Story: Bubblegum Crisis 2042: Moments in Time (chapter 3)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 3


Bubblegum Crisis Moments In Time


"Hi Silvie," Sara smiled up at the female boomer, the thirteen year old girl sitting on the floor by Mackey and Nigel as they reassembled the motorbike. The light brown haired girl was covered in grease but quite happy, sitting by the troolbox ready to hand any needed tools over.

"Good afternoon," Silvie smiled back, the boomer bowing to her slightly as well. Like many boomers she looked human, but in this case she had silvery eyes and hair, giving her an almost unearthly look. She was clad in shades of blue, a simple yet comfortable jumpsuit.

Sara cheerfully handed over a requested wrench as she seriously said, "I think Priss-poppa is hiding from you again."

Silvie actually sighed softly, the human gesture oddly cute from the boomer. "I know," she conceded, "though I still don't understand why."

"Priss-poppa has issues," Sara said wisely.

Sylia Stingray fought back laughter as she turned away from the monitor, looking at the faintly pained look on Priss' face. "I think our daughter is a bit too precocious," Priss grumbled, her dark brown hair falling into her eyes.

"Yes, she certainly has you pegged," Sylia agreed, eyes filled with amusement as the silver haired woman sat by her on the sofa.

"Don't you start," Priss grumbled, slouching in her seat dressed in jeans and T-shirt.

Sylia looked at her with some sympathy as the stylishly dressed woman said, "You're still uncomfortable around Silvie?"

"I think the whole idea is bizarre," Priss shook her head grimly, "where the hell did you even get the idea for this?"

"It's a logical extension of my previous designs," Sylia said with a shrug. She fixed Priss with a serious look, "Would you at least try?"

Priss sighed, holding up her hands in surrender. "All right," she said, "you know I can't resist when you get that look on your face."

"Good," Sylia bent forward so that her breath caressed Priss' ear, "and as a reward Nigel and I will take very good care of you tonight."

"Sylia!" Priss blushed.

Just then the sound of a chime rang out, a familiar tone to them all. "Miss Sylia," the black haired boomer rushed in, her appearance eerily similar to Silvie's near perfect form except she was dressed in a silver jumpsuit, "we've received a request for assistance from the AD Police."

"Thank you Athena," Sylia said as she and Priss got up, "has the customary sum been deposit in our account?"

Athena nodded, "Already confirmed."

"Linna and Nene?" Sylia asked as she pulled her top off, unclipping her dress once she shrugged her bra off.

"Nene is on scene with Minerva," Athena said as she moved to stand intimately close to Sylia, "she'll be ready to deploy when needed. Miss Yamazaki-Chang hasn't responded to the alert yet."

"Aren't she and Reika out of town," Priss remembered, her eyes almost unwillingly drawn to the stripping Sylia

"I remember," Sylia slid her shoes and stockings off, then casually stripped her underwear off, feeling Priss admiring gaze. She held out her hand to Athena, "Let's go."

Athena took Sylia's hand then the boomer seemed to dissolve, it's artificial flesh and bones flowing over the nude woman like water. It coated her in seconds in a off gray shell then hardened, colors shifting and changing until Sylia was dressed in a replica of her original hardsuit.

"I don't know if I'll ever get used to that," Priss muttered as she began to strip, her own clothes hitting the floor quickly as she waited for Silvie to arrive.

The visor of Sylia's hardsuit drew back on her mental command as she smiled. "You'll adapt," she promised.

"Don't bet on it," Priss bitched as Silvie rushed inside and over to her side. She offered her hand to the boomer as she flatly said, "Ready."

"Go," Silvie nodded as they shook hands and initiated the conversion from normal boomer servant to hardsuit. In only a moment Priss was garbed in a light and dark blue armor, resembling her original suit with some variations.

Reaching up Priss tapped her visor, withdrawing it to reveal her catlike eyes. "Are we using the launcher?" she asked Sylia as she followed her through the halls.

"We'll have to, the mobile pit isn't going to get us there in time," Sylia said, stopping by a control panel and accessing news reports along with police band data. "Two of the older generation boomers are rampaging," she sounded annoyed, "the AD Police are containing as planned."

Stepping into the magnetic rail gun that could launch them anywhere in the city Priss noted, "I still find it hard to believe that you've got a formal agreement with the AD Police."

"Why not?" Sylia looked amused as she took her own position. "The AD Police knows we're the most cost effective way to deal with boomers."

"I doubt Leon agrees," Priss chuckled right before the launcher fired, sending them soaring across the city.

"Where the hell are those Knight Sabers?" Leon McNicol growled, the tall brown haired man hammering his fist on the roof of the patrol car. Under his breath he grumbled, "I need a coffee."

Daley smiled up at him impishly, "Now, now, I'm sure they're on their way." Something whizzed by and both men ducked reflexedly.

The boomer made a incoherent howl, it's deformed head looking around wildly as the mutated creature dragged itself along the ground, leaving the wreckage of the burning building to look around on the sidewalk.

Nene Romanova hurried over, the little blonde followed by a sleek, pink clad boomer. "Is the other one still in the building?" she demanded.

"As far as I know," Leon grumped. Both stayed crouched by the cruiser, seeing the boomer tearing at the sidewalk for more rubble to throw.

"Thank you Leon-poo," Nene teased, her impish manner oddly out of place with her sergeant insignia. A bit more seriously she said, "Excuse me."

"Don't call me that," Leon barked as Nene hurried off.

"Why do you call him that?" the boomer asked curiously as she hurried by Nene's side.

"Because it's fun, Minerva," Nene answered impishly. They ducked into an out of the way alley and Nene quickly stripped her uniform off before she clasped Minerva's hand and ordered, "Initiate transformation."

"Transformation begins," Minerva flowed apart gracefully, swirling around Nene to reform into a suit of familiar looking armor.

As the armored Nene hurried out of the alley she heard the distinctive sound of the Knight Sabers landing on a nearby roof and used her boot thrusters to carry herself up to their side. "What took you?" Nene teased.

Sylia turned, her wicked smile evident even through the armor as she purred, "Sorry, Priss and I were a bit busy when you called."

"Really?" Nene squeaked, feeling her cheeks redden.

"She's exaggerating," Priss said dryly, her body nearly humming with anticipation beneath her hardsuit. "It's on a standard rampage? No unexpected variation?" she asked crisply, her voice entirely professional.

Nene nodded, "Two boomers, one in the structure, one on the street, both are following the usual progression in transformation."

"And the AD Police is still maintaining perimeter guard?" Sylia asked her, confirming the earlier report.

"The Boomers stay in, civilians stay out," Nene nodded.

"Then let's go take out some boomers," Priss grinned as she lead the charge off the roof.

To be continued!

Chapter Notes: The original idea for a android/human armor merger comes from Figure 17, but I should also offer a tip of the hat to Dan Wisner, who co-wrote a fic on the topic with me over in our Tennokiken crossover.

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