Story: Freind for Starfire (chapter 4)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 4

[Author's notes: The next installment, though a bit short this time.

Part 10

New Team??

    Raven and Blackfire were finishing up a training session when Blackfire spotted something in the distance.
    "Raven?  What's that?"
Raven turned and spotted what seemed to be dust clouds, the kinds made from explosions.  
    "Hmm, someone in trouble?"
They skimmed the quarry edge to find a vantage point, Raven stops Blackfire as she lands.  Down in the quarry is Robin with another group of young heroes?!
    "What the hell?"
    "Quiet Blackfire...let's watch."
They duck out of site and watch the training session.  Raven takes note that Robin is working hard with this group.  He was directing their training, working them in pairs, as a full team and individuals, they were working solely off his orders.
    "I‘ll be damned, Raven, that‘s a new team."
    "I know...this isn‘t right...what is he doing?"
    "I don‘t know, but by the look of things, he‘s working them to become a tight unit, maybe he wants a more loyal team?"
    "Whatever the reason, we have to confront him at the tower."
 They slipped out of sight and flew low and fast back to the tower.  They take stock of what they saw.  That evening, when he returned, Raven gathered everyone in the main area.
    "Robin, we need to talk."
    "About what Raven?"
    "We know about the other team."
    "I don't know what you are talking about." He turned a bit from her.
    "Blackfire and I saw it."
    "Blackfire, you trust her?"
    "Yes, since I was there too."
    "Listen, I don't care what you think you saw, there is no other team."
    "Robin, I believe you must tell the truth." Starfire said softly.
    "There's nothing to tell or discuss."
Robin stormed out of the room, leaving the other Titans to discuss what had just happened.
    "Raven, are you 100% sure?" Cyborg asked.
    "I know what I saw, team drills, lots of them."
    "He could be helping train a new team for the city, not a new team for himself."
    "That's what it looked like to me." Blackfire said calmly as she poured herself a drink.  BB was about to open his mouth when Raven silenced him with a look.
    "I was there too BB and you know I don't lie."
    "Point taken."
    "Listen ya'll, we'll sort this out and see what we can find out."
Raven sighed and retired to her room, Blackfire headed back to Angelo's.  Starfire knocked on Raven's door.
    "May I enter?"
Once inside, Starfire locked the door and moved to sit with raven on her bed, her arms around her.
    "Do not be upset...I believe you."
    "I know you do, but they don't."
    "The truth of the matter will arise."
    "Stay here tonight Star..."
    "of course."
Starfire kissed Raven softly before getting up and removing her top, skirt, boots and little panties...smaller than her old ones.  Raven wiggled out of her bodysuit, gloves and boots, pulling Starfire to lay with her, resting her head on Starfire's chest.  Starfire gently caressed Raven's hair as she lay with her, Raven's power gently manifested itself for the first time, dark tendrils of power gently caressed Starfire's sides and back, Raven was surprised by it as much as Starfire was, but did nothing to stop it.  They lay together, Starfire cooing softly as if it was a dozen raven's caressing her tenderly, Raven's hands gently caressing and fondling Starfire's breasts.  The room was filled with flickering light as the tendrils occasionally passed between one of Raven's candles and the bed, her powers attempting to adjust the lighting and make it more romantic.  It was one of Raven's other sides manifesting, her more romantic side aiding her as she kissed Starfire softly, deeply.  Despite her desire to make love to Starfire, Raven just held her, wanting her close, wanting her in her arms...wanting nothing but Starfire on her mind for the evening.  Starfire didn't mind, the warmth of her love in her arms, the gentle caresses were more than enough for her.  The pair snuggled for a while till they both yawned big, giggled and snuggled in, Raven's tendrils pulling the blankets over them and tucking them in before disappearing.

    After a long and stressful week, most of which involved Robin flaking out on them now and again, the Titans decide that action must be taken.  Raven had Cyborg set up a way to track Robin, working out where he‘s been lately.  Using his communicator, they followed him, the trail leads to the far side of the city. There they found a small facility and Robin.
    "What are you doing here??" he shouted as they entered.
    "Trying to find out why you've bailed on us four times this week."
    "You shouldn't be here!'
    "Why?" Raven asked.
    "It's none of your business..."
    "Robin?" A new voice interrupted them.  A team of young heroes approached.
    "Sever, take everyone downstairs."
    "Yes sir."
    "Okay, answer time man, what's going on?" Cyborg asked.
    "Fine...Look, I've been working on a second team to pick up the slack and cover areas of the city we don't work in."
    "And you kept this secret, why?" Raven asked.
    "Because, if you knew, you'd want to interfere or get involved."
    "Interfere?  You mean in their training." Cyborg asked.
    "Yes, I wanted them to be their own team, not another Titans."
    "So this new team..."
    "The Nightguard..."
    "Will be covering us."
    "Of course, that‘s what I‘ve been doing, we just don‘t have the numbers any more to deal with the rise in crime.  That‘s all."
Raven wasn't sure she believed him.  She left with Starfire and Blackfire in tow...she got them home and sat there on Star's bed.
    "Can you believe that shit?" Blackfire started.
    "Sister, language..."
    "Let her go Star, we're all a bit upset."
Starfire nodded as Blackfire paced the room.
    " ‘I'm making a team to cover our slack...'  Bullshit...from what Raven and I saw, he was making a team that was loyal to him and only him.  He's got a ego bigger than mine!"
    "And that's saying a lot." Raven grinned.
    " what...he's basically looking to replace the Titans."
    "Do you think Robin would try to replace all of us with new heroes?"
    "I don't know Star...he started to distance this..."
    "I say take some time away, relax and have some fun."
    "Friend Kashmire did say we were invited to visit her soon."
    "Perfect, you two head off there, I'll look around the city for some fun."
Raven nodded as they separated to their separate rooms.  Raven stretched out, wishing she had asked Starfire to stay with her, but needing the night to think.

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