Story: Women of the waste (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Newbies welcome

[Author's notes: This is some off the wall idea I had I'm jus' posting to see if I gets off the ground.]

A semi-truck sped down a broken street of a random city forgotten by time and riddled with mutants. It had been five years since the spread of the virus that had halved the worlds population. Only a few large outposts and cult commune lay spread out across the land, ran by murderous gangs and crazies. "The waste" as it was known by the survivors was a dog-eat-dog world and for one young girl this was becoming very clear.

"What are you fucking staring at bitch?" Paine snapped ravenously as she stared down a young red head girl sitting across from her. The red-eyed girl looked away as Paine's bio-mechanical eyes focused and unfocused on her cute face.

"N-nothing." The young girl stammered as Paine lifted her slick, high-powerful, sniper rifle to her lap. The girl's lower lip trembled as a short, cropped black-haired girl to her left leaned in quietly.

"BANG!" Yuffie screamed into the girl's ear as Tifa and Selphie giggled in unison on each side of Paine. The girl closed her watery eyes as she brought her knees up to her chest.

"Leave her alone Yuffie, I remembered your first time with muties when we found you, you couldn't stop crying and pissing yourself for three days, Shit, we were ready to feed ya' to the fucking things." Paine's face twisted into a snarl-like smile as she looked to Tifa to her right.

"You bitch!" Yuffie immediately cocked out her wrist as a blade slid into her hand.

"Do we always have to fight when we have guests?" Selphie sighed lowly with her head down, drawing her chrom 9mm from its holder and pointed it at Yuffie's head.

"Shut your faces were getting a beep on Burn's group!" Quistis barked viciously as she sat at her comm-link controls, listening to Burn's report.

"Did they find anyone?" Yuffie asked carelessly, lowering her blade as Selphie folded her piece back into her holster.

"Muties, they lost Dasha, everyone else is ok... Hold on." Qusitis's fingers typed at lightning speed as the computer tried zooming in at the other unit. Red dots filled her screen around Burn's group as Qusitis tilted her head and her ear folded out to a small dish.

"Trouble." Quistis steeled her face to the control screen as the red dots grew in numbers.

"They're fine." Yuffie cracked her knuckles as Paine locked and loaded, knowing better. Qusitis's face twisted as her dish disappeared back in her ear, and turned on the speakers. A woman screamed orders as gunshots fired off continuously in the background, until screeches filled the rest of the feed. Selphie looked to Yuffie and Tifa closing their eyes as Paine laughed.

"Their dead Paine!" Selphie raised her voice as Tifa slowly looked up to the front of the truck.

"Lulu." Tifa whispered softly.

"Report to post, Burn's group is wasted and we got a stray." Lulu the leader ordered back to Quiz as she continued to watch the road ahead of her.

"The splits only six way's now." Paine sneered playfully as her finger's caressed the barrel of her scope. The others shrugged silently as they checked their gear, just in case....

"I'm I doing alright?" The cyborg girl plugged in the driver seat asked nervously as she spared a glance to Lulu.

"Fine, just drive." Lulu's brows forced down as she stared out the window, shutting out the cute blue-haired girl.

"Ivana going to be pissed...."

"I hate them NNR's, (New Nerv Reborn) to human for me." Paine moaned conditionally as her strange eyes looked coldly across to the clean, healthy, girl again.

"So what do you think we'll get for her?" Yuffie asked offhandly as she leaned her head into Selphie's arm and landed it in her lap, looking at Paine.

"Some ammo would be nice." Paine explained simply as she watched the newbie's reaction. Her red eye's flashed back and fore between the battle-hardened girls as they talked like she was'in even here.

"Y-your going to t-trade me... for b-bullets?" The red head tried to get a hold of her speech as Selphie and Yuffie snickered hotly.

"Yeah, or food, we'll have to see." Paine leaned up and over into the short, red-haired girls face, licking her lips. Paine's pupils flashed different colors as the metal outline reflected the girl's face.

"Maybe we'll get to keep her, she is kinda hot, Ice likes hot." Yuffie smiled slyly as her leg shook up and down. Selphie stared down at Yuffie as she raced her fingers through the other girls short hair.

"Maybe." Yuffie flipped over quickly as she dug her mouth into Selphie 's firm belly. The short brown-haired girl squirmed lovingly as Yuffie attacked her exposed belly-button with a vicious tongue. The girl looked strangely at the two touching each other as if they enjoy it. Paine leered even more as she watched the confusion in the scared girls eyes started to grow.

"Selphie, Yuffie cut it out til' we get back or I'll get Quiz back here." Tifa threatened lightly as Qusitis grinned without taking her eye's off the screen.

"Hey 331, how long til we reach post?" Paine hollered to driver. Frowning, Rei hated being called by her serial number, Ice had gave her a name and she wanted to scream it.

"My name is Rei!"

Hurt, she felt nothing built in her eye's as she stared out the window.

"37 minutes." Rei reported swiftly as she barreled the fully armored semi-truck down the street.

"Good time for a nap." Paine leaned on Tifa's shoulder and turned off her strange eyes. Yuffie and Selphie leaned against each other and dozed off as well.

"It's up to you." Tifa mentioned as the big chested girl half-smiled and leaned on Paine and passed out. The girl sniffled aloud as she watched the others doze off with the hellhole right outside, "The waste" was no place for a girl like her she had to decide, be stock trade or become one of them?

"Do it!"

A voice ordered inside her mind as her eye's fell on the sleeping girls each napping peacefully as they cuddled with one other, maybe this is the only way to stay alive out here.

"I'm Gem and I want to join." Gem whispered harshly as she stared at Tifa. Tifa's eye's opened as she bumped Paine in the face, causing her metal eye's flashed alive.

"Prove it." Tifa worded silent as she knew Gem would understand.

"I'M GEM, AND I WANT TO JOIN!!!" Gem screamed viciously as she jumped to her feet, hands trembling.

"Let's see how bad." Paine launched up and pushed her in Selphie and Yuffie knocking them off the bench to the floor. Cluster fucked, Selphie went out instantly as Yuffie and Gem landed on top of her, Gem twisted and turned with Yuffie as she patted Yuffie and found what she wanted.

"God fucking damnit!" Yuffie's hand slung in and out of her jacket as the barrel of her gun pressed against Gem's forehead. Yuffie froze as she heard Paine's safety click off, she knew perfectly well the gray-haired girl's rifle was pointed at her.

"You ice my meal ticket, I ice you like the fucking rag-licking bitch you are." Paine threatened calmly as her metal eye focused in right between Yuffie's eye's. Yuffie looked back to Gem with pure surprise as Gem held a blade pointed right at her neck.

"WHO the fuck are you people!?!" Gem yelled menacingly as she pressed harder drawing a trickle of blood. Yuffie and Paine pulled up their weapons as Lulu sighed up front.

"We're Angels." Lulu spoke up as she cracked her neck, next to Rei driving calmly. Gem's sight jumped to the others as they stopped to her watch what she'd do next. Gem froze as her neck whimpered.

"Ice is going to love her." Paine grinned anxiously as Gem dropped the blade. The rain came pissing down 15 minutes out from post as the "Red rose" pulled up to a walled off mansion's front gate.

"Yeah?" A sharp voice asked from the black speaker box as Rei cranked down the heavy metal window with ease and answered.

"It's us Asuka." Rei reported as she up looked up at the over head camera.

"Welcome home Rei." Asuka retorted girlishly as the gates opened. Rei smiled brightly as she stormed up the driveway and halted at the front of the large brick building.

"Get up and out." Lulu ordered swiftly as she stepped out first into the pouring rain. The heavy metal ramp in the rear dropped down as Paine, Tifa and Yuffie filed out, followed by Gem as the group turned back.

"What?" Gem asked nervously as the group looked past her.

"You knocked her out, you carry her in." Paine snapped meanly as she lifted her rifle onto her shoulder and continued to walk to the mansion.

"Hot, not smart." Yuffie grunted distastefully as she spit on the wet ground and followed Paine to the mansion. Gem looked back into the truck as Selphie lay neatly on the floor still unconscious. Tifa looked caringly at Gem and turned to the mansion and started walking.

"DO IT!"

The strange voice demanded again as lightning struck close by.

"Fuck it!" Gem snapped as the girls froze for a second. Gem 180'ed as she raced back up the wet ramp and slung Selphie's limp body over her shoulder.

At the mansion doors two figures stood in the doorway. A tall, short black haired girl in a white outfit, and a skinny, long red haired girl in a tight red body suit.

"Hey Paine." The black haired-girl greeted as Paine grunted by her. Asuka looked up smiling as she didn't get anything, not even a glance.

"Selphie's out cold." Yuffie stood in the door, directing Yuna to the truck as Tifa pushed her into Paine's wake.

"Yuna..." Tifa smiled knowingly as she looked back out the door. The truck closed up as Gem carried Selphie on her shoulder to the door through the pouring rain.

"Quiz?" Qusitis's eye's never come up from her I-pod as she passed in the door, rain running down her glasses. Yuna sighed as she looked up to find Lulu in the door, staring coldly at her, water draining down her whole body.

"Sorry." Yuna looked down at the floor submittingly as she dare not meet Lulu's piercing glare.

"Do not help her, explain to her how we run things, and don't clean her up until the others get down there, I'm sure the girls will like it." Lulu demanded swiftly, smirking as she watched Gem slipped in the mud and dropped Selphie.

"Understood." Yuna nodded to the floor as Gem steadied herself and continued carrying Selphie's limp body through the shit weather.

"But Selphie's hurt." Asuka tried to walk out as Lulu's firm hand stopped her.

"What do you want me to do then?" Asuka asked meanly as she tilted her robotically perfect face.

"You and Rei are to report with us." Lulu said no more as she turned and walked off leaving a wet trail. Asuka turned and ran off to meet Rei as Gem finally made it through the door dripping wet and covered in mud.

"Follow me." Yuna whispered lightly as she monitored Gem's heavy breathing, and trembling legs. Settlement life made girls like this to be as fragile as glass and yet...

"Listen up!" A voice boomed over the room as the small talk silenced.

