Story: Looking For You (chapter 2)

Authors: writer jm

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Chapter 2

Title: Together Again: One More Discussion

[Author's notes:

   Well, how did it go? I personally enjoyed the image of Dorothy playing the dashing hero. I had planned on having her wear a Zorro disguise, but I thought that might bring things a little outside the box. (Wouldn’t have been funny though?) I knew Dorothy had to have a sword. A gun just wouldn’t work for me. Plus, I think Relena wouldn’t have approved.

As I’ve said before, I really love the pairing. I’ve hinted at a couple of others for you to pick up on, but this isn’t a pairing convention. It’s fun to write this kind of fun stuff.

This next segment won’t have any big action, because I wanted to put more focus on Dorothy and Relena. I really don’t want to make them OOC, so pray for my success!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. I would have a lot of fun redoing it though! (insert cheesy evil laugh)

Speaking “….”

Thoughts ‘….’


Chapter Two: Finding A Peaceful Moment

After a week on the run, Dorothy and Relena had escaped to one of Dorothy’s relatives’ house in France. It was an old family home in the countryside and peaceful. The couple arrived the previous night and groggily collapsed onto the bed. Their escape had been long and secretive. Dorothy and Une had called in many familiar faces to help: Heero and Duo helped Dorothy escape the house, Sally Po to sneak them out of the country, and Hilde and Catherine to slowly move them across Europe. Various others looked the other way or left the keys in vehicles.

Now, they finally had a chance to relax and enjoy each others’ presence. The morning after their arrival, they decide to enjoy the countryside. They picnicked on a hillside under a tree. The weather was pleasant with a soft breeze caressing their hair.

Unsurprisingly, they were having one of their discussions. What used to be a swift, philosophical fencing match turned into a relaxed swap of ideas. Instead of witty remarks and smirks, loving smiles and caresses were exchanged, whether for persuasion or just a heart felt expression. No matter what, they knew they always had one thing in common: their absolute love for each other.

As they lay on the blanket talking, the topic leaned towards the tentative peace and Relena’s role in maintaining that peace.

“Peace may come and go, but love, if truly felt by both people, can last forever!” Dorothy said, giving Relena’s hand a squeeze. Relena was surprised at how romantic her girlfriend could be. However, some worries would not go away.

Relena sighed. “But what will people think about our relationship?”

Dorothy leaned over to look directly into her love’s eyes. Her eyes were filled with determination and love. “Who cares about them! Your happiness and well-being is my only concern.” The serious look turned into a false look of concern. “Besides, I get worried with you being around old men all day. They’ll sap up all your youth and vitality.”

Relena laughs and kisses their joined hands. “You give me my youth back.”

“You’re very welcome.” They shared a giggle.

A moment of silence followed. The queen of the world had a concentrated look on her face. “Won’t they say that there is something morally wrong with our being together? I can’t stop thinking about how my brother reacted.”

The golden blonde instantly responded: “Are you talking about that Bible verse? Well, it mentions men ‘lying’ with men, but I didn’t see anything about women ‘lying’ with women…” She finished with a grin that made Relena turn bright red.

She quickly tried to regain her composure. “Isn’t that a blanket ruling though?”

Dorothy laughed as if it were completely insignificant. “Of course not, that whole book is about specific rules and situations. Those are Jewish laws by the way.” She gave her love a sly look. “Are you Jewish, Relena?”

The honey blond shook her head. “No. You’ve got a point.” She sighed as she gave Dorothy a strawberry. “We’re still going to have to deal with the social backlash.”

Dorothy embraced her, comfortingly. “You’ve been fighting the tides of war for longer than I’ve known you… This will just be another battle, although much more personal. This time I will support you fully, no matter what.” She placed a tender kiss on Relena’s lips.

“Thank you, Dorothy. You saying that means everything to me.” She kissed Dorothy back with a vengeance. Breathlessly, Dorothy handed her love a small box. Relena looks at it with some surprise. She opened it and saw a huge diamond ring. She gasped. “Is this an engagement ring?”

Dorothy smiled. “Where do you want to spend the honeymoon?”

With tears in her eyes, Relena replied: “I don’t care as long as I go there with you!” She said before tackling her fiancé to the ground and kissing her senseless.

“I love you, Relena Dorlain Peacecraft.”

“I love you, Dorothy Catalonia.”

There was a moment of silent cuddling following their declarations. Then, Dorothy spoke. “Relena would you be willing to take my name? I think it would be cute.”

“I would love to. Relena Catalonia… It has a nice ring to it. What about you?”

“Dorothy Catalonia-Peacecraft? I’m sure your ancestors would roll over in their graves.”

“It would symbolize the change in our lives and the fact you’ll be married to a pacifist.” Relena said with a smirk.

“I guess I’ll be fighting different battles from now on.” Dorothy said with a fake pout before tackling the honey blonde again.



A month later, Relena and Dorothy made their reappearance on the world scene at a television studio in Germany. They walked right in and became instant news. An impromptu news conference was formed. The reporters were somewhat surprised to see the young diplomat reappear after her mysterious vanishing act during her wedding. No word was issued forth and all inside the Sanq kingdom became tight lipped.

Now, Queen Relena had come back with a Romafeller heiress on her arm. This familiarity garnered a few confused looks, but was dismissed with a cold glance from the former monarch.

Relena approached the podium as cameras came to life. Dorothy stood close behind her, smiling.

Relena smiled and spoke into the plethora of microphones. “Good evening. As most of you may or may not know, I am Relena Peacecraft of the Sanq kingdom. This past month I have been missing after my attempted wedding. I admit that the man I was supposed to marry was not of my own choosing. However, that’s not what I came here to announce.” She glanced back at Dorothy who came forward and lifted up one of Relena’s hands to show off a pair of matching golden bands. “I’m announcing that I’m officially Mrs. Relena Peacecraft-Catalonia!” She finished with a smile. Dorothy took this opportunity to smother Relena with a kiss on live television.

4 billion people gasped simultaneously.


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