Ula continues watching the blessed waters of the sacred pond reminiscing of days long passed.

“I have one question.” Kora asks interrupting Lady Ula’s train of thought.

“Oh.. what is it?”

“How will you know if you have been chosen by the future heir?” Kora asks. Lady Ula smiles.

“I suppose there’s some heavenly sign.”

“Heavenly signs?” Kora asks raising her eyebrow curiously at Lady Ula.

“The last emperor captured Lin’s finger and the emperor before that smiled at Osau. That was how they were chosen. I suppose those were the heavenly signs.” Lady Ula turns to Kora intrigued by her questions.

“Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know I just thought I should,” Kora whispers and Lady Ula grins placing her hand on Kora’s shoulder.

“You are still young. It’s only been ten years since you attained your immortality. You don’t have to fear being selected so soon. There are other Sages who have been here for hundreds of years and have yet to be chosen. The Gods only choose those ready to bear the burden of receiving an heir.” Kora nods her head and sighs inwardly at this.

“You must understand Kora that those chosen are entered into a partnership between the chosen child and the child’s guardian.”

“Guardian?” Lady Ula nods her head.

“They are born before a child enters Sol. The birth of a guardian is cause for celebration as it announces the time for the new heir.”

“Why wasn’t there a child when Rou was born?” Lady Ula smiles at this.

“There is a purpose for everything Kora, the Gods have planned it as such. Rou though born a hundred years ago and granted immortal life has matured in mind well beyond any guardian. Unlike most other guardians she has spent time with us and has come to understand the emotional aspect of life, much so, that she seems to bear our emotions as though it were her own. She will make a good guardian as she will be more in tune with the child’s thoughts and be more in tune with what they are feeling.”

Kora nods her head in understanding.

“A reason for everything,” Kora whispers and Lady Ula nods her head. The sound of sandals hitting the granite grounds cause both Lady Ula and Kora to turn. They watch as a Sage heaves and huffs while dressed in light purple robes and a black sash around her waist.

“What is it Res that has you panting out of breath?” Lady Ula asks feeling a dire situation at hand.

“Lady Ula please come quickly. Rin has accidentally covered the floor with the wrong wax and several people have injured themselves.” Lady Ula’s eyelids lower and she sighs deeply while Kora coughs as she disguises her chuckles.

“I can never have a moments peace,” Lady Ula whispers humorously and quickly leaves the area. Kora smiles as she shakes her head imagining several of the Sages skidding across the floor. Swiftly she chastises herself for taking such pleasures.

“But its so funny,” she voices. The sight of the empty pond causes a frown to mar her face.

“I don’t know why I find myself doing this. It’s not like something’s going to pop out of nowhere and suddenly.” Her thoughts are interrupted as something falls into the pond splashing her and drenching her completely. Looking more like a wet rat than a Sage Kora swiftly looks about her wondering what just happened. Her eyes scan the waters and widen as a silver shell is now floating on top.

“An imperial child,” she cries with joy. She is torn between racing off and calling the others or fetching the shell herself in case it disappears.

“Have some faith idiot,” she tells herself. The shell is still in the deep end of the pond. Swiftly she picks up the side of her robes and rushes through the hallways. She turns into the large common room and sees the head Sage standing there talking to several other Sages.

“Lady ULA. LADY ULAAAAAAAAA,” She forgets the newly waxed grounds and finds herself skidding across the floor flapping her arms widely. Luckily she crashes into another Sage and isn’t knocked out.

“So sorry, thank you for breaking my fall,” Kora bows as the other Sage winces from landing on her bottom.

“Kora what’s wrong? And why are you wet? Rin just waxed the floor,” Lady Ula chastises.

Kora bows ignoring Rin’s disapproving look.

“Lady Ula”

“Yes Kora what is it?” Lady Ula asks impatiently.

“An imperial child has come,” the announcement causes Lady Ula to pause and the other Sages stop what they’re doing as all eyes gaze at youngest Sage.

