Story: Women of the waste (chapter 4)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 4

Title: Target practice

[Author's notes: Gem shows her darker side.]


“You ever fire one of them?” Yuffie chuckled meanly as she sat next to Paine and Tifa cleaning their weapons in the hot afternoon sun.

“For fucks sake Yuffie leave her alone, are you ready Gem?” Selphie spat back ferociously as she helped Gem lifted the gun she was given.

“Yeah, I‘m ready.” Gem confirmed as she eyed the target in front of her.

“Good, now jus’ squeeze the trigger and hang on.” Selphie assured as she backed away from the armed girl. Gem gritted her teeth as she pulled the trigger. The red head shut her eyes at the last second as the gun went off with a loud bang. The gun dropped from Gem’s hands as the initial sound and kick scared her.

“Oh this girl is priceless!” Paine yelled nastily, banging her palm on the wooden table as she took a long swig from an unmarked liquor bottle. Gem snarled meanly as she quickly picked up the gun and fired again with the same results.

“Take your time, don’t rush it.” Selphie whispered melodiously as she picked up the gun and fired three rounds with one hand in perfect succession at the paper target.

“Maybe we should give her a water gun so we don‘t have to waste the bullets.” Yuffie laughed as she took a drink from the bottle and lit a cigarette. Gem felt a sudden rush of hate flood over her as the others continued to mock her. It had been not stop since they took her in. Everyday Yuffie and Paine took turns laughng and teasing her and it was getting old.

“Your not cut out to be a mercenary, we should have slaved you off for bullets and food.” Paine announced vivaciously as she spit on the ground.

“Take it easy on her she’s still adjusting, it takes a little time.” Tifa spoke up as she took her turn on the bottle.

“Don’t encourage her Tifa or she might prove us wrong and grow a backbone.” Yuffie mocked daringly as she leaned back on the picnic table and adjusted her sunglasses. The gun started to tremble in Gem’s hand as she looked over at the girls at the table, wanting to put a bullet in both Yuffie and Paine’s heads.

“The only thing I see her being any good at is wrapping that pretty little mouth around my juicy tight cunt.” Paine sneered wickedly as she brought the bottle to her lips. In a blink of an eye Gem pointed the gun at Paine and fired. The bottle shattered in Paine’s hand as glass shards and alcohol splattered over both of the malicious girls.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” Paine yelled insanely as she jumped to her feet completely pissed off and covered in liquor with Yuffie right behind her in the same state. Gem tucked the gun into her belt and shifted her hips as Paine stromed forward and came face-to-face with the red haired girl. Paine’s eyes tried to burn Gem where she stood as the tension grew.

“Come on Paine she didn’t mean it.” Selphie said lightly as she tired to calm Paine down.

“Shut up Selphie! I should break every bone in this red headed cunt‘s face.” Paine suggested brutally as Gem swiftly licked the metal-eyed girl's liquor stained face.

“I hope you taste this good everywhere else.” Gem leered as her comment provoked a smirk across Yuffie’s face.

“Believe me she does. “ A set of arms wrapped around Paine’s neck from behind as a pair of lips tasted her neck.

“You’re such a cunt tease Tifa.” Paine finally smiled as she backed away from Gem and licked her lips. The girls all relaxed as they sat back at the table and had a drink, none the wiser on how Gem made to shot that could of killed Paine...


[End notes: Plot thickens...]

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