Story: Final Fantasy Crossover (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Desert Hot flash

[Author's notes: A little something from back in the day]

"I'm hot." Panted Rikku as she marched through the desert sand between Yuna and Paine.

"Shut your face, we're all hot." Paine grunted harshly as she wiped the building sweat from her brow.

"I really wish you two didn't fight." Yuna begged wantonly as she looked into the bright sky. Paine gave Rikku a dirty look as the small girl stuck out her tongue. The three girls continued to walk, forced to after a monster smashed their desert crawler.

"How long have we been walking?" Rikku moaned irritably as she started to drag her feet, leaving shallow ditches in the sand.

"About 2 hours." Yuna answered retentively as she locked her fingers together on top of her head.

"Where the hell are they?" Paine asked miserably as she looked around the empty desert sky. The Gull-wings, sphere-hunters just like the three that flew around in the ship, leaving the girls to do all the footwork.

"I'm sure there around." Yuna said peacefully as she feathered her hair out.

"We must be very fucking stupid, they fly around in that ship all day and we do all the work, it's Bullshit!" Paine bitched as she stomped through the sand.

"I'm sure they'll find us." Yuna reassured softly as she felt her sweat soak her whole body.

"Yeah our picked-clean bones." Paine muttered darkly as she looked up into the bright sky, buzzards had started soaring high above, shadowing their every move.

"Why do you always have to be so negative Paine?" Rikku nagged pettily as she sagged her shoulders.

"Rikku, just be quiet, I'm getting a headache." Paine sulked painfully as she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. Rikku gritted her teeth as she finally made up her mind and skipped in front of Paine.

"You know what? Fuck you Paine, if you would've put two in that monster's head back there, we'd be on that crawler, heading back to base right now." Rikku yelled as she walked backwards in front of Paine, pointing her finger in the gray-haired girl's face.

"Rikku come on, it's no ones fault." Yuna said quietly as all the girls stopped for Rikku's speech.

"I'm only going to tell you this once Rikku, get outta my face." Paine said malevolently as her red eyes stared into Rikku's little greens.

"Make me bitch!" Rikku screamed furiously not giving an inch.

"Now." Paine whispered coldly as she swiftly pulled her guns and pointed them squarely in Rikku's face.

"Now calm down Paine, we're all a little stressed from the heat right now, just put them away." Rikku froze in place as Yuna tried to mellow Paine out. Paine stood silently for a moment then slid her guns into their holders.

"Good, good nobody wants to kill each other out here." Yuna said smoothly as Paine locked her guns in place.

"Your right Yuna..." Paine said carelessly as she quickly backhanded Rikku across the face. A small whelp sounded from the blonde’s sweet lips as her body hit the sand.

"Paine." Yuna moaned blandly as she watched Rikku get to her feet in a hurry.

"What? I didn't kill her." Paine protested with an unconcerned tone as she looked back at Yuna.

"You fucking cunt!" Rikku roared lethally as she threw herself at Paine, sending them both to sand.

"Hey you two, stop messing around." Yuna jumped in, trying to pull the two flailing girls apart.

"Come on..." But before Yuna could finish the back of Rikku's left fist connected with her cheek, laying her out as the two continued to swing on each other. Yuna shook off the stars filling her eyes as she looked up. A airship swooped by and banked a sharp turn and hovered over her.

"The Gull-wings!" Yuna yelled as she got back up. Paine and Rikku stopped their skirmish to look up at the ship.

"Hey Yuna we've been looking everywhere for you." A man's voice said wildly from a external speaker as the ship landed in sand. Rikku got up and brushed herself as Paine did the same.

"Come on, let's go." Yuna hurried as the bay door opened. Brother met them at the back as all three girls climbed aboard.

"Thank god we found you, the desert is a harsh place." Brother announced as he shut the bay door behind them.

"Tell me about it." Paine said coolly as she walked by brother to her room.

"What's her problem?" Brother asked as he watched the slender girl walk out of slight.

"Too much heat I guess." Yuna smiled gladly to be out of the sun as she looked at Rikku guiltily, who frowned back.

"Come, you girls must be hungry." Brother offered as he looked at the exhausted girls.

"Staving." Yuna grinned as she poked Rikku to smile.

"Yeah, staving." Rikku muttered darkly as she rubbed her cheek that was still red hot to the touch. The two girls followed brother to the bar as the bartender sat food and drink in front of them.

"I'll be on the bridge." Brother smiled cheerfully as he walked off. Rikku dove into her food, forgetting her silverware as she shoved the food into her mouth with her hands and drank greedily from her glass.

"Rikku." Yuna said quietly as she sipped from her cup and picked up her silverware. Yuna's proper manner didn't matter much to the young Al'bed girl as she watched Rikku's untouched silver, frowning.

"What?" Rikku asked strangely as she looked at the blue/green-eyed girl and wiped her mouth with the back of her forearm.

"Nothing." Yuna said slowly as she stabbed her fork into the hot food. The two finished eating and sat in silent as Rikku pulled out a pack of sith's smokes and lit one up. Rikku had picked up a bad habit of smoking and drinking beer after Sin.

"You want one?" Offered Rikku politely as she shifted a few out, knowing Yuna didn't smoke.

"You know I don't smoke." Yuna protested brightly as she watched Rikku put one of the black and pink cigarette to her red lips and lit it.