“Are you sure?” Lady Ula asks and Kora nods. Soon a flurry of activity takes place as the Sages gather their skirts and run towards Sola. Several of them forgetting the waxed floors stumble and fall, while others get a head start at seeing the Imperial child. The Sages soon surround the pond and gasp in awe at the sigh of the silver shell. For some it is a tearful moment while others gaze with joy.

“Isn’t the shell normally white?” one Sage asks.

“Perhaps this is a special child from the Gods. A much stronger child is needed to withstand the darkness of Sol. The Gods have sent us this child and we must not question nor judge what lies beneath.” The others watch with bated breath as the shell comes towards the shallow end of the pond. Lady Ula being the head Sage as custom demands is required to open the shell and later announce the child’s name.

Wading into the shallow end she reaches the shell and draws it closer to her. Her hands touch the shell and it soon opens omitting a light that causes everyone to gasp in awe. When the light dies down. Lady Ula smiles and gently lifts the precious bundle from the shell. The child is wrapped in a gold blanket. Pushing back the blanket Lady Ula gasps noting slight fuzzy blonde curls on her child’s head. In the history of Sol there has never been an imperial child with such hair. Bright blue eyes open slowly as they gaze at the red haired woman for the first time.

‘Even her eyes are different,’ Lady Ula thinks.

“Hello Imperial daughter,” comes the small greeting.

“I am high Lady Ula of the Sol Sages. Come meet my sisters and select your advisor.” The Sages grin and sigh in awe at the new child. The child is passed down the twenty Sages before finally reaching Kora. Kora gently takes the infant in her arms. While the others brood in their disappointment Kora holds the small bundle in her arms carefully.

“She’s so cute,” Kora grins. Its been a while since she’s held a baby in her arms and she can’t help but be taken in by the rosy cheeks, the slightly pink lips, the baby blue eyes, golden curls and cute chubby fingers. Kora’s heart spills with joy.

“You’re sooo cute you know that, soo very cute, yes you are, yes you are,” Kora chuckles and hears someone clearing their throat. Looking to the side she can see nineteen serious Sages looking at her. Sobering up quickly she decides to hand the infant back to the grinning Lady Ula. The infant lets out a small sneeze before Kora can shift the infant back to the head Sage.

“Oh.. you might be coming down with a cold,” Kora whispers not realizing the shocked expressions marring her colleagues features.

“Lady Ula you might want to put something warm on her she might be catching a cold.” There are a few moments of silence followed by muffled sounds of laughter. Soon the Sages are chuckling at the youngest Sage who gazes at them in agitation.

“I’ll have you know that catching a cold is no laughing matter, especially for an infant,”

“Here,” Lady Ula grins and Kora gently shifts the child to her.

“Kora..” Lady Ula smiles holding the young infant in her arms.


“It seems you have been chosen as the child’s advisor,” Lady Ula watches as the youngest Sage’s eyes widen.

“But.. I mean.. there was no sign.. oh.. but a.. sneeze a sign?” Kora’s form sways a bit before promptly collapsing.

“Oh dear.. I feared that would happen.” Lady Ula looks down at the small infant and smiles.

“That’s why I took you in my arms,” she grins and gently caresses the infants cheek. Several Sage’s chuckle at their youngest Sage while others help carry her to her room to sleep off her shock.

“Lady Ula,” a voice calls from behind. The head Sage smiles as she turns to face Rou. Rou stands smiling. Her large purple eyes take a closer look at small bundle. Lady Ula notices Rou’s excitement beaming in her eyes. Unlike other guardians Rou has waited a hundred years to be united with her charge. The guardians of Sol possess a motherly spirit that serves to protect the heirs of the throne from evil. Guardians come in different shapes and sizes; they could be dragons, sphinxes, birds, large half beasts and more. Despite the terrifying exterior their spirits are gentle and their protection and loyalty is reserved strictly for the heirs well being. Rou is a cross between a woman and a bird. Her body is that of a woman’s, but her feet are that of a birds and she possesses wings of a bird. Silver fur covers her entire body except for her hand and her face. Platinum blonde hair falls to her shoulders. Her pale face has two red triangles going from either side of her face to her cheek. Light blue lips curl upwards into a smile as Lady Ula gently lays the small child into Rou’s arms. Rou’s smile widens as baby blue eyes look at her. A small gurgle of laughter escapes as the child kicks and raises her hand up to the guardians face.