"Burn's group was carrying most of the stuff so we get shorted on that end so keep what ever you got." Ice dished out as she looked into all of the girls eye's, too stressed, and too fucking tried to think.

"R&R that's a order, Dismissed, Lulu I'd like a word." Ice asked evenly as the others walked out.

"Let's go see if Yuna’s started with our new friend." Paine grinned as she side slipped around Yuffie and Tifa and headed down the hall.

Rei parked the truck as she closed her eye's and leaned back. Her neck cord's popped free from the head rest, and retracting into her head as she reached between her legs and pulled the cord from her control-unit-network-terminal or CUNT.

"Rei." A heartily voice whispered as a hand slid up her leg and plugged something in her CUNT. Rei flinched as someone or something was about to enter her interface. Rei’s self image appeared in her mind as she looked around. Sudden a gold door flashed up in front of her, then a light knock. Rei gritted her teeth at the door knob as she wait to unload her full defense system to smash or crash whatever came through the door.

"Rei?" The voice asked as the door opened. Rei exhausted her breath as Asuka stood looking at her from the other side of the door, confused.

"Don't scare me like that Asuka, I just got home," Rei groaned as she watched the grinning girl moved closer.

"Scared someone might hack your little CUNT Rei-Rei?" Asuka laughed as she wrapped around Rei from behind.

"Yes, I don't want to be some puppet on a string." Rei pleaded as she watched Asuka's face darken.

"We are puppet's Rei." Asuka whispered lethally as her image disappeared from Rei's mind. Rei's eye's flashed opened as Asuka looked in from the open truck window.

"Come on we got to report." Asuka remembered as she rolled her eyes away to the door and headed out.

To be continued... 

[End notes: What is to ever happen to Gem? LateRs]

Chapter 2

Title: Check-up

[Author's notes: Gem gets a little check-up]

In the Med-Lab.

"Just lay her there." Yuna smiled lovingly as she pointed to the bed across the room. Gem complied willingly as she set Sephie's muddy body on the bed and looked around the room. The walls, ceiling and floor were as white as Yuna's outfit. Gem even had to cover her eyes a bit from the light reflecting so badly. 

"Follow me." Yuna motioned Gem to come to another door as she watched the curious girl. The red head moved through the door opposite the room as Yuna closed it behind them. The room, was white as the last one except for a large mirror. Yuna prepped the examing table and snapped on a pair of rubber gloves.

"What are you going to do to me?" Gem asked nervously as she looked into the mirror.

"We want to make sure your healthy, now please get undressed." Yuna mentioned offhandedly as she hid a smile at the mirror behind Gem's back. Paine, Tifa and Yuffie smiled back on the other side of the one way mirror as they waited for the show to start.

"I love the way Yuna handles newbies." Paine licked her lips as she drank her beer.

"So... any bets? Paine? Yuna gets the first taste 20 bucks." Tifa motioned to the grey-haired girl as she kicked her feet up, keeping her eye's on the two girls in front.

"Yeah, I bet she nails the slut, like she got Yuffie, the old "Let me help you" kiss." Paine couldn't help but get in on the action as she grabbed Yuffie's tit's from behind.

"Eat me." Yuffie moaned lowly as she dragged her cigarette. Gem slowly pulled down her muddy pants along with her panties as she froze at her shirt. Yuna confined her grin as she moved closer. The other girls stared as they made out the outline of Gem's tight cunt lips just under the shirt.

"Let me help you." Yuna whispered sweetly as she laid her hands on the hem of Gem's shirt and leaned in.

"Don't fucking touch me!" Gem snapped her eyes burned into Yuna's face as she stepped back out of the polite nurse's reach.

"Yuna's done, she never forces." Tifa sighed happily as Paine's face twisted viciously to losing more money.

"I'm sorry, take your time." Yuna backed away as Gem turned to face the mirror, sadness and shame filled her eye's as she stared at herself and others then lifted her shirt. Yuna's eye's turned over then down to the floor, ashamed.

"What's wrong with her?" Paine pointed as Yuna turned and walked to the exam table. Gem looked back at herself sighed and turned around...

"Jesus christ!" Paine freaked as she seen what Yuna had. Gem's back was scared deeply, a animal or monster had ripped the flesh open around her back leaving a strange tribal-like symbol. Yuffie choked on her smoke as she looked away too. Tifa stood up and laid a hand Yuffie's shoulder.

"Come on, let's leave." Tifa cooed softly as she lifted Yuffie up, who was fighting back tears.

"Ahhhh fuck!" Paine yelled harshly.

"No money, no show, no nothing!" Paine jumped up and kicked over Tifa's chair. Paine slammed the door behind her as Yuna looked up sharply at the mirror. Gem’s legs started to kick over the edge of the table as she watched Yuna's strange reaction to something unseen behind her.

"Are you ready?" Yuna forced a smile as she looked over Gem's sweet face, remembering her back.

"Yes." Gem smiled back happily as she started to flirt her eye's. Yuna stood in front of Gem as she examed Gem's tight body, pulse, eyes, ears, the works.

"Open." Yuna asked as she lifted a little wooden plank to the red head's mouth. Gem obeyed as Yuna laid the plank on the girls wet tongue and looked in.

"Everything look's good, just one more thing... spread your legs please." Yuna asked tentatively as she placed her hands on Gem's upper thighs. A glazed jewel look replaced Gem's dark one from early as she blushed and widen her gap. Yuna inserted two finger into Gem's surprisingly wet hole as she watched Gem close her eyes. Gem had never had someone else touch her so gently before and she couldn't even remember the last time she had touched herself either

"Cough." Yuna asked as she felt Gem began to squirm on her gloved fingers. Gem moaned a fake cough as she started to rock her hips slowly. Yuna held fast as she kept her fingers in Gem's pulsing slit.

"Please cough." Yuna asked again as she felt Gem pick up the pace. Gem suddenly wrapped her arms around Yuna and pulled her closer. Yuna's fingers slid themselves deeper into Gem's soaking pussy as she watched Gem's face contort with pleasure. Gem's final few thrusts sent her orgasm spiraling out of control as she surrendered herself into Yuna's arm's and shuddered. Yuna held the girl breathlessly as the nurse was caught totally off guard.

"They never get the best of me I always got them in the first strike."

Yuna thought to herself as Gem hopped off her fingers and laid back, breathing heavily.

"Do I have to do it again?" Gem snickered slyly as she touched her dripping slit and looked up. Yuna shook her head as she controlled herself from kissing and fucking the shit out of the clever red head.

"They'll call for you." Yuna assured lightly, heading to the door as lifted her fingers to her mouth.


"I think she'll fit in just fine Lulu." Ivana Iceheart smirked as the live video of the exam room played for both woman.

"It's been awhile, I didn't think she'd actually be alive after all that time." Lulu watched appreciably with Ice as her thoughts trailed off, another face, another number, another grave.

"Gem report to the Hole." A voice over the P.A. announced as Gem stared at the speaker and finished getting dressed.

"What's the hole?"

The red head walked down the hall as loud rock music caught her ear. She followed the sound as it came from a black door with ''The Hole'' written in red over the doorway. Gem stopped at the door sighed and walked in. The music hit her like a bag of bricks as she spotted Paine sitting on her bed cleaning her gun, naked. She looked around as the rest of the girl's were naked too. Quiz sat on her bed playing on her computer as Sephie and Yuffie chased each other around the room all naked. Tifa looked up from her bed at Gem as she turned down the music. The other's eyes all fixed to Gem as the red-eyed girl stood in the middle of the room, taking in all the glares.

"We been waiting for you." Tifa smiled passionately as the other girls got to there feet and closed in on Gem.

"Are you going to rape me?" Gem asked dolefully as she looked at all the grinning girls.

"If that's what you want?" Paine smirked as she made a grabbing motion with her hands.

"Paine, we were waiting for you to take a shower with us." Tifa laughed as Yuffie and Sephie giggled beside her. Suddenly the door swung open as Lulu and Yuna stood naked in the doorway.

"All right you slut's let's get a fuckin' move on, them cunts ain't going to clean themselves!" Lulu ordered as she stormed in and grabbed Paine and Yuffie and dragged them off.

"But she said we could rape her." Yuffie groaned childishly as she dragged her feet.

"I'll fucking rape you." Lulu assured belatedly as she pushed her tongue into Yuffie's ear.

"Lulu!" Yuffie sang playfully as Selphie jumped on Lulu's back and was followed closely by Quiz, Yuna, and Tifa. Gem watched in disbelieve as the girls all walked, talked, and laughed with one other without a care in world, naked.

"Hurry up rookie or you'll catch a cold one." Lulu yelled back, grappling Paine's head under her arm as the girls disappeared into the shower room. Gem quickly as she stripped down and darted after the others.

To be continued... 

Chapter 3

Title: Reds Intake

[Author's notes: This is a series of mixed stories, I'll try sorting them out. Don't freak out if the order is wrong. ]


"Well I guess I should introduce everyone." Ivana mentioned sternly as she looked to Gem then to the others.

"We are Devil-Angels, Yuffie and Selphie are Red Angels, Tifa and Paine are Black Angels; Yuna, Quistis are Silver; Rei, Asuka are Blue, and Lulu and I are Gold." Ivana ran down the list as she came back to Gem.

"What I'm I?" Gem asked as she looked at the others.

"Your nothing." Ivana grinned vaguely as the others chuckled and giggled.

"Angel's need two wings to fly and your a wing short, you'll be trained until we find another wing or someone dies." Ivana's words ripped the fun out of picking on Gem as the others knew they could count on the later option, finding the proper people was rare enough.

"I'm pairing you with Yuffie and Selphie for now, so play nice." Both girls sneered evilly as they eye-fucked Gem.

"That is all, Lulu put them to work." Ivana ordered sternly as she turned around and headed out of the briefing room.

"You heard the lady asses and elbows, training room, two minutes, now MOVE!" Lulu rounded up the other girls by kicking, slapping, and pushing them out the door. Within 2 minutes all the Angels reported to the training room in tight bodysuit matching their Angel colors. Lulu stormed in as the others stood at attention.

"No female problems? Good, the rest of you start training... Tifa, Paine, Gem." Lulu ordered as her eye's fell on Gem.

"Yes...?" Gem whispered feebly as Lulu stared down at her.

