Story: Women of the waste (chapter 5)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 5

Title: Gaming & Training

[Author's notes:

I really getting back into this one, hope you guys and gals like it.




"Come on! fucking duck, duck BITCH!!!" Paine yelled at her character as she pounded buttons wildly on a controller that plugged into the side of her mechanical eyes. The flashing colors of the fighting game enraged her more as Asuka sat on Paine's bed calm and naked, with only her eyes twitching. The red head didn't have a controller as the other end of Paine's controller plugged right into her CUNT (control-unit-network-terminal) basically making herself her own gaming terminal. Paine hated to lost at anything or to anyone, especially Asuka or Rei and right now Asuka's fighter was ripping Paine's a new asshole.

"FUCK!!!" Screamed Paine as Asuka finished Paine off with a sweet special move, killing her. Paine yanked the plug from the side of eye and threw down her controller, angry as hell.

"Game over, would you like to play again?" Asuka asked blandly as she remained still.

"No I don't, and get the fuck off my bed!" Paine was completely pissed now as she grabbed Asuka and jerked her off her bed. Asuka's body responded instantly as her feet touched the ground swiftly. Asuka unplugged herself as she returned to normal mode.

"You don't have to be rude about it." Asuka snapped harshly as she picked up the thrown controller.

"I can do whatever the fuck I want, you tin-can with tits." Paine pointed threatenly at the naked robotic girl.

"Don't be a sore loser Paine, it's just a game." Quistis moaned lightly as she looked up from the chestboard on her laptop.

"No ones fucking talking to you Quistis, jus' mind your own goddamn business bitch." Barked Paine as she kicked Asuka's red leather jumpsuit across the room.

"Rook to 3B, Checkmate." Rei reported lightly as her CUNT was plugged into and playing on Quistis's laptop.

"Cheeky little bitch." Smirked the long-haired blonde as she looked back to her screen to see her king fall.

"Fuck you, fuck her, FUCK THE LOT OF YOU!!!" Paine pointed around the room as she stormed out of "the hole" and slammed the door.

"Someone's rag-raging." Chuckled Selphie as she rolled over on her bed and smiled at Yuffie doing one-handed push-ups on the floor.

"She takes being a cunt to a whole new level sometimes." Yuffie replied cheerfully as sweat dripped from her forehead.

"Hey, where's Tifa and Gem?" Selphie looked over to Quistis.

"I don't know, maybe getting hot and heavy somewhere." Quistis shrugged as she clicked play again on her laptop.

"Wouldn't surprise me, Tifa's gone totally lezzy for little Red..." Yuffie teased as she finished her last push-up and got up.

"You too Selphie, you're too soft on her as well." Yuffie smirked as she grabbed a towel and sat down next to the short, brown-haired girl.

"Ohhhh, come on Yuffie, you know I'm only lezzy for you." Selphie fired back as she grappled Yuffie down and kissed her.

Elsewhere in the manison.

"Ok, one more time.” Tifa said treacherously, looking at her young opponent as she brought her fists up. The "Angel" girls had to keep themselves sharp, and training in different parts of the mansion helped pass the time and fight off boredom between missions, but it was becoming short-lived for one.

"But Tifa, I’ve tried like 20 times now, I’m not going to hit you.” Gem moaned feebly, tightening her fists as she spat blood on the matted floor. Gem and Tifa had been training for what seem like hours and Gem was tired and exhausted. Her task was an easy one; just hit Tifa once. The young girl had tried again and again and ended up beaten and bruised.

Tifa had evaded her every attack, countered with her own, and had landed every hit. Red's left eye was black and lower lip was split, she didn’t even know this girl that well, but she was the only one who was nice to her. Sparring was hard for Gem coming from a settlement life and as hard as she tried she just couldn‘t land a single blow, but she wouldn‘t give up that easily, her pride wouldn’t let her.

"Save face before failure.”

"Come on Gem! Use your emotions! Lash out at me, hurt me!” Tifa commanded sternly as she tightened her gloved fists.

"I can’t, I jus’ can‘t!” Gem yelled back as she squeezed her fists with whitening knuckles.

"Jus’ once.”

Gem felt a strange rage flow thought her suddenly as she lurched at Tifa swinging her fists in a one, two combo followed by a flying roundhouse. Tifa's smirk quickly disappeared as she ducked the attack and twisted herself out of the way of the flying leg. The red head’s striking foot landed off-balance as Tifa sweep-kicked Gem’s planted foot, knocking the short girl on her ass.

Tifa launched herself into the air as she cocked her fist for a finishing blow. Gem saw the evident attack as she rolled out of the way as Tifa’s fist smashed into the floor.

''Is she getting faster?''

Tifa didn't have time to think as Gem quickly flipped up and launched herself again, hoping to catch Tifa’s blind side, but Tifa caught the strike out of the corner of her eye as she back-flipped in time. Gem just grazing the woman's hair as she was still in striking stance.

"That was close.”