“It seems she has taken quite a liking to you,” Lady Ula smiles as Rou leans down and gently kisses the child on her forehead.

“My Empress,” Rou whispers and Lady Ula smiles at Rou’s possessiveness. Indeed unlike guardians who were born a few years apart from their heirs, Rou had to wait one hundred years. The longest period of time noted in Sol’s entire history for a guardian and their heir to be born apart. The hundred years was not an easy period for Rou who was plagued with unease and restlessness as she sought out her own divine purpose. Since there were no other records of such a thing happening, Rou went through immense depression. Only at Lady Ula’s insistence did she comply in taking lessons on the affairs of state and studied strategies on battle and fighting tactics. She soon became the most educated guardian in Sol, but the absence of an heir only fueled Rou’s depression. The Sages did everything in their power to ensure that Rou was an active member of the palace and watched over her. Despite her quiet demeanor the guardian became watchful and aware of the emotional changes occurring between those around her. She soon came to understand what many a guardian was unaware of, an individuals emotions. Despite their motherly affection, guardians could not sense the sadness or happiness in their charges. They could offer protection, loyalty, obedience; Their love for their heir was expressed in such ways but Rou had surpassed the normal guardian as she could sense someone’s emotions and could offer comfort without being asked to do so. No such guardian had achieved that in the past. Lady Ula watches as Rou’s eyes sparkle. The infant yawns and tenderly Rou kisses her forehead.

“Sleep little one,” she whispers. The infant yawns again and soon the gurgles of laughter stop as the child falls asleep.

“She’s very beautiful,” Rou smiles and Lady Ula nods her head.

“Indeed she is a special child from the Gods.” Gently Rou hands the infant to the high Sage.

“Is there a name that comes to mind Rou?” Lady Ula asks raising her eyebrows.

“Bunny. I don’t know why but I can’t help but find that most fitting for her,” Rou smiles.

“Bunny.. interesting. That’s a most unusual choice but I suppose this is all far from the norm of things.”

Once Kora had regained consciousness the naming ceremony began. First the child was baptized in water and then her finger was pricked as were her guardian and her advisor’s. A drop of blood from each was put into a crystal amulet. The crystal shone and was blessed by the sacred waters. As the waters touched the crystal amulet its form changed bestowing upon the child the gift from the God’s. The crystal shrank and took the shape of a pearly white teardrop pendent. Attached to the teardrop was a silver chain. Around the pendant were words engraved in gold written in a tongue as ancient as time itself.

Lady Ula raised the chain in the air.

“The Gods have named her Empress Selene Bunny Ofeai Of Sol.” A light burst from the pendent confirming the Head Sage’s words. Rou held out the small golden haired infant and Lady Ula placed the pendent around the child’s neck. There was a bright burst of light that blinded everyone for a few moments. When the light died down everyone regained their eyesight and gazed at a sword hanging in midair. Gasps echoed. Lady Ula took the sword in her hand and looked at it. Never had any of the previous rulers received such a gift.

‘There will be blood on this child’s hands,’ she thought morosely.

To be Contd...

Chapter 2

Title: Two: Vows

Chapter 2


A man sits on a large black bull whose eyes are flaming red. Dark eyes drink in the sight of the resistance in front of him. A hundred villagers with pitch forks and swords. His lips curl upwards.

“So this is all the State of Gan can offer. Such primitive animals,” he whispers.

“It is befitting that you die like that dogs you are.” He pulls on the reins of his bull as it snorts in agitation.

“Easy my pretty you’ll soon have blood soaking your horns.” Turning he looks to his troops all fully armored and ready for destruction. Taking his sword from its sheathe he points towards Gan.

“You will be mine.” The anticipation of lost lives and the metallic taste of blood causes madness to stir within him. The thirst for power becomes stronger as it pulses through his veins. The desire to destroy peaks within him as adrenaline pumps through veins. Unable to hold back any longer his voice roars.


