Story: Midnight Flight (chapter 10)

Authors: AnsticeVolk

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Chapter 10

Title: Food, Sunset, and a Vending Machine

[Author's notes: is the next chapter!!!]

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

-Judy Garland


“Hey Painey-pants! How’s the boo boo doing?”

Paine looked towards the young thief bounding up the stairs. The windows above their beds were open to let in a warm breeze. It twisted its way around the Al Bhed and down to the bar below. “It’s still sore. How’re you feeling?”

Rikku came and sat next to Paine. “Fantabulous. I still have some minor bruising though.”

Paine stared at her feet. “Rikku…”

The warrior faced the blonde. Rikku’s eyes, as bright green as ever, stared back waiting for her to continue. Paine opened her mouth but couldn’t get out what she wanted to say. She closed it and looked away again. “Paine?”

The older girl inhaled deeply, “Thank you. I owe you one.”

Rikku make a pouty face then looked at her feet. “I’m…actually the one who should be owing you…you pushed me out of the way. Why would you do that? Why would you sacrifice yourself for me?”

People do crazy things…when they’re in love. Paine stayed quiet.

“I would’ve done the same for you though,” Rikku muttered, barely audible.

Paine had heard her. A warm feeling moved it’s way from the pit of her stomach to her chest. She felt as if her insides were on fire. She leaned over towards her pillow and reached under it. She grabbed a small bag and tossed it to the thief. “That’s yours by the way.”

Rikku opened the bag. Inside was her scarf. Tears formed in her eyes and she shook her head as she glomped Paine. She laid her head on her chest and cried as she held on tightly. I can’t believe Yunie would ever use a strong enough spell to do something like that. She could’ve killed us. She could’ve killed you. I almost lost you. Never would I have thought it’d have hurt this much. Never leave me… “Never leave me…”

Paine’s eyes grew wide and then softened. “Never.”


Rikku sniffed and pulled up off her friend. She hid her face as she sat back near the foot of the bed. She giggled softly and looked at Paine with moist eyes. “We have a secret now…”

“What’s that?”

The thief smiled. “I saw that tear in you eye at the competition. You cried, Paine. You are human after all.”

Rikku twisted and laid her head in the warrior’s lap looking up at her. “Rikku…I was skewered by a huge piece of ice…even I can’t control the way my body operates if that happens.”

“Yeah well,” Rikku sat up and leaned on one arm over Paine’s lap, “it still happened and I won’t forget it.”

Paine leaned her head to the side and smiled, “You won’t will you? Then I have no choice but to hurt you.”

She then pinched her once. Twice. Three times. “Owie Paine! That’s playing dirty!”

“Oui drehg dryd'c bmyoehk tendo? Meddma dreav E ryja pynamo pakih.” (You think that’s playing dirty? Little thief I have barely begun.)

With that said, she poked at Rikku’s bruises. The Al Bhed squirmed and stood up with a fist cocked back, aimed at Paine’s stomach. “Don’t think I won’t!”

The warrior grinned, “Do it then.”

Her fist cocked back again and then dropped. Unable to go through with it, she went and sat on Yuna’s old bed, now hers. She put her elbows on her knees and placed her chin on the heels of her hands and huffed. Paine stood up and walked to the banister. “Hey Barkeep. Toss me two Moogle Coins.”

“Yesh Mish Paine.”

The Hypello bent down under the counter and brought up two coins. He threw them up to the requester with surprising accuracy. Paine caught them and nodded. Walking back to Rikku, she kneeled down in front of her holding out the two pieces of chocolate. “Truce.”

Rikku smiled and grabbed them. “Fine…but it’s only temporary. I’ll get cha later!”

“I’m sure you will.”

The blonde stuffed an unwrapped coin in her cheek and chewed. She tilted her head and stared at Paine. The warrior smiled slightly with a small nod. She turned to her bed and laid down. Rikku began unwrapping the other coin and stopped. She stood up and jumped on Paine’s bed, straddling the older girl. “Let’s go do something.”

“And what do you suggest?”

