Story: Midnight Flight (chapter 7)

Authors: AnsticeVolk

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Chapter 7

Title: Competition Pt 2

[Author's notes: Yeah...I am finally updating...this is just a short chapter to get me back in the mode of writing...the next chapter should be a lot longer.]

In youth we learn; in age we understand. Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach ---------------------------------------- 


            Aidan and Nuriel were clad in fire red ensembles, each carrying a flaming sword.  Varon and Nixie were dressed in cerulean blue attire and each carried a sword engulfed in what seemed to be the essence of water.  The two couples stood on their designated stone boxes and waited for the ref to say when the fight would begin. 


            “Here we go people of Spira!  The second match starts, the fiery, young couple of Aidan and Nuriel versus the matured, torrent strength of Varon and Nixie!  Who shall emerge victorious?!  Begin!”


            Aidan, a young spitfire, rushed toward Nixie with her flame brand high in the air.  Nixie tightened her grip on her sword, her aged hands popped under the taut pressure.  Aidan reached the ashy haired woman and leaped high onto the stone block.  Slicing down, she attempted to end the battle quickly and severely wound her opponent with an attack to her clavicle.  Not being new to the fighting game, Nixie side-stepped her attacker and hit the young woman with the hilt of her sword and knocked her off the block.  Giving chase, she agilely front flipped off the box and stood ready for another attack.


            Meanwhile, Nuriel and Varon were crossing swords on the other side of the arena.  Metal met metal, fire met water, and youth met maturity.  The swords would steam as the flame brand met the watery essence of Varon’s weapon.  Nuriel was obviously stronger than his opponent, yet what he had in strength, he lacked in experience.  Similarities went for Nixie and Aidan; Aidan may have had speed, but Nixie could read her every move.


            The battle raged, the element of Ifirit versus the element of Levethanian.  Nuriel swiped his blade and singed the hairs of Varon’s graying beard.  Satisfied he almost hit Varon, he dropped his guard for a fraction of a second.  Having read his challenger’s posture, Varon side shuffled into Nuriel and slammed the hilt of his sword under the young man’s chin as hard as he could, rendering the lad unconscious.


            Nixie and Aidan fought diligently, each wanting the win so badly they fought even harder than they thought possible.  Running and slashing horizontally, Nixie tried to land a hit on the back flipping Aidan.  On the fourth back flip, Aidan’s hand slipped from sweat and she fell to the floor stunned.  Nixie raised her blade and brought it forcefully down.  Aidan swiftly rolled to the side and swept the older woman’s legs out from under her.  The woman’s water brand was tossed a few meters out of reach.  Having turned the tables, Aidan smiled smugly.  Raising her own weapon, she was going to end this for good.  Her searing blade came crashing down; Nixie raised her arm, getting ready for intense pain, but then…the hiss of a fire being doused by water could be heard.  Varon prevented his wife from any harm by blocking Aidan’s sword with his own.  Pushing the young girl’s sword away and causing her to falter back, he handed Nixie her weapon that was once oh so far away.  The seasoned couple stood side-by-side and raised their swords.  With hers in her left hand and his in his right hand, they both pointed their blades at their opponent.  Her right palm and his left palm met and they chanted together, razor sharp points still aimed at the girl.  Soon the blades of the swords elongated and strong, rushing water could be heard whirling its way around the swords.


            “Give up girl…unless you really think you can handle this,” Varon taunted with a deep, throaty voice and a smirk.


            “I-I…I…,” Aidan sighed and tossed down her sword, “I give in…you two win, but next time my boyfriend and I will prevail…don’t think you’ve seen the last of me and Nuriel.”


            “Yeah, whatever kid.  Just go get your man and leave.”

             “…and the winners are…the veterans, Varon and Nixie!  What a fight!  But don’t go too far folks; the next battle will be happening soon.  Will Rikku, Paine, Raztodow, and Dvacka please come to the fighting arena?  Your match will begin soon!”--------------------------------------------------             “You hear that Painey?!  We are so totally up next!  Weeee, this is going to be so great!”                        Paine grabbed the bouncing Rikku by the shoulders and forced her to stay still.  Looking into her eyes, “Rikku…remember…this may be a public fight, but it is still a fight nonetheless.  It’s dangerous so be careful and remember what we trained for.  Be patient, don’t go rushing in there Rikku…and remember your speed…keep that in mind too.”                        “Aw come on…I’ve been in plenty of fights before and-“             “Yes but we weren’t fighting for,” Paine leaned in close to Rikku’s ear and whispered, “chocolate Moogle Coins.”             Rikku tilted her head in because the warrior’s breath tickled her ear, and she smiled.  “You’re right Dr. P.  Those scrumptious Moogle Coins’ lives are on the line.  Just like the early bird gets the worm…the best fighters get the coins.  Where there’s a will there’s a way.  Those coins got a date with destiny and we have to be there to meet them.  Teach your man how to fish and there’s no I in TEAM.”             “What?”             “Oh…sorry Paine…heh heh, I was on a roll with some nifty sayings…and I -”  “Let’s just head for the arena before I hurt you,” Paine said shaking her head with a tiny smirk. 

            Rikku “eeped” and followed Paine closely to the fighting floor where the ref was waiting with the other two fighters.


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