Story: Freind for Starfire (chapter 3)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Third section of the story so far.  Fouth section is currently being worked on...

Part 7

Tamaranian Ceremony of Giving

Starfire had asked Kashmire to help her shop for things for her and Raven's private time. Kashmire smiled at the mention of it and was soo happy to be right about them.  Starfire blushed as Kashmire asked for details.
    "I do not think Raven would like me discussing this with you."
    "I won't tell anyone, I'm just curious about what you two have done."
    "Well, okay!  We have done much of the licking and much of the 69, a most glorious feeling!!"
Kashmire giggled a bit and smiled.
    "Sounds like you two are having fun."
    "It is beyond any pleasure I have ever felt before!!"
    "Great, so lets get shopping."
The ended up picking out several green outfits for Starfire to wear so that raven could take them off her and a few for Raven, since Starfire had her measurements.  The pair laughed and smiled as they went from shop to shop then had a light lunch when Starfire dropped her bombshell.
    "Kashmire, I need your help to find some things for something special."
    "Okay, what do you need."
    "I require devices like these."
She handed Kashmire a page from a Tamaranian book, the images made Kashmire blush.
    "Wait, you want to get these?  Are you sure you two are ready?"
    " not know, I have not yet asked."
    "Then why ask me for them?"
    "I was researching my peoples customs and discovered one for females like Raven and I.  It is called the Ceremony of Giving, in which both partners give the ultimate gift to one and other."
    "You mean, a deflowering ceremony?"
    "I believe that is what it is called."
    "I see...and you'll ask Raven if she'll join you this way?"
    "Yes...I want to give her what I can only give one person..."
    "What about Robin?"
    "He has...become more obsessed with fighting evil..."
    "I see, well, I can help you pick out the items you need, this is gonna be a real step for you two."
    "I know..."
The pair finished their lunch then Kashmire took Starfire to a specialty shop.  Kashmire looked around and sat Starfire down.
    "Okay Star, I need to know a few things before I begin."
    "What do you need to know?"
    "Okay, one: what kind of devices do you need?"
    "Yes, double ended, strap on, vibration?"
    "My...I did not know there were soo many..."
    "Yep, let me see those images again."
Kashmire took a long look at the images and smiled.
    "Okay, for the initial taking it appears to be a double ender, then if they have any strength left, each person straps on a toy and takes her partner.  Then they are free to use what ever they desire."
Starfire nodded a bit and tilted her head curiously.
    "I know what you need, wait here."
Starfire obliged Kashmire as she went to the clerk and spoke with her.  The lady behind the counter, rather attractive and sexy, smiled when she heard what Kashmire had to say and collected the items.  Kashmire covered the cost, bagged them and returned to Starfire.
    "Easy parts done, now you have to explain this to Raven."
    "I will try to be clear."
Kashmire escorted Starfire home then left to answer a call.  Starfire hid the items in Raven's room and waited for Raven to return.  Raven had been out answering a call on a sighting and was tired when she got back.  She spotted Starfire sitting in the main hall and joined her.
    "That's the last time I answer a call without backup..."
    "Was it dangerous?"
    "No, it was a false alarm.  Had me searching for two hours and it was nothing."
Raven let her cloak slide off and turned her back to Starfire, Star smiled and began to massage Raven's shoulders.
    "There is something we need to discuss."
    "What is it?"
    "I see, well..."
Raven's train of thought was interrupted when the guys arrived.
    "Dude, since when does Raven get back rubs?"
    "Since I was out on a false alarm for two hours and my neck and shoulders hurt."
    "Raven, so it was a crank call you think?"
    "Possibly Cyborg, I've marked the area on the map as a possible prank zone."
Starfire kept up her massage, keeping her enjoyment of touching Raven hidden.
    "Where is Robin?"
    "He's out making contact with Batman, seems they both have information on the same target and are comparing notes."
    "I see."
Raven sat forward and rubbed her neck.
    "Look, it's about time for another study session Star, so lets head up to my room."