"Intake." Lulu reported as she looked to Paine and Tifa.

"Intake?" Gem wondered as Paine and Tifa flanked the young red head.

"On the fucking floor bitch!!!" Lulu yelled sternly as she grabbed Gem's hair and slammed her to the floor. The others walked off, glancing back as Lulu, Tifa, and Paine looked down on her.

"Get up." Tifa whispered quietly as she stood next to the other\'s. Gem groaned harshly as she got her knees under her.

"Now!" Lulu ordered again as she grabbed a handful Gem's hair and lifted her to her feet. Gem staggered to her feet as she looked back up at Lulu's cruel face.

"Now, RUN!!!" Lulu yelled viciously as she started to run. Lulu pushed Gem as Tifa and Paine followed. The four moved swiftly as Gem regained her footing and started to pump her legs. Lulu lead the pack as Tifa and Paine trailed the red head.

"It's been awhile." Tifa said with a slight pant to Paine as they footed it behind Gem.

"Yuffie was awhile back." Paine laughed comically as she watched Lulu march ahead.

"Shut your holes." Lulu barked back as both girls smiled and continued running.

The brutal intake training continued for 4 hour, every muscle ached in Gem's body, her arms and legs trembled involuntarily, her breathing felt like fire with each breath, and every inch of her slim body was covered in sweat and dirt. Lulu and the others were sweating and breathing hard but nowhere as bad as Gem.

"Good, your all done, hit the showers!" Ordered Lulu as she headed inside.

"Thank god..." Gem smiled thankfully, straightening her body and then fell backwards.

"Steady girl." Tifa grinned as Paine and her caught the weak girl and then carried her unconscious body inside. Back in "The Hole" the others all gathered around, chatting over Gem's filthy body.

"Is she dead?" Selphie asked with a giggle as she pulled Gem's drenched panties off and tossed them to Yuffie, who breathed them in deeply.

"Almost." Yuna assured lightly as Tifa pulled Gem's sports bra off. Yuna sat next to the naked red head and stuck her with a I.V.

"She's just dehydrated." Yuna smiled smoothly as she stood and turned to Paine.

"She's got spunk, I'll give her that." Paine sneered evilly as she glared at the naked girl.

"Is that bath ready Yuffie?" Tifa asked as she stroked Gem's cute face.

"Jus' waiting on you guys." Giggled Yuffie as she stared at the red head's pink little love box.

"W-where I'm I?" Gem moaned groggily as her eyes flickered open. Gem felt hands moving over her whole body as the hot water soaked every pour of her skin. It felt good, too good. Her muscles were still sore but the fingers and hands felt great, massaging and rubbing.

"The bath." Yuffie's sweet voice sounded as it seem to be caressing her chest.

"You passed out." Tifa said happily as it washed her hair. Gem closed her eyes.

"I need to..." Gem began to explain as Tifa hushed her.

"Jus' relax and let us take care of you." Gem didn't argue as she blinked slowly and drifted into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

Chapter 4

Title: Target practice

[Author's notes: Gem shows her darker side.]


“You ever fire one of them?” Yuffie chuckled meanly as she sat next to Paine and Tifa cleaning their weapons in the hot afternoon sun.

“For fucks sake Yuffie leave her alone, are you ready Gem?” Selphie spat back ferociously as she helped Gem lifted the gun she was given.

“Yeah, I‘m ready.” Gem confirmed as she eyed the target in front of her.

“Good, now jus’ squeeze the trigger and hang on.” Selphie assured as she backed away from the armed girl. Gem gritted her teeth as she pulled the trigger. The red head shut her eyes at the last second as the gun went off with a loud bang. The gun dropped from Gem’s hands as the initial sound and kick scared her.

“Oh this girl is priceless!” Paine yelled nastily, banging her palm on the wooden table as she took a long swig from an unmarked liquor bottle. Gem snarled meanly as she quickly picked up the gun and fired again with the same results.

“Take your time, don’t rush it.” Selphie whispered melodiously as she picked up the gun and fired three rounds with one hand in perfect succession at the paper target.

“Maybe we should give her a water gun so we don‘t have to waste the bullets.” Yuffie laughed as she took a drink from the bottle and lit a cigarette. Gem felt a sudden rush of hate flood over her as the others continued to mock her. It had been not stop since they took her in. Everyday Yuffie and Paine took turns laughng and teasing her and it was getting old.

“Your not cut out to be a mercenary, we should have slaved you off for bullets and food.” Paine announced vivaciously as she spit on the ground.

“Take it easy on her she’s still adjusting, it takes a little time.” Tifa spoke up as she took her turn on the bottle.

“Don’t encourage her Tifa or she might prove us wrong and grow a backbone.” Yuffie mocked daringly as she leaned back on the picnic table and adjusted her sunglasses. The gun started to tremble in Gem’s hand as she looked over at the girls at the table, wanting to put a bullet in both Yuffie and Paine’s heads.

“The only thing I see her being any good at is wrapping that pretty little mouth around my juicy tight cunt.” Paine sneered wickedly as she brought the bottle to her lips. In a blink of an eye Gem pointed the gun at Paine and fired. The bottle shattered in Paine’s hand as glass shards and alcohol splattered over both of the malicious girls.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” Paine yelled insanely as she jumped to her feet completely pissed off and covered in liquor with Yuffie right behind her in the same state. Gem tucked the gun into her belt and shifted her hips as Paine stromed forward and came face-to-face with the red haired girl. Paine’s eyes tried to burn Gem where she stood as the tension grew.

“Come on Paine she didn’t mean it.” Selphie said lightly as she tired to calm Paine down.

“Shut up Selphie! I should break every bone in this red headed cunt‘s face.” Paine suggested brutally as Gem swiftly licked the metal-eyed girl's liquor stained face.

“I hope you taste this good everywhere else.” Gem leered as her comment provoked a smirk across Yuffie’s face.

“Believe me she does. “ A set of arms wrapped around Paine’s neck from behind as a pair of lips tasted her neck.

“You’re such a cunt tease Tifa.” Paine finally smiled as she backed away from Gem and licked her lips. The girls all relaxed as they sat back at the table and had a drink, none the wiser on how Gem made to shot that could of killed Paine...


[End notes: Plot thickens...]

Chapter 5

Title: Gaming & Training

[Author's notes:

I really getting back into this one, hope you guys and gals like it.




"Come on! fucking duck, duck BITCH!!!" Paine yelled at her character as she pounded buttons wildly on a controller that plugged into the side of her mechanical eyes. The flashing colors of the fighting game enraged her more as Asuka sat on Paine's bed calm and naked, with only her eyes twitching. The red head didn't have a controller as the other end of Paine's controller plugged right into her CUNT (control-unit-network-terminal) basically making herself her own gaming terminal. Paine hated to lost at anything or to anyone, especially Asuka or Rei and right now Asuka's fighter was ripping Paine's a new asshole.

"FUCK!!!" Screamed Paine as Asuka finished Paine off with a sweet special move, killing her. Paine yanked the plug from the side of eye and threw down her controller, angry as hell.

"Game over, would you like to play again?" Asuka asked blandly as she remained still.

"No I don't, and get the fuck off my bed!" Paine was completely pissed now as she grabbed Asuka and jerked her off her bed. Asuka's body responded instantly as her feet touched the ground swiftly. Asuka unplugged herself as she returned to normal mode.

"You don't have to be rude about it." Asuka snapped harshly as she picked up the thrown controller.

"I can do whatever the fuck I want, you tin-can with tits." Paine pointed threatenly at the naked robotic girl.

"Don't be a sore loser Paine, it's just a game." Quistis moaned lightly as she looked up from the chestboard on her laptop.

"No ones fucking talking to you Quistis, jus' mind your own goddamn business bitch." Barked Paine as she kicked Asuka's red leather jumpsuit across the room.

"Rook to 3B, Checkmate." Rei reported lightly as her CUNT was plugged into and playing on Quistis's laptop.

"Cheeky little bitch." Smirked the long-haired blonde as she looked back to her screen to see her king fall.

"Fuck you, fuck her, FUCK THE LOT OF YOU!!!" Paine pointed around the room as she stormed out of "the hole" and slammed the door.

"Someone's rag-raging." Chuckled Selphie as she rolled over on her bed and smiled at Yuffie doing one-handed push-ups on the floor.

"She takes being a cunt to a whole new level sometimes." Yuffie replied cheerfully as sweat dripped from her forehead.

"Hey, where's Tifa and Gem?" Selphie looked over to Quistis.

"I don't know, maybe getting hot and heavy somewhere." Quistis shrugged as she clicked play again on her laptop.

"Wouldn't surprise me, Tifa's gone totally lezzy for little Red..." Yuffie teased as she finished her last push-up and got up.

"You too Selphie, you're too soft on her as well." Yuffie smirked as she grabbed a towel and sat down next to the short, brown-haired girl.

"Ohhhh, come on Yuffie, you know I'm only lezzy for you." Selphie fired back as she grappled Yuffie down and kissed her.

Elsewhere in the manison.

"Ok, one more time.” Tifa said treacherously, looking at her young opponent as she brought her fists up. The "Angel" girls had to keep themselves sharp, and training in different parts of the mansion helped pass the time and fight off boredom between missions, but it was becoming short-lived for one.

"But Tifa, I’ve tried like 20 times now, I’m not going to hit you.” Gem moaned feebly, tightening her fists as she spat blood on the matted floor. Gem and Tifa had been training for what seem like hours and Gem was tired and exhausted. Her task was an easy one; just hit Tifa once. The young girl had tried again and again and ended up beaten and bruised.

Tifa had evaded her every attack, countered with her own, and had landed every hit. Red's left eye was black and lower lip was split, she didn’t even know this girl that well, but she was the only one who was nice to her. Sparring was hard for Gem coming from a settlement life and as hard as she tried she just couldn‘t land a single blow, but she wouldn‘t give up that easily, her pride wouldn’t let her.

"Save face before failure.”

"Come on Gem! Use your emotions! Lash out at me, hurt me!” Tifa commanded sternly as she tightened her gloved fists.

"I can’t, I jus’ can‘t!” Gem yelled back as she squeezed her fists with whitening knuckles.