“Let’s go for a walk. Just the two of us. No Brother, no Buddy, no Shinra, no Barkeep. You and me. What do ya say?”

“Hm…sounds safe so far…any place in particular?”

“The Moonflow,” Rikku responded a little too quickly, “Or…Macalania Woods…or”

Paine placed a finger on the thief’s lips, “the Moonflow will be fine.”

Good. That’s just what I wanted to hear! “I’ll go tell Brother to drop us off.”

Rikku cheesed a big smile and hopped off Paine. She ran down the stairs and towards the elevator. She seems happy about this. Is this a date? !! Paine sat up quickly. Is it?! No…it’s not…it’s a simple outing…just the both of us…at…the place we met. Hm…I bet she doesn’t even remember we met a year ago so…nothing special really. A small activity to fight boredom…yeah.

The warrior talked to herself when a familiar voice entered her head. “Paine, you ready,” Rikku yelled up from the bottom floor.

She got off her bed and walked down the stairs. “You changed.”

The blonde now wore denim jeans with a white halter top. Her belt hung on one loop and was draped along her hip on the other side. She wore white sneakers and bracelets of many colors on her wrists. “Yeah I changed. It’s starting to get a little cooler now, but I’m glad to see you noticed!”

It’s hard not to in something that different. “…did you want me to change?”

“You don’t have to…but I mean…if you want…it’s a lil chilly,” Rikku said scuffing at the floor with her shoe.

“Alright…I get it…give me a minute.”

Paine went back upstairs and looked through her drawers. She settled for jeans, a black spaghetti strap tank, and a fitted bomber jacket. She put her boots on and went back downstairs. She tapped Rikku’s shoulder, who was sitting at the bar. “Ready to leave?”

Rikku grinned and nodded. They walked to the elevator and pressed the engine room button. The ramp lowered and the two girls jumped down. Brother’s voice came over the outer intercom. “E’mm kad oui dfu mydan. Fa yna kuehk du ryja puoc hekrd uid.” (I’ll get you two later. We are going to have boys night out!)

“How much you wanna bet he is going to forget us?”

Paine smirked. “I bet you…he will.”

Rikku tugged at Paine’s arm. “Come on…let’s go.”

They walked in silence for a while. Paine kept her hands in her jacket pockets and Rikku kept hers clasped behind her back. Both knew they wanted to say something but neither knew what to say. Rikku ended up breaking the silence with small talk. “So…you think it’s good that they got rid of the machina that used to transport people around the Mi’hen Highroad?”

“For the chocobos it is…but I doubt lazy people thinks it’s a good idea.”

“You one of those lazy people, Paine?”

The warrior nudged Rikku with her elbow and smiled. “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

“Hey! I’m a very active girl! And I’m happy they finally thought of the poor chocobos. Those things running them off the road and killing them. They have it hard enough with the fiends around there.”

“Well, they’re doing fine now. Their population has grown a good bit since they’ve taken them away.”

“Good. Spira needs more chocobos. They’re so cute and fluffy…especially the baby ones.”

I seriously doubt you wanted to talk about chocobos, Rikku. “Yeah…”

Rikku inhaled deeply and stopped. Paine stopped too. The blonde’s mouth moved to the side and she looked down at the grass. Paine eyed the Al Bhed and waited to see if she would say anything. When she didn’t, she moved in front of her and lifted the girl’s chin with her hand. Emerald eyes stared back into crimson ones. “Is there a reason you wanted to come to the Moonflow?”

Rikku’s gaze went from Paine’s eyes to her lips and to some brush behind the warrior. Paine took her hand away and took a half step back. When Rikku still said nothing, she started to continue to toward the lake. “You’ve forgotten haven’t you?”

She stopped. “Forgotten what?”

Rikku’s voice sounded faint. “That…this is where-”

“We first met?”

Rikku’s eyes brightened immediately. She remembered! “Yes.”

The older teen turned around. “How…could I forget that?”