    "What is on today's list?"
    "More of Azerath's history."
Beast boy watched them go and grinned, only to have Cyborg put a hand on his shoulder.
    "Don't think about it, you know Raven will blast you if you try to sneak in."
    "I'm just curious...that's all."
    "Hey, curiosity killed the cat remember?"
    "Yeah...your right."
Raven had sealed her room and sat on the bed, looking at Starfire as she paces a bit.
    "This is something of great importance to me Raven..."
    "What is it?"
    "I have discovered a ceremony among females of my people who are like us."
    "Okay..." Raven said with a raised eyebrow.
    "It is not bizarre or dangerous to you.  It is a very special ceremony called the Ceremony of Giving."
    "Okay, so what does what I think you mean?"
    " the one gift that can only be given once."
    "Star...I thought you and Robin?"
    "He has grown distant, he does not seem to care as he did before..."
    "I've seen it too, but Star, this is something big."
    "I know, that is why I am asking you."
Raven sat there, thinking this over, it was something she knew would come up sooner or later and it was something she worried about.  She loved Starfire with all her heart and she knew Starfire loved her back the same, but this was something she could only do once.  Could she...yes...yes she could!
    "Starfire, I want this...this will be my gift to you."
    "And it shall be my gift to you Raven."
    "Wait, we'll have to wait till night fall, that way we know their all asleep."
    "I agree, I have the required items here in your room, all we need are what you humans call candles for the ceremony and we must not be disturbed."
    "I can handle both of those."    
    "Wonderous, tonight then."
Starfire gave Raven a quick deep kiss then slipped out of the room.  Raven began preparations to make her room sealed.  She had a few spells that could keep intruders out and a few tricks up her sleeve. She spent the next few hours setting out candles around the room as Cyborg knocked.
    "What is it?"
    "Listen Raven, I need to warn you, BB is up to no good."
    "That I know."
    "Good, but please don't injure him permanently."
    "I won't, but why are you warning me?"
    "To be honest, I'm not sure, but something tells me that you need privacy and I'm making sure you are prepared."
Raven waited for about an hour after she was sure the others were asleep and her room was safe, the vents closed and a purge spell prepared that would push anyone she didn't want in the room out the door.  She was half worried that Starfire had forgotten when there was a knock at the door.  Raven opened it to find Starfire wearing a long robe.
Starfire entered the room only to have Raven take her hand and cast the spell, there was a soft cry of shock as a green rat was dusted from the room right before the door sealed.
    "Sneaky little bastard, would have ruined this."
    "That is true, but we are alone now and may proceed."
Raven flicked her wrist and the candles all lit at once, she smiled a bit and removed her cloak, standing in her gloves, boots and bodysuit.  Starfire let her robe fall and Raven's chin went with it!  Underneath, Starfire wore the most amazingly sexy outfit Raven had ever seen short of sheer underwear.  It was dark blue and consisted of less material than Starfire's usual outfit.  The outfit consisted of a collar assembly from which two straps ran down the length of her body to the front of a bikini like bottom.  The straps ran across the top of her breasts and around the sides to meet in the back for support.  The straps were held in place at the collar and bottom by hidden clasps for ease of removal.
    "This is something from the is said that the Tamaranian woman must wear and remove it for her partner then her partner must remove her outfit."
Starfire proceeded to undress...She released the straps at the collar, the fell down and away from Starfire until she released the bottom clasps, letting the straps fall away. She then reached up and touched the seal on the collar, making it pop of and lightly tossing it on the bed, she turned and faced away from Raven, bending over to slowly slide her bottom down her long legs, making Raven blush and tingle with need.  She smiled as Starfire stepped out of the bottom and set it aside.
    "I offer all you see to you love."
    "I accept."
Raven rose and slipped her gloves off first, then her boots.  She slowly unsealed the back of her outfit, pulling one out then the other out without letting it fall away, she turned her back to Starfire and let it fall to her feet, forming a pool of black material she stepped out of and turned.
