Story: Women of the waste (chapter 7)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 7

Title: Always bet on "Red"

[Author's notes: Not for the weak minded or hearted. ]


“Gem this will be your first mission.” Gem stood at full attention as Ivana explained in a careless voice across her jet black desk with Lulu standing next to her, frowning like always.


Gem had been training with the other girl's known as Angel-Devils for three months now. She could fire a weapon without blinking now and even out drink a few of the other girls on a good night. But she hadn't left the compound since she got here, and now she just wanted to show her stuff.

“It's jus' a supply run with Angels Red and Black with Asuka for support to Con's corner...” Ivana announced as Gem let a smile creep up her face.

"...And don't get yourself killed, I'd hate to have wasted all that time and effort on you, plus I think the other girls are starting to like you, Dismissed." Ice ordered sternly as she turned away from Gem. Lulu smirked slyly as she looked the toughen girl over and nodded. Gem nodded back as she turned and headed for the door with a hurried pace.

Outside the door the four others girls sat and stood waiting for Gem or "Red" they now called her to come out.

"I bet Ice told her to take a fuckin' hike." Paine laughed coldly as she lit a ciggrette.

"No, she's good as gold." Tifa smiled sharply as Yuffie and Selphie played paper, rock, sissors.

"She'll be crying like a little bitch like last time and the time before, I don't even know why she even asks to go with us." Yuffie laughed darkly as she threw sissors.

"If you didn't rub it in everytime we got a mission, I don't think it'd be that big a deal for her." Selphie backed Red and threw rock as Tifa nodded in agreement.

"You two are so fuckin' lezzy for Red it makes Quiz look straight." Paine huffed as she blew rings of smoke into the air.

"So it's a bet you want bright eyes?" Tifa changed back the subject as she knew she had Paine's complete attention.

"Hahaha, your so fucking funny bitch." Paine's eyes flashed different colors as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What's the bet?" Yuffie sneered as she pulled her knife from her boot and twisted it in her hand. The brown-haired woman smiled to Selphie and Yuffie as Paine knew something was on Tifa's dirty mind.

"If she can't go, I have to eat your pussy right here, right now..." Tifa suggested in a manner-of-fact voice as she looked at her nails.

"Wow, I haven't shower in a couple days, now that I think about it." The grey-haired girl grabbed her crotch and squeezed.

"Ewwww, that's sick!" Selphie made a gross face as Paine grinned evily.

"...But if win you have to eat Red's cunt here and now, no excuses." Tifa smiled sharply as she always looked like she knew something that the other's didn't.

"To cum or a couple licks?" Paine wanted to get the record straight as betting and gambling was her greatest weakness.

"We'll use Selphie and Yuffie's age, or would you like to go higher?" Tifa rolled her eyes carelessly.

"18 licks huh?" Paine tapped her chin as she looked over the grinning girl.

"Let's make it a even 20." Paine sneered rudely as she was sure about getting her cunt cleaned.

"Ok, bet!" Tifa put her hand out as Paine took it in a hurry.

"No excuses now Paine." Tifa kept smiling as the door cracked open behind them. Gem walked out with a sober frown, looking at the floor as Paine laughed out loud. The others felt a little bad for Gem getting turned down again as Tifa was dumbfounded.

"Told ya'! Now get down and worship my holy gap with your tongue slut." Paine unbuckled her pants as Gem looked up and smiled.

"I can go!" Gem yelled proudly as Yuffie and Selphie smiled and hugged her. Paine's face dropped instantly as Tifa winked at her.

"No excuses... right Paine?" Tifa teased as she turned to Red.

"Come here Gem." Grinned the brown-eyed girl at the completely over-joyed red head.

"Yes Tifa?" Gem turned to the full-chested woman as Yuffie and Selphie giggled behind her.

"Paine lost a little bet with me, so I going to need you to drop your panties for a minute." This request brought a unsure look to Red's face as her cheeks flushed the same color.

"But, I..." Gem started to protest as Yuffie and Selphie grabbed her arms and steadied her.

"Don't worry she's not going to hurt you, this is only going to take a second." At Tifa's words Paine walked up and got to her knees infront of Gem.

"Please don't, I'm..." Gem continued to whine as Yuffie cupped her mouth tightly.

"Jus' shut up and enjoy this..." Yuffie whispered into the restrained girl's ear as she tasted it. ''...I know I I'm.''

"Come on Paine." Tifa egged on as Paine mustered up the dirtiest look she could make and fired it at the brown-haired girl. Gem kicked her legs up as Paine was quickly losing her cool.

"Ohhh for fuck's sake Gem stop..." Paine gripped the red head pants tightly and yanked them down.

"WHAT?!?" Paine was surprised to find a tampoon string hanging from between the cute girl's legs as Red looked away totally embrassed.

"She's ragging! No way Tifa!" It was Paine's turn to whine as she looked up at Tifa and the others.

"A bet's a bet Paine, now get down there and give me 20." Tifa chuckled as the others joined her, only Gem and Paine was'in finding anything funny about the situation.

"No excuses, get licking." Selphie chimed in as Paine tighten her face in anger and stuck out her tougne and put it into Gem's bloody slit.

"I bet that taste terrible." Yuffie sneered as she held Gem in place. The warm blood trickled out of Gem and into Paine's mouth as she beared it and began licking faster to get it over with.

"18-19-20 all done." Tifa counted off as Paine finished, leaned back and wiped the blood from her lips.

"I really fucking hate you right now Tifa." Paine got up as she couldn't get the copper taste of blood out of her mouth by spitting.

"At lease it was fresh." Tifa grinned as Yuffie and Selphie let Gem go. Gem quickly pulled her pant's up as the redness still filled her cheeks.

"That was so embrassing." Gem moaned as she still felt the wetness between her legs.

"At lease you didn't have to lick anything." Yuffie teased as she playfully punched Gem in the arm. All a sudden the door opened behind them as Lulu looked out.

"What the hell are all you doing out here still? Move your asses!" Lulu ordered ruthlessly as she pointed threatingly at the group of girls.

"Sorry Lulu, Paine was jus' making good on a bet we had." Tifa smiled as the others replied with mixed emotions.

"Fuck you Tifa!" Snapped Paine as she spit on the ground again.

"Want to bet on that?" Tifa fired back as Lulu stepped out and pulled out her gun.

"I said MOVE!!!" Lulu locked and loaded as the girls all took running down the hall laughing except Paine.

To be continued...

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