The thief smiled and ran up to Paine. She ran her arms around the girl’s waist and pulled her into a hug. Paine encircled her arms around the blonde and gently smiled into her hair. Rikku’s eyes closed as she listened to Paine’s heartbeat. The thumping had increased slightly since she laid her head down. She moved her hips toward Paine’s and pulled her closer. Again the heartbeat had increased. Paine swallowed softly and pulled back. “Come on. Let’s keep going.”

Rikku bit her lower lip and nodded. She then entwined her arm around Paine’s and walked closely beside her friend. Reaching the lake, they both searched frantically for Tobli, in hopes he wouldn’t be around. Much to their delight he was off at the Thunder Plains, striking up some new business scheme. “Hey Paine. You know they built that new café on the lake around here. What do you say we go try it out?”

“Alright. Quickly, the shoopuff is loading now.”

They jogged to the huge animal and boarded. It being close quarters, Rikku clasped herself onto Paine, nearly knocking her over. Steadying herself on the railing, Paine held Rikku with one arm and the rail with the other. “Oh oh oh! Look bro look! That’s Rikku and Paine! They totally won that tournament a few days ago! Oh man! Let’s go talk to them! Come on come on!”

“Dreke, I seriously doubt celebrities like that would want to talk to you. Just leave them alone will ya?”


“No man! They’re not like that. They are awesome. Please come with me to ask them for an autograph once we get off!”

The older brother shook his head and grumbled, “they don’t want to talk to you or give you an autograph. They are on a simple outing and don’t want little snot nosed kids like you ruining it.”

Dreke huffed and crossed his arms.

“You hear that Paine? Us…celebrities! People want to ask us for our autographs!”

Paine raised an eyebrow. “That’s different. I didn’t think the competition would have been that popular.”

“It most def seems that way! We gonna give that kid an autograph when we hop off of here?”

“Did you want to?”

Rikku smiled brightly and nodded her head vigorously. When the shoopuff stopped at the café half the people got off. The two brothers had began to head to the pier to fish when Rikku ran up to them. “Hey there. I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and we’d,” Rikku said as she grabbed Paine’s arm and pulled her next to her, “love to give you an autograph.”

Dreke blushed profoundly and wore a huge smile. He quickly emptied his pockets looking for a piece of paper and marker. He held a crumpled receipt and stubby pencil out to them. Paine reached over to one of the tables and grabbed a napkin with the café logo on it. She then reached in her jacket and pulled out a black marker. Quickly signing her name, she handed it to Rikku. “Heh heh, I reckon that’s a lot better then my receipt and pencil,” Dreke mumbled, quite embarrassed.

Rikku signed her name and added some O’s and X’s to make it cute and handed it to the blushing boy. “There you go, Dreke is it?”

“Yeah! That’s right! Oh…would you mind writing ‘To Dreke’ on that? I mean…if you could…you don’t have to at all.”

“Sure, no problem!”

Paine glanced at the older brother. “Would you like one too?”

He quickly shook his head up and down, speechless at how nice they actually were about this. “Hand me another napkin then Paine.”

Rikku took it and signed it and gave it to Paine. “Um…to Trahnk…if you will…”

Paine stopped for a moment. “And how do you spell that?”

Rikku giggled as the boy answered, “T-R-A-H-N-K…”

Placing the marker back in her pocket, she handed him the napkin. He bowed and fawned over it for a minute before his little brother snapped him out of it. “Man, thanks a bunch you two! This really means a lot! Well, we better go catch dinner…if y’all wanna join us we’ll be just over there. Again, thanks a bunch!”

The two brothers ran off, leaving the two girls with a view of their backs. “So…you always carry a marker in your pocket?”

“You never know when you may need it.”

“Hm, what else you got in there?”

The warrior raised an eyebrow and gave her a small smile. Slightly shaking her head, she walked towards a booth under the awning. The blonde quickly followed and sat across from her friend. A waitress almost immediately came up and asked what they wanted to drink. “Tea.”

“And I’ll have the same…oh, but with two lemons please.”

The waitress walked away to get their drinks. She quickly brought them back and laid down two menus. “Awesome, thanks sweetie,” Rikku said with a wink.

The server reddened slightly and walked away. Paine stared at the thief. “…did you just wink at her?”

