Story: Final Fantasy Crossover (chapter 2)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 2

Title: Fight and flight

"How did it go?" Rikku asked sarcastically as Yuna strutted into the room, smiling.

"Ok, she was just tried that’s all." Yuna said smoothly as she sat down next to a drinking and smoking

"I'd like her more if she was’ in such a bitch all the time." Rikku said fiercely as she took a drink from her glass. Rikku cringed a little at the taste of the cold lager as it drained down her throat filling her with it sweet warmth.

"She's not that bad." Yuna smiled knowingly from Paine's "friendlier" side as she remembered Paine's rough but anxiously touch and taste. Yuna rearranged her legs as she felt the wetness stir between them.

"Well it wouldn't hurt her to be nice sometimes." Rikku spat venomously as she got to her feet. All of a sudden brother's voice clicked on the overhead speaker.

"Hey girls get up here you may want to see this." Brother offered quickly to the girls as his voice disappeared.
Yuna's face straighten, jumping to her feet as Rikku followed. Both girls ran for the door with in minutes the two walked out onto the bridge.

"What is it rebels?" Yuna asked anxiously as she stared at Brother and the other's working paced at their stations. The lights and buttons flashed and beeped wildly as the ship flew high above the ground.

"Soldiers." Brother said hatefully as he kept his hands on the controls, grinding his teeth.

"So what?" Rikku moaned disinterestedly as she looked up at Yuna. Rebels were one thing on the outskirts, but soldiers that was a different story. Taking out soldiers was like asking for trouble, why go through the trouble or cause more?

"There's four armored trucks chasing two people on that cycle, if you'd look." Brother assured mildly as he pointed to the screen to the right of him.

"We should help them." Yuna pleded to the crew as she watched the screen with the cycle speeding along dodging the heavy machine gun fire from the chasing trucks.

"Are you sure you want to get involved? Their Shinra, by the looked of them there a little far out for recon and I'm sure it not over speeding." The kid robot reported as he typed wildly, zooming in on the trucks logos on the screen.

"Let's do it and find out if Paine is awake!" Yuna yelled vigorously to Rikku as she ran out the door followed by tje stunned blonde to the bay doors. Yuna was in full battle mode as Rikku trailed behind like a lost girl, wanting her mother's hand to lead her.

"What the hell is that Tifa?" The female on the back of the cycle asked into the helmet’s head-set to one up front as she looked at the airship flying high and to the right of them.

"Shut up Aeris and hold on!" The driver snapped crudely as she felt Aeris's arms tighten around her slim waist. Tifa ignored the ship as she topped out the cycle at 170 mph, rocketing down the old shinra highway that hadn't been used in years. The old shrina highways stretched for miles in every direction from the ruined core, miles and miles with exit ramps for nobody to go anywhere after the city's destruction.

"What now?" Rikku asked spitefully, thinking of Yuna not holding her hand as she looked strangely at Yuna unsure what to do next. Yuna wasted no time with Rikku as she turned to the speaker and hit the button.

"Bring us down over top of them Brother." Yuna said patiently into the intercom as she opened the bay doors. The doors slowly opened, the girls held they’re ground as the pressure changed swiftly.

"Give me a couple shrapnel grenades and some cover-fire." Yuna ordered strictly as she looked down at the speeding trucks and changed into her gunner dress-sphere. Rikku handed Yuna the grenades from a side compartment in the ship as she changed her dress-sphere to the same. Rikku pulled a large automatic weapon from her back hostler, locked and loaded as she pointed to the speeding trucks.

"Sergeant is that one of ours?" The private firing the machine gun asked unsurely as he watched the bay doors open.

"Shut up and keep firing idiot." The sergeant yelled not paying attention to the ship as he remained focused on the cycle ahead. The greasy, over-weight sergeant wiped the sweat from his face as he stared out at the cycle ahead of him. "This is taking to long." He though.

"Open wide boys." Rikku laughed meanly as she unloaded her automatic weapon down at the trucks. The medium cailper bullets sprayed wildly off the trucks as Yuna pulled the pins on the grenades and tossed them down at the trucks, then pulled her twin silver desert eagle's and fired.

"INCOMING!!!" Yelled the gunner from one of the other trucks as a grenade rolled over the top of the truck and landed at his feet. The grenade went off splattering red-hot shrapnel into the gunner, driver and passenger, killing them all. The truck crashed through a guardrail and blew up in mid-air before smashing into desert floor in a flaming skeleton.

