Story: Women of the waste (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Newbies welcome

[Author's notes: This is some off the wall idea I had I'm jus' posting to see if I gets off the ground.]

A semi-truck sped down a broken street of a random city forgotten by time and riddled with mutants. It had been five years since the spread of the virus that had halved the worlds population. Only a few large outposts and cult commune lay spread out across the land, ran by murderous gangs and crazies. "The waste" as it was known by the survivors was a dog-eat-dog world and for one young girl this was becoming very clear.

"What are you fucking staring at bitch?" Paine snapped ravenously as she stared down a young red head girl sitting across from her. The red-eyed girl looked away as Paine's bio-mechanical eyes focused and unfocused on her cute face.

"N-nothing." The young girl stammered as Paine lifted her slick, high-powerful, sniper rifle to her lap. The girl's lower lip trembled as a short, cropped black-haired girl to her left leaned in quietly.

"BANG!" Yuffie screamed into the girl's ear as Tifa and Selphie giggled in unison on each side of Paine. The girl closed her watery eyes as she brought her knees up to her chest.

"Leave her alone Yuffie, I remembered your first time with muties when we found you, you couldn't stop crying and pissing yourself for three days, Shit, we were ready to feed ya' to the fucking things." Paine's face twisted into a snarl-like smile as she looked to Tifa to her right.

"You bitch!" Yuffie immediately cocked out her wrist as a blade slid into her hand.

"Do we always have to fight when we have guests?" Selphie sighed lowly with her head down, drawing her chrom 9mm from its holder and pointed it at Yuffie's head.

"Shut your faces were getting a beep on Burn's group!" Quistis barked viciously as she sat at her comm-link controls, listening to Burn's report.

"Did they find anyone?" Yuffie asked carelessly, lowering her blade as Selphie folded her piece back into her holster.

"Muties, they lost Dasha, everyone else is ok... Hold on." Qusitis's fingers typed at lightning speed as the computer tried zooming in at the other unit. Red dots filled her screen around Burn's group as Qusitis tilted her head and her ear folded out to a small dish.

"Trouble." Quistis steeled her face to the control screen as the red dots grew in numbers.

"They're fine." Yuffie cracked her knuckles as Paine locked and loaded, knowing better. Qusitis's face twisted as her dish disappeared back in her ear, and turned on the speakers. A woman screamed orders as gunshots fired off continuously in the background, until screeches filled the rest of the feed. Selphie looked to Yuffie and Tifa closing their eyes as Paine laughed.

"Their dead Paine!" Selphie raised her voice as Tifa slowly looked up to the front of the truck.

"Lulu." Tifa whispered softly.

"Report to post, Burn's group is wasted and we got a stray." Lulu the leader ordered back to Quiz as she continued to watch the road ahead of her.

"The splits only six way's now." Paine sneered playfully as her finger's caressed the barrel of her scope. The others shrugged silently as they checked their gear, just in case....

"I'm I doing alright?" The cyborg girl plugged in the driver seat asked nervously as she spared a glance to Lulu.

"Fine, just drive." Lulu's brows forced down as she stared out the window, shutting out the cute blue-haired girl.

"Ivana going to be pissed...."

"I hate them NNR's, (New Nerv Reborn) to human for me." Paine moaned conditionally as her strange eyes looked coldly across to the clean, healthy, girl again.

"So what do you think we'll get for her?" Yuffie asked offhandly as she leaned her head into Selphie's arm and landed it in her lap, looking at Paine.

"Some ammo would be nice." Paine explained simply as she watched the newbie's reaction. Her red eye's flashed back and fore between the battle-hardened girls as they talked like she was'in even here.

"Y-your going to t-trade me... for b-bullets?" The red head tried to get a hold of her speech as Selphie and Yuffie snickered hotly.

"Yeah, or food, we'll have to see." Paine leaned up and over into the short, red-haired girls face, licking her lips. Paine's pupils flashed different colors as the metal outline reflected the girl's face.