Rikku, who was taking a huge gulp of tea, sputtered out a very wet cough. She quickly wiped away the mess and stared at Paine, who looked back emotionless. “Um…heh…yeah I think I did.”

Paine picked up her menu and opened it. With a tiny shrug, she averted her gaze down to the entrees. What…that’s it? She shrugs and looks away! Oh no no! I’ll make her jealous. Where’s that waitress…girl is gonna have a fun night tonight! I’ll get a rise outta Paine.

The waitress came back with a tablet and asked what they would like. “I’ll have Lady Spira’s Hoagie and…Rikku?”

Rikku licked her lips and leaned her elbow on the table. With cheek in palm she smiled sweetly at the waitress. The girl raised her eyebrows and smiled shyly back. “Is the Machina Minestrone any good?”

“Um…yes it is actually quite good,” the waitress answered nervously.

“Really,” Rikku grinned as she looked the girl up and down, “I’ll take your word for it. Now…does it come with a salad?”

“Y-yes it does.:

“Hmm sounds wonderful. I’ll have that then.”

The server wrote it down and walked away quickly. Paine tongued her cheek for a moment. Is she doing this on purpose? Is she trying to make me jealous? It is Rikku after all…

“Yeah…so…this is a really cute place. I’d hate to be here during hurricane season though. Whoosh…there I go.”

Paine merely nodded and looked around. She caught sight of a little girl being tugged by the arm, a giant white bird perched atop the gazebo roof, and the rays of a sun getting ready to set. Usually she didn’t like watching the sun set, but here…she enjoyed it…it seemed right to be here. She sighed and turned back to Rikku. The blonde had her head in her hands and was watching Paine. “What?”

Rikku smiled and shook her head. This caused Paine to become self-conscious and straighten out her jacket. The Al Bhed smiled wider and leaned back in her seat. “Do you feel different? Like…this place has released something inside of you?”

The warrior wondered if that was what she was feeling. It did feel as if her soul was free…as if there was nothing holding her back from what she wanted. A sort of euphoric feeling. She felt Rikku’s hands in hers and looked up. “You do, don’t you?”

Paine bit her lip briefly and nodded. “Paine…I just want to tell you that-”

Rikku stopped talking as the waitress walked up with their orders. She quickly released her friend’s hands and moved her drink aside. The server swiftly placed the food down and asked if they needed anything. A forthright no and a flirtatious response were her answers. Paine didn’t want Rikku to keep flirting but who was she to stop her? Not like they were together or anything…although everyone who watched the tournament figured they were. Paine’s expression was melancholy for a moment before it changed back to the same expression the young warrior always wore. Not unnoticed to Rikku, the thief simply pursed her lips and stared down at her food with feelings of disheartenment.

The two ate in near silence, with the occasional comment about how good the soup was. After they were done, the lady brought them separate checks. Paine pulled out some gil and placed it on top of the check. Rikku reached in her pocket for her gil and did the same. “Hm…you think 60 gil is too much a tip for a 104 gil meal? Heh heh.”

“Why don’t you just leave 100 and a key to the Celsius while you’re at it,” Paine retorted as she got up and walked to the railing.

Rikku pouted as she left her money and slowly walked up to Paine. Maybe I overdid it…I never knew she could really be that sensitive. “Paine…”

Paine merely hung her head down to stare at her reflection in the water below her. She could see Rikku’s walk up beside her. Neither of them said anything. Rikku looked as if she was about to cry when she perked up just a little bit. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a Moogle Coin. She scooted it over Paine as a peace offering. Paine glanced at it and knocked it off into the water. Honestly, the offended expression on Rikku’s face made her feel much better. She smiled and even laughed a tiny bit. Rikku took out 20 gil and set it where the Moogle Coin once sat. Paine again glanced at it and this time grabbed it and pocketed it. The blonde huffed and placed her hands on her hips. “You have anything else in your pockets? Either the sea or me will end up with it.”

Rikku took out a napkin she stole and reached into Paine’s jacket and took out the marker. She wrote ‘Sorry’ on the napkin and signed it with a heart and her name.”

