Story: Freind for Starfire (chapter 2)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Second section of Freind for Starfire

Part 4: Starfire's confrontations: Her feels for Raven

Starfire walked over and took Raven's gloved hand.
    "Raven, I must discuss something with you in private...may we use your room."
    "I guess so, what's soo important..."
    "I will tell you when we are in private."
Raven felt her cheeks begin to flush, she fought it down...why was she feeling this way again...hadn't she purged those thoughts?? Starfire lead them to Raven's room and locked the door, sitting on Raven's bed.
    "Raven...this is not easy for me to I will just say what I feel."
    "What are you talking about Star?"
    "Raven, ever since the puppet incident, have been in my thoughts often, I am most fond of you Raven, I feel closer to you than anyone else."
    "Star I..."
    "Please Raven...let me speak still...I...I believe that what I feel is more important than anything I have ever felt for anyone...please Raven...tell me you feel it too."
Raven looked away from her, her hood pulled up...she couldn't tell her...she couldn't admit would be weak of her...wouldn't it?? She...she couldn't hurt Star like lie to her...she was too important to her...she slowly pulled her hood back, turning to face Starfire, her cheeks lightly blushing.
    "Star...I...I think about you a lot too...ever since we shared that moment, learning of each other's pasts...I...I can't lie to you...I do feel that way's hard for me to express my know my powers are controlled by them."
    "I know    ...I also know you won't hurt me...and I know that these are real feelings..."
    "Star...the boys...they...they wouldn't approve..."
    "I do not need their approval to say this...Raven...I love you..."
    "Star...I....I.....I love you!!" Raven said as she tossed herself into Starfire's arms, almost weeping from the emotional release, Starfire held her close, the pair laying on the bed as they shared another special moment. After a while...Raven sat up.
    "What does this mean to you and Robin..."
    "I love you in a way that doesn't not affect how I feel for Robin."
    "I see..."
    "Do not think that he could ever make me not love you Raven..."
    "I's just...never mind..."
Raven laid back down, Starfire rolled to drape her arm and leg across Raven's body. Fully clothed, they pair looked soo cute together. Raven began to gently caressed Starfire's hair, she tilted her head a bit and kissed the top of Starfire's head. Starfire smiled and snuggled closer.
    "Raven...may I ask a question?"
    "I am unsure what girls do...though I have an idea...would me?"
    "I...I'm not sure what to do either...I've read...stuff...but..."
    "Perhaps it would be best if we learn, together?"
Raven blushed and smiled a bit.
    "Okay...hold on."
Raven got up and closed the air vents to her room.
    "There, now we're safe."
Starfire giggled, Beastboy was a peeping tom, if that was the right words. Raven paused at the edge of the bed and took off her cape, Starfire pulled her top over her head and smiled, her firm perky breasts were what Raven dreamed of. Starfire watched as Raven undid the seal on the back of her bodysuit and slowly worked her arms out, still covering her body. She shyly let the top down, her pale firm breasts where a fantasy of Starfire's, to see them soo much joy. Raven let the outfit pool at her feet, taking off her gloves then her boots. Starfire wiggled out of her skirt and boots, smiling at Raven as she lay on the bed. Both girls blushed a bit as they realized that they could see everything. Starfire had a tiny bit of red hair right above her pussy, Raven was glad to see that it was a normal one, not some weird alien situation. Starfire noticed that Raven had a similar patch of black hair above the smooth pale lips she found utterly fascinating. Raven crawled over her, not sure what to do next. Starfire smiled.
    "Kiss me your body to mine, share my space."
Raven nodded and gently laid on top of Starfire, her body suddenly tingling, her heart racing.
    "Oh's better than my dreams..."
    "And mine...oh raven, I can feel you...against me at last!!"
The pair embraced, trembling, their young bodies seemed to fit together as Raven kissed Starfire, a slow, shy, passion filled kiss. The pair lay together for a while, Raven propped herself up on her arms and looked down at Starfire who looked back up...after a moment, they began to laugh.
    "Yeah...I though so...I have no clue what to do..."
    "Neither do I, perhaps some education on this subject is needed?"
    ‘I think I can get us some documented girl love to study."