"Maybe we'll get to keep her, she is kinda hot, Ice likes hot." Yuffie smiled slyly as her leg shook up and down. Selphie stared down at Yuffie as she raced her fingers through the other girls short hair.

"Maybe." Yuffie flipped over quickly as she dug her mouth into Selphie 's firm belly. The short brown-haired girl squirmed lovingly as Yuffie attacked her exposed belly-button with a vicious tongue. The girl looked strangely at the two touching each other as if they enjoy it. Paine leered even more as she watched the confusion in the scared girls eyes started to grow.

"Selphie, Yuffie cut it out til' we get back or I'll get Quiz back here." Tifa threatened lightly as Qusitis grinned without taking her eye's off the screen.

"Hey 331, how long til we reach post?" Paine hollered to driver. Frowning, Rei hated being called by her serial number, Ice had gave her a name and she wanted to scream it.

"My name is Rei!"

Hurt, she felt nothing built in her eye's as she stared out the window.

"37 minutes." Rei reported swiftly as she barreled the fully armored semi-truck down the street.

"Good time for a nap." Paine leaned on Tifa's shoulder and turned off her strange eyes. Yuffie and Selphie leaned against each other and dozed off as well.

"It's up to you." Tifa mentioned as the big chested girl half-smiled and leaned on Paine and passed out. The girl sniffled aloud as she watched the others doze off with the hellhole right outside, "The waste" was no place for a girl like her she had to decide, be stock trade or become one of them?

"Do it!"

A voice ordered inside her mind as her eye's fell on the sleeping girls each napping peacefully as they cuddled with one other, maybe this is the only way to stay alive out here.

"I'm Gem and I want to join." Gem whispered harshly as she stared at Tifa. Tifa's eye's opened as she bumped Paine in the face, causing her metal eye's flashed alive.

"Prove it." Tifa worded silent as she knew Gem would understand.

"I'M GEM, AND I WANT TO JOIN!!!" Gem screamed viciously as she jumped to her feet, hands trembling.

"Let's see how bad." Paine launched up and pushed her in Selphie and Yuffie knocking them off the bench to the floor. Cluster fucked, Selphie went out instantly as Yuffie and Gem landed on top of her, Gem twisted and turned with Yuffie as she patted Yuffie and found what she wanted.

"God fucking damnit!" Yuffie's hand slung in and out of her jacket as the barrel of her gun pressed against Gem's forehead. Yuffie froze as she heard Paine's safety click off, she knew perfectly well the gray-haired girl's rifle was pointed at her.

"You ice my meal ticket, I ice you like the fucking rag-licking bitch you are." Paine threatened calmly as her metal eye focused in right between Yuffie's eye's. Yuffie looked back to Gem with pure surprise as Gem held a blade pointed right at her neck.

"WHO the fuck are you people!?!" Gem yelled menacingly as she pressed harder drawing a trickle of blood. Yuffie and Paine pulled up their weapons as Lulu sighed up front.

"We're Angels." Lulu spoke up as she cracked her neck, next to Rei driving calmly. Gem's sight jumped to the others as they stopped to her watch what she'd do next. Gem froze as her neck whimpered.

"Ice is going to love her." Paine grinned anxiously as Gem dropped the blade. The rain came pissing down 15 minutes out from post as the "Red rose" pulled up to a walled off mansion's front gate.

"Yeah?" A sharp voice asked from the black speaker box as Rei cranked down the heavy metal window with ease and answered.

"It's us Asuka." Rei reported as she up looked up at the over head camera.

"Welcome home Rei." Asuka retorted girlishly as the gates opened. Rei smiled brightly as she stormed up the driveway and halted at the front of the large brick building.

"Get up and out." Lulu ordered swiftly as she stepped out first into the pouring rain. The heavy metal ramp in the rear dropped down as Paine, Tifa and Yuffie filed out, followed by Gem as the group turned back.

"What?" Gem asked nervously as the group looked past her.

"You knocked her out, you carry her in." Paine snapped meanly as she lifted her rifle onto her shoulder and continued to walk to the mansion.