"Shit, shit, shit." The private screamed from the serg's truck, that asked about the ship, gripping his gun tightly as his truck swerved wildly, trying to avoid the other grenades as they rained down, blowing up in the road. One of the trucks smashed into the sergeant's truck, trying to avoid the death shower of bullets and bombs that followed.

"Watch where the fuck you’re going!" The sergeant screamed into radio as bullets bounced off the bulletproof windows of both trucks.

"It's no good." Yuna dropped her clips of her pistol sadly knowing the low caliper bullets would never pass through the reinforced glass and loaded two more clips as Rikku did the same with her auto.

"Yuna this is’ in working!" Rikku moaned dully as she tried to unjam her gun.

"Need a little help?" A voice asked serenely from behind them. "Paine." Yuna knew as the two turned to find Paine brandishing her high-powered sniper rifle and her gunner sphere. The gray haired girl walked closer and looked out the open door down at the speeding cycle and the trucks, then to Yuna.

"At least you got one." Paine grinned sourly at Yuna as she locked and loaded the special weapon.

"Strikers 2 and 3 put fire on that fucking ship NOW!" The sergeant bellowed loudly over the C.B. to the other trucks as his face glowed madly with anger, the ship he dismissed earlier had turned out not to be one of theirs and now he was paying for it, dearly. The gunners on both trucks pointed their 50. cal's to the sky and fired mercilessly at the opening of the ship.

"Take that you stupid cunts!" Laughed the gunner as the three moved swiftly out of harm's way. The bullets ricocheted fiercely around the loading bay desperately looking for human targets.

"I got this one." Paine gritted her teeth, closing one eye, she flipped open the scope's lid and peered in. Paine aimed carefully down at one of the gunner's below and pulled the trigger. The gun kicked back Paine's shoulder as the bullet spiraled out of the gun and into the gunner's left leg. The gunner dropped to his left side holding his bleeding leg as he still gripped the firing weapon. The gun swung to the right, spraying bullets into the truck next to it, killing the driver and injuring the gunner. The truck swerved violently to the left as it rolled onto its side, throwing the gunner out and continued to roll out of control. After the 6th roll the dead stick of a truck rolled to a bone-crushing stop upside down.

"This is all going to fuck, retreat goddamn it, RETREAT!" The sergeant yelled to the other truck as he watched the truck rolled to a dead stop like his first, his 2nd crew lost now and all from his side mirror. The two trucks crossed paths quickly and headed back down the shinra highway in the opposite direction at full speed.

"Good shot Paine." Rikku grinned wildly at the gray-haired girls marksmanship, Paine lower her gun to her side as a smirk crossed her face.

"Practice makes perfect." Paine said coolly as she put the scope's lid back on. Rikku stared fascinated at Paine as a strange heat surged over her body. Yuna locked her guns back in place and walked to the intercom.

"Jobo get ahead of them, I want to land and talk to them." Yuna asked comfortingly as she threw her hair back. Yuna turned and smiled her thanks to the others.

"You got it." Bro answered by speeding the ship up ahead of the cycle as the girls glared down at the cycle.

"Tifa you can slow down now, the trucks are gone that ship helped us." Aeris said happily into her helmet’s headset as she folded her hands into Tifa's inner thighs.

"There probably pirates." Tifa answered darkly as she continued her speeding down the road. The ship flew overhead until the bay doors were visible.

"I don't think their pirates Tifa, look." Aeris pointed up at the three girls standing in the open doors, Paine and Rikku held their weapons up as Yuna waved invitingly.

"T-They're girls?!?" Tifa looked up shockingly at the three gorgeous girls standing in the opening of the highflying ship, their hair flapping wildly in the wind like goddesses. Tifa slowed the cycle and pulled off the highway to a large paved area. Tifa turned off the bike and both girls climbed off as the ship landed near by. The three stepped off the ship and headed for the two bikers. The girls all stared unsurely at each other as Aeris broke the silent.

"Thank you." Aeris thanked as she took off her cycling helmet, exposing her soft, long, brown hair with a strange V-shape in her bangs, her green eyes gleamed brightly from the sun as the three awed at the girl's stunning beauty.

"Are you two ok?" Yuna smiled asking curiously as Paine and Rikku flanked her swiftly from behind.

"Yeah thanks." Tifa seconded formerly as she pulled off her helmet, showing off her short black hair with a long braided length in the middle of her back. Tifa flaked out her short black flanking by her long braid as she set her helmet on the bike and smiled at the closing girls.

"So why were those goon's chasing you?" Yuna asked mildly as she looked at both of the sexy girls.

"Stealing chocobo's?" Rikku joked distractedly behind Yuna's back as she looked over at Paine. Tifa glared coldly at Rikku's joke as she looked to Aeris.