    "That would be most helpful."
They giggled for a bit, snuggled together before Raven stiffened.
    "The boys are back."
    "I see...we will have to continue our ‘studies' later."
Raven smiled and dressed, Star putting her regular outfit back on, sneaking a kiss before joining the others in the hall.
    "What have you two been up to?"
    "Raven has been teaching me about Azarath."
    "I see."
    "I felt it would be good to talk about it with Starfire, since the whole brain swap thing."
    "Don't remind me...I think I still have nightmares about those puppets." Beastboy mumbled as he walked by.
    "If you all don't mind, I'm gonna set up a regular time to teach Starfire."
    "Sounds good, always good to cross train."
Starfire nodded and slipped off to her room as Raven headed to the lounge. It would be most interesting to see what would happen next. Raven knew that of all of them, Starfire was the only one who understood her and in truth, was her first love.

Part 5: Their first time together

Raven had spent the last few days researching everything she could, but it was just soo much and soo little useful detail. She had found tons of films to view, articles to read but they didn't help her any, she began to wonder if she could do what she imagined with Starfire. Raven sighed and headed back to her room it was late anyways. She opened the door only to find Starfire sitting on her bed wrapped in a sheet!
    "Um Starfire..."
    "Hello Raven...I...I could not sleep, you have been in my thoughts all week."
    "Um, you too..." Raven said, quickly closing and locking the door, she looked up to see the vents were already closed.
    "Raven, I am wishing to do the making out now...I...I feel a strong need to be with you now!" Starfire said, blushing brightly as she let the sheet fall enough for Raven to see her firm breasts again, the nipples hard from both desire and the cool air in the room. Raven blushed as her own nipples hardened under her bodysuit, she let her cape fall to the floor then her gloves and boots as she moved closer to Starfire.
    "I want you too Star, I'm...just not sure how."
    "We shall, how do you say, figure it out on the fly?"
    "I guess that works." Raven chuckled as she unsealed her suit and slipped out of it, Starfire pulled the rest of the sheet off as Raven lay next to her, drawing her into a soft, slow loving kiss. Starfire let out a soft squeal of delight as she felt the tingling again!! Raven placed a hand on Starfire's stomach and slowly slid it up to cup and gently caress one firm breast, the other hand caressing Starfire's hair. Starfire let out a very happy sounding purr of delight as she shyly imitated her lover's touch, surprised as to how warm and soft Raven's breast felt...there was soo much to learn. Raven kissed slowly down Starfire's neck to her breasts, gently placing tender kisses on they, making Starfire squeal a bit as she wiggled.
    "It tickles and feels tingly all at the same time...most joyous indeed!!"
Raven smiled, making Starfire feel good made her feel good. She gently brushed her lips across Starfire's hard sensitive nipple, getting a surprised squeal out of her...
    "Raven! Do that again please!"
Raven was more than happy to, she could taste the sweetness of her lover's skin, the one of a kind scent Starfire had that no other could replace now. She loved the way Starfire giggled and moaned at almost the same time each time Raven licked her nipples gently. Raven broke the gently contact and slid up so that her breasts were in Starfire's face. Starfire took the hint and began to gently suck and kiss the firm breasts, she found Raven had a most exciting taste and a scent the filled her with heady joy. She remembered to be gentle for a human, as Tamaranians can be a bit rough at times. Raven moaned, shuddering softly as she closed her eyes, her mind focused on the joy and pleasure Starfire gave her, she felt her powers flutter a bit, but not in a dangerous way, almost in a joyous way. Raven's soft moans became more needy as she moved back a bit from Starfire, panting, her cheeks flush.
    "I...want more Star, I want you Star..."
    "As do I...but how do we give what we want..."
    "There is a way...lay on your back."
Starfire complied, spreading her legs naturally as she did when she went to bed. Raven moved over her, her knees on either side of Starfire's head as she rested her head on Starfire's thigh, soo firm and smooth to the touch.
    "This is something called a 69, we can touch and lick each other this way."
    "You mean, on our grabnaks??
    "Yes Star, our grabnaks."
