Story: Clover's Christmas Present (all chapters)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: This is a quick Christmas story I did this year for my readers in another forum that I have decided to share with you all here.  I know it's short but like I said, it was a quick on.

Clover's Christmas Present

Twas the Morning of Christmas as Clover came down stairs, she was not prepared for the shock she would receive. For under the tree, nestled between her presents was Alex, wrapped only in a strategically placed ribbon. Clover's heart skipped a beat as Alex winked at her, unable to speak as the ribbon even covered her mouth. Clover approached her 'gift and smiled, kneeling down and looking around Alex...
"Which to open first....hmmm...."
Alex rolled her eyes as Clover skipped over her a few times then her hands came to rest on Alex's breasts, discovering the ribbon was silk!! Clover got a twinkle in her eye as she began to rub the ribbon covering Alex's breast as she slid a had slowly up the inside of Alex's thigh to begin to teasingly rub the ribbon pulled across Alex's perfect sex. Poor Alex was helpless, moans muffled as she wiggled and shook, she soo wanted to jump Clover but well, she couldn't. Clover savored Alex's moans as she leaned in to kiss her neck and shoulder, she slowly worked the ribbon between Alex's legs in slow circles, up and down and side to side, cooing softly as she wiggled out of her robe and smiled.
"So this was your plan, sneaking out of bed early to get all tied up, but who helped you...Sam or Mandy...they must have had fun leaving you here..."
Clover leaned down a bit and slowly pulled on the bow between Alex's breasts, releasing the tension of the ribbon enough for Alex to pounce Clover and get her on the couch, kissing her passionately as she slipped Clover's legs over her hips, pushing them up to press her pussy against Clover's. Clover squealed and yeahed as she shuddered softly, moaning as Alex began to rub against her, slowly at first then with more conviction! Clover clung to Alex, her arms around her neck as Alex rubbed and bounced against her lover, panting and moaning her name loudly as they shared a wonderful gift. Clover leaned up enough to capture a hard dark nipple and suckling on it for a moment or two as Alex worked them toward the wonderful bliss they both soo desired. Clover slid her hands down to grip Alex's hips as she pulled her closer, urging Alex on as she bounced faster, harder, the poor couch creaking loudly as the loving couple raced toward release. Clover suddenly cried out as she felt the wonderful burst of pleasure explode inside her, her warm honey literally spurting out against Alex's pussy. Alex didn't slow for a second, bouncing faster for a few more moments before she cried out and shared the wonderful release, crying out Clover's name at the top of her lungs before collapsing on her panting, gasping love. Their mouths hungrily sought out each other for a few long moments before Alex propped herself up on her arms and smiled.
"Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas Love."
"You should check your other gifts."
Clover lazily picked up a close box and opened it, only to gasp and blush as she pulled out a pair of silk lined hand cuffs. Alex opened a box with a very sexy strap-on dildo.
"It's a good thing we have today off..." Alex purred.
"I love this time of year!!" Clover shouted joyfully before pulling Alex into a deep kiss.

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