"Hot, not smart." Yuffie grunted distastefully as she spit on the wet ground and followed Paine to the mansion. Gem looked back into the truck as Selphie lay neatly on the floor still unconscious. Tifa looked caringly at Gem and turned to the mansion and started walking.

"DO IT!"

The strange voice demanded again as lightning struck close by.

"Fuck it!" Gem snapped as the girls froze for a second. Gem 180'ed as she raced back up the wet ramp and slung Selphie's limp body over her shoulder.

At the mansion doors two figures stood in the doorway. A tall, short black haired girl in a white outfit, and a skinny, long red haired girl in a tight red body suit.

"Hey Paine." The black haired-girl greeted as Paine grunted by her. Asuka looked up smiling as she didn't get anything, not even a glance.

"Selphie's out cold." Yuffie stood in the door, directing Yuna to the truck as Tifa pushed her into Paine's wake.

"Yuna..." Tifa smiled knowingly as she looked back out the door. The truck closed up as Gem carried Selphie on her shoulder to the door through the pouring rain.

"Quiz?" Qusitis's eye's never come up from her I-pod as she passed in the door, rain running down her glasses. Yuna sighed as she looked up to find Lulu in the door, staring coldly at her, water draining down her whole body.

"Sorry." Yuna looked down at the floor submittingly as she dare not meet Lulu's piercing glare.

"Do not help her, explain to her how we run things, and don't clean her up until the others get down there, I'm sure the girls will like it." Lulu demanded swiftly, smirking as she watched Gem slipped in the mud and dropped Selphie.

"Understood." Yuna nodded to the floor as Gem steadied herself and continued carrying Selphie's limp body through the shit weather.

"But Selphie's hurt." Asuka tried to walk out as Lulu's firm hand stopped her.

"What do you want me to do then?" Asuka asked meanly as she tilted her robotically perfect face.

"You and Rei are to report with us." Lulu said no more as she turned and walked off leaving a wet trail. Asuka turned and ran off to meet Rei as Gem finally made it through the door dripping wet and covered in mud.

"Follow me." Yuna whispered lightly as she monitored Gem's heavy breathing, and trembling legs. Settlement life made girls like this to be as fragile as glass and yet...

"Listen up!" A voice boomed over the room as the small talk silenced.

"Burn's group was carrying most of the stuff so we get shorted on that end so keep what ever you got." Ice dished out as she looked into all of the girls eye's, too stressed, and too fucking tried to think.

"R&R that's a order, Dismissed, Lulu I'd like a word." Ice asked evenly as the others walked out.

"Let's go see if Yuna’s started with our new friend." Paine grinned as she side slipped around Yuffie and Tifa and headed down the hall.

Rei parked the truck as she closed her eye's and leaned back. Her neck cord's popped free from the head rest, and retracting into her head as she reached between her legs and pulled the cord from her control-unit-network-terminal or CUNT.

"Rei." A heartily voice whispered as a hand slid up her leg and plugged something in her CUNT. Rei flinched as someone or something was about to enter her interface. Rei’s self image appeared in her mind as she looked around. Sudden a gold door flashed up in front of her, then a light knock. Rei gritted her teeth at the door knob as she wait to unload her full defense system to smash or crash whatever came through the door.

"Rei?" The voice asked as the door opened. Rei exhausted her breath as Asuka stood looking at her from the other side of the door, confused.

"Don't scare me like that Asuka, I just got home," Rei groaned as she watched the grinning girl moved closer.

"Scared someone might hack your little CUNT Rei-Rei?" Asuka laughed as she wrapped around Rei from behind.

"Yes, I don't want to be some puppet on a string." Rei pleaded as she watched Asuka's face darken.

"We are puppet's Rei." Asuka whispered lethally as her image disappeared from Rei's mind. Rei's eye's flashed opened as Asuka looked in from the open truck window.

"Come on we got to report." Asuka remembered as she rolled her eyes away to the door and headed out.

To be continued... 

[End notes: What is to ever happen to Gem? LateRs]

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