Placing it next to her friend she waited. Paine read it and turned so her back rested against the banister. She grabbed the napkin and looked at it again. Taking a step towards Rikku, she shoved the napkin in the blonde’s mouth and walked past her. Rikku’s head fell and she took the paper out of her mouth. Sheesh…now I’ve done it. Hasn’t she heard the saying that to err is human and to forgive is divine? And she kept my 20 gil… Tentatively, two strong arms wrapped themselves around the Al Bhed. Rikku melted into their owner and sighed happily. A faint scent of vanilla enveloped her senses and she leaned her head back to look at the warrior. Paine looked down at Rikku. She looked so beautiful right then. The setting sun made her face glow and her green eyes gleamed brightly. The thief’s breathing had become slightly irregular as she stared up at Paine. Her eyes turned scarlet in the sun’s rays, her complexion was exquisite, and her gaze was smoldering. Rikku bit her bottom lip. She wanted to kiss her so bad. A real kiss…not the short light pecks they did for the tournament, but a genuine kiss that meant something.

Rikku turned to face the older teen. She pushed a couple strands of hair out of Paine’s face, only to have them fall back in the same position. She smiled and moistened her lips. Paine was inwardly freaking out right now but, like a true warrior, she hid her emotion and looked as cool and calm as always. She swallowed hard and gently licked her lips. The thief began to slowly move closer to Paine and her eyes began to close. Paine wanted this more than anything…but why couldn’t she close the distance? She looked away and placed two fingers on the thief’s mouth. Rikku’s eyes opened. Removing her hand, the older girl walked backwards and sat at a table. She ran her hands through her hair and hung her head down with her fingers laced behind her neck. Rikku stood there dumbfounded. Should she go talk to her?

Damn. I’m such an idiot…that was the perfect moment. Why couldn’t I kiss her? Why couldn’t I just…why? She’s all I want and yet…I just can’t. She obviously feels the same as I do…I think. No! She does…stop doubting it Paine. Shit…that was the perfect moment…and I ruined it. Idiot. Why am I such an idiot…Rikku…

The blonde figured it was best to let Paine think to herself for a couple minutes. She rested her head on her crossed forearms and looked out to the sea. Maybe I was too forward. Maybe she really doesn’t…like me. Did I mess up again? She was just so beautiful…I couldn’t help it. Yeah! I’ll just say I was caught up in a moment and that I don’t really like her like that. But wouldn’t that be the biggest lie I ever told…bigger than the time I told the girls’ blitz ball team that Brother was gay so he could stay in their in the locker room. Heh, man where they surprised. Rikku looked back to Paine. She was still in the same position.

I wish I hadn’t have walked away. How can I go back? What do I say? That I am a foolish airhead who is hopelessly in love with you? That you complete me and I never want to lose you? Damn, that’s so cliché. Eragh! That was the perfect moment!! Paine looked over towards Rikku. Why would she like me? I’m cold, distant, sarcastic, standoffish…everything she isn’t.

Paine…please come back. I promise I won’t come on to you. I’ll give you your space but please just let me know everything is okay. I’m sorry.

She’s perfect. Paine smiled. She is everything I’m not. She closed her eyes and sighed. Fuck it. Paine stood up and walked to Rikku.

Hearing her footsteps, Rikku turned to face her. “Paine I’m really sor-”

Rikku’s words were cut off by Paine’s lips pressing against hers. Her hands were on Rikku’s face, pulling her closer. Rikku inhaled sharply and closed her eyes. Placing her hands on Paine’s hips she felt her slowly pull back. Her face held a dubious expression which made Rikku smile at her finally showing some insecurity. The last few rays of the sun shone upon them. Rikku’s eyes sparkled with intrigue as Paine’s fiery eyes danced with anticipation. Reaching around her neck, Rikku drew Paine into warm kiss. The warrior encircled her arms around the thief’s waist and pressed their bodies together. Rikku tilted her head and deepened the kiss. Gently, Paine bit Rikku’s lower lip and felt a hand run through her hair. She felt Rikku’s tongue lick her bottom lip softly. Paine pulled back minutely and breathed against the Al Bhed’s mouth, lips barely touching. They inhaled deeply as they connected in another brazen kiss.


