Story: Midnight Flight (chapter 5)

Authors: AnsticeVolk

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Chapter 5

Title: Training

[Author's notes: um...still don't owe the people...places...yeah...okie dokie then.  here is a chapta...a fiveo]

Beware the fury of a patient man.
-         John Dryden




            “Hey Dr. P lookie here,” Rikku said as she pointed to a poster on the wall.  “It’s a fighting competition that is gonna be held right here in Luca.  ‘Winners get 100,000 gil and a year’s supply of Chocolate Moogle Coins.’  Ya know Paine, I would enjoy some of those Moogle Coins…mmm so chocolaty and delicious.”

            “Wipe the drool off your chin and look at what is below what you can win.”

             “Only couples may enter…that is a cute picture of Capt. Spira and his wife.”  Rikku just looked at the poster a little more.  “Oh…OH…I get it…like only couple couples, right?”

            Paine nodded and then slightly shook her head at the blonde’s slow comprehension process.  Rikku stepped back and put her hands on her hips and looked up towards Paine.  “So…what’s the problem?”

            The warrior’s eyes bulged a little and her cheeks tinted a pale pink.  “Rikku.  Um, we ca- we can’t enter that.  I mean you and me.”

            “It’s cause I’m Al Bhed isn’t it.  I knew it…I was sooo stuuupid to think-”

            “No, Rikku, it isn’t that you are Al Bhed it’s-”

            “I know Paine, I was just kidding.  Come on…it’ll be fun.  The competition only lasts a day and it isn’t like anyone will be there that we know personally.  Pleeeaase!  Whadya say Dr. P?  Come on!”

            The silver haired girl looked at the poster once more and pursed her lips.  “Well, I don’t know about you but I could always manage having some extra gil around.”

            Rikku smiled flamboyantly and squeezed the warrior in a monstrous hug.  Paine grinned and prayed that no one that they knew would be there; or if there was someone they knew, that she and Rikku wouldn’t lose to them.




            Aboard the Celsius, Rikku and Paine were on the deck sparring to get ready for the competition.  “Okay Rikku, with your speed you should be able to parry an attack and strike the person at least two or three more times.  So instead of stopping after the second strike, keep hitting them and then back away before they can counter.”

            Rikku nodded her head and lunged at Paine with her daggers gripped tightly in her fists.  Slicing a little too hard, she stumbled down from lack of balance and Paine moved in with her sword.  Halting, with the blade pressed against Rikku’s back, Paine stepped aside and lowered her weapon.  Rikku panted heavily and slammed her fists onto the floor.  “Aww, poopie.”

            Paine offered her hand to the thief, who accepted it.  She pulled her up to her feet and rested her sword on her shoulder.  “I’m sorry I keep tripping Paine.  I guess I must just be falling for you,” Rikku said as she tapped the warrior on the nose, smiling.

            The girl quickly cleared her throat, “Let’s just hope you don’t fall for anyone else out there.  If so then there will be trouble.”

            “For you or for them,” Rikku replied with a wink, hoping to catch the warrior off guard with her remark.

            Paine leaned in very close to Rikku’s face and she could feel the warrior’s breath on her lips.  “For them.”

            Herself being caught off guard, Rikku blushed profusely and giggled with nervousness.  “Now, Rikku, this time just stand back and wait for the opportune moment to strike.  Don’t rush in and commence the attack…be patient and let them come to you.  Ready?”

            The Al Bhed nodded and readied herself for the charging assault.  Paine circled her once and then dashed towards the thief with her sword raised.  Rikku evaded the attack and struck Paine three times before the girl swung back the hilt of her weapon and knocked Rikku off balance and to the ground with force.  Rikku looked up with a pouting face and crossed her arms.  “Kad ib meddma dreav...dryd'c hud jano palusehk uv oui.” (Get up little thief…that’s not very becoming of you.)
            “Cu fryd ev ed'c hud palusehk.  Oui red sa rynt yht dryd rind.” (So what if it’s not becoming.  You hit me hard and that hurt.)

