Story: I never told you (all chapters)

Authors: little_leaf

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Chapter 1

Title: One-shot

I never told you

This isjust a short, probably bad, one-shot I wrote after a very bad day so flame meif you like. All kinds of reviews are welcome.

Disclaimer:I don’t own Sailor moon etc. ect.


I haven’tseen the other car coming. My eyes were fixed on the road, waiting for thetraffic lights to switch to green. My mind was already at my destination, yourhouse, looking forward to meeting you. This should have been a perfect day tohave a picnic with you. It was dreamlike weather, warm and sunny, a beautifulspring day.

When I gotthe go from the traffic lights and started to drive on, all of the sudden aflash of blue shot out on the crossroad.

The impactcame so fast I didn’t even feel it. Everything turned upside down, there was anear shattering noise, squealing breaks and then nothing but deaf silence in myears.

´No, thiscan’t be happening!` was all I was able to think of.

After amoment the world came back into focus. With difficulty I tried to gather myposition. I was still in my car, lying in the shattered glass of the doorwindow. My car, a rather smashed piece of steel on the asphalt, two wheels upin the air.

Slowly thesilence fades away, but my body still feels oddly numb. The only thing I canmove is my left hand, which I bring up to my eyes in a gesture of helplessness.It is red, covered by blood, my own blood probably, due to the window glass. Itslumps down again.

“Minako,I’m sorry, but I think I’ll be late” my voice is barely a whisper.

Unknownvoices approach me, though I don’t see the persons they belong to, for I amtrapped flat on my back.

A shrillgirlish voice screams “Oh my god! Blood, everywhere!”

Another oneshouts “Call an ambulance! Immediately!”

It isgetting noisier around me and more difficult for me to hear only one person atime. They’re voices all get mixed gradually.

“A caraccident….yes…serious head wound….hurry!”

´Headwound` It seemed like the other driver was injured as well.

At the peripheryof my vision blurred faces appear. Above them I can see the sun, still shiningdown on this day that had been supposed to be perfect. Now the sun only seemsto mock me, so I close my eyes.

Again Ihear a voice, right next to my ear this time. “Don’t move her, or she’ll evenlose more blood. Her condition’s already critical.”

Awfullyslow my brain puts the words in a context. The man meant me. I have a headwound.

No, thatcan’t be! I would have felt that, wouldn’t I. But actually I still don’t feelanything at all.

´I musthang on till the ambulance arrives` I tell myself

´I musttell Minako where I am or get someone tell her where I am, so she doesn’t waitand worry.`

Opening mymouth to tell that man to call Minako, I find myself unable to even voice thetiniest whisper. My tongue lies thick and dry in my mouth, unwilling to movejust like the rest of my whole body. Panic captures me then. I try to open myeyes to find the lids have gotten to heavy to do so.

´Damnit!`This is the end. I know it. The ambulance won’t make it in time. I’m about tobreathe out my life every second.

´That’s notfair!` I always thought when I would die, I’d die in a heroic way. Protectingyou from a danger and then dying in your arms, breathing out “I love you” as mylast words.

This wouldhave been a death I would be proud off. Dying for the one I love.

My situationnow is anything but heroic; trapped in a smashed car, just another trafficvictim. And worst off all; you aren’t there. You are still waiting in your apartmentfor me to show up. The only remaining wish inside is was to cry but my bodydoesn’t manage even that though I want nothing more than that right now. Cryabout the unnecessarity of that accident, the cruelness of fate and mycowardice for never telling you how I truly felt.

Because Iknow now it is too late.

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