Story: Women of the waste (chapter 10)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 10

Title: Ugly truth

Scud walked ahead of Gem as he led her to a back room. The red head looked back at Tifa as her face had a terrified look on her face. He opened a door as Gem walked in, case in hand.

“Take your time love.” Scud closed the door as Gem sat the case on a small table. She stared at the metal case with her name on as she wondered who gave it to her and what was in it. There was a finger-pad under the handle as she pressed her finger to it. She yanked it back instantly and stuck it in mouth as the pad had stabbed her. The case clicked open as hot fear spread through her. She swallowed deeply as she lifted the lid. The fear disappeared slowly as she saw what was inside.

“Wow.” She lifted a nice black holster out with two chrome .45mags under it that had two hearts on both grips. She awed in surprise as she picked them both up. She never seen them before but they felt familiar in her hands, they were light, she’d fired one before and knew they packed a punch. Gem fixed the holster in place and loaded her weapons into it as something caught her eye in the case. Reaching in, she pulled out a small voice recorder. Her finger trembled as she quickly pressed the play button. Light breathing filled the room as Gem stared at the recorder.

“Hello Gem, I upgraded these for you I hope you like them.” Gem gasped as she recognized the voice instantly.


“I hope this finds you well, and the Angels are taking good care of you.” Destra’s voice said softly as Gem frowned unsurely.

“How did she know I was with them?”

Her mind was filling with questions as she hoped the recorder would answer them.

“First off, I’m sorry for leaving you, I didn’t want to but I had too. I’m infected with virus. It didn’t deform me or make me crazy, it gave me a power, a power I wasn’t sure I could completely control. It hurts me to tell you this, but I’m the reason you have them scars on your back, I can control the infected and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. That outpost you were at refused me food and water I was angry and I wanted to make them pay for not helping me, you were just caught in the middle. I wiped out that outpost, and when I left I found you bleeding to death. Call it guilt or pity I helped you, I never thought in a million years I’d see you again but when you tried picking my pocket that day I was shocked.” Tears welled in Gem’s eyes as she continued to listen.

“In the years I spend with you I taught you everything I knew about survival and how to protect yourself in the waste. You were strong-willed, having nothing to lose or live for, but you were turning into a violent killer, a young girl that would kill on my every whim. I realized you deserved better, so before I left you I used my power to bury that sadistic girl inside you so you could live a… simpler life, I can see your crying face now Gem, I was the only one who could make you cry, again I’m sorry…” It was true, Gem was crying, and hurt more then she had been in her whole life but Destra continued talking.

“I knew deep inside settlement life wasn’t for you and never would be, that violent girl would one day come back, so I set it up so the Angels would find you, and again I used my power to make it so and destroyed your simple life.” Gem cried even harder, this was all too much.

“I’ve learned that the GOV have a cure for the virus, they keep it in a secret base in one of the many ruined city in the waste that I look for even now. I know one day we will meet again and soon. I know the GOV will ask the Angels and others like them for their help in stopping me…” Destra paused as Gem wiped her eyes, sobbing.

“You’ll have to make a choice Gem… Them or me, Goodbye Red...”

The recorder clicked off as Gem screamed loudly, overturning the table and stomping the recorder repeatedly. The door opened as Gem swiftly pulled her gun out and pointed it at Tifa.



[End notes: A little short I know.]

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