The two girls quickly separated and looked next to them. There stood a fifteen year old boy with eyes bigger than a blitz ball and mouth agape. Rikku smiled and grabbed Paine’s hand. Running past the boy, she placed a Moogle coin in his mouth and they ran to the pier. Cid’s daughter was laughing hysterically as she sat down on the edge of the dock, bringing Paine down to sit next to her. Swinging her legs back and forth she slowly calmed down. The silver haired girl smiled and gently chuckled, “Well, if that wasn’t a mood dampener.”

Rikku laughed again and hugged Paine. “That stupid kid! Hah hah, what a little skeezball! Heh heh…ohhh…man…heh…hey. It’s getting late.”

“I told you Brother would forget us.”

“Nah, I think I told you,” Rikku said scrolling up the page.


“How much you wanna bet he is going to forget us?”

Paine smirked. “I bet you…he will.”


“See…I mentioned it first.”

“You know…I didn’t deny that you did.”

Rikku grinned and kissed Paine, “Come on…we gotta go find an inn. Guadosalam is the nearest so lets go there!”

The two stood up and walked to the shoopuff boarding bench. They sat down and as soon as they did, two familiar faces ran up. “Hey you two!”

“Hey Dreke. Trahnk. You two just get done fishing?”

“Yeah we did and check out this whopper I caught five minutes ago,” Dreke boasted as he held up a ginormous fish.

The fish flopped around and Dreke lost grip on the rope and it fell on Rikku. She shrieked and threw it back to Dreke who caught it and began laughing. “Oh man…I’m sorry Miss Rikku…this guy is pretty strong…I’m real sorry about the slime on you.”

“Paine! A guh,” the slimy girl sounded as she pointed at the goo on her shirt.

Wiping a finger through the goop, Paine simply retorted with a smile, “Yep…that is fish slime.”

“Wha? Slime Paine! Fish slimy slime goo slippery nasty wet fish mucus-like stuff!”

Paine stood up and took a step near Rikku. “Well, wash it off then,” she said as she pushed her off the deck into the water below.


The two boys and warrior were laughing as she splashed around in the water. She then grabbed some rope out of Trahnk’s hand and tossed the end down to blonde. Rikku grasped it firmly on her end as Paine and the boys began to pull her up to the dock. Finally reaching the top, she stood up and began slinging water off her arms. Paine whispered loudly to Trahnk, “She kind of looks like a drowned rat.”

Hearing her, Rikku launched herself at her and squeezed firmly to get as much water into her clothes as possible. Paine tried to pry her off but the girl had a death grip on her. Dreke tried to help Paine but was instead victim to the goo Trahnk threw at him. When the shoopuff finally arrived, both girls were soggy and the brothers were covered in fish slime. The Hypello gawked but didn’t say a word.

At Guadosalam, the girls said bye to the guys as they went back toward the Moonflow with their caught dinner. They walked into the inn and asked for a room. “The twin beds will be…240.”

Rikku smiled, “Just give us the queen and we’ll be just fine.”

Paine quickly looked at her. Rikku winked, “what? It’ll be cheaper.”

The receptionist typed it in, “alright…that will be 190.”

“See that…I saved you 50 gil.”

Paine smirked and rolled her eyes. Handing the lady the money, she got a key in return.

They walked back in the hallway and their room was the last door on the left. “Hey! Right near the vending machines! Alright! How about a thank you Rikku for saving me money and getting a spot near the food machines!”

“How about I just let you sleep in the bed and not have you camp out on the floor.”

“I’ll take it!”

“Here. Take the key and I’ll go get some clothes we can sleep in and wear while these wash.”

Taking the key, Rikku unlocked the door and glanced back at Paine as she walked to the small store. The thief twirled around turning on the lamps and singing. She plopped down in the burgundy chair and sighed happily. “Today…was a great day.”