    "I offer all you see to you love."
    "I is time for the giving of the one gift."
Raven hesitated a bit but let Starfire lead her to the bed where she pulled out a slim double ended toy.
    "This shall be our conduit of giving, we shall each give at once, the only way allowed."
    "Okay, but, shouldn't we get it slick or something."
    "Yes that is the next part of the ceremony."
Starfire sat on the bed and had Raven sit across from her, Raven's legs over Starfire's as Starfire took one end of the semi-flexible toy and began to lick it tenderly, Raven blushed as she watched then realized she was supposed to do the same.  She began to lick her end, making sure it was slick, she had never licked anything before outside of Starfire's body so it was a new experience.  After a few moments, Starfire took the toy and turned it around.
    "My love to you, your love to me." she said soft as she smiled.
    "My love to you, your love to me." Raven echoed.
The girls didn't know what to do next, but Starfire had an inkling.  She rubbed her end up and down her pussy slowly, letting Raven's saliva moisten her already moist pussy.  Raven watched her, watching Starfire moan softly and began to imitate her, gasping softly as the toy did feel good.  The pair sat facing each other, moaning softly as they lightly pleasured themselves for what felt like hours, their soft moans filling the room before Starfire twisted the middle of the toy, stiffening it fully as she looked deeply into Raven's eyes...
    "Now, the gift I give is yours alone."
    "Now the gift I give is yours along." Raven echoed softly as they positioned with each tip at the entrance of each girl's treasured flower.  Unsure and nervous, the pair slowly pushed forward, the slim toy slowly pushing into them, moaning softly.
    "It's inside me...." Starfire moaned...
    "Me too!!" Raven gasped as the toy slowly was pushed inside her, it was still only a short way in when Starfire stopped them.
    "This is...the last you wish to continue?"
The pair moaned and whimpered loudly as the toy pushed deeper until reaching the point where they had to stop and brace themselves...this was it...the gift...Starfire took Raven's hands in hers and nodded, the pair pushed their hips forward with a hard thrust, the pair embraced each other as they cried out!!  The pair held each other as pain shot through them, but each knew they had taken another step forward in their relationship.  Their bodies shook for a while till the pain seemed to slowly subside, leaving an odd sensation of being full.  Raven gently touched Starfire's face...
    "I love you star..."
    "I love you raven..."
The pair kissed tenderly, a long deep loving kiss soo full of everything they could express.  Starfire broke the kiss and leaned back, Raven following suit.
    "The ceremony is not yet complete, for we must share to complete it."
    "Then let's share."
The pair began to gently move their hips, rocking back and forth, the toy sliding a bit inside them, making them gasp and wince a bit as they were still tender.  Yet, they did not stop, their need to feel pleasure with each other, their love for each other was too great.  Their slim bodies lightly shook as their slender hips rocked toward each other, their breasts lightly jiggling.  Raven panted softly, her powers lightly manifesting around her as a dark aura, Starfire was trembling as she gasped and moaned.  Their pace began to slowly quicken, the bed lightly shaking as Starfire wrapped her fingers in the top sheet, Raven had the comforter wrapped around her fists!  The bed began to shake harder, shuddering as they reached a fevered pitch, Raven's power manifesting itself more as dark flickering tendrils that flicked the air, some caressed Starfire's gyrating body tenderly, not even leaving so much as a mark, but making Starfire moan more.  The toy between them began to stress and crack as they raced toward climax, having been built for human use, not for the use of a Tamaranian and a powerful sorceress!!  As the pair reached their shared orgasm, the poor toy broke in half as they cried out at the top of their lungs, though Raven's silence spell on the door, closed vents and windows kept anyone outside the room from knowing!
The pair laid back, more like collapsed as they panted for air, gasping and moaning, Starfire wiggling lightly as she mmmed softly, Raven blushed as she stretched and moaned softly.
    "We have given and shared, we are closer than ever before love."
    "I know, um Starfire, this has nothing to do with being married does it?"