Goosebumps grew up Tifa’s neck as she landed and brought her fists up again. Gem was on her feet panting as she caught her second wind.

"This is my chance.”

Gem roared forward again, gritting her teeth as Tifa waited to counter anything thrown at her. Gem moved in close as Tifa preped to strike. In a flash Gem planted her right hand to the ground and spun an hooked kick under Tifa's left arm.

"Damn it, she’s got me.”

Tifa froze as she knew she was’ in going to be able to dodge the attack. Gem kicked the middle of Tifa's back, but Tifa cart-wheeled out of the way as she tried twisting her body out of the way of the following attacks. Gem's fist struck her left thigh, slowing her twist as the red head's foot hit Tifa's right collarbone. Tifa felt her HP rock as the pain rocketed through shoulder and leg; she prepared for a hard landing.

"Got her…”

Gem groaned wearisomely as she dropped to her knees completely spend. Tifa planted her left hand to keep her balance as her wounded leg buckled under the tight acrobatic landing. Breathing hard and sweating like mad the two stared intently at each with more determination then needed for a simple sparring exercise.

"We’re finished.” Tifa broke the silence as she got to her feet, rubbing her painful collarbone.

"At lease she didn’t hold back this time, but what happened?”

Tifa smiled kindly as she walked over to help the weary girl up. Gem looked up at Tifa as the brown, eyed and haired girl offered an open hand.

"Let’s go see Yuna for your cuts, then get something to eat.” Tifa smiled warmly, Gem answered with a long relieved sigh as she took the girl's hand and pulled herself up. Gem got to her feet as Tifa put her arm over the shaky girl’s shoulder and headed for the door. The two stepped in the hall and made their way to the lift with racing joy and excitement.

"That last attack was a good one you got me with, you should be holding me up.” Tifa commented brightly as her leg throbbed agonizingly. Gem giggled, dragging her feet across the floor, she was too tired to carry herself properly. Tifa’s bright smile darkened as she heard heavy boots coming from the other direction, she knew who it was and she was mad...


Tifa knew the gray-haired girl was angry about something and she was heading right for them. It’s not that Tifa didn’t like Paine, she was a determined warrior and an excellent shooter, but personalities did clash with other members of the group. Each girl had their own specialized abilities. Yuna and Quistis were support with Rei and Asuka; Yuffie, Selphie, and now Gem were light melee and Paine and herself were heavy melee and being the two strongest of the group, it made it difficult who’d lead in battle or just being the badass of the group which Paine always strived for. Although true leadership was'in their job with Lulu and Ivana calling the shots and the rest just did what they were told herself included Paine always tried her best to do such.

Aggravated, she had lost to Asuka in a video game and her period was'in helping either Paine found it hard to control her short temper, making her easy to anger which she already was. She wanted to break something; she wanted hurt someone it was just her way to relieve herself. Paine came around the corner as her bio-mech eyes focused sharply on…


Tifa and Paine’s eyes locked as they moved closer to each other. It should have been no problem, the hall was big enough, but... 

Tifa and Gem walked on right side and Paine on the left, but at the last second Paine shifted slightly to the right and bumped into Tifa’s shoulder. You could hear a pin drop as the two girls paused side by side. Gem looked up strangely as both girls sneering.

"Why don’t you watch where you’re going Paine?” Bitterness soaked Tifa’s words, as she knew Paine had run into her on purpose.

"Why don’t you stay the fuck outta my way?” Paine snapped back as she looked to the brown haired girl with the corner of her eye.

Then it happened, and it was quick. Gem hit the wall with brutal force and slid to the floor, groaning as Paine caught Tifa’s elbow in her hand and Tifa gripped Paine’s hand on the hilt of her knife. The two strained to finish their moves, as they knew they were equally strength.

"There’s easier ways to challenge me, then being childish Paine!” Tifa roared viciously as she stared at the mecha-eyed girl with dark intent.

"Well, when you get tried of beating up little girls…” Paine’s sight drifted to Gem moaning painfully on the floor, then back to Tifa. "…You can challenge a real woman Tifa.” Paine smirked spitefully as she tightened her grip on Tifa’s elbow. Seconds passed, knowing the pointlessness of their struggle, they release each other at the same time.

"You better watch yourself Tifa; because next I might jus’ carve up that pretty fuckin' face of yours.” Paine threatened murderously as she made a cutting gesture with her finger down her cheek.

"Same to you, I jus’ wonder how cute the others will find you with a pair of broken eyes and missing teeth.” Tifa stung back as she cracked her knuckles and neck. Both knew the other was very capable of fulfilling their threat as they decided to leave it at that.

"Until next time.” Paine continued in her own direction as Tifa turned to Gem lying on the floor.

"Come on Red; let’s get you taken care of.” Tifa whispered caringly as she picked the injured girl up and cradled her in her strong arms.

"Thank you… Tifa.” Moaned Gem as she snuggled her face into Tifa’s large chest and closed her eyes. The caring smile returned to Tifa’s face as she looked down at the young girl doze off into a well-deserved rest.

To be continued...

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