Story: Midnight Flight (chapter 4)

Authors: AnsticeVolk

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Chapter 4

Title: Past Experiences

[Author's notes: Alrighty then…I’m am officially on break and that means I’m a busy busy person.  I did this chapter while at work so…don’t get mad that it is eh.  Um, okay then, I guess I’ll let you begin…riiiiight….now….go!

In secret we met - in silence I grieve, that while thy heart could forget, Thy spirit deceive.  If I should meet thee after long years, how should I great thee? – with silence and tears.
                                                - George Gordon, Lord Byron “When We Two Parted”




            It was quiet in the elevator.  Rikku stood close to Paine, her fingers intertwined with hers.  When the lift stopped they walked out onto the deck and sat down near the ornament.  There they stayed until they noticed the ship was getting ready to land on Besaid.  Rikku bolted up and stood in disbelief as Yuna ran out of the ship and towards the village.  She saw the figure run into a tent and it didn’t come back out.

            “Wha…,” Rikku scoffed.

            Paine, who watched the whole thing as well, felt her hands clench into fists and her brows furrow.  Damn her, that little…

            Paine lost her train of thought as she heard Rikku quietly laughing under her breath.  She faced towards the blonde and tilted her head with a questioning look.

            “Ya know Dr. P…I…I HATE HIIIIM,” Rikku screamed the latter part out towards the village, “I’ll never know what I saw in hi-“

            Paine’s eyes slightly widened as she took a small step back, “What?”

            Rikku began to panic a little and a thin veil of sweat started to form on her brow.  She sighed softly and it looked as if she was getting ready to cry.  The warrior didn’t know whether to comfort her, be angry at her, kill Yuna, kill Tidus, or just leave this life behind and start anew.  She decided just to stand there until Rikku had stopped crying.

            “We sort of went out, kind of, about two years ago.  I liked him and it seemed that he liked me.  We fooled around a bit but when I didn’t let him go all the way he got mad and said I was a tease.  He then started looking at Yunie and soon enough went after her, thinking she would be easier since she lived a sheltered life.  She didn’t know what was right or wrong in that area.  Later he came to me and said we should still be friends.  I, being a stupid kid thinking I still ‘loved’ the boy, said okay, hoping he would maybe come back to me.  When he was gone to Sin, I figured that he was a big poopie and that the only reason I liked him was because he said he liked me.  Never did I really like him…nor did he like me for me.  Just because I was cute and had, still have by the way, nice bod.  I guess I’ll never find someone who’ll not use me and like me for me.”

            Paine’s tense features had softened at the last sentence.  She wanted to tell the thief how much she cared.  She wanted to pull her into her and kiss her.  She wanted to just tell the girl everything…but she couldn’t.  It pained her to know that she once like Tidus.  It pained her to see her crying over a pansy like him.  Yet worst of all, what pained her the most was she couldn’t tell Rikku what she truly felt inside.

            Paine…what are you thinking of me?  What’s going thought your mind right now?  Please do something…just anything…please, Paine.  Please don’t just stand there.  I can’t take it any more.  Do…something…
            The warrior saw the thief’s pleading look and all she could do was stare.  Damnit Paine, move you body…do anything but just stare at her.  Move.
            Using all her might, Paine had willed her body to finally move.  She stepped forward towards Rikku and wrapped her arms around the Al Bhed’s smaller frame.  Rikku melted into the embrace and pulled Paine even closer.  She slid her hands up Paine’s back and under the leather shawl.  She felt the warrior’s abs tighten slightly against her own stomach.  She felt a hand now on the nape of her neck, underneath her scarf and the other at the small of her back.  The cool leather sent small shivers down her spine.  Being this close to the warrior made Rikku think when they were on the deck together the night before.  Rikku had kissed her.  She didn’t make a face, get angry, or wipe it off.  She blushed.  Heh…big, bad Painey blushed and didn’t know where to look.  Do ya think?  Would I be lucky enough for it to be true?  I shouldn’t chance it.  Maybe I’ll ask about it later.  I just wanna stay right here.  Forget Yunie and Tidus.  What I want…is Paine…

            Kashiii.  “Rikku,” comes Buddy’s voice from the intercom, “just want to let you know Yuna is back in Besaid and she told me to tell you and Paine that she is sorry and also that she-” Click.

            Paine’s hand was between the two of them and over Rikku’s mike.  She tilted her head down and looked at Rikku with a sultry look, causing a small blush on the blonde’s face.  “I don’t want to know what she has to say.”

            Rikku grinned and inhaled deeply, making their bodies touch each other again.  She brought Paine into her and embraced her tightly once more.  



            “Rikku!  Brother, your little sister cut off her mike while I was talking to her,” Buddy exclaimed.  He wondered why there was no response so he looked at the captain’s seat and saw Brother heaving with sobs.  He had tissues stuffed up his nose and his eyes were puffed up.

            “She left me…again!”

            Buddy turned and looked at Shinra and they both sighed and shook their head.




A.N.  I suppose that is all for this chapter.  I know it was shorter but…well there is no excuse…just where I wanted to stop had less stuff.  Um, I guess that is really all I have to say…for those of you on break too…happiness towards ya and those who aren’t…some other kind of happiness towards ya.  R & R please, just to be kind!

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