    "No no, that is a different ceremony."
Raven nodded and lay there till she and Starfire began to giggle.
    "I'm gonna need a new bed."
    "And new sheets."
    "Guess they don't build em for girls like us?"
    "I can contact a friend to see if we can get one."
    "Great, in the mean time, lets remove these and get cleaned up."
Starfire nodded and they slowly removed the broken halves of the toy and wrapped them in the shredded sheet, Raven disposed of them and hid the other toys as Starfire took her shower.  By the time Starfire had finished, Raven had fixed her bed, to a point, put clean sheets on it and took care of anything knocked over by her power.  Starfire tossed her the towel and Raven showered, letting her body relax.  She came out to find Starfire asleep already.  She smiled, curled up next to Starfire and joined her in blissful sleep.

The next day, both were a bit sore and tender, to say the least and put it down to just working out a bit much.  The others bought it, but BB was still trying to find out more and Robin was curious as to why they were training at night.
    "Well, if you have to know, the truth is that when I train with Starfire, neither of us holds back, you know that can be very dangerous, plus we train away from the tower so no one is in danger."
    "I see, but don't take such big risks."
    "We will be more careful, is that alright?"
    "That's fine Star, now lets look at the latest data on the city."
Raven was glad they bought it, but realized she would have to train with Starfire now, very rigorously at that.

Part 8

    Raven stood in the slowly dissipating dust, Starfire had to have dodged that attack...a 2 ton boulder was in her threshold.  She looked around, primed and ready when she saw a glimmer of green below her.  She ripped another chunk of rock loose and hurled it at the light, only to realize at the last second it was a reflection in one of the pools of standing water!!  Almost too late she raised her shield as Starfire rained star bolts down on her position, forcing Raven to teleport.  When she appeared again, Starfire was right in front of her. She reached out and beeped Raven's nose.
    "Damn 3 out of three, I gotta stop holding back."
    "You did not hold back, in fact, I was the one who had to struggle a bit in that last training match."
    "Thanks, listen, I think three is enough for one day."
    "Agreed, I could use a good shower right now."
Raven chuckled and thought about sharing that shower but knew better, it was during the day and the boys would most likely peek.  She nodded and teleported herself and Starfire back to the tower.   Upon arrival, the pair split up for quick showers then joined the others in the main room.
    "What's everyone doing here?" Raven asked.
    "There's been an odd intermittent contact on the scanners..." Cyborg began right before the alarms went off.
    "What is it?" Robin demanded.
    "It's a ship, headed for us, and fast."
    "Titans, to the roof!!"
As the team assembled on the roof, they were shocked to see a sleek ship slowing down as it got closer.
    "Um Starfire..."
    "I do not recognize it...should I call Kashmire?"
    "We don't have time..." Robin shouted, still not trusting her.
    "Well, times up." Cyborg said, readying for combat.
The ship touched down and the air seemed to shimmer from the landing thrusters.  The side hatch lowered and a familiar figure walked out into the light.
    "It's Blackfire, Titans Go!" Robin shouted and charged the ship.
    "Robin, I would not do that." Starfire tried to warn just a Robin bounced off the ship's still active defense field.
    "Good call sister dear...and Robin, still impulsive I see..."
    "What do you want?" Raven asked.
    "Well, that's not why I'm here, cause I want a vacation, I want some fun, but I'm here for another reason."
    "What reason sister?"
    "I'm here to apologize."
There was a moment of dumbfounded silence followed by a clearing of throats.
    "You're serious right?" BB asked.
    "I'm always serious."
    "Okay...but I don't by it."
    "I knew you'd say that Robin....but I'm serious.  Star, I'm sorry, for everything I've ever done to you, and to your friends."
    "What brought this on?" Raven asked.
    "It's a long story, I'd love to tell you if you could keep bird boy under control for a while."
The ship's field dropped and Blackfire joined them and headed down stairs, followed by two cloaked individuals.
    "Who are they?" Starfire asked.
