Story: Women of the waste (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Check-up

[Author's notes: Gem gets a little check-up]

In the Med-Lab.

"Just lay her there." Yuna smiled lovingly as she pointed to the bed across the room. Gem complied willingly as she set Sephie's muddy body on the bed and looked around the room. The walls, ceiling and floor were as white as Yuna's outfit. Gem even had to cover her eyes a bit from the light reflecting so badly. 

"Follow me." Yuna motioned Gem to come to another door as she watched the curious girl. The red head moved through the door opposite the room as Yuna closed it behind them. The room, was white as the last one except for a large mirror. Yuna prepped the examing table and snapped on a pair of rubber gloves.

"What are you going to do to me?" Gem asked nervously as she looked into the mirror.

"We want to make sure your healthy, now please get undressed." Yuna mentioned offhandedly as she hid a smile at the mirror behind Gem's back. Paine, Tifa and Yuffie smiled back on the other side of the one way mirror as they waited for the show to start.

"I love the way Yuna handles newbies." Paine licked her lips as she drank her beer.

"So... any bets? Paine? Yuna gets the first taste 20 bucks." Tifa motioned to the grey-haired girl as she kicked her feet up, keeping her eye's on the two girls in front.

"Yeah, I bet she nails the slut, like she got Yuffie, the old "Let me help you" kiss." Paine couldn't help but get in on the action as she grabbed Yuffie's tit's from behind.

"Eat me." Yuffie moaned lowly as she dragged her cigarette. Gem slowly pulled down her muddy pants along with her panties as she froze at her shirt. Yuna confined her grin as she moved closer. The other girls stared as they made out the outline of Gem's tight cunt lips just under the shirt.

"Let me help you." Yuna whispered sweetly as she laid her hands on the hem of Gem's shirt and leaned in.

"Don't fucking touch me!" Gem snapped her eyes burned into Yuna's face as she stepped back out of the polite nurse's reach.

"Yuna's done, she never forces." Tifa sighed happily as Paine's face twisted viciously to losing more money.

"I'm sorry, take your time." Yuna backed away as Gem turned to face the mirror, sadness and shame filled her eye's as she stared at herself and others then lifted her shirt. Yuna's eye's turned over then down to the floor, ashamed.

"What's wrong with her?" Paine pointed as Yuna turned and walked to the exam table. Gem looked back at herself sighed and turned around...

"Jesus christ!" Paine freaked as she seen what Yuna had. Gem's back was scared deeply, a animal or monster had ripped the flesh open around her back leaving a strange tribal-like symbol. Yuffie choked on her smoke as she looked away too. Tifa stood up and laid a hand Yuffie's shoulder.

"Come on, let's leave." Tifa cooed softly as she lifted Yuffie up, who was fighting back tears.

"Ahhhh fuck!" Paine yelled harshly.

"No money, no show, no nothing!" Paine jumped up and kicked over Tifa's chair. Paine slammed the door behind her as Yuna looked up sharply at the mirror. Gem’s legs started to kick over the edge of the table as she watched Yuna's strange reaction to something unseen behind her.

"Are you ready?" Yuna forced a smile as she looked over Gem's sweet face, remembering her back.

"Yes." Gem smiled back happily as she started to flirt her eye's. Yuna stood in front of Gem as she examed Gem's tight body, pulse, eyes, ears, the works.

"Open." Yuna asked as she lifted a little wooden plank to the red head's mouth. Gem obeyed as Yuna laid the plank on the girls wet tongue and looked in.

"Everything look's good, just one more thing... spread your legs please." Yuna asked tentatively as she placed her hands on Gem's upper thighs. A glazed jewel look replaced Gem's dark one from early as she blushed and widen her gap. Yuna inserted two finger into Gem's surprisingly wet hole as she watched Gem close her eyes. Gem had never had someone else touch her so gently before and she couldn't even remember the last time she had touched herself either

"Cough." Yuna asked as she felt Gem began to squirm on her gloved fingers. Gem moaned a fake cough as she started to rock her hips slowly. Yuna held fast as she kept her fingers in Gem's pulsing slit.

"Please cough." Yuna asked again as she felt Gem pick up the pace. Gem suddenly wrapped her arms around Yuna and pulled her closer. Yuna's fingers slid themselves deeper into Gem's soaking pussy as she watched Gem's face contort with pleasure. Gem's final few thrusts sent her orgasm spiraling out of control as she surrendered herself into Yuna's arm's and shuddered. Yuna held the girl breathlessly as the nurse was caught totally off guard.

"They never get the best of me I always got them in the first strike."

Yuna thought to herself as Gem hopped off her fingers and laid back, breathing heavily.

"Do I have to do it again?" Gem snickered slyly as she touched her dripping slit and looked up. Yuna shook her head as she controlled herself from kissing and fucking the shit out of the clever red head.

"They'll call for you." Yuna assured lightly, heading to the door as lifted her fingers to her mouth.


"I think she'll fit in just fine Lulu." Ivana Iceheart smirked as the live video of the exam room played for both woman.

"It's been awhile, I didn't think she'd actually be alive after all that time." Lulu watched appreciably with Ice as her thoughts trailed off, another face, another number, another grave.

"Gem report to the Hole." A voice over the P.A. announced as Gem stared at the speaker and finished getting dressed.

"What's the hole?"

The red head walked down the hall as loud rock music caught her ear. She followed the sound as it came from a black door with ''The Hole'' written in red over the doorway. Gem stopped at the door sighed and walked in. The music hit her like a bag of bricks as she spotted Paine sitting on her bed cleaning her gun, naked. She looked around as the rest of the girl's were naked too. Quiz sat on her bed playing on her computer as Sephie and Yuffie chased each other around the room all naked. Tifa looked up from her bed at Gem as she turned down the music. The other's eyes all fixed to Gem as the red-eyed girl stood in the middle of the room, taking in all the glares.

"We been waiting for you." Tifa smiled passionately as the other girls got to there feet and closed in on Gem.

"Are you going to rape me?" Gem asked dolefully as she looked at all the grinning girls.

"If that's what you want?" Paine smirked as she made a grabbing motion with her hands.

"Paine, we were waiting for you to take a shower with us." Tifa laughed as Yuffie and Sephie giggled beside her. Suddenly the door swung open as Lulu and Yuna stood naked in the doorway.

"All right you slut's let's get a fuckin' move on, them cunts ain't going to clean themselves!" Lulu ordered as she stormed in and grabbed Paine and Yuffie and dragged them off.

"But she said we could rape her." Yuffie groaned childishly as she dragged her feet.

"I'll fucking rape you." Lulu assured belatedly as she pushed her tongue into Yuffie's ear.

"Lulu!" Yuffie sang playfully as Selphie jumped on Lulu's back and was followed closely by Quiz, Yuna, and Tifa. Gem watched in disbelieve as the girls all walked, talked, and laughed with one other without a care in world, naked.

"Hurry up rookie or you'll catch a cold one." Lulu yelled back, grappling Paine's head under her arm as the girls disappeared into the shower room. Gem quickly as she stripped down and darted after the others.

To be continued... 

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