The dark soldiers and the villagers clash as each seek to dominate the other. Cries fills the air as metal clashes against metal. The once dry grounds soon become tainted with blood. The leader of the Gan rebels rides her white tiger slashing her sword through soldiers as she pushes her way through the grounds to get to the leader of the opposition. Finishing off one soldier the dark lord turns in time to deflect the sword of his new attacker. His eyes glow slightly red sending chills down his opponents spine.

“Such dirty tricks for a lady considered to be a noble.” Her sword rises and they clash against each other. A group of soldiers come between them and soon they are slashing through their enemy troops.

“Get out of my way you dogs,” comes the cry as the dark lord decapitates yet another villager. Arrows fly through the air and several men fall. One arrow hits the dark lord’s back and another hits his side. His red eyes glow in anger. Grabbing the arrow from his side he pulls it out and plunges it into a villagers eye. The sword in his hand glows slightly and he swings it angrily swiping all around him in a vicious blow.

“DIE! DIE! DIE!” he cries as madness enters his eyes. Villagers fall in groups as the demon lord makes his way towards the Gan leader who fights the surrounding forces of his dark troops. His eyes blaze as he charges towards her. Swiftly she finishes off two men before turning to the dark lord. She brings down her sword as he plunges his towards her.

“LADY LAE!” a voice cries. Several of the villagers to the side watch in horror and are quickly drawn towards a brown haired man.

“We must intercept them,” he shouts and several men nod in agreement.

Blood trickles down the Gan leaders lips as fierce green eyes look at the dark lord who smiles despite his own injury. Beneath them their beasts growl and snort at each other.

“I’ll be taking my hand back now.”

The dark lord reaches out to grab his dismembered right hand which is still holding onto his sword. Before he can take it the Gan leader reaches to her bloodied side and pulls out the sword with the attached hand. Once out she coughs up some blood and swiftly throws the sword to the ground.

“Pick it up like the dog you are,” she whispers while trying to maintain her balance on her tiger. The dark lord smirks at her cockiness before his eyes blaze in rage.

“I shall take joy in cutting that pretty head of yours.” Before anymore can be done a swift group of men come between them. One mounts the tiger, while the others parry and thrust their swords at the wounded lord.

“What are you doing Raul?”

“You must survive Lady Lae.”

“The villagers,” Lae whispers as her side throbs in pain.

“We knew we could not stand against Him, but your courage moved us greatly my lady.”

“Raul, then why?”

“We would rather die than be under His reign. Though this battle is lost we want for you to remember the love your people had for you and their sacrifice for Sol.”

Emerald eyes fill with tears.

“There is someone waiting at Omeri. Go there.” The tiger stops at the base of a hillside where Raul gets off.


“Go my lady. I must set off the explosives. Perhaps we will meet again.”

“I shall never forget you,” comes the whisper. The white tiger soon leaps and races towards the Omeri with a barely conscious Lae on top.

“May the Gods be with you,” Raul whispers.

As Lae travels an explosion sounds through the air and she can hear the landslide of rocks falling onto the village destroying it in the process. She closes her eyes and lies on top of her tiger as she cries for her people.

“Raul, I’ll never forget.”

An image of the dark lord burns within her.

“I will have my revenge,” she vows before closing her eyes.

A three year old is sitting in the warm waters of a bathtub. Kora leans over and pours water over the toddlers head. Inside the tub is a yellow rubber ducky and a small red ball. Small giggles and squeals escape the toddler who smacks the waters excitedly.

“Yes we all know you love the water Bunny,” Kora smiles as she gently massages the toddlers head with a scented shampoo.

“Ah the smell of lilacs is so refreshing,” Kora smiles as she tenderly gazes at the young empress.

“How’s the bath coming along?” the voice startles Kora who almost falls into the tub. Turning she casts a quick glance at Kou in annoyance.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that,” she chastises.

“Sorry,” Kou mumbles. The sound of crying brings Kora back to her task. The shampoo has fallen into the toddlers eyes. The burning sensation causes the toddler to cry out as she tries to wipe the foam from her eyes.