    "All shall be then..."
Blackfire began by telling of how after her banishment, she wandered around the stars looking for a way to get revenge.  She ended up spotting an old asteroid colony and figured it'd make a good hide out.  Once she found a way in, she found herself trapped.  The hatch disappeared, as did her was like a field was suppressing her powers!  She panicked and began to look for an exit until her self confidence kicked back in.  She wandered around, armed only with her enhanced strength.  She ran into monster after monster till she had to run.  She was eventually saved by the shorter of the two cloaked individuals who helped her by teaching her what was safe to eat and how to survive.  They traveled the colony for a few days till they met the second individual who helped them find their way to where the old colony port was.  During the trip, Blackfire had a revelation, she always treated everyone as toys and now she was the helpless one, she needed someone for help.  It shook her up and changed her outlook, partially, on life.
    "I'm not saying I've given up being a bad girl, I'm just not an evil bad girl, just naughty bad." She said with a wink.
The individuals pulled back their hoods.
    "Oh, and this is Dual, she's a great warrior for her age." Dual appeared to be a bit younger than the Titans but had short blond hair and icy blue eyes.
    "And this is Tanya, she's a great pilot and a great listener." Tanya looked to be in her mid 20's, rather graceful looking with her long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail.
    "Okay, and this is why your apologizing?" Cyborg asked.
    "Yes...partially to make up for my past deeds.  I've already gone everywhere I've been bad and made amends and now I'm here, for two reasons."
    "Two reasons?" Robin raised an eyebrow.
    "Yes.  One is to make amends for my deeds here and the second, as part of my amends to everywhere else, I'm to be confined to this planet indefinitely!"
This caused an uproar, there were many shouts that overlapped but Starfire silenced them with a look.
    "You are to stay here, as part of your punishment correct?"
    "Yep, Earth is my new home, I'm not allowed to leave the planet except under extremely dire circumstances, you know, like the sun exploding or something.  Then I have to report to Tamarin for a new assigned world."
    "I see...well then, you are welcome to stay here."
    "Starfire, wait, we can't trust her in the tower."
    "Why not Robin?"
    "Well...look at what she did!"
    "That is past now...I doubt she would do it again."
    "That's true, no more crime for me...just being naughty now."
    "Listen, I have an idea." Raven said as she sighed "Not one I like, but how about for the time being, she stays at Angelo's?  It's close and we can keep an eye on her."
    "Who's Angelo?" Blackfire asked with curious intent.
    "He is a dear friend of ours, as is Kashmire...I shall arrange a meeting with her for you."
    "I see...curious and fun."
Raven managed to hid her blush, but Blackfire saw it.
    "Listen, it's nice to offer, but I think I'd be interfering in something.  So let's find an alternative."
    "There isn't much...and Angelo does own a big place."
    "Listen, I don't care where she stays." Robin said as he left the room.
    "Geez, holds a grudge doesn't he?"
    "He is...hard to forgive..."
    "What about you sis?  Do you forgive me?"
    "I do...for I believe you have changed some, for the good."
Blackfire nodded and turned to Raven who sighed and lead them back to the ship to go to Angelo's.  Starfire checked with Tamarin, what Blackfire said was true...but she still worried.

Part 9

    Blackfire began to train with Starfire and Raven shortly after she arrived and moved in with Angelo and his sister Avalon.  Angelo reported to Raven that Blackfire was a decent house guest as where her two friends who helped out with chores and such.  Raven and Starfire decided that it was best to have Blackfire train with them to keep her away from Robin.  Blackfire enjoyed the slightly rougher training Raven and Starfire offered her, sharpening her skills and forcing her to work as a team with one or the other.  She began to find teamwork wasn't soo bad after all.  That and she learned about them.  Blackfire began to put it together on her own, little things here and there and decided to confront her sister.
    "Starfire, we need to talk." Blackfire said as she intercepted Starfire in the tower.
    "About what sister?"
    "About you, raven and what's been going on."