"Rikku." Yuna said stiffly as she glanced over her shoulder to the small blonde, her smile flipped upside down quickly. Both Aeris and Tifa looked to the ground as Yuna turned back and focused on the two girls. They could be in all the trouble in the world and she'd still want them and she was'in the only one to feel that way.

"Our group was ambushed and killed in downtown shrina, we managed to escape with nothing but are life’s on that cycle." Tifa said malevolently looking at the beat bike as she remember the events clearly that happen minutes before the highway chase. Aeris's eyes started to tear as Tifa finished. Rikku kicked her foot at her crude joke as she heard the terrible truth. Yuna looked slowly at Paine then Rikku as an idea hit her.

"You can join us, if you want?" Yuna smiled comfortingly as she held out her hand to Tifa. This time Tifa and Aeris exchanged the strange looks as they stared earnestly into all the girls eyes.

"You mean your just going to let us join you? You don't even know us." Tifa laughed conditionally, thinking the bluish green-eyed girl was pulling her leg.

"Really." Aeris looked deeply at Paine and Rikku as tears streamed down her soft little face.

"Yeah, we really want you two... to join us." Yuna smiled a little after her short pause as she quickly finished. Paine giggled faultlessly at Yuna as Rikku felt she missed something. After a long pause Tifa finally spoke.

"OK, we're in." Tifa grinned unsurely at the girls as she took Yuna's hand into her's and shook on it.

"Alright then, let's go you look tried, we have plenty of beds and food onboard." Yuna smiled back as their hands released. Paine and Rikku turned back for the airship followed by Yuna and the others as Aeris and Tifa flanked her.

"So tell me about yourselves." Yuna asked distractedly as she walked with her two new teammates to the ship and boarded. Seconds later the ship was at full speed through the sky as Yuna lead the two to her living quarters with Paine and Rikku heading to the bar for food and drink.

"Beds, shower, the bar's on the three level and the bridge is the first, if you need anything don't be afraid to ask, Ok?" Yuna pointed out the room, soothing the two new girls to their new home.

"Thank you Yuna, I just wish we could repay you somehow for your kindness." Aeris wondered gratefully as she looked at the floor with her hands behind her back.

"It's fine, just relax and get cleaned up." Yuna smiled excitedly as she looked at Aeris and Tifa.

"No it's not Yuna, please just let me..." Aeris cut herself off sharply as her posture changed rapidly, her arms locked swiftly around Yuna's slender neck as she kissed her lovingly on the lips. Yuna eyes widened confusedly as Aeris's smooth lips connected to hers. Both girls moaned deliriously as Aeris split Yuna's wet lips with her hot tongue and explored every inch of the blue-eyed girl's warm mouth. Tifa watched breathlessly from the corner of the room as Aeris's tongue worked sensuously into their new friend's mouth. Yuna closed her eyes in desirable want for Aeris as she returned the young girl's hot kiss, tongue in all.

"Ohhhh Yunnie." Aeris purred victoriously as she pulled back slowly and stared obsessively into Yuna's sexy blue/green eyes. The girls stared at each other as Aeris moved closer to Yuna. Aeris finger's worked slowly up inside Yuna's tight white shirt as she kissed her lightly again and again. Yuna's mind went into sexual overdrive as her body burned with each new kiss. She now feared Rikku or Paine would walk in on her new sexual ambition which she didn't want, well not right alway. Yuna had felt her sexual appetite grow ever since Paine and Rikku had snatched her from her life of stardom a couple of weeks ago, that kept her from the sex her body craved so much, the sweet, sensuous touch of another. But all good things come to an end at sometime.

"Hey, I got you guy's some sandwiches and soda." Rikku busted swiftly into the room, opening the door with her ass as she held a plate in each hand with cold bottles under her arms. Yuna and Aeris quickly parted as Rikku turned around unaware of the actions of the two girls. Rikku grinned gladly at Tifa and Aeris as she held out the plates, her nipples spoke for the coldness of bottles under her arms.

"Ok, We'll leave you two to eat and rest." Yuna smiled at Rikku as both girls took their food and drink.

"Come on Rikku, let them be." Yuna said mildly as she curled Rikku up to the door. Before Rikku could react Yuna stepped her out in the hallway as Yuna followed closely behind her. Tifa stared fascinated at Aeris, who blushed slightly.

"What was that all about?" Rikku asked as Yuna palmed the small of her back down the hall.

"Nothing." Yuna smiled as she led Rikku to the elevator.

To be contined...

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