"Jus’ once.”

Gem felt a strange rage flow thought her suddenly as she lurched at Tifa swinging her fists in a one, two combo followed by a flying roundhouse. Tifa's smirk quickly disappeared as she ducked the attack and twisted herself out of the way of the flying leg. The red head’s striking foot landed off-balance as Tifa sweep-kicked Gem’s planted foot, knocking the short girl on her ass.

Tifa launched herself into the air as she cocked her fist for a finishing blow. Gem saw the evident attack as she rolled out of the way as Tifa’s fist smashed into the floor.

''Is she getting faster?''

Tifa didn't have time to think as Gem quickly flipped up and launched herself again, hoping to catch Tifa’s blind side, but Tifa caught the strike out of the corner of her eye as she back-flipped in time. Gem just grazing the woman's hair as she was still in striking stance.

"That was close.”

Goosebumps grew up Tifa’s neck as she landed and brought her fists up again. Gem was on her feet panting as she caught her second wind.

"This is my chance.”

Gem roared forward again, gritting her teeth as Tifa waited to counter anything thrown at her. Gem moved in close as Tifa preped to strike. In a flash Gem planted her right hand to the ground and spun an hooked kick under Tifa's left arm.

"Damn it, she’s got me.”

Tifa froze as she knew she was’ in going to be able to dodge the attack. Gem kicked the middle of Tifa's back, but Tifa cart-wheeled out of the way as she tried twisting her body out of the way of the following attacks. Gem's fist struck her left thigh, slowing her twist as the red head's foot hit Tifa's right collarbone. Tifa felt her HP rock as the pain rocketed through shoulder and leg; she prepared for a hard landing.

"Got her…”

Gem groaned wearisomely as she dropped to her knees completely spend. Tifa planted her left hand to keep her balance as her wounded leg buckled under the tight acrobatic landing. Breathing hard and sweating like mad the two stared intently at each with more determination then needed for a simple sparring exercise.

"We’re finished.” Tifa broke the silence as she got to her feet, rubbing her painful collarbone.

"At lease she didn’t hold back this time, but what happened?”

Tifa smiled kindly as she walked over to help the weary girl up. Gem looked up at Tifa as the brown, eyed and haired girl offered an open hand.

"Let’s go see Yuna for your cuts, then get something to eat.” Tifa smiled warmly, Gem answered with a long relieved sigh as she took the girl's hand and pulled herself up. Gem got to her feet as Tifa put her arm over the shaky girl’s shoulder and headed for the door. The two stepped in the hall and made their way to the lift with racing joy and excitement.

"That last attack was a good one you got me with, you should be holding me up.” Tifa commented brightly as her leg throbbed agonizingly. Gem giggled, dragging her feet across the floor, she was too tired to carry herself properly. Tifa’s bright smile darkened as she heard heavy boots coming from the other direction, she knew who it was and she was mad...


Tifa knew the gray-haired girl was angry about something and she was heading right for them. It’s not that Tifa didn’t like Paine, she was a determined warrior and an excellent shooter, but personalities did clash with other members of the group. Each girl had their own specialized abilities. Yuna and Quistis were support with Rei and Asuka; Yuffie, Selphie, and now Gem were light melee and Paine and herself were heavy melee and being the two strongest of the group, it made it difficult who’d lead in battle or just being the badass of the group which Paine always strived for. Although true leadership was'in their job with Lulu and Ivana calling the shots and the rest just did what they were told herself included Paine always tried her best to do such.

Aggravated, she had lost to Asuka in a video game and her period was'in helping either Paine found it hard to control her short temper, making her easy to anger which she already was. She wanted to break something; she wanted hurt someone it was just her way to relieve herself. Paine came around the corner as her bio-mech eyes focused sharply on…


Tifa and Paine’s eyes locked as they moved closer to each other. It should have been no problem, the hall was big enough, but... 

Tifa and Gem walked on right side and Paine on the left, but at the last second Paine shifted slightly to the right and bumped into Tifa’s shoulder. You could hear a pin drop as the two girls paused side by side. Gem looked up strangely as both girls sneering.

"Why don’t you watch where you’re going Paine?” Bitterness soaked Tifa’s words, as she knew Paine had run into her on purpose.

"Why don’t you stay the fuck outta my way?” Paine snapped back as she looked to the brown haired girl with the corner of her eye.

Then it happened, and it was quick. Gem hit the wall with brutal force and slid to the floor, groaning as Paine caught Tifa’s elbow in her hand and Tifa gripped Paine’s hand on the hilt of her knife. The two strained to finish their moves, as they knew they were equally strength.

"There’s easier ways to challenge me, then being childish Paine!” Tifa roared viciously as she stared at the mecha-eyed girl with dark intent.

"Well, when you get tried of beating up little girls…” Paine’s sight drifted to Gem moaning painfully on the floor, then back to Tifa. "…You can challenge a real woman Tifa.” Paine smirked spitefully as she tightened her grip on Tifa’s elbow. Seconds passed, knowing the pointlessness of their struggle, they release each other at the same time.

"You better watch yourself Tifa; because next I might jus’ carve up that pretty fuckin' face of yours.” Paine threatened murderously as she made a cutting gesture with her finger down her cheek.

"Same to you, I jus’ wonder how cute the others will find you with a pair of broken eyes and missing teeth.” Tifa stung back as she cracked her knuckles and neck. Both knew the other was very capable of fulfilling their threat as they decided to leave it at that.

"Until next time.” Paine continued in her own direction as Tifa turned to Gem lying on the floor.

"Come on Red; let’s get you taken care of.” Tifa whispered caringly as she picked the injured girl up and cradled her in her strong arms.

"Thank you… Tifa.” Moaned Gem as she snuggled her face into Tifa’s large chest and closed her eyes. The caring smile returned to Tifa’s face as she looked down at the young girl doze off into a well-deserved rest.

To be continued...

Chapter 6

Title: The SSV

[Author's notes: Another clan that will be joining our girls.]


Darkness fell again across the land, a dark mansion outside the massive outpost "Con Corners" towered over the surrounding area bricked off and well guarded, inside lit by gloomily red lights that flickered wildly against the black and red hellish interior. A dark figure sat at a large gothic black desk grinning as it raised a tall glass of blood. The figure drank greedily from the glass as she looked cruelly to the side of it's desk to a short blonde girl. The young girl was blindfolded and tied up in leather bondage, groveling mindlessly on the floor.

"Comfortable, kitty?" The figure asked darkly as she put her foot on kitty's shoulder and pulled on her leash. The feeble girl sobbed feebly, tilting her head up as tear's raced from under her blindfold.

"Answer me cuntface!" Demanded the voice as it jerked the leash again.

"Ahhh y-yes Mistress Lust." Kitty spat sparingly as her mistress started to choke her.

"Good, on your feet." The dark, pale-faced women ordered as she lifted kitty by her hair. Kitty got to her feet, yelping like a puppy as her joint's cracked from being in the same position for so long. Lust shifted kitty in front of her between her leg's facing out.

"My child, you heal quiet quickly." Her mistress grinned exquisitely as she examined the healing bites on the girl's slim neck. Kitty shook miserably as Lust licked her neck down to her shoulder. Lust smiled energetically as her fangs grew into place and dug deeply into the base of kitty's neck. The young girl's screams went silent as she felt her energy slowly being drained from her body, again. Kitty folded back into Lust's arms as both of Lust's hand's found Kitty's tiny tits. Lust groaned loudly as she lifted off Kitty's bleeding neck. The vampire laid the exhausted girl across her desk as she pressed the intercom on her desk.

"Envy?" Lust spoke softly.

"Yes, lust?" The voice answered immediately as if knowing.

"Send in a blood table ASAP." Lust voiced commandingly as she wiped the blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Yeah." Envy replied spitefully as she signed off. Lust turned to the window as she glared out with growing frustration.

"They're late, it shouldn’t take this long for Wraith and Guttony." Lust gritted her teeth viciously as the dark thought's about her teammates turned her on, it was always the same after she feed, she always felt a little frisky. Lust turned to the door as it flew open.

"Where‘s the party?" Lust sighed agitatedly as she watched her other "teammates" Envy, Sloth, and Pride walk in. Envy was a hot, tall, big-chested blonde pushing in a metal table as Sloth a lanky, black spiky haired guy, aviator sunglasses and goatee, laughed with his head hanging upside from the table and then Pride, a sharp-looking one-eyed red head, always frowning and smoking a cigarettes. All stared a Lust with there own strange characteristic glares.

"Hehehehe, done with your toy Lust?" Sloth laughed coldly as he rolled over on the table and hopped off into his normal lazy hunch-like stance, grinning insanely as his tongue hung out.

"Fuck you Sloth, why don't you crawl into a hole and fucking die." Lust snapped back as she hated being punked by the burnout of the group. Sloth had a way of getting under your skin quickly if you let him but Lust was quick enough for him.

"Someone's a little edgy?" Envy smirked anxiously, walking to the desk as she picked up Kitty's limp body and put her on the table.

"She’s barely breathing." Envy reported with a sneer as she hooked her up to a blood machine. Lust bit her lip hard as she knew Pride was going to put in her two fucking cents.

"Lust, Sin is growing impatient with this little fucking game of yours, its a waste of time and effort on a hunch your having." Pride stung unconvincingly at Lust's idea of a secret base in the waste and it was necessary for them to take to one.

"She's cute hehehehe." Sloth smiled revealingly as his vampire teeth grew in along with Envy's. The two of their tongues tasted kitty's bitter sweat and sweet blood as they groped and fondled her leather-clad body.

"You two make me sick...." Pride grinned instinctively as she turned and her heel. "And remember what I said Lust or ya'll have to answer to him." She walked out the door followed by the other two Sins as Lust just wanted her peace back.

"Ok kid's take her to her room and no feeding." Lust sneered with a smirk at Sloth and Envy as they looked up at her, then each other and grinned.

"Ok hehehe, what even you say Lust." Sloth laughed sarcastically as he jumped back on to the table, on top of Kitty as Envy pushed it out of the room.

"Laters." Envy winked hotly at Lust as she strolled out swinging her hips. The evil girl nodded slightly and sat back at her desk as she watched the door close behind the two. Elsewhere in a much darker part of the mansion.