Starfire eeped and blushed.
    "I do not know of what you speak???"
Blackfire smiled as she guided Starfire into the library.
    "Don't try to lie to someone who knows how to do it right.  I've seen all the signs and I couldn't be happier."
    " do not disapprove?"
    "Why should I?  I have to admit I've tried both sides of the fence so to speak and I'm glad you found someone."
    "You will not tell the others?"
    "Nope, that's for you two to take care of, as for me...I'm looking forward to getting some combat in soon, Training is starting to bore me."
Starfire smiled and was happy to see some of her old sister back, strong and confident.  She gave Blackfire a hug that surprised her sister then took her by the hand.
    "I am glad you are here and not fighting me any more."
    "Well..." but Blackfire couldn't complete her sentence as an alarm went off.
Blackfire followed her sister to the main room where Robin was giving out orders.
    "We're under attack, it appears that Style character has picked today to try to keep us from helping Kashmire.  We've got aircraft and borgs attacking."
Starfire could see the look on his face, he was unhappy with Blackfire being present.
    "Listen, I don't think..."
    "Robin...she will be with me on air combat..."
    "Let's go."
Starfire lead her sister upstairs as Robin, BB and Cyborg went down to deal with the borgs, Raven offering a mix of air and ground.
    Starfire and Blackfire worked as a pair, blasting down transports and drone fighters before they could get near the tower, Blackfire was impressed by her sister's improved skills.  The pair broke formation, darting through the drones and transports, star bolts and eyebeams searing through armor.  But it wasn't enough...
    "Shit, we're getting swamped here." Blackfire complained as more drones seemed to swarm in out of nowhere.
    "I know sister...we need backup."
    "Someone say backup??"
A pair of drone fighters split open as Kashmire flew past them, turning and raking fire along the side of a transport, bursting it open.
    "And you are?" Blackfire raised an eyebrow.
    "Kashmire, you must be Blackfire, heard a lot about you."
    "Really." Blackfire said cautiously.
    "Yep, we should hang out some time."
    "Um...we have many enemies to deal with still."
Blackfire and Kashmire nodded and the trio broke off and took out whole swaths of drones in one sweep, working to keep the island clear as the ground element got backed up by Avalon, Angelo, and Dual who had arrived by skiff.  They fanned out to cover the Titans on the ground.  Avalon cut a path through the borgs with great swings of her sword as Angelo laid down cover fire with a mix of lightening blasts and fireballs.  As they began to move toward the Tower, Dual covered their retreat and regroup as she wielded her twin blades and carved her own graceful but deadly path through the middle of what remained of the initial attack.
    "We can't fall back!" Robin shouted.
    "Who said anything about falling back?" Dual grinned as Angelo stepped up, making sure the field was only borgs.
Angelo slammed his hand against the earth, the ground shuddered as huge spikes of earth shot up and impaled borgs, more smaller spikes sprouted from the main ones, polishing off the remainder of enemies.   Angelo smiled and dusted his hands as the spikes collapsed to the ground, leaving thrashed borgs everywhere.
    "Well, that takes care of that." Angelo said as he turned to his sister.
    "A good fight, my blade needed a good workout."
    "What are you doing here?" Robin demanded.
    "Well, I live near by and it's hard to ignore aerial combat when you can see it out your window."
    "Hey, I'm glad you two showed up." Cyborg smiled and shook Angelo's hand.
    "Glad someone is glad for a bit of help."
    "We could have taken them."
    "After being pushed inside and having to fight inside your tower...not to tactical." Dual said softly.  Robin began to open his mouth but Dual pulled on her cloak, pulling the hood up over her short blond hair and headed inside.  Angelo shrugged and turned to where they had parked their skiff.   Robin fumed a bit.  Blackfire and Starfire returned as the others headed inside.
    "It was glorious to see you in battle for good sister."
    "It was a bit fun, though it'll take getting used to being on the good side for once."
Starfire smiled and lead her sister inside, Blackfire still unsure of her future.

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