Starfire blushed brightly, not sure if she could do that...but Raven soon fixed her nervousness. A gentle lick along the full length of Starfire's flower caused the cute alien girl to shudder and let out a very surprised moan.
    "Oh Raven!! That was most amazing...please...more..."
Raven was more than happy to oblige, licking slowly up and down Starfire's pussy, finding as strong yet sweet taste and a heavenly scent that went with it. Starfire shuddered and moaned, trembling, her hands moved to gently rest on Raven's hips, making her jerk a bit before Starfire began to shyly lick her lover back. Raven moaned, gasping loudly as she felt pleasure like nothing she had ever imagined racing up her spine. She stiffened a bit, looking over her shoulder at Starfire.
    "Oh love..."
    " taste soo wonderous and smell wonderous too!!"
    "Don't stop now."
Starfire eagerly applied herself, moaning as raven licked her back, the pair moaning and shuddering lightly, each jerking now and then as the other found this spot and that, finding that the little button Raven had learned about made them both moan in the most seductive and naughty way!! Soon, the only sound in the room was their moans and the sounds of their tongues licking the most delightful treasures either could imagine. Raven upped the ante by gently spreading the folds of Starfire's flower and gazing into her lover, seeing the very delicate light pink inner folds, her tongue gently pushing in, making Starfire cry out softly as she shook.
    "Raven...I...I feel you inside me...ohhhh...soo amazing..."
Starfire mmmed as she felt Raven's tongue doing things most girls of her world would not imagine possible. This was something she would have to tell others about her next trip back!! Raven's tongue darted here and there, finding spots that made Starfire make the most naughty sounds! Starfire regained enough control of herself to spread Raven's pale folds, surprised to see such pretty coral pink folds inside her lover! She was entranced her tongue shyly touching them, finding the taste she had come to enjoy even stronger on them! She applied herself vigorously, licking Raven's tender inner folds with much gusto, making Raven join her in their chorus of moans and squeals of delight! Raven's powers were manifesting themselves now, arcs of darkness caressing the walls, a pair of dark ethereal wings spread from Raven's back, twitching with her passion and desire. The pairs moans and gasps increased, a feeling building inside them that neither could explain. Time stood still as they pleasured each other, the feeling reached a peak, Raven and Starfire both stiffened, crying out together as they shared their first orgasm!!
Each girl coated the other's lips and tongue with her cum, her love honey as Raven had heard it called, it was soo strong and sweet at the same time, Starfire squealed with delight as she wiggled and rode out the waves of pleasure washing over her. After some time, Raven turned and faced Starfire, the pair embracing as they looked into each other's eyes. Starfire broke the silence
    "That was soo wonderous, I did not wish it to end at all!!"
    "I know...I never felt soo good, powers didn't go wild...why?"
    "I do not know, perhaps the pleasure you felt controlled them?"
    "I'm not sure...but...oh Starfire, I love you soo much."
    "And I you."
The pair embraced, kissing deeply for a little while longer till sleep overcame them, warm happy blessed sleep as they shared the afterglow of their first time...bodies pressed together, limps intertwined...bliss.

Part 6: Sunbathing: Introductions of Angelo and Avalon

It was a peaceful day, Kashmire, Starfire and Raven (partially against her will) were relaxing on the roof of the Tower. Kashmire wore a cute red two piece bikini, Starfire a green one piece and Raven in a black bikini that Starfire had bought her. She didn't exactly like showing off soo much skin, but since it was for Starfire, Raven agreed. She didn't like the way the boys looked at her so she wore her cloak from her room to the roof to keep their prying eyes of her. It was quiet, only the sound of the waves and shore birds seemed to break the tranquility of the day. Kashmire tilted her head to look at Raven and Starfire, she could tell they were much closer now, she was happy for them, she knew what it felt like to have someone special to go to. She adjusted her sunglasses and smiled.
    "Soo, how long till the boys start to peep on us?"
    "You think they will, even when we have asked them not to?" Starfire asked.
    "Beastboy will, he can't help being a pervert." Raven said flatly.