            The warrior sighed while looking at the ground and then looked back at Rikku.  “Come, let’s take a small breather.  What do you say?  We’ve been up here for hours.”

            “Well, okay, but only after we spar for five more minutes; if I don’t fall down then we can take a break, but if I do we keep at it until I stay standing.  Agree Paine?”

            Glad the blonde was actually serious about her training for once; Paine agreed and turned on her mike.  “Buddy, cdyndehk huf, damm sa frah veja sehidac yna ib.” (Buddy, starting now, tell me when five minutes are up.)
            “Um…ymnekrd.” (Um…alright.)

            Rikku popped up off the floor and stood ready for Paine to attack.  The warrior ran towards her and drew her sword down for an overhead strike.  Rikku stopped the blade in between her two crossed daggers.  With Paine intent on driving the sword down, Rikku used the silver haired girl’s force to her advantage.  Guiding the sword swiftly to the floor, Rikku quickly sidestepped to Paine’s left and held a dagger behind the older girl’s ear.  She’s learning…heh, she got me…that was quick.

            Standing slowly from her hunched position, Paine rapidly rotated her arm around the blonde’s and created an arm bar to trap the girl in.  Pulling upwards on the arm, the pain caused Rikku to drop her dagger.  Realizing she had another one, she twirled it to reposition it and bring it down onto Paine.  Paine used her free hand to grab Rikku’s wrist with the weapon and she squeezed her pressure point until that too fell to the floor.  Still holding onto the wrist, she swung it over and around Rikku’s head behind her as she released the arm bar.  Thus causing her to be holding onto Rikku’s left wrist with her right hand and them to be facing at each other.  “Now that we’re both disarmed, let us see how you fair with hand to hand combat.”

            Rikku weaseled out of the vice grip that was bestowed on her by rotating her wrist to the outside of their bodies.  Reaching around with her right she initiated a punch to Paine’s stomach, only to be stopped halfway with a swiping forearm.  Paine then jabbed with her other hand and so began a long series of blocks and punches between the two.  Rearing back, collecting her strength for a second Paine unleashed a powerful strike towards Rikku’s stomach.  Rikku somersaulted back on her hands and then to her feet, ready for another powerful attempt by her friend.  Paine ran forward and front flipped high into the air and was coming down with one leg ready to heel Rikku through the deck.  “Eep!!”

            Rikku shrieked as she evaded the girl’s strong attack.  On the floor, Paine swept her leg around to knock Rikku off her feet.  The Al Bhed jumped and leaped over Paine whilst using the girl’s shoulders to shove her more towards the deck.  Paine captured Rikku’s hands, causing the girl to face plant into the Celsius’ deck floor.  “Owie.”

            The warrior rolled the thief over and sat on her with a knee on each side, keeping the blonde’s arms pinned to her sides.  “Well, Buddy hasn’t said time was up so I suppose we keep on working at it.”

            Rikku was panting hard and tried to wriggle her arms free.  Kashii “Sorry Paine, it has been six minutes sense you told me. I lost track of time.”

            Rikku smiled and in between labored breathing, “Heh, I guess I didn’t fail this little session, considering I just fell and it has been six minutes.  So Miss. I-made-Rikku-fall-face-first-into-the-floor, you can get off me and we can go on that break.”

            Shaking her head, Paine got off Rikku and the two began their way to door.  They picked their weapons up off the floor and walked toward the elevator; leaving behind blood, sweat, and plenty of dents, only to be reacquainted with as soon as their break was over.




A.N. Wow…ya know, I feel sorry for the Celsius.  I mean all it did was take them places and they gotta go dent it.  Hm, oh yeah, I changed from putting the Al Bhed translations at the end, to put them right after what was said.  I was thinking how I wouldn’t always want to scroll down to look at it if I dunno what it said.  Yeah, okay then…peas read dis and maybe find it in yer kidney to possibly review…maybe... eh? Eh?

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