Twenty minutes later, a knock on the door. Rikku walked out of the bathroom with a towel on and opened the door. Paine walked inside and handed Rikku a pair of green and white shorts and a white and yellow chocobo shirt. “You done with the shower?”

“Yep. You can go on ahead.”

Nodding, Paine headed for the door with her black pants and black and green tank with a Tonberry on it. She tossed them on the sink counter and stripped down to take a shower. Rikku soon knocked on the door as asked her for her wet clothes. “Okay…I’m coming in! My eyes are closed!”

She had one hand over her eyes and the other was reaching on the ground for the clothes. Grabbing them she smiled and began laughing, “you know…” she searched for the toilet bowl handle, “this is for poking my bruises and pushing me into the water.”

With that said, Rikku pushed down on the handle and bolted out of there. All she heard was her name being screamed and a stream of curses. Putting all the clothes in a bag, she proceeded to the laundry room, every step laughing at the expression Paine probably had when the ice water hit her. She placed the bag on the counter and smiled at the young man reading a magazine. She placed 20 gil on the counter, “wash and dry please and the room is 14. Thank you.”

Paine was towel drying her hair when Rikku got back. “Mission Clothes Wash completed.”

The older girl nodded and turned to go brush her teeth. “I bought you a toothbrush. It’s in the bathroom.”

Rikku glanced down and began laughing so hard. Nearly in tears she tried to babble at what was so funny. Not catching any of it, Paine glared a little. Rikku grabbed her and took her to the bathroom mirror and turned her around. Looking back at her reflection, Paine saw what Rikku found so funny. On the seat of her pants in white lettering was the word “Doink.”

Rikku finally caught her breath and blurted out, “yeah! I’d doink that! Hah hah hah hah!”

Paine grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste and walked out, closing the door behind her. If it wasn’t her then maybe this would be a little funny. But she hated being the butt end of a joke. Back in the Crimson Squad, the boys sometimes would gang up on her. Of course it was okay if they all ganged up on each other…just not her. She walked in the bathroom to spit out the toothpaste and Rikku was sitting on the counter holding her toothbrush. Paine gave her the toothpaste and walked back into the main room and laid down on the bed. She soon heard a spit and the water run. Then the padding of feet shuffling closer on carpet. When the noise stopped she opened her eyes just in time to see an airborne Rikku falling closer with a huge smile. “Got cha!”

Paine quickly rolled off the bed as Rikku flopped down, face first, into the bed. She muffled into the pillow, “mmhf…that tho wathn’t fair.”

Laying on top of Rikku and balancing on her, Paine grinned, “I don’t see what wasn’t fair about it. You didn’t ask to squish me…”

The blonde pushed her off and jabbed her in the side. “I shouldn’t have to ask! You should know that I always have the right to squish you.”

“Is that right?”

Rikku quickly straddled her and pinned her arms over her head. “Yeah…that’s right.”

She leaned down and brushed her lips against Paine’s. Rolling over to the side Rikku looked at the ceiling with a smile. Paine elbowed her in the ribs and they soon started fighting. Paine had soon gotten Rikku in a “hogtie” position with her feet and hands held together with a bed sheet. A knock at the door. Rikku groaned and slipped out of the sheet to go answer it. It was the receptionist lady. “Sorry, I forgot to tell you two that there is free breakfast in the morning until 9:30. Alright…have a good night.”

Rikku smiled and closed the door. She turned around and walked back to the bed. “Free brekkie in the morning…that’s all.”

Another knock was at the door. This time Paine went to go answer it. There stood the laundry boy with their clothes. Taking them, she gave him 20 gil and he was on his way. “Rikku…did you already pay the laundry kid?”

“Yeah. I gave him 20 gil when I dropped off the clothes. Why?”

Paine sat the clothes down on the dresser. “I just gave him 20 more gil.”

Rikku laughed, “I guess the kid had a good night tonight then.”


Rikku pulled back the covers so Paine could climb in. She leaned over and turned off her lamp. Paine laid there for a minute before she turned off hers. Rikku snuggled closer and wrapped her arms around her friend. “Night Paine.”



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