    "Now now...with two beauties like yourselves, I can't blame him, but still, a girl does need her privacy now and then." Kashmire smiled. Raven blushed but couldn't find fault in her statement, Starfire was the most beautiful girl Raven knew, she never considered herself beautiful, but Starfire always called her that. She closed her eyes, letting the warm sun caress her skin, thinking back to the other night, the way it felt to have Starfire touch her...she shivered a bit, blushing, but suddenly sat up as her reverie was broken...
    "They're here..."
    "Who is?" Starfire asked.
    "The boys, at least two of them..."
    "Who?" Kashmire said, sitting up and pushing up her sunglasses.
    "It's Cyborg and Beastboy...I'm sure of it."
Kashmire grinned and winked at Raven.
    "Pinpoint them will you?"
Raven nodded and closed her eyes, seeking them out...she could sense they were behind the second air unit and pointed. Kashmire rose into the air and flickered out of sight, only to appear above the hiding place. Cyborg and Beastboy eeped as she grinned down at them.
    "Didn't your mother's ever tell you not to peep?"
    "Um...I was just adjusting this unit's cooling levels..." Cyborg started.
    "And I was....helping...?"
    "Not even the...."
Kashmire didn't get a chance to finish as a missile slammed into the roof behind her, sending her and the boys flying. Raven and Starfire were on their feet, Raven's cloak back on as they looked around.
    "What was that?"
    "I don't know..."
Kashmire staggered to her feet and shook her head...
    "Okay, who wants a superior ass whooping??"
As if answering her challenge, a hover transport lifted over the edge of the roof, a large stylized S with a counter slash through it on the side.
    "Slade??" Raven said slightly confused.
    "No, Style...that bastard."
The unit's side door opened and over two dozen men jumped out.
    "Um...we can't fight least not at the level we usually do." Cyborg said, getting his head back into the game.
    "Those ain't people...they borgs...mindless automata."
    "Oh...then this'll be fun." Cyborg grinned, readying his sonic cannon till the hover transport rotated and offloaded another full two dozen...
    "Okay, this ain't cool...Titans GO!"
As the 4 Titans split, the borgs seemed fixated on Kashmire, who held her ground. She grinned, tossing her sunglasses on her chair as a dozen borgs approached, backward curved blades sliding out of the sides of their arms. She closed her eyes and as the borgs rushed her, opened them, unleashing twin energy blasts that blew most of them apart, and took limbs off the other, she lifted into the air and her grin faded...Starfire was blasting them but they kept coming, Cyborg and Beastboy were on the defensive as was Raven, using a shadow shield to protect herself from the onslaught...
    "They aren't trained for this...damn..." she touched a small bead in her ear "Backup is!!"
    "Confirmed, 30 seconds..." came the reply.
Raven was against the wall, the borgs pressing her shield to it's max, she couldn't hold them off much longer. She began to realize that as a team, they had gone soft, needed more training...if they got out of this. Just as her shield was about to fail, a fireball struck the center of the formation and blew the borgs apart. A figure in a brown long coat dropped down near her. He held a long, stylized blade in one hand, the other crackling with energy.
    "Sorry I'm late, traffic was horrible..." he grinned as he gestured with his hand and unleashed a second fireball, annihilating several more borgs. He turned, bowed to Raven the leapt into the fray, his sword slashing through borgs, not hacking or cutting, but with a style and grace, each strike well placed, each parry leading to an opening to strike again. Raven found herself admiring his graceful style and form before she remembered she was in a battle and skimmed into battle, using her powers to slice through borgs left and right as she kept a eye on him, who was he, where was he from...she thought she was the only spell caster, real one anyway, in the city. Starfire was up her to eyebrows in trouble, surrounded by relentless borgs, she struggled to blast her way through...suddenly, the back row of the borgs surrounding her exploded, then the next and next, she could see the head and shoulders of a redheaded woman as she wielded a massive curved sword, cleaving her way through. She worked her way through, tucked Starfire under her free arm and leapt free. Starfire eeped but didn't struggled as she was placed next to Kashmire, the redhead smiled and turned to face the group of borgs, lifting her hand as if to stop them. Starfire watched the odd moment, energy gathered in front of the redhead's hand, forming as sphere that began to spin and loose bolts of light through the approaching mass of borgs, mowing them down to the last. Starfire's eyes lit up, was this tall woman an alien like Kashmire and her, or was she something else. Cyborg and Beastboy got an assist from the mage and Raven, clearing out the last of the borgs. The mage turned and brought his hands together, chanting then stretching them out, a massive bolt of lightening speared the hover transport, blowing it in half. He dusted his hands off and sheathed his sword.