"Never too late to start. Ahhhh, nothing hits the spot like a sith after a good meal." Rikku smiled cheaply as she kicked her feet on the table, letting the smoke crept slowly from her luscious lips.

"Maybe we should go talk to Paine." Yuna asked curiously as she crossed her arms on the table and settled her head on top of them.

"You can, but I'm staying right here." Rikku's mood changed slightly from Paine being mention and despite Paine's good looks she always seems to come off like a bitch to Rikku, sad really.

"I'm going to go check on her; I'll meet you on the bridge later, Ok?" Yuna smiled shyly as she got up and stretched. Rikku was already ordering another beer before Yuna finished.

"Ok Yuna whatever." Rikku smirked back as she continued to puff her sith and drink her beer. Rikku watched Yuna's slim body work its way to the door and disappear to the living quarters. The door slid shut on one side and opened to a long well-lit hall. Yuna's boots fell loudly on the metal grid to Paine's door as she stood in front of it unsure what to do next.

"Paine?" Yuna asked in a tiny voice as she slowly opened the door. The crack of light behind her showed very little into the room as Yuna's blue/green eyes reveled nothing.

"Paine, are you in here?" Yuna asked again as she stepped through the door and into the dark room. Yuna crept silently, looking around the darkness as she waited for Paine to answer.

"What?" Paine moaned malevolently as she jumped out of the darkness and pinned Yuna to the wall. Yuna's heartbeat quickened as she felt Paine's firm body push to hers. Yuna groaned softly under her breath as she felt Paine's full chest hold her against the cold wall.

"What do you want?" Paine asked lustfully as she grappled Yuna's hands to the wall, putting them face to face. Yuna felt Paine's hot breath pound her face as she tried not to look into the red eyes that were glaring at her in the dark.

"I just wanted to check on you, to make sure your ok, that's all." Yuna pleaded willingly as she looked fearfully into Paine's face she couldn’t see. Paine leered slowly, moving her hands up Yuna's slender arms.

"So sweet and innocent." Paine whispered softly into Yuna's ear as she caressed the young girl's body in the darkness of the room. Yuna froze against the wall as her friend and teammate began to gently molest her. It had been a long time since another (boy or girl) had touched her so sexually.

"I-I just wanted to..." Yuna groaned weakly, trying to squirm free as Paine's fingers worked every curve and muscle of her chest and body.

"To what, Yunnie?" Paine moaned softly as one set of fingers slid up the girl’s shirt and the other down her pants. Yuna's lips worked lightly, trying to form words as she remained speechless. Paine wasted no time with words as she leaned forward and planted her lips on Yuna's, forcing her to stop her pointless struggle. The gray haired girl gripped Yuna's chest with one hand as her other squeezed Yuna through her tight white panties. Paine’s tongue pried aparted Yuna's tight lips as her wet member danced sweetly in the young girl's mouth, forcing her to moan hotly. Yuna closed her eyes, lost in the sensation as Paine withdrew her tongue.

"Mmmm, w-why did you stop?" Yuna moaned breathlessly as Paine's tongue disconnected from hers. Yuna didn't understand why Paine had pulled back and she wanted to know why.

"Ohhh Yuna, you really are a sweet girl, from the first time I saw you at your concert, I couldn't take my eyes off you, you had everything there, why did you give it up to join us?" Paine asked spitefully as she teased Yuna's lip's with her tongue.

"I-I wanted adventure, and after defeating Sin with the others, I wanted something else, music came into my life, but what I really wanted was adventure." Yuna's eyes glazed over heavily with excitement and lust as she pulled closer to Paine who forced her back into wall.

"I don't understand, Rikku said you were different, But I didn't know different in this way." Paine smirked strangely as Yuna pulled her hands free and put them on Paine's hips.

"You'd be surprised." Yuna's stared deeply into Paine's face as she slowly got to her knees, and worked Paine's belt buckle and zipper. Paine moaned passionately as her pants and panties hit the floor. Yuna breathed in Paine's musky scent as it rolled off her body and cunt. Paine giggled lightly as she stepped outta her panties and pants and kicked them to the side. Yuna caressed Paine's inner thighs gently as she licked the half-naked girl’s hot flesh and worked her way up to the girl's warm awaiting slit. Paine shuddered slightly as Yuna's tongue forced its way between her tight pussy lips to her tenderness inside. Paine gasped chaotically as Yuna sucked and licked her throbbing clit over and over. Yuna's face slipped over Paine's wet cunt as it dripped wetly into her mouth.

“Oh my god.” Paine moaned breathlessly as Yuna's eyes looked up into Paine's face; Paine was in complete submission to Yuna's tongue. Yuna giggled slyly as she pulled her tongue away slowly, tapping Paine's clit as the wet flesh and feeling disappeared for both girls.

"Ohhh don't stop Yunnie." Panted Paine as she gripped Yuna's short dark hair, trying to rub her face back into her drenched snatch.

"Ohhh baby, I have to." Yuna grinned wildly as she got to her feet, leaving Paine in unfulfilled sexual ecstasy. Yuna licked her lips smoothly, tasting Paine with every lick.

"You said it before, you don't understand me, and maybe you will later but not right now, ok?" Yuna leered coyly as she kissed Paine and headed to the door.

"Oh, I will." Paine said quietly as she licked her lips, tasting herself. The light from the hall hit Yuna as she looked back at Paine, grinned and then disappeared.

“I will…” 

To be continued...


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