Story: Final Fantasy Crossover (chapter 3)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 3

Title: Rikku's lust

[Author's notes:

I've gotta kinda bogged down with this one, But I'll figure something out





"What's wrong with your face Yuna? You look a little flushed. Is everything ok?" Rikku looked strangely at Yuna as the girl’s face filled with color.

"It's nothing, just the heat," Yuna's blush darkened, as she knew Rikku was staring at her and wasn’t buying it. Yuna stepped out of the elevator silently, trying not to look over at Rikku as the short blonde stopped in her tracks.

"Something happened didn't it? Did they hurt you, threaten you?" Rikku asked madly as she gripped Yuna’s arm. Yuna's eyes glared at Rikku's hand as she traced it to her face.

"Nothing happened, we just talked is all." Yuna lied through her teeth and she faked a smile.

"But Yuna..." Rikku protested Yuna’s answer as Yuna cut her off.

"It's nothing, just be quiet!” Yuna frowned coldly as she turned her back on Rikku and stormed down the hall, leaving Rikku dumbfounded. Rikku opened then closed her mouth as they rounded the corner in silence.

Back in the room Aerith and Tifa ate quietly as they looked silently at each other.

"Why did you do that?" Tifa finally asked as she set down her hands on the table, looking directly into Aerith's eyes.

"I was just trying to be nice," Aries wiped her mouth as she picked up her glass and sipped slowly from it.

"You came off like a two gil slut." Tifa's voice hardened as she picked up her silverware and continued to eat. Aerith’s jaw dropped as Tifa's words touched her in a dirty way. Aerith's quick wit held steadfast as she started to speak.

"I don't know what came over me, after all the killing, chasing, running, I just couldn't control myself it felt so pointless trying to tell her how thankful I was so I just showed her," Aerith explained, unashamed. Tifa understood it had been a stressful couple of hours on them, so it made sense why Aerith felt the way she did. In a strange way, Tifa felt the same way. She had always enjoyed the touch of her own sex, especially Aerith. Tifa had watched her sweat, bleed, and cum a lot over the last couple of months and she loved it. And now, there were three young, gorgeous girls. Special and hot in there own ways.

“I would have got naked first.” Tifa thought slyly to herself as a smile crept across her face, unknowingly she giggled aloud at the thought of her kissing the beautiful Yuna, instead of Aerith. She looked glassily over at Aerith as her mind started to dance.

"What's so funny?" Aerith grinned widely; she knew perfectly well what Tifa was thinking. Aerith remembered seeing that look hundred times.

“Dirty bitch is jealous of me.” She thought to herself as she kept smiling.

"Nothing." Tifa smiled dryly and continued eating quietly.

Yuna and Rikku walked down the hall as there footstep echoed darkly off the hall.

"Yuna?" Rikku voice was soft as silk as she spoke to the floor walking next to Yuna.

"What is it Rikku?" Yuna replied calmly as she snuffed her lusty thoughts of the others away. Rikku remained silent for a moment, trying to find the words and failed.

"I’m sorry about earlier, are you alright?" Yuna looked over at Rikku as the spiky haired girl continued to walk not looking up.

"It's just, I don't know, I just feel left out, you and Paine just make me feel like you don't want me around sometimes." Rikku pouted babyishly as she finally looked up at Yuna. Tears had started to stream down Rikku’s smooth cheeks as she waited for Yuna to tell her off.

"Oh Rikku, It’s nothing like that." Yuna stopped and quickly wrapped her arms around Rikku’s head and pulled the short girl to her full bosom. Rikku begin to cry uncontrollably into Yuna’s chest as she wrapped her arms around Yuna’s slim waist. Yuna held Rikku tightly as the short blonde legs quivered wildly.

"You don't need to think that at all," Yuna assured sweetly as she rubbed Rikku’s back and head. From the corner of the hall, Paine's outline appeared slyly from the shadows, her red eyes burned malevolently into Rikku’s back.
"W-what about P-Paine?" Rikku moaned feebly as she squeezed Yuna’s body tighter.  An evil grin smeared across Paine’s face as she listened to Rikku’s girlish sobs. Yuna smiled appreciably at Rikku’s grip as she glanced sensuously back at Paine.

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Yuna suggested caringly as she looked down at Rikku’s head.

"Huh!?" Rikku looked up at Yuna’s blue/green eyes as she turned her head to the side, spotting a grinning Paine. The spiky gray haired girl stood anxiously upright with her arms crossed over her full chest, smiling insanely at the two girls.

"Yeah, ask me." Paine's smile turned to a sharp grin as she stepped toward the two girls. Rikku wiped her face of tears as she focused on the grey-haired girl. Paine's red eye's burned with a unbriled lust as she stared vigorously into Rikku innocent little green eyes.