“EEEKKKKKS!” Kora squeals as she turns on the water and quickly douses the toddler in lukewarm water. The golden haired toddler continues crying.

“By the Gods, her eyes, her eyes.. what do I do?” Kora pulls her hair slightly. She has never had to care for a child before. Kou bends down trying to soothe Bunny. Lady Ula who happens to pass by hears the commotion in the bathroom and quickly pops her head in.

“Is everything alright?” she asks.

“LADY ULA!” Kora calls as her eyes widen with unshed tears.

“What’s the matter?” Lady Ula asks worriedly as she enters and hears Bunny’s distress.

“Shampoo fell into her eyes and she can’t see,” Kora shrieks. Lady Ula looks at her youngest Sage realizing the girl has no experience with children.

“Calm down Kora,” Lady Ula whispers and swiftly goes to the tub. Kora and Kou watch as Lady Ula tends to Bunny.

Several anxious minutes pass. Soon Lady Ula wraps the toddler in a towel and then gently carries her. Bunny’s cries subside as Lady Ula gently rubs her back soothingly.

“There, there Bunny.” Soon Bunny is resting her face against Lady Ula’s shoulder.

“Feeling better now little one?” she asks as she holds Bunny out so she can see her face.

“La la,” the toddler smiles. Lady Ula can’t help but kiss the toddler on the forehead as she hears her name.

“Phew,” Kora sighs deeply. Lady Ula turns to Kora and Kou.

“I think you two should attend a few child care classes,” Lady Ula informs. Kora and Kou exchange glances and sigh.

“I’ll ask Jeres to prepare the class for you,”

“Jeres?” Kora squeaks and Lady Ula looks at her.

“Is there something wrong?” she asks raising an eyebrow. Kora sighs and shrugs her shoulders.


“Good, you’ll start tomorrow morning then.” Lad Ula nods to the two who nod back and soon she disappears with Bunny who waves at them.

Kora looks at Kou.

“What?” Kou asks.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t sneak up on me.”

“Shouldn’t you know how to care for a child? You were once a child weren’t you?” Kora’s left eyebrow twitches slightly.

“Just because I was a child doesn’t mean I know how to care for one.”


“Ugh.. and now we have Jeres teaching us,” Kora frowns sighing.

“Whats wrong with that?” Kou asks.

Kora’s head falls to the side.

“Well being the oldest Sage she often falls asleep while teaching.”

“So just wake her up,” Kou states. Kora looks at Kou smugly.

“Easier said than done. When you try waking her up her first instinct is to throw something in your face.”

Kora rubs her forehead absently as she remembers a time when the other Sages pushed her to wake up Jeres. Being new she didn’t understand what the big deal was so she simply poked and called out to Jeres. A large dictionary which sat on Jeres’s desk went flying towards her forehead. She fell seeing a fitful of stars spinning around her. Jere’s sleepy face peered over the desk to look down at her. Adjusting her glasses the oldest Sage looked at the youngest Sage.

“Kora what are doing on the floor? This is no time to be sleeping,” Jeres chastised not remembering any of the events that took place before.

Another time Jeres had fallen asleep while writing something on the board. It was Kora’s turn to wake up Jeres. She used a long meter ruler and poked the Sage hoping the distance would be enough to avoid contact with any objects. The Sage turned swiftly and with her eyes still closed threw a chalk piece on Kora’s forehead.

“Why does she always aim for my forehead?” Kora asks softly.

Kou sighs watching as Kora is off in her own world.

“I’m going to check on Bunny, you coming?” she asks. Kora snaps out of her flashback and looks at Kou.


“Coming to see Bunny?” Kou asks and Kora nods her head.

A month has passed since the battle against the dark lord. Lae stands at the edge of cave in a cliff side. She wears a white shirt and pants and watches the lush green forests beneath. Cool winds whip her hair to the side. Emerald green eyes watch as the leaves and branches sway in the breeze. A figure comes and joins her looking outside.

“Its beautiful isn’t it?”


“It used to be even more beautiful when Emperor Koar reigned.” Emerald eyes cloud in confusion.

“Emperor Koar but that was over two hundred years ago,” Lae states. A frown graces the figures lips.

