Story: Women of the waste (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: Reds Intake

[Author's notes: This is a series of mixed stories, I'll try sorting them out. Don't freak out if the order is wrong. ]


"Well I guess I should introduce everyone." Ivana mentioned sternly as she looked to Gem then to the others.

"We are Devil-Angels, Yuffie and Selphie are Red Angels, Tifa and Paine are Black Angels; Yuna, Quistis are Silver; Rei, Asuka are Blue, and Lulu and I are Gold." Ivana ran down the list as she came back to Gem.

"What I'm I?" Gem asked as she looked at the others.

"Your nothing." Ivana grinned vaguely as the others chuckled and giggled.

"Angel's need two wings to fly and your a wing short, you'll be trained until we find another wing or someone dies." Ivana's words ripped the fun out of picking on Gem as the others knew they could count on the later option, finding the proper people was rare enough.

"I'm pairing you with Yuffie and Selphie for now, so play nice." Both girls sneered evilly as they eye-fucked Gem.

"That is all, Lulu put them to work." Ivana ordered sternly as she turned around and headed out of the briefing room.

"You heard the lady asses and elbows, training room, two minutes, now MOVE!" Lulu rounded up the other girls by kicking, slapping, and pushing them out the door. Within 2 minutes all the Angels reported to the training room in tight bodysuit matching their Angel colors. Lulu stormed in as the others stood at attention.

"No female problems? Good, the rest of you start training... Tifa, Paine, Gem." Lulu ordered as her eye's fell on Gem.

"Yes...?" Gem whispered feebly as Lulu stared down at her.

"Intake." Lulu reported as she looked to Paine and Tifa.

"Intake?" Gem wondered as Paine and Tifa flanked the young red head.

"On the fucking floor bitch!!!" Lulu yelled sternly as she grabbed Gem's hair and slammed her to the floor. The others walked off, glancing back as Lulu, Tifa, and Paine looked down on her.

"Get up." Tifa whispered quietly as she stood next to the other\'s. Gem groaned harshly as she got her knees under her.

"Now!" Lulu ordered again as she grabbed a handful Gem's hair and lifted her to her feet. Gem staggered to her feet as she looked back up at Lulu's cruel face.

"Now, RUN!!!" Lulu yelled viciously as she started to run. Lulu pushed Gem as Tifa and Paine followed. The four moved swiftly as Gem regained her footing and started to pump her legs. Lulu lead the pack as Tifa and Paine trailed the red head.

"It's been awhile." Tifa said with a slight pant to Paine as they footed it behind Gem.

"Yuffie was awhile back." Paine laughed comically as she watched Lulu march ahead.

"Shut your holes." Lulu barked back as both girls smiled and continued running.

The brutal intake training continued for 4 hour, every muscle ached in Gem's body, her arms and legs trembled involuntarily, her breathing felt like fire with each breath, and every inch of her slim body was covered in sweat and dirt. Lulu and the others were sweating and breathing hard but nowhere as bad as Gem.

"Good, your all done, hit the showers!" Ordered Lulu as she headed inside.

"Thank god..." Gem smiled thankfully, straightening her body and then fell backwards.

"Steady girl." Tifa grinned as Paine and her caught the weak girl and then carried her unconscious body inside. Back in "The Hole" the others all gathered around, chatting over Gem's filthy body.

"Is she dead?" Selphie asked with a giggle as she pulled Gem's drenched panties off and tossed them to Yuffie, who breathed them in deeply.

"Almost." Yuna assured lightly as Tifa pulled Gem's sports bra off. Yuna sat next to the naked red head and stuck her with a I.V.

"She's just dehydrated." Yuna smiled smoothly as she stood and turned to Paine.

"She's got spunk, I'll give her that." Paine sneered evilly as she glared at the naked girl.

"Is that bath ready Yuffie?" Tifa asked as she stroked Gem's cute face.

"Jus' waiting on you guys." Giggled Yuffie as she stared at the red head's pink little love box.

"W-where I'm I?" Gem moaned groggily as her eyes flickered open. Gem felt hands moving over her whole body as the hot water soaked every pour of her skin. It felt good, too good. Her muscles were still sore but the fingers and hands felt great, massaging and rubbing.

"The bath." Yuffie's sweet voice sounded as it seem to be caressing her chest.

"You passed out." Tifa said happily as it washed her hair. Gem closed her eyes.

"I need to..." Gem began to explain as Tifa hushed her.

"Jus' relax and let us take care of you." Gem didn't argue as she blinked slowly and drifted into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

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