"Lust, pride, wrath, envy, sloth, greed, and gluttony." A darker figure smiled as he closed his eyes and locked his finger's.

Sin, the leader and overlord of the SSV or Seven Sin Vampires, each with their own special abilities and powers. His vampire gang was one of the strongest in the Waste; none challenged him or his undead soldier's without fear of death or even worse. Sin looked up at the door as he knew before it even happened.

"Come in Pride." Sin announced darkly as he leaned back in his seat. The door cracked as Pride's red hair and eye's peeked in.

"Sin? Is this a bad time?" Pride asked feebly as she looked down and stepped in. Even with her name she disregarded it went in the presents of her master.

"Not at all, I always have time for you." Sin grinned half-heartedly as he knew Pride was always trying to sway him into good graces, nothing more than a suck-up. Pride was about to speak....

"Yes, I know you told her what I said is there anything else, Pride?" Sin didn't even let her start to bore him as his question left pride stirring.

"Uhhhh any word from Gluttony and Wrath?" Pride asked prettily as she knew that it was better that she didn't ask.

"That's really none of your business Pride now is it?" Sin's fangs grew sharply over his lower lip as his eyes lit up, spooking Pride.

"I'm sorry master, I'll leave." Pride looked down guiltily as she headed for the door.

"Come now Pride, no more questions." Sin stopped her with his luke-warm tone..."Yes master." Pride turned her head to the side.

"Go with Sloth and Envy and get me some dinner in the "Corner" you look pale." Sin bloodthirsty grin stained his face as he turned his back on the red head and glared out his window into the darkness. Pride touched her face as she quietly let herself out.

"I don't see why me and you got to do all the fucking foot work." Sloth smiled obviously like always as he straddled Kitty's limp body.

"Because Sloth, Lust and Pride try very fucking hard for Sin's attention unlike the rest of us." Envy sneered coldly as she pushed the table slowly down the hall.

"Gluttony, Wrath, Gluttony's a fat, bald bastard that eats anyting he can get his fucking hand's on and Wrath is jus’ fucking insane, Sin's personal murder tool, unlike you, your a lazy murder tool, and me well I hate and envy everyone." Envy giggled to herself as she leaned over and licked up the side of Kitty's face.

"Well if you put it that way Envy you can suck my tool." Sloth smiled as he groped Kitty's titties roughly causing the girl to groan in pain.

"Want to stop by my room and have a little fun with this meat-bag?" Envy looked energetically at Sloth as she saw the a large bulge in his pant's grow.

"I though you'd never ask." Sloth smirked tentatively as he start to dry hump Kitty's unconsious body.


To be continued...

Chapter 7

Title: Always bet on "Red"

[Author's notes: Not for the weak minded or hearted. ]


“Gem this will be your first mission.” Gem stood at full attention as Ivana explained in a careless voice across her jet black desk with Lulu standing next to her, frowning like always.


Gem had been training with the other girl's known as Angel-Devils for three months now. She could fire a weapon without blinking now and even out drink a few of the other girls on a good night. But she hadn't left the compound since she got here, and now she just wanted to show her stuff.

“It's jus' a supply run with Angels Red and Black with Asuka for support to Con's corner...” Ivana announced as Gem let a smile creep up her face.

"...And don't get yourself killed, I'd hate to have wasted all that time and effort on you, plus I think the other girls are starting to like you, Dismissed." Ice ordered sternly as she turned away from Gem. Lulu smirked slyly as she looked the toughen girl over and nodded. Gem nodded back as she turned and headed for the door with a hurried pace.

Outside the door the four others girls sat and stood waiting for Gem or "Red" they now called her to come out.

"I bet Ice told her to take a fuckin' hike." Paine laughed coldly as she lit a ciggrette.

"No, she's good as gold." Tifa smiled sharply as Yuffie and Selphie played paper, rock, sissors.

"She'll be crying like a little bitch like last time and the time before, I don't even know why she even asks to go with us." Yuffie laughed darkly as she threw sissors.

"If you didn't rub it in everytime we got a mission, I don't think it'd be that big a deal for her." Selphie backed Red and threw rock as Tifa nodded in agreement.

"You two are so fuckin' lezzy for Red it makes Quiz look straight." Paine huffed as she blew rings of smoke into the air.

"So it's a bet you want bright eyes?" Tifa changed back the subject as she knew she had Paine's complete attention.

"Hahaha, your so fucking funny bitch." Paine's eyes flashed different colors as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What's the bet?" Yuffie sneered as she pulled her knife from her boot and twisted it in her hand. The brown-haired woman smiled to Selphie and Yuffie as Paine knew something was on Tifa's dirty mind.

"If she can't go, I have to eat your pussy right here, right now..." Tifa suggested in a manner-of-fact voice as she looked at her nails.

"Wow, I haven't shower in a couple days, now that I think about it." The grey-haired girl grabbed her crotch and squeezed.

"Ewwww, that's sick!" Selphie made a gross face as Paine grinned evily.

"...But if win you have to eat Red's cunt here and now, no excuses." Tifa smiled sharply as she always looked like she knew something that the other's didn't.

"To cum or a couple licks?" Paine wanted to get the record straight as betting and gambling was her greatest weakness.

"We'll use Selphie and Yuffie's age, or would you like to go higher?" Tifa rolled her eyes carelessly.

"18 licks huh?" Paine tapped her chin as she looked over the grinning girl.

"Let's make it a even 20." Paine sneered rudely as she was sure about getting her cunt cleaned.

"Ok, bet!" Tifa put her hand out as Paine took it in a hurry.

"No excuses now Paine." Tifa kept smiling as the door cracked open behind them. Gem walked out with a sober frown, looking at the floor as Paine laughed out loud. The others felt a little bad for Gem getting turned down again as Tifa was dumbfounded.

"Told ya'! Now get down and worship my holy gap with your tongue slut." Paine unbuckled her pants as Gem looked up and smiled.

"I can go!" Gem yelled proudly as Yuffie and Selphie smiled and hugged her. Paine's face dropped instantly as Tifa winked at her.

"No excuses... right Paine?" Tifa teased as she turned to Red.

"Come here Gem." Grinned the brown-eyed girl at the completely over-joyed red head.

"Yes Tifa?" Gem turned to the full-chested woman as Yuffie and Selphie giggled behind her.

"Paine lost a little bet with me, so I going to need you to drop your panties for a minute." This request brought a unsure look to Red's face as her cheeks flushed the same color.

"But, I..." Gem started to protest as Yuffie and Selphie grabbed her arms and steadied her.

"Don't worry she's not going to hurt you, this is only going to take a second." At Tifa's words Paine walked up and got to her knees infront of Gem.

"Please don't, I'm..." Gem continued to whine as Yuffie cupped her mouth tightly.

"Jus' shut up and enjoy this..." Yuffie whispered into the restrained girl's ear as she tasted it. ''...I know I I'm.''

"Come on Paine." Tifa egged on as Paine mustered up the dirtiest look she could make and fired it at the brown-haired girl. Gem kicked her legs up as Paine was quickly losing her cool.

"Ohhh for fuck's sake Gem stop..." Paine gripped the red head pants tightly and yanked them down.

"WHAT?!?" Paine was surprised to find a tampoon string hanging from between the cute girl's legs as Red looked away totally embrassed.

"She's ragging! No way Tifa!" It was Paine's turn to whine as she looked up at Tifa and the others.

"A bet's a bet Paine, now get down there and give me 20." Tifa chuckled as the others joined her, only Gem and Paine was'in finding anything funny about the situation.

"No excuses, get licking." Selphie chimed in as Paine tighten her face in anger and stuck out her tougne and put it into Gem's bloody slit.

"I bet that taste terrible." Yuffie sneered as she held Gem in place. The warm blood trickled out of Gem and into Paine's mouth as she beared it and began licking faster to get it over with.

"18-19-20 all done." Tifa counted off as Paine finished, leaned back and wiped the blood from her lips.

"I really fucking hate you right now Tifa." Paine got up as she couldn't get the copper taste of blood out of her mouth by spitting.

"At lease it was fresh." Tifa grinned as Yuffie and Selphie let Gem go. Gem quickly pulled her pant's up as the redness still filled her cheeks.

"That was so embrassing." Gem moaned as she still felt the wetness between her legs.

"At lease you didn't have to lick anything." Yuffie teased as she playfully punched Gem in the arm. All a sudden the door opened behind them as Lulu looked out.

"What the hell are all you doing out here still? Move your asses!" Lulu ordered ruthlessly as she pointed threatingly at the group of girls.

"Sorry Lulu, Paine was jus' making good on a bet we had." Tifa smiled as the others replied with mixed emotions.

"Fuck you Tifa!" Snapped Paine as she spit on the ground again.

"Want to bet on that?" Tifa fired back as Lulu stepped out and pulled out her gun.

"I said MOVE!!!" Lulu locked and loaded as the girls all took running down the hall laughing except Paine.

To be continued...

Chapter 8

Title: Road trip

[Author's notes: The girls head out to Con corner's, and Tifa shows Paine a little love.]

The “Black Rose” rumbled down a highway of the Waste with Asuka at the wheel. In the back Gem, Tifa, Yuffie and Selphie chatted as Paine huffed to herself in the corner. She was still pissed about the bet, but more so at the taste of blood still in her mouth.

“Fucking bitch Tifa trick me, the cunt.”

Paine wallowed in her own misery as the others laughed and joked about when Gem first showed up.

“Oh Jesus, the best part was when you asked us if we were going to rape you? I almost pissed myself!” Yuffie grinned wildly as Gem blushed.

“I’m glad Ice kept you Red, you really liven things up around here.” Smirked Tifa as she looked back at Paine who flipped her off. Gem smiled again as she looked out one of the slotted windows of the truck and frowned.

“What is it Gem?” Tifa asked as she leaned over to see what she was looking at.

“Them....” She pointed out at three figures dragging themselves lazily through the empty wasteland.

“Mutants or crazies you really can’t tell with the mirage.” Tifa sighed as she sat back down. Gem didn’t care, she just wanted whatever it was dead. Since joining the Angels she would sometime have terrible nightmares of what happened the night she was rescued and her life before that.