"What do you think Yuna? You think she can handle it?" Paine spoke savagely soft as she unfolded her arms and walked right up to Rikku. Paine's fingers drifted into Rikku’s blonde hair as she inhaled the sweet smell of the Al-bhed girl. The three girls stood in silent before Rikku spoke again pinned between Yuna and Paine’s bodies.

"I can handle anything!" Rikku barked maliciously as she fisted her hands and forced her arms in front of herself, bumping Paine back.

"I know you can, come here and give me a hug." Paine opened her arms to the sad little girl as she tilted her head sadistically. Rikku moved slowly from Yuna into Paine’s chest. Paine's arms engulfed the small shaking girl’s body as Rikku turned on the waterworks, soaking Paine’s chest.

"Shhh... it's ok." Paine moaned deliberately as her fingers began to caress Rikku’s luscious body. Paine wasted no time burying her face into Rikku’s neck as she hushed the crying girl softly. Paine's red eyes lifted off Rikku’s neck to Yuna’s face as she kissed Rikku gently on the neck. Rikku moaned slowly from the touch of Paine’s lip's as her sobs turned to sniffs.

"There, there, all better?" Paine asked lovingly, yet dangerously as she slowly pulled Rikku’s short spiky hair down behind her back and looked into her wet eyes. Rikku moaned, nodding with her hair in Paine’s fist as her tears finished running down her cheeks.

"Do you ever think about Yuna and me?" Paine started meanly as she pulled Rikku’s hair with a little more force. Rikku sniffed loudly as she looked at both girls.

"Did you ever get a strange feeling over your body; like a high or heat went we smile or do something special for you?" Paine's eyes lit up as she caressed Rikku’s tight body through her leathery cloth.

"Mmmm sometimes." Rikku blushed guiltily at what Paine was asking about; she had masturbated a lot thinking of her two friends sexually. She felt the wetness grow in her crotch with strange delight as she looked shyly at Yuna. Paine grinned wickedly as she shoveled Rikku into Yuna. Yuna lost her footing as both of them hit the wall.

"Ohhh Rikku you’re so sweet and innocent." Paine dove forward as she pressed her chest against Rikku’s, pinning Rikku and Yuna against the wall.

"Yuna..." Rikku groaned chaotically as she felt both Paine and Yuna caressing her smooth body in the dim hall. Paine continued vigorously by kissing the blonde forcefully with her tongue as she dug her fingers under Rikku’s shirt to her B-cup beasts. Yuna could felt Rikku’s body heat radiating off her as she slid her lips down to the Al-bhed's slender neck and sucked nervously, fearing Rikku would object.

"Tell me the things you think about; you little slut." Paine smiled as she pulled her lips off Rikku’s, leaving her hands free to caress Rikku’s tits. Rikku panted harshly as she tried to keep her mind focused and not falling into helpless lust.

"Answer me." Paine said darkly as she pinched Rikku’s little pink nipples.

"Just tell her." Yuna purred sweetly into the short girl’s ear and licked it as her fingers trailed around Rikku’s waist and down her tight pants and to her soaking slit. Rikku flinched spasmodically as Yuna’s smooth finger's entered her wet cunt. Paine was about to continue, but her ears picked up footsteps.

"Yuna." Paine spoke swiftly as she pulled Yuna’s hands off Rikku. Yuna looked into Paine eyes and knew it could be serious and pulled back. Yuna slid from behind Rikku next Paine as the Al-bhed girl looked up at the two girls with confusion, as the footsteps grew louder.

"What's going on?" Rikku moaned hotly as she looked to both girls.
Paine dragged the sex-shocked girl down the hall to her room followed closely by Yuna. Without warning Paine pushed the girl on her bed as Yuna shut the door and hit the lights.

"Get undressed Rikku." Paine sounded off as she pulled off her clothes at a quick pace. Paine knocked Yuna swiftly to follow her lead as she pulled off her tight shirt, exposing her full C-cup breasts. Paine moaned anxiously as she groped her pussy and tits in front of the now shocked Rikku.

"Why are you doing this Paine... Yuna?" Rikku begged mercifully as she watched both of the girl’s cloths hit the floor.

"Just do what your told slave." Paine yelled viciously as her naked form sprang onto the bed on top of Rikku, who froze like a deer in the headlights. Paine's fingers worked quickly to remove Rikku’s tight pants and panties followed by her shirt as Yuna took her time and crawled bed to the scared little naked girls. Rikku murmured softly as Paine diddled her tiny twat.

"This is what you wanted was'in it?"

To be continued...

[End notes: I really need to update this, sorry to make you wait.]

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