Story: Women of the waste (chapter 9)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 9

Title: Cons corner

[Author's notes: Time for some shopping.]


The semi-truck “Black Rose” came to a halt as the back ramp opened up. The hot sun and sweet desert smell fell on the group of girls as they marched down into the busy streets.

“Ahhhh the biggest shit hole in all of the Waste, Con’s corner.” Paine cracked her neck as the ramp retracted back into the truck. Con’s corner was surprisingly big compared to the other outposts Gem had been to before as she watched people and vehicles going back and fore.

“It’s more like a city then a outpost.”

“Wow, I’ve never been to a outpost this big before.” Gem stared in awe as she started to lean on the truck.

“Shit, don’t lean on that!” Paine yelled as she pulled Gem roughly by her wrist away from the truck.

“Hey! What’s the big fuckin' idea?” Gem snapped as she rubbed her wrist.

“Sorry Gem but when we leave the trucks Asuka and Rei armed their defense systems.” Tifa explained, as she looked the truck over.

“If you would have touched it, you probably have been fried alive.” Yuffie smiled as Selphie pushed her softly.

“With what? It looks harmless to me.” Gem wondered, as the truck didn’t seem any different from before.

“Harmless huh?” Paine suggested harshly as she picked up a piece of scrap metal and tossed it at the truck. The metal sizzled and burned until it dripped like molten lead to the ground.

“Jesus!” Gem jumped away farer from the truck.

“100,000 volts of sweet electrical skin melting goodness.” Yuffie smiled widely as the group stepped on to what looked like a sidewalk.

“Well, where to first?” Paine looked to Tifa as she could tell Yuffie and the others were starting to get antsy.

“Gem, Yuffie, Selphie are going to come with me to Scud’s place for supplies. Paine, check around see if you can find them.” Tifa ordered in her least bossy voice as Yuffie and Selphie moaned in unison.

“But I want to go with Paine!” Pouted Yuffie as Gem just watched the others.

“You’ll have plenty of time to get drunk and make asses of yourselves later, I promise.” Tifa sneered slyly as she gripped Yuffie in a headlock and flicked her in the forehead.

“Fine, fine let me go!” Yuffie struggled roughly as Tifa let her go, sending the young girl to the ground.

“Let’s go, and Paine? Don’t go into the first bar you see, get drunk and then say you couldn’t find them, ok?” Tifa nagged motheringly as Paine turned away with a dismissing hand gesture.

“Yeah, yeah, god you’re the fucking mother I never wanted.” Paine grumbled to herself as she disappeared into the crowd of people.

“Come on you three.” Tifa headed in the opposite direction as Yuffie and Selphie continued moaning. Gem walked next to Tifa as she cleared her voice.

“Who are they?” Gem asked quietly as Tifa looked over at her.

“The sand sisters, Jo and Meg.” Tifa replied knowingly as she moved through people with great ease.

“What do they do?” Gem asked again.

“They go from outpost to outpost gathering information, on other groups and the GOV. They hear and know a lot of stuff that goes on in the Waste.” Tifa turned the corner as the red head leaned in.

“What’s the GOV?” Gem continued her questioning as Tifa sighed longingly.

“You know it’s a long story Gem, just ask Quistis when we get back she’ll tell you everything you want to know.” Gem felt bad, as she didn’t want to irritate Tifa and slowed down between Yuffie and Selphie.

“Don’t worry Gem, we’ll tell you everything you want to know.” Selphie smirked as she wrapped an arm around her neck.

“Yeah, they’re really not sisters.” Yuffie sniggered playfully as Selphie leaned in closely on the other side.

“What about the GOV?” Gem asked again.

“I told her what to do already, now shut up you two, we’re here and don’t fuck around in here.” Tifa warned Yuffie and Selphie as they smiled back innocently. The four walked in as the storeowner looked up with a smile that quickly turned into a frown.

“Not you lot.” Scud’s english tone moaned over the girls, as Tifa couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey Scud, how’s business?” Tifa made her way to the front desk as Yuffie and Selphie dragged Gem to the weapon section.

“Oi, Tifa, will you keep them on a short fuckin’ lease please?” Scud’s eyes focused sharply on the others as Tifa pulled a list from her back pocket and tossed it on the counter.

“Don’t worry, they’ve been warned.” Tifa glanced over then back to Scud.

“Got ‘ah funny feelin’ like they don’t listen very fuckin’ well.” Scud tightened his face as Yuffie pointed an AK47 rifle at the other two and started making gun-firing sounds.

“Back to the list.” Tifa tapped the list back to Scud’s attention as the dark haired man picked up the list and adjusted his glasses.

“So who’s the red ‘ead? Never seen he'r before.” Scud walked down the line looking at the list clearly and then to the wall.

“Gem.” Tifa said shortly.

“Gem?” Scud froze in place, as he looked back a Tifa with a mixed look of surprise and shock.

“You don’t happen to call her “Red” do you?” Scud walked back in front of Tifa, paling.

“Yeah, why?” Tifa looked over her shoulder at Gem laughing and playing around with the others.

“I ‘ave sumething for ‘er, I’ve been holding on to it for a while now.” Scud knelt down behind the counter and lifted up a small briefcase.

“What is it?” Tifa asked.

“I ‘ave no fuckin’ idea.” Scud looked at down at the case.

“Well then who’s it from?” Tifa demanded as she looked at the tag on the handle, which said Gem.

“The queen of the waste.” Scud swallowed hard.

“No, not…” Tifa gasped as Scud nodded slowly.


Tifa looked back to Gem as the red head caught her eye.

“Gem, come here…” Tifa announced softly as the red head moaned.

“But Tifa I didn’t…” Gem looked at the dark haired woman.

“NOW!!!” Tifa yelled, freaking out Scud and the others.

To be continued…

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