Story: Women of the waste (chapter 12)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 12

Title: Darkness falls

[Author's notes: A small cut.]

“How many times are you going to watch that ridiculous movie Maggie?” An older man groaned aloud as he walked passed his wife to the kitchen to grab a beer.

“Until you buy me some new ones Gus and you were at the Corner the other day.” The woman said softly as she continued to sew a little nic-nak. The two lived in an outpost in the waste, they may be old, but they were armed to the teeth. Before Gus could defend himself an alarm rung out as his computer fired alive.

“Someone is incoming from the northwest.” The voice explained as Gus rushed to his control room.

“Bring it up on screen, and wake the girls!” Gus sat down as the nightlight screened out to the desert. Around the outside of the mini fortress heavy caliper weapons locked and loaded as Gus scanned the darkness.

“What is it Gus?” Maggie asked as she stood up and followed him into the den.


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