Story: Midnight Flight (chapter 1)

Authors: AnsticeVolk

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Chapter 1

Title: Wind Wake

[Author's notes: I don't own the song or people. Nightwish owns song and Square-Enix owns characters and all that stuff. Just making sure ya know. Still getting used to this.]

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.
- Aristotle


Paine hears the door to the deck open and the familiar tapping of the thief’s boots as they come closer. Taking her gaze from the dark sky, she glances at Rikku who shines her trademark grin. A small smile tugs at the corner of Paine’s mouth as she turns back to stare at the blue abyss in front of her.

~We’re walking in the air

~We’re floating in the moonlit sky

~The people far below are sleeping as we fly


Rikku’s usually bright eyes are now dreary and moist. She steps closer to Paine and embraces her tightly, crying softly onto the warrior’s collarbone. Paine is taken aback by the sudden touch but it quickly registers that Rikku is crying. “Rikku? What’s the matter?”

Not pulling her face away from Paine, the young girl sniffs loudly, “I miss Yunie, Paine. I-I just want her to come back to us.”

Eighteen days ago Yuna was reunited with Tidus and the two have been inseparable ever since. She seemed to have forgotten all about her cousins and friends. Brother took it hard but Rikku is the one who seems to be taking it the worst. In the past few weeks she’s eaten less, slept less, and wasn’t her usual happy-go-lucky self.

~I’m holding very tight

~I’m riding in the midnight blue

~I’m finding I can fly so high above with you


Paine gently pushes Rikku back and focuses on the young girl’s features. Her eyes, now puffy from crying, her hair, messed up from not taking the time to perfect it, and a small snot bubble popping, making the girl look even more pathetic. Paine’s own outer features were unchanged but her inner essence was in turmoil. She recently found she liked the thief a little too much and seeing her like this was tearing her up from the inside out. Sighing, Paine pulls Rikku back into her and rests her cheek on her head. She stares out and sees they are flying over the Calm Lands.

~Far across the wold

~The villages go by like trees

~The rivers and the hills

~The forest and the streams

The wind leaves and icy trail on Paine’s chest where Rikku’s tears had fallen. A faint “thank you” is heard by the blonde as she takes a step back. She wipes the remaining tears from her eyes and looks back up at the warrior. Her crimson eyes stare back at Rikku’s emerald ones with such feeling that the Al-Bhed wonders if that is still Paine. A gloved hand raises and wipes away the liquid sorrow on the girl’s chin. Paine sees the moistness on her glove and frowns but is then replaced with a smirk. “Famm, fryd tu oui cyo fa ku kad ran pylg? E lyh'd ryja oui ymm cyt mega drec, meddma dreav.”

Rikku’s eyes are immediately brightened as she flashes a massive smile. Quickly placing her arms around Paine’s neck, she stands on tip-toe and pulls the woman into her. The kiss is brief, yet full of emotion, ends when Rikku leans back and looks at a very surprised Paine.

Paine, not knowing where to look, glances at the ground and sees some young Ronso stop their late night snowball fight and gawk shockingly up at them. Paine blushes and wonders why Brother is flying so close to the base of Mt. Gagazet.

~Children gaze open mouth

~Taken by surprise

~Nobody down below believes their eyes

~We’re surfing in the air

~We’re swimming in the frozen sky

~We’re drifting over icy

~Mountains floating by

Rikku smiles shyly and turns a tint of red as Paine turns on her mike. “Brother, let’s make a stop at Besaid and kidnap Yuna.”

“Yuna? Roooger!”

Paine turns the mike off and the Celsius takes a sharp turn in the direction of Besaid. The warrior catches Rikku before she falls and pulls her close. The feeling of the blonde’s warm breath on her neck and the soft touch of her hands on her back causes Paine’s breath to snag. An aura of happiness beams off the Al Bhed as she and Paine ride to go kidnap their friend and cousin.

The ship takes a dive over the Besaid Ocean and towards the small island.

~Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep

~Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep

~We’re floating in the midnight sky

~And everyone who sees us greets us as we fly

Translations: Well, what do you say we go get her back? I can't have you all sad like this, little thief.
Well, that is all for this story. I kind of want to make it not a one shot but who knows what I’ll do. R&R pleeeeaase

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