Story: Women of the waste (chapter 8)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 8

Title: Road trip

[Author's notes: The girls head out to Con corner's, and Tifa shows Paine a little love.]

The “Black Rose” rumbled down a highway of the Waste with Asuka at the wheel. In the back Gem, Tifa, Yuffie and Selphie chatted as Paine huffed to herself in the corner. She was still pissed about the bet, but more so at the taste of blood still in her mouth.

“Fucking bitch Tifa trick me, the cunt.”

Paine wallowed in her own misery as the others laughed and joked about when Gem first showed up.

“Oh Jesus, the best part was when you asked us if we were going to rape you? I almost pissed myself!” Yuffie grinned wildly as Gem blushed.

“I’m glad Ice kept you Red, you really liven things up around here.” Smirked Tifa as she looked back at Paine who flipped her off. Gem smiled again as she looked out one of the slotted windows of the truck and frowned.

“What is it Gem?” Tifa asked as she leaned over to see what she was looking at.

“Them....” She pointed out at three figures dragging themselves lazily through the empty wasteland.

“Mutants or crazies you really can’t tell with the mirage.” Tifa sighed as she sat back down. Gem didn’t care, she just wanted whatever it was dead. Since joining the Angels she would sometime have terrible nightmares of what happened the night she was rescued and her life before that.

Her life played like a bloody slide show in her dreams as she could do nothing but watch the only ones who ever cared about her slaughtered and ripped apart. It just never seem to stop, her mother and father were killed when she was ten by a gang of thieves, alone she traveled from communes and outposts barely surviving on a little water and scraps of food she could find.

One day she was attacked by a mutant outside of one of the posts, she managed to escape but was deeply scarred and as good as dead, she awoke later in a small shack to find her wounds cleaned and bandage.

Without knowing who or why she some how healed and carried on living. At this point she just didn’t care anymore she’d rather be dead then live in this hell hole alone. That was until she met her....


Gem moaned as she closed her eyes and drifted back in time. She had tried to pick-pocket the woman while she had her back turned looking at some goods, in some godforsaken outpost she couldn’t remember.

"Hey you little shit!" The woman quickly snatched the young girl up by her arm.

"Let go of me you old cunt!" Gem yelled viciously, squirming to get free. Gem fought tooth and nail as the woman forced her to look her in her dark, cold, eyes. Gem froze in place as she took in the woman, she was tall and strongly built, with a imposing stant. Her short white hair and almost black eyes could make even the wildest of animal coward in fear.

“If you let go of what doesn’t belong to you maybe I will.” The white-haired woman sneered as she tightened her grip on the young girl’s wrist. Gem screamed in pain as she dropped to her knees and let go of Destra’s money purse.

“You fucking whore, fucking bitch!” The short, red haired girl ranted as she gripped her injured wrist.

“You kiss your mother with that filthy mouth, girl?” The woman smirked with glee, looking down at the girl rubbing her wrist.

“She’s dead!” Gem screamed loudly as she looked up at Destra with tears in her eyes. Destra’s smirk worked it’s way upside down at the though of this girl's dead mother as it warranted no joke.

It was common to see orphaned children running the streets in the waste. It was more often to see their corpses with no one to feed them or take care of them, their lives were normally short lived.

“What’s your name?” Destra asked with order in her tone. Gem just stared into the woman's dark eyes as they didn’t even faze her in the slightest.

“Your name, girl.” Destra extended her hand to Gem.

“Gem.” The dirty, little red head answered and took the woman’s hand.

“Well Gem, let’s get you something to eat, your going to need all your strength if your going to serve me.” Destra smiled, turning and headed down the street. Confused but curious, Gem swiftly joined Destra at her side and continued down the street. Everything from that point was hazy until she landed in some settlement which was attacked not to long after she had arrived.

“Hey Gem wake up.” Yuffie poked Gem in the face as the red head shook awake, blinking wildly.

“You ok?” Tifa asked as she leaned in with Selphie. Gem quickly realized she had a tear running down the side of her face and wiped it away.

“It’s nothing.” Gem nudged Yuffie back as Paine got to her feet with a grunt in the back.

“Leave the fucking cry-baby alone.” Paine walked to the front of the truck and kicked a sideboard.

“Hey you mechanic piece of shit! Step on it, I’m fucking going crazy back here!” Paine banged her head against the wall as Tifa sighed and got up too.

“Your just cranky Paine, here let me help you relax.” Tifa pressed her body tightly against Paine’s as a tiny gasp spat from the grey-haired girl's lips. Tifa’s hands work swiftly across Paine’s chest and stomach as the metal-eyed girl moaned.

“But honey what about the kids?” Paine whispered hotly as she glared back at Gem and the others.

“You know how much Yuffie and Selphie like to watch and I think Gem might enjoy it too.” Tifa sneered as Yuffie and Selphie started to stir with lusty grins. Tifa turned Paine roughly and smashed their lips together in a horny kiss. Their tongues and hands attacked each others mouths and bodies with a burning passionation.

“Mmmm, your not going to make me fight you for it?” Paine chided as Tifa slowly got to her knees, dragging Paine’s pants and panties down with her.

“You’ve gotten fucked on every deal and bet since Gem showed up, and I’ve capitalized on you left and right, I just figured I’d do something to repay you a little.” Tifa nestled her face into Paine’s crotch.

“Wow, you pity me that much?” Paine wooed as she slid hands into Tifa's soft hair.

“No not really, I was already feeling a little frisky... I though you hadn’t washed her in awhile?” The brown-haired girl giggled into the Paine’s surprisingly clean cunt as she brushed the bridge of her nose up and down Paine’s dripping gap.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you dirty cunt-licker.” Laughed Paine as she threw her head back. Tifa only answered her teammate by rooting her tongue deeply into her cunt.

“Mmmm, Tifa’s so cute when she’s submissive.” Yuffie snuggled closer to Selphie as their hands caressed each other softly with wanting in their eyes. Gem watched the two girls feverishly as Paine started moaning and groaning.

She knew the other girls fooled around all the time but this was a first hand account for her. She’d been approached by the others mainly Paine and Yuffie, but beside her little encounter with Yuna she had said no every time and for some reason they had given her the option to bunk with them or not and why they just didn’t rape her was beyond her.

“Yeah, yeah jus’... like... THAT!!!” Paine screamed hotly as she painted Tifa’s face with her jism. The brown haired girl kept her face buried in Paine’s crotch licking up every bit of juice.

“You still got it.” Paine slumped forward cradling Tifa’s head in her arms.

“You bet.” Tifa smirked as she got up and kissed the gray-haired girl deeply. Paine sighed lightly and slid to the floor as Tifa wiped her mouth.

“Asuka, what’s are TOA?” Tifa quickly straighten her posture as Paine still trembled on the floor.

“Time of arrival, 19 minutes.” Asuka announced from the front as the girls got up and started getting ready.

“Alright you know the drill, gear up and get your game faces on, I don’t want any fucking around Yuffie, Selphie that means you and keep a eye on Gem.” Tifa ordered lightly as she strapped a blade to her boot.

“Con’s corner, the asshole of the waste.” Yuffie laughed viciously as she holstered a sawed-off shotgun.

To be continued... 

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