Her life played like a bloody slide show in her dreams as she could do nothing but watch the only ones who ever cared about her slaughtered and ripped apart. It just never seem to stop, her mother and father were killed when she was ten by a gang of thieves, alone she traveled from communes and outposts barely surviving on a little water and scraps of food she could find.

One day she was attacked by a mutant outside of one of the posts, she managed to escape but was deeply scarred and as good as dead, she awoke later in a small shack to find her wounds cleaned and bandage.

Without knowing who or why she some how healed and carried on living. At this point she just didn’t care anymore she’d rather be dead then live in this hell hole alone. That was until she met her....


Gem moaned as she closed her eyes and drifted back in time. She had tried to pick-pocket the woman while she had her back turned looking at some goods, in some godforsaken outpost she couldn’t remember.

"Hey you little shit!" The woman quickly snatched the young girl up by her arm.

"Let go of me you old cunt!" Gem yelled viciously, squirming to get free. Gem fought tooth and nail as the woman forced her to look her in her dark, cold, eyes. Gem froze in place as she took in the woman, she was tall and strongly built, with a imposing stant. Her short white hair and almost black eyes could make even the wildest of animal coward in fear.

“If you let go of what doesn’t belong to you maybe I will.” The white-haired woman sneered as she tightened her grip on the young girl’s wrist. Gem screamed in pain as she dropped to her knees and let go of Destra’s money purse.

“You fucking whore, fucking bitch!” The short, red haired girl ranted as she gripped her injured wrist.

“You kiss your mother with that filthy mouth, girl?” The woman smirked with glee, looking down at the girl rubbing her wrist.

“She’s dead!” Gem screamed loudly as she looked up at Destra with tears in her eyes. Destra’s smirk worked it’s way upside down at the though of this girl's dead mother as it warranted no joke.

It was common to see orphaned children running the streets in the waste. It was more often to see their corpses with no one to feed them or take care of them, their lives were normally short lived.

“What’s your name?” Destra asked with order in her tone. Gem just stared into the woman's dark eyes as they didn’t even faze her in the slightest.

“Your name, girl.” Destra extended her hand to Gem.

“Gem.” The dirty, little red head answered and took the woman’s hand.

“Well Gem, let’s get you something to eat, your going to need all your strength if your going to serve me.” Destra smiled, turning and headed down the street. Confused but curious, Gem swiftly joined Destra at her side and continued down the street. Everything from that point was hazy until she landed in some settlement which was attacked not to long after she had arrived.

“Hey Gem wake up.” Yuffie poked Gem in the face as the red head shook awake, blinking wildly.

“You ok?” Tifa asked as she leaned in with Selphie. Gem quickly realized she had a tear running down the side of her face and wiped it away.

“It’s nothing.” Gem nudged Yuffie back as Paine got to her feet with a grunt in the back.

“Leave the fucking cry-baby alone.” Paine walked to the front of the truck and kicked a sideboard.

“Hey you mechanic piece of shit! Step on it, I’m fucking going crazy back here!” Paine banged her head against the wall as Tifa sighed and got up too.

“Your just cranky Paine, here let me help you relax.” Tifa pressed her body tightly against Paine’s as a tiny gasp spat from the grey-haired girl's lips. Tifa’s hands work swiftly across Paine’s chest and stomach as the metal-eyed girl moaned.

“But honey what about the kids?” Paine whispered hotly as she glared back at Gem and the others.

“You know how much Yuffie and Selphie like to watch and I think Gem might enjoy it too.” Tifa sneered as Yuffie and Selphie started to stir with lusty grins. Tifa turned Paine roughly and smashed their lips together in a horny kiss. Their tongues and hands attacked each others mouths and bodies with a burning passionation.

“Mmmm, your not going to make me fight you for it?” Paine chided as Tifa slowly got to her knees, dragging Paine’s pants and panties down with her.

“You’ve gotten fucked on every deal and bet since Gem showed up, and I’ve capitalized on you left and right, I just figured I’d do something to repay you a little.” Tifa nestled her face into Paine’s crotch.

“Wow, you pity me that much?” Paine wooed as she slid hands into Tifa's soft hair.

“No not really, I was already feeling a little frisky... I though you hadn’t washed her in awhile?” The brown-haired girl giggled into the Paine’s surprisingly clean cunt as she brushed the bridge of her nose up and down Paine’s dripping gap.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you dirty cunt-licker.” Laughed Paine as she threw her head back. Tifa only answered her teammate by rooting her tongue deeply into her cunt.

“Mmmm, Tifa’s so cute when she’s submissive.” Yuffie snuggled closer to Selphie as their hands caressed each other softly with wanting in their eyes. Gem watched the two girls feverishly as Paine started moaning and groaning.

She knew the other girls fooled around all the time but this was a first hand account for her. She’d been approached by the others mainly Paine and Yuffie, but beside her little encounter with Yuna she had said no every time and for some reason they had given her the option to bunk with them or not and why they just didn’t rape her was beyond her.

“Yeah, yeah jus’... like... THAT!!!” Paine screamed hotly as she painted Tifa’s face with her jism. The brown haired girl kept her face buried in Paine’s crotch licking up every bit of juice.

“You still got it.” Paine slumped forward cradling Tifa’s head in her arms.

“You bet.” Tifa smirked as she got up and kissed the gray-haired girl deeply. Paine sighed lightly and slid to the floor as Tifa wiped her mouth.

“Asuka, what’s are TOA?” Tifa quickly straighten her posture as Paine still trembled on the floor.

“Time of arrival, 19 minutes.” Asuka announced from the front as the girls got up and started getting ready.

“Alright you know the drill, gear up and get your game faces on, I don’t want any fucking around Yuffie, Selphie that means you and keep a eye on Gem.” Tifa ordered lightly as she strapped a blade to her boot.

“Con’s corner, the asshole of the waste.” Yuffie laughed viciously as she holstered a sawed-off shotgun.

To be continued... 

Chapter 9

Title: Cons corner

[Author's notes: Time for some shopping.]


The semi-truck “Black Rose” came to a halt as the back ramp opened up. The hot sun and sweet desert smell fell on the group of girls as they marched down into the busy streets.

“Ahhhh the biggest shit hole in all of the Waste, Con’s corner.” Paine cracked her neck as the ramp retracted back into the truck. Con’s corner was surprisingly big compared to the other outposts Gem had been to before as she watched people and vehicles going back and fore.

“It’s more like a city then a outpost.”

“Wow, I’ve never been to a outpost this big before.” Gem stared in awe as she started to lean on the truck.

“Shit, don’t lean on that!” Paine yelled as she pulled Gem roughly by her wrist away from the truck.

“Hey! What’s the big fuckin' idea?” Gem snapped as she rubbed her wrist.

“Sorry Gem but when we leave the trucks Asuka and Rei armed their defense systems.” Tifa explained, as she looked the truck over.

“If you would have touched it, you probably have been fried alive.” Yuffie smiled as Selphie pushed her softly.

“With what? It looks harmless to me.” Gem wondered, as the truck didn’t seem any different from before.

“Harmless huh?” Paine suggested harshly as she picked up a piece of scrap metal and tossed it at the truck. The metal sizzled and burned until it dripped like molten lead to the ground.

“Jesus!” Gem jumped away farer from the truck.

“100,000 volts of sweet electrical skin melting goodness.” Yuffie smiled widely as the group stepped on to what looked like a sidewalk.

“Well, where to first?” Paine looked to Tifa as she could tell Yuffie and the others were starting to get antsy.

“Gem, Yuffie, Selphie are going to come with me to Scud’s place for supplies. Paine, check around see if you can find them.” Tifa ordered in her least bossy voice as Yuffie and Selphie moaned in unison.

“But I want to go with Paine!” Pouted Yuffie as Gem just watched the others.

“You’ll have plenty of time to get drunk and make asses of yourselves later, I promise.” Tifa sneered slyly as she gripped Yuffie in a headlock and flicked her in the forehead.

“Fine, fine let me go!” Yuffie struggled roughly as Tifa let her go, sending the young girl to the ground.

“Let’s go, and Paine? Don’t go into the first bar you see, get drunk and then say you couldn’t find them, ok?” Tifa nagged motheringly as Paine turned away with a dismissing hand gesture.

“Yeah, yeah, god you’re the fucking mother I never wanted.” Paine grumbled to herself as she disappeared into the crowd of people.

“Come on you three.” Tifa headed in the opposite direction as Yuffie and Selphie continued moaning. Gem walked next to Tifa as she cleared her voice.

“Who are they?” Gem asked quietly as Tifa looked over at her.

“The sand sisters, Jo and Meg.” Tifa replied knowingly as she moved through people with great ease.

“What do they do?” Gem asked again.

“They go from outpost to outpost gathering information, on other groups and the GOV. They hear and know a lot of stuff that goes on in the Waste.” Tifa turned the corner as the red head leaned in.

“What’s the GOV?” Gem continued her questioning as Tifa sighed longingly.

“You know it’s a long story Gem, just ask Quistis when we get back she’ll tell you everything you want to know.” Gem felt bad, as she didn’t want to irritate Tifa and slowed down between Yuffie and Selphie.

“Don’t worry Gem, we’ll tell you everything you want to know.” Selphie smirked as she wrapped an arm around her neck.

“Yeah, they’re really not sisters.” Yuffie sniggered playfully as Selphie leaned in closely on the other side.

“What about the GOV?” Gem asked again.

“I told her what to do already, now shut up you two, we’re here and don’t fuck around in here.” Tifa warned Yuffie and Selphie as they smiled back innocently. The four walked in as the storeowner looked up with a smile that quickly turned into a frown.

“Not you lot.” Scud’s english tone moaned over the girls, as Tifa couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey Scud, how’s business?” Tifa made her way to the front desk as Yuffie and Selphie dragged Gem to the weapon section.

“Oi, Tifa, will you keep them on a short fuckin’ lease please?” Scud’s eyes focused sharply on the others as Tifa pulled a list from her back pocket and tossed it on the counter.

“Don’t worry, they’ve been warned.” Tifa glanced over then back to Scud.