“Has it only been two hundred years? It feels like an eternity as though life before all this was merely a dream.” Lae looks at the figure questioningly. Her curiosity peaking.

“Who are you really?” Emerald eyes gaze at a pair of violet eyes.

“I’m a simple immortal cursed to walk the lands of Sol.”

“If my father taught me anything it was that immortals were never simple.”

“Is that so?” the figure grins at her guest’s humor. Lae smiles nodding her head.

“I suppose your father was quite wise.” Lae nods her head and looks out her eyes hardening at the reminder of his death.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have,”

“It’s alright,” Lae interrupts.

“It was rude of me to pry. You’ve been kind to me and taken care of my wounds. I fear I have been nothing but a burden to you.”

“There are no burdens in friendship.” Lae smiles at this and soon both women return to the inner sanctuary of the cave where there is a small fire roaring.

They sit around it warming themselves up as a hot pot of stew cooks above the fire. As the older woman stirs the stew she speaks causing Lae to watch her.

“I said I was cursed to walk Sol. In truth I was given a vision by the Gods. I was to search for Sol’s senshi.”

“Sol’s Senshi?” Lae asks and the woman nods her head. She sits down making herself comfortable as she gazes at Lae across the flickering flames.

“In the Oylun System there are 20 planets and in each of those planets a protector is born to defend the planet against outside attacks. Once they come into power they are granted immortality by the Gods. These protectors then serve the heirs to the throne and aid in the potential threats across the System. They are known as the senshi and are usually named after their planet of origin, in some rare cases they are given a different name by the Gods.”

“Why haven’t I heard of this before?”

The older woman sighs.

“There has never been a need for a senshi before. Sol was a planet isolated from the rest of the planets. Our people were peaceful beings. That is before the wars and the bloodshed began. Soon the Gods turned away from us as we had on them. I was somehow granted immortality perhaps for the divine purpose that the Gods bestowed upon me years later. I received a vision from the Gods telling me that I was to look for a senshi. She would aid in freeing the people of Sol from the tyranny of darkness.”

“Have you found that person?” Lae asks wanting to know. The woman remains silent as she looks at the fire.

Lae is about to voice her question again when the woman speaks.

“I believe I have found the senshi,” Violet eyes look intensely at green eyes.

“Galaxia,” she whispers causing Lae’s eyes to widen her pupils turn a golden color for a few seconds before returning to their normal color.

“The Gods have chosen you Lae.”

The dark lord sits in his study. His eyes shift to the robed figure before him.

“Are you sure?” he asks in agitation.

“Yes my lord.”

“The pool of Hikath has revealed that there is indeed an heir to the throne on the mountain tops of Jihon.” A feral growl escapes the dark lords lips as he throws his gold chalice of wine across the room. Getting up he begins pacing the room to ease his anger.

“There are no passages to such a place. How are we to gain access and capture this future heir?” the dark lord asks his voice rising as he speaks. The cloaked figure bows sensing his masters temper.

“If I may my lord. I have already thought of a way to capture her but it will require patience on our part.”

Turning the dark lord looks at his advisor waiting anxiously for his response. The advisor bows before beginning.

“The texts of Sol decree that when an heir is born three chosen priestess’s of the Holy city of Psa make a pilgrimage to the mountain top to welcome and bless the child.”

“So we accompany the priestess and take the child?”

“Unfortunately we would not be allowed access to the mountain top. Only the priestesses will be granted permission. They would be the only ones able to lure the child away from the God’s sanctuary.”

“I see.”

“The only problem is getting the priestesses to commit to such a thing.”

A smile spreads across the dark lords face.

“Instilling fear has never been a problem for me Gaor. We must change our attack. We will not proceed towards the state of Wa, instead our new tactics are to be focused on conquering Psa.” The dark lord smiles in anticipation of another battle.

“Call forth my council Gaor.”

“Yes my lord,” soon the advisor leaves. The dark lord sits back on his leather chair and contemplates in silence.

“Soon the light of the Gods shall be purged by the darkness of Hades.” His red eyes gleam at the thought.

To be Contd...

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