Story: Women of the waste (chapter 6)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 6

Title: The SSV

[Author's notes: Another clan that will be joining our girls.]


Darkness fell again across the land, a dark mansion outside the massive outpost "Con Corners" towered over the surrounding area bricked off and well guarded, inside lit by gloomily red lights that flickered wildly against the black and red hellish interior. A dark figure sat at a large gothic black desk grinning as it raised a tall glass of blood. The figure drank greedily from the glass as she looked cruelly to the side of it's desk to a short blonde girl. The young girl was blindfolded and tied up in leather bondage, groveling mindlessly on the floor.

"Comfortable, kitty?" The figure asked darkly as she put her foot on kitty's shoulder and pulled on her leash. The feeble girl sobbed feebly, tilting her head up as tear's raced from under her blindfold.

"Answer me cuntface!" Demanded the voice as it jerked the leash again.

"Ahhh y-yes Mistress Lust." Kitty spat sparingly as her mistress started to choke her.

"Good, on your feet." The dark, pale-faced women ordered as she lifted kitty by her hair. Kitty got to her feet, yelping like a puppy as her joint's cracked from being in the same position for so long. Lust shifted kitty in front of her between her leg's facing out.

"My child, you heal quiet quickly." Her mistress grinned exquisitely as she examined the healing bites on the girl's slim neck. Kitty shook miserably as Lust licked her neck down to her shoulder. Lust smiled energetically as her fangs grew into place and dug deeply into the base of kitty's neck. The young girl's screams went silent as she felt her energy slowly being drained from her body, again. Kitty folded back into Lust's arms as both of Lust's hand's found Kitty's tiny tits. Lust groaned loudly as she lifted off Kitty's bleeding neck. The vampire laid the exhausted girl across her desk as she pressed the intercom on her desk.

"Envy?" Lust spoke softly.

"Yes, lust?" The voice answered immediately as if knowing.

"Send in a blood table ASAP." Lust voiced commandingly as she wiped the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Yeah." Envy replied spitefully as she signed off. Lust turned to the window as she glared out with growing frustration.

"They're late, it shouldn’t take this long for Wraith and Guttony." Lust gritted her teeth viciously as the dark thought's about her teammates turned her on, it was always the same after she feed, she always felt a little frisky. Lust turned to the door as it flew open.

"Where‘s the party?" Lust sighed agitatedly as she watched her other "teammates" Envy, Sloth, and Pride walk in. Envy was a hot, tall, big-chested blonde pushing in a metal table as Sloth a lanky, black spiky haired guy, aviator sunglasses and goatee, laughed with his head hanging upside from the table and then Pride, a sharp-looking one-eyed red head, always frowning and smoking a cigarettes. All stared a Lust with there own strange characteristic glares.

"Hehehehe, done with your toy Lust?" Sloth laughed coldly as he rolled over on the table and hopped off into his normal lazy hunch-like stance, grinning insanely as his tongue hung out.

"Fuck you Sloth, why don't you crawl into a hole and fucking die." Lust snapped back as she hated being punked by the burnout of the group. Sloth had a way of getting under your skin quickly if you let him but Lust was quick enough for him.

"Someone's a little edgy?" Envy smirked anxiously, walking to the desk as she picked up Kitty's limp body and put her on the table.

"She’s barely breathing." Envy reported with a sneer as she hooked her up to a blood machine. Lust bit her lip hard as she knew Pride was going to put in her two fucking cents.

"Lust, Sin is growing impatient with this little fucking game of yours, its a waste of time and effort on a hunch your having." Pride stung unconvincingly at Lust's idea of a secret base in the waste and it was necessary for them to take to one.

"She's cute hehehehe." Sloth smiled revealingly as his vampire teeth grew in along with Envy's. The two of their tongues tasted kitty's bitter sweat and sweet blood as they groped and fondled her leather-clad body.

"You two make me sick...." Pride grinned instinctively as she turned and her heel. "And remember what I said Lust or ya'll have to answer to him." She walked out the door followed by the other two Sins as Lust just wanted her peace back.

"Ok kid's take her to her room and no feeding." Lust sneered with a smirk at Sloth and Envy as they looked up at her, then each other and grinned.

"Ok hehehe, what even you say Lust." Sloth laughed sarcastically as he jumped back on to the table, on top of Kitty as Envy pushed it out of the room.

"Laters." Envy winked hotly at Lust as she strolled out swinging her hips. The evil girl nodded slightly and sat back at her desk as she watched the door close behind the two. Elsewhere in a much darker part of the mansion.

"Lust, pride, wrath, envy, sloth, greed, and gluttony." A darker figure smiled as he closed his eyes and locked his finger's.

Sin, the leader and overlord of the SSV or Seven Sin Vampires, each with their own special abilities and powers. His vampire gang was one of the strongest in the Waste; none challenged him or his undead soldier's without fear of death or even worse. Sin looked up at the door as he knew before it even happened.

"Come in Pride." Sin announced darkly as he leaned back in his seat. The door cracked as Pride's red hair and eye's peeked in.

"Sin? Is this a bad time?" Pride asked feebly as she looked down and stepped in. Even with her name she disregarded it went in the presents of her master.

"Not at all, I always have time for you." Sin grinned half-heartedly as he knew Pride was always trying to sway him into good graces, nothing more than a suck-up. Pride was about to speak....

"Yes, I know you told her what I said is there anything else, Pride?" Sin didn't even let her start to bore him as his question left pride stirring.

"Uhhhh any word from Gluttony and Wrath?" Pride asked prettily as she knew that it was better that she didn't ask.

"That's really none of your business Pride now is it?" Sin's fangs grew sharply over his lower lip as his eyes lit up, spooking Pride.

"I'm sorry master, I'll leave." Pride looked down guiltily as she headed for the door.

"Come now Pride, no more questions." Sin stopped her with his luke-warm tone..."Yes master." Pride turned her head to the side.

"Go with Sloth and Envy and get me some dinner in the "Corner" you look pale." Sin bloodthirsty grin stained his face as he turned his back on the red head and glared out his window into the darkness. Pride touched her face as she quietly let herself out.

"I don't see why me and you got to do all the fucking foot work." Sloth smiled obviously like always as he straddled Kitty's limp body.

"Because Sloth, Lust and Pride try very fucking hard for Sin's attention unlike the rest of us." Envy sneered coldly as she pushed the table slowly down the hall.

"Gluttony, Wrath, Gluttony's a fat, bald bastard that eats anyting he can get his fucking hand's on and Wrath is jus’ fucking insane, Sin's personal murder tool, unlike you, your a lazy murder tool, and me well I hate and envy everyone." Envy giggled to herself as she leaned over and licked up the side of Kitty's face.

"Well if you put it that way Envy you can suck my tool." Sloth smiled as he groped Kitty's titties roughly causing the girl to groan in pain.

"Want to stop by my room and have a little fun with this meat-bag?" Envy looked energetically at Sloth as she saw the a large bulge in his pant's grow.

"I though you'd never ask." Sloth smirked tentatively as he start to dry hump Kitty's unconsious body.


To be continued...

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