“Got ‘ah funny feelin’ like they don’t listen very fuckin’ well.” Scud tightened his face as Yuffie pointed an AK47 rifle at the other two and started making gun-firing sounds.

“Back to the list.” Tifa tapped the list back to Scud’s attention as the dark haired man picked up the list and adjusted his glasses.

“So who’s the red ‘ead? Never seen he'r before.” Scud walked down the line looking at the list clearly and then to the wall.

“Gem.” Tifa said shortly.

“Gem?” Scud froze in place, as he looked back a Tifa with a mixed look of surprise and shock.

“You don’t happen to call her “Red” do you?” Scud walked back in front of Tifa, paling.

“Yeah, why?” Tifa looked over her shoulder at Gem laughing and playing around with the others.

“I ‘ave sumething for ‘er, I’ve been holding on to it for a while now.” Scud knelt down behind the counter and lifted up a small briefcase.

“What is it?” Tifa asked.

“I ‘ave no fuckin’ idea.” Scud looked at down at the case.

“Well then who’s it from?” Tifa demanded as she looked at the tag on the handle, which said Gem.

“The queen of the waste.” Scud swallowed hard.

“No, not…” Tifa gasped as Scud nodded slowly.


Tifa looked back to Gem as the red head caught her eye.

“Gem, come here…” Tifa announced softly as the red head moaned.

“But Tifa I didn’t…” Gem looked at the dark haired woman.

“NOW!!!” Tifa yelled, freaking out Scud and the others.

To be continued…

Chapter 10

Title: Ugly truth

Scud walked ahead of Gem as he led her to a back room. The red head looked back at Tifa as her face had a terrified look on her face. He opened a door as Gem walked in, case in hand.

“Take your time love.” Scud closed the door as Gem sat the case on a small table. She stared at the metal case with her name on as she wondered who gave it to her and what was in it. There was a finger-pad under the handle as she pressed her finger to it. She yanked it back instantly and stuck it in mouth as the pad had stabbed her. The case clicked open as hot fear spread through her. She swallowed deeply as she lifted the lid. The fear disappeared slowly as she saw what was inside.

“Wow.” She lifted a nice black holster out with two chrome .45mags under it that had two hearts on both grips. She awed in surprise as she picked them both up. She never seen them before but they felt familiar in her hands, they were light, she’d fired one before and knew they packed a punch. Gem fixed the holster in place and loaded her weapons into it as something caught her eye in the case. Reaching in, she pulled out a small voice recorder. Her finger trembled as she quickly pressed the play button. Light breathing filled the room as Gem stared at the recorder.

“Hello Gem, I upgraded these for you I hope you like them.” Gem gasped as she recognized the voice instantly.


“I hope this finds you well, and the Angels are taking good care of you.” Destra’s voice said softly as Gem frowned unsurely.

“How did she know I was with them?”

Her mind was filling with questions as she hoped the recorder would answer them.

“First off, I’m sorry for leaving you, I didn’t want to but I had too. I’m infected with virus. It didn’t deform me or make me crazy, it gave me a power, a power I wasn’t sure I could completely control. It hurts me to tell you this, but I’m the reason you have them scars on your back, I can control the infected and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. That outpost you were at refused me food and water I was angry and I wanted to make them pay for not helping me, you were just caught in the middle. I wiped out that outpost, and when I left I found you bleeding to death. Call it guilt or pity I helped you, I never thought in a million years I’d see you again but when you tried picking my pocket that day I was shocked.” Tears welled in Gem’s eyes as she continued to listen.

“In the years I spend with you I taught you everything I knew about survival and how to protect yourself in the waste. You were strong-willed, having nothing to lose or live for, but you were turning into a violent killer, a young girl that would kill on my every whim. I realized you deserved better, so before I left you I used my power to bury that sadistic girl inside you so you could live a… simpler life, I can see your crying face now Gem, I was the only one who could make you cry, again I’m sorry…” It was true, Gem was crying, and hurt more then she had been in her whole life but Destra continued talking.

“I knew deep inside settlement life wasn’t for you and never would be, that violent girl would one day come back, so I set it up so the Angels would find you, and again I used my power to make it so and destroyed your simple life.” Gem cried even harder, this was all too much.

“I’ve learned that the GOV have a cure for the virus, they keep it in a secret base in one of the many ruined city in the waste that I look for even now. I know one day we will meet again and soon. I know the GOV will ask the Angels and others like them for their help in stopping me…” Destra paused as Gem wiped her eyes, sobbing.

“You’ll have to make a choice Gem… Them or me, Goodbye Red...”

The recorder clicked off as Gem screamed loudly, overturning the table and stomping the recorder repeatedly. The door opened as Gem swiftly pulled her gun out and pointed it at Tifa.



[End notes: A little short I know.]

Chapter 11

Title: Answers

Tifa pulled Yuffie and Selphie back as Gem remained trembling and sobbing on the floor, gun still clutched in her hand.

“Get back you two, go on.” Tifa kicked Yuffie in the ass as the girl bumped into Scud spilling a glass of water in his hand.

“Ya’ fuckin’ see you?!?” Scud saved most the water as he handed Tifa.

“Here Gem, drink.” Gem took the glass in a shaky hand and drank. Tifa and the others looked at Gem as the girl handed back the empty glass.

“Is everything ok, you scared the shit outta us?” Tifa cooed delicately as Gem looked up her eyes blood red.

“Y-yeah, sorry I’m jus’ a-a little shook up.” Gem said lowly as she finally stood up.

“Where’d you get them?” Selphie asked as she pointed to Gem’s gun still in her hand.

“None of your business.” Snapped Gem as Tifa looked down at the girl with a frown.

“The witch of the waste.” Both Yuffie and Selphie’s mouth’s dropped open with a gasp as Gem glared at her.

“You, know the Queen of the waste?” Selphie asked surprisingly as Gem just looked away.

“I said it’s none of your fucking business!” Gem snarled viciously as both girls looked taken back.

“Gem, that’s enough!” Tifa yelled sternly as Gem glared daggers at her. Silence fell over the group as something dawned on Scud. He cleared his throat as he looked scared shitless and pointed at Gem.

“Ya’ know who tha’ is don’t ya’?” Tifa, Yuffie, and Selphie looked at him in wonder as they didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

“She’s “The Red.” Gulped Scud as the other stepped back from Gem as if she were poison.

“No fuckin’ way!” Yuffie and Selphie said together as Tifa looked at Gem like she never seen her before.

“There’s no way she could be “The Red” she’s jus’ a girl now and that was years ago, she’d only been a kid then.” Tifa tried explaining as Scud looked at her shaking his head.

“How do ya’ know what she or he looked like? Ya’ only hear’d rum’ors I’m tellin’ ya’ tha’s he’r, it was ritin’ on tha’ fuckin’ case!” Scud continued as Gem looked just as surprised.

“The Red?” Gem whispered as she suddenly grabbed head. Sharp images stabbed her brain as screaming faces swirled around her grinning face all covered in blood. Gem shrieked again as everyone flinched back.

“Gem!” Tifa grabbed the red-head’s shoulder as Gem slapped it away.

“Shut up! Don’t touch me bitch!” Gem yelled wickedly, her eyes violent as she raised her gun again.

“Kill them all!”

“Go easy Gem, you don’t want to shoot me.” Tifa was seriously unsure if she believed that, but she had to try. Tears poured down Gem’s face as she didn’t know who she was anymore. Scud was pressed up against the wall as Yuffie and Selphie had their hands on their pieces.

“Everyone calm down, Gem please put it down.” Tifa looked into Gem’s bloodshot eyes as her hand trembled. The red-eyed girl sobbed loudly as she lowered her gun and hugged Tifa tightly. Everyone took a deep breath as the busty brown-haired woman hushed her softly.

“Ohhhh Tifa, I-I’m sorry.” Gem whined weakly as her tears soaked Tifa’s chest.

“Come on Gem, let’s get some fresh air, Scud get the list ready, Yuffie, Selphie load it up.” Tifa ordered firmly as she headed to the front with the distressed girl. Gem stopped abruptly as she walked to the back were the case was. Again the group cringed as Gem poured a full clip into the case and walked back out.

“Feel better?” Yuffie asked sardonically as Gem finally smiled, nodded and followed Tifa out. Yuffie and Selphie watched Gem leave and looked at each other.

“What’d I tell ya’?” Scud announced rudely as he pointed to the backroom, the smell of gun powder filling the room.

“I think she’d remember being a cold-blooded killer Scud, idiot.” Selphie looked outside as Gem and Tifa smiled at one another and walked off.

“Ya’re all fuckin’ crazy Ever’y fuckin’ last one’n ya’!” Scud picked up the list and walked off as both girls giggled and kissed each other. Outside the two Angels walked silently as Tifa cleared her throat.

“You ok?” Tifa asked softly, walking next to Gem as the red head looked forward with a blank look on her face.

“I’m fine, please stop asking.” Gem breathed into the dusky air and wiped her eyes as Tifa continued to stare at her. Gem’s mind was jumbled with a thousand thoughts as she kept thinking about Destra and what the others had said. Was she really this “Red” they spoke of? Who was she really? And why couldn’t she remember most of her time with Destra? Tifa just nodded her head as she pulled a comm-link from her pocket and turned it on.

“Asuka?” Tifa spoke as the NNR replied.

“Yeah?” The robotic girl snapped curtly as Tifa bit her lip, after what had just happened she was in no mood for Asuka’s shit.

“Yuffie and Selphie are going to start loading the cargo, give them a hand… then join up with us later.” Tifa knew Asuka liked to be included with the others as the mechanical girl answered back politely.

“Sure thing Tifa, I’d love to!” The red head smiled in the driver seat as she turned off the defenses of the truck and jumped out ready to help the others. The fighter turned the dial on the comm-link as she spoke again.

“Paine.” Tifa said shortly.

“Goddamnit Paine, answer me!” Tifa knew the grey-haired woman could hear her as her commlink would flash in her right eye if someone was trying to contract her.

“What do ya’ want Tifa queefa?” Tifa sighted longingly, knowing the woman was clearly drunk by her tone and the colorful nicknames she liked to give people.

“Did you find them?” The brown haired woman asked as she wasn’t sure if Paine even remembered what she was send out to do.

“Ya’ they’re right here, say hi girls!” Paine yelled loudly as Jo’s quiet voice replied followed by Meg’s bright one next.

“Where are you?” Tifa groaned peevishly as Paine was hard enough to talk to when she was sober, let alone when she’d had a couple.

“That’s for me to know…Hey!” Paine bitched as Jo grabbed her wrist before she could click it off.

“The “Sandbox.” Meg answered swiftly as something or someone was slammed onto a table.

“Can you keep an eye on her ‘til we get there?” Tifa asked sweetly as she looked over at Gem smiling.

“Sure.” Jo responded calmly as Tifa chuckled, hearing Paine struggling and yelling in the background.

“You bitches! Let me go! Hey you spilled my drink! TIFA!” The brown-eyed girl clicked off as she continued to walk next to the quiet red head. The two walked in silence as Gem cleared her voice.

“Tifa, who was “The Red?” Tifa breathed out as she was glad Gem was back to her inquisitive self. Tifa looked to the sky as she thought about what to tell the young girl.

“Well… Gem, The Red was a vicious killer that murdered hundreds of people even woman and children and spattered their blood everywhere as his calling card, but that’s what I heard anyway, the truth is no one really knows who he or she looked like, then after awhile the bloody killings stopped, some say he was killed by the GOV, others say mutants got her but then again no one really knows for sure.” Tifa explained uncertainly as Gem started to think it may just be coincidence that her nickname was the same as a psychopath killer’s with her having red hair and all, but it was still in the back her mind. The burning question, was she really that psychopath?

“I wouldn’t worry about it Gem that was years ago, you’d only been a kid when the Red was running rampant so please don’t worry about it too much ok?” Tifa put an arm over Gem’s shoulder as the red head felt a bit better but she wasn’t fully convinced.

Elsewhere Asuka rolled up the last of the crates on a dolly into the “Black Rose” as Scud checked off something on a clipboard and ripped a copy off and handed it to Selphie.

“Tell Ivana I wan’ me money wit’in a week, go’t it?” Scud frowned as Selphie smiled and nodded.

“Ya’ Scud, I’ll let her know… prick.” Selphie folded the paper and put it in her back pocket as he grumbled and walked back into his shop. Asuka come back down empty-handed, beaming as Selphie looked at her.

“Let’s go.” Asuka grinned happily as Yuffie walked up next to Selphie with the same look as her wing.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Yuffie asked sneeringly as Asuka scowled impolitely her.

“Tifa said I can join you at the bar.” The black haired-girl looked at the brown-haired girl with a confused look.

“She didn’t say anything to me about it? Selphie?” Yuffie questioned snidely as Selphie struggled.

“But…” Asuka tried to argue her case as Yuffie cut her off.

“I didn’t hear her say shit about you coming with us, so just get your ass back in the truck like a good robot.” Yuffie said in her bossy tone that Asuka hated.

“Stop being a fucking cunt Yuffie she said…” Asuka held her ground as Yuffie fired back with a control code.

“Order 18: Get back in the truck and shut up your fuckin’ mouth!” Yuffie shouted as Asuka froze in place and did what she was told. Selphie glanced over at Yuffie as she felt a bit bad Asuka.

“I hate you!”

Asuka repeated in her head as she climbed back into the truck and slammed the door.

“Stupid-ass machine…, come on Selphie, let’s go.” Yuffie chucked boorishly as she grabbed her sister wing and pulled the concerned girl away from the truck.

“But, Yuffie…?” Selphie stopped in her tracks as the dark-haired girl looked back surprisingly at her.

“Fuck her, come on, time to get shit-canned!” Yuffie smiled fiercely as Selphie looked back to the truck, and then followed her sister.

“Sorry Asuka…”


Chapter 12

Title: Darkness falls

[Author's notes: A small cut.]

“How many times are you going to watch that ridiculous movie Maggie?” An older man groaned aloud as he walked passed his wife to the kitchen to grab a beer.

“Until you buy me some new ones Gus and you were at the Corner the other day.” The woman said softly as she continued to sew a little nic-nak. The two lived in an outpost in the waste, they may be old, but they were armed to the teeth. Before Gus could defend himself an alarm rung out as his computer fired alive.

“Someone is incoming from the northwest.” The voice explained as Gus rushed to his control room.

“Bring it up on screen, and wake the girls!” Gus sat down as the nightlight screened out to the desert. Around the outside of the mini fortress heavy caliper weapons locked and loaded as Gus scanned the darkness.

“What is it Gus?” Maggie asked as she stood up and followed him into the den.


Chapter 13

Title: Bad news at the box

The sun started to set as the four angels stood outside of a large brownish building, with a massive steel door barring the way.

“This is the Sandbox?” Gem asked unsurely as she looked at the others.

“Yep, let’s go in.” Tifa marched up to the door and banged as hard as she could on it. A small metal slit opened as a pair of hard eyes looked out.

“What’da ya’ want?” The voice was as hard as the eyes as Tifa growled back fearlessly.

“A drink, now open the door before I kick it down on your fucking head bitch.” The slit slammed shut as Yuffie chuckled and nudged Tifa.

“You really know how to woo a girl Tifa.” Selphie shook her head as Tifa just smirked, waiting to see what her comment bought her.

“I don’t think she’s going to let us in.” Gem spoke up as multiple locks suddenly began to open. The door swung open as a large black woman stood on the other side of it, frowning. Tifa walked up to the woman still smiling as the others tensed and waited for the fireworks to explode.

“You really want to do this ya’ skank ass bitch?” The woman cracked her hefty knuckles as Tifa lurched forward and hugged her. The dark-skinned woman hugged her back and laughed, knowing she had freaked the others a little.

“How goes it Mo?” Tifa asked with a laughing tone as everyone relaxed now.

“Good, Good girl, you know how I do, ya’ girl Paine’s upstairs ya’ gotta keep tha’ bitch in check for real, already told her ass once.” The others chuckled as they passed by the bouncer and headed up the stairs. Gem could hear loud music and chatter coming from just ahead as Tifa turned around. Both Selphie and Yuffie groaned, knowing she had something to say as Gem gazed up at her.

“Yuffie go to the bar and start a tab, Selphie, look for Paine and the sisters, Gem, I want to speak privately for a minute.” At the end of her sentence Yuffie and Selphie were gone as Gem looked at Tifa with an unsure look. With the others gone, Tifa took a deep breath and began to speak.

“Gem, I know you got a lot of stuff going on in that head of yours, but please don’t say anything to anyone about you being “The Red” There is a huge bounty on that name and these people around here wouldn't think twice about guttin’ your throat and trying to collect…”

“What about Paine and the others?” Gem whispered quickly as she felt like a burden to Tifa now.

“Ivana and Lulu when we get back, but not to Paine… She had a bad experience with that name so please just play it cool and everything will be fine, ok?” Tifa put a hand on Gem’s shoulder as Gem shrugged it off.

“What happened?” Demand was soaked in the red head’s words as Tifa’s grimace.

“Gem…” The petite girl glared at her mentor as Tifa saw a hardening look in the young girl’s eyes.

“Stop dodging my questions Tifa I’m fucking sick of it! Now answer me!” Tifa held out for a moment as she shook her head.

“Her family was killed by Red; she was living in a bad part of the city when a firefight and explosion ripped throughout the complex she was living in. Her mother, father, and two sister were in the apartment next to where it went down, she had been at the store when it happened, she wasn’t the same after that, I met her a couple years later at an orphanage when they still had them, she was so lonely…” Tifa paused as she looked at Gem who had lightened her eyes.

“I think you get the picture.” Tifa cleared her throat, turned and headed to the noise. Gem’s heart swelled in her chest as she watched Tifa disappear and then quickly follow. It was strange, she had not thought about where or how the others came to be Angels, it was never brought up and for good reason. Gem stepped into the dim bar as she looked around. All walks of life seem to be crawling the bar as Gem spotted the others and headed for them.

“There’s our little RED!” Paine yelled drunkenly as she got to her feet and held her glass high. Yuffie and Selphie grinned as Tifa drank her beer quietly and continued to talk to Meg and Jo. Gem smiled shortly, sitting next to Selphie as the brown-haired girl handed her beer.

“So what have you heard?” Tifa looked at the sand sisters seriously as Meg shook her head.

“Not good, something is going on out there, Gus’s outpost was destroyed and nobody knows what happened.” Meg explained as Jo nodded.

“A rouge gang or cult maybe?” Tifa figured as Jo shook her head.

“Gus had the strongest outpost and any group stupid enough to attack it would have to deal with 50cal. Auto-turrets, you’d need 50 merc’s armed to the teeth.” Jo continued. “On top of that we only found Gus and his old lady, their yard was spotless, and they didn’t even gut the place, everything was still there 50cal.’s and all.” Tifa found that strange indeed, a gang or cult would have taken anything not bolted down, then rip out the bolts and not a single killed attacker? No way.

“Besides that, there’s a big sign up job going around right now, the GOVs paying big bucks to get mercenaries to clear out a number of the old cities…, 4# and 5 # are cleared problem is everyone’s gettin’ the panties off but only a few are really making the sweet fuck, A week ago Starky’s whole group was found dead in their semi outside City 3# and Mire’s group is missing along with the Clutch boys.” Jo leaned back as Tifa listened intently.

“The worse thing a lot of other groups haven’t come back to the other outposts either, 10 in all and only 4 have made the mark.” Meg pointed out as she sipped her fruity drink.

“So the pay keeps going up, and groups are getting wiped out?” Tifa frowned viciously as she knew clearing muties was hard enough, but having to clear a city was complete madness without an army.

“Yep, and I seen some GOV spooks earlier, looks like you girls are next, with Sin and Joe’s lot too.” Tifa grumbled at the other groups as she finished her drink. Ivana had hired out to the GOV before, and they paid exceedingly well for the Angels to join their ranks, but after hearing the sister’s side which was the best info in the waste, she became standoffish, a rare and dangerous feeling for the right wing of the Black Angels to have.

“Enough talk, lets drink!” Tifa couldn't do anything about the future but she could do the present and fuck the rest! The others yelled and raised their glass to the partying and drinking that was about to commence.


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