    "Well now...that was a good warm up, eh Avalon?"
The redhead turned and nodded, sheathing her blade and smiling at Starfire.
    "You fight with honor little one, most impressive."
Starfire blushed and smiled a bit, Cyborg and Beastboy were dumbstruck.
    "What's going on??"
    "Oh, when I saw what we were up again, I called in backup, this is Avalon and Angelo."
Avalon, now that the fight was over, was a sight to see! Well over 6ft tall with long red hair tied off in a ponytail, she would stand out in any crowd. That and the fact that she was of Amazonian proportions, firm large breasts, long legs, toned everyplace one can be toned. Her outfit was a bit revealing, basically a red lace up vest strained to it's limit and red pants. Her icy blue eyes surveyed the Titians. Angelo, was the opposite, about as tall as Cyborg, he seemed to fit in better. Short cut dark hair, gray eyes, and a casual calm demeanor seemed to be the best way to describe him. He wore his brown long coat over a black vest and pants. He nodded to Raven who blushed a bit.
    "Nice spell work, good to have another caster in a fight."
    "Miss Avalon, are you from space too?" Starfire asked.
    "No little one, I am a warrior, I have trained for soo long I can draw upon the energy around me to perform unique techniques like you saw." Starfire nodded, not quite sure what that meant. Avalon looked to Kashmire and then up to the sky.
    "I need a lift, I have to get back to base, I'm trying to finish that new blade."
    "No problem, pickup for one please."
A sleek looking aircraft winged in and hovered over the edge of the tower. Avalon waved, climbed up into the open hatch and closed it behind her, the craft turned and rocketed out of sight. Kashmire picked up her unbroken sunglasses and smiled.
    "Who's for tea?"
There was a sort of stunned group nod save for Angelo who eager nodded and followed Kashmire into the tower.
    "I though you said she was alone." Cyborg began once they were out of earshot.
    "No, I did mention she had friends."
    "Some friends those are...did you see them?" Beastboy started.
    "Enough...they saved our butts and it's clear we need to step up training if this enemy she called Style attacks again."
    "hey, they went after her first..."Beastboy started.
    "Yes...and as a friend, we aided her in battle..."
Cyborg paused...
    "Yeah, your right Star...lets go downstairs, I need to run some checks."
The four of them headed downstairs, Cyborg to his room and Beastboy to his, he didn't want to be around the new guy, he didn't like the idea of another magic user around. Kashmire was already pouring tea as Angelo, now with his coat off, was sitting on the back of the couch. Raven to see that he was toned, like a practiced fighter, not bulky like that weirdo with the swords last year. She found him most attractive and had to keep her hood up to hid her blush. Starfire happily sat down next to Kashmire as Angelo handed a glass he had been holding to Raven. Without thinking, she reached out, her cloak opening enough for him to catch a tantalizing glimpse of her bikini. She realized too late and tried to pull it closed.
    "Nothing to be ashamed of...From what I see, you three were sunbathing when you got attacked. I'm guessing that's a new suit?"
    " did you know?"
    "You seem uncomfortable to have anyone but the girls see it. May I?"
    "Come on, call it a critique from the other side of the gender fence."
Raven felt a little smile creep up on her, he was rather encouraging and nice. She let the cloak open enough for him to see more than enough of her suit.
    "Very becoming on you, very."
    "Thanks..." Raven replied, closing her cloak and sitting down next to him. Angelo sipped his tea and smiled.
    "It's not often that I get to meet a spell caster, it's a rare treat to meet one these days."
    "That's for sure...where did you train?"
    "Mostly self taught, a little here and there from others when our paths crossed."
Raven nodded and noticed he was looking up at the ceiling, not down and realized that if he had been looking down, he'd have seen straight down her top!! Was he doing this to be a gentleman? She wasn't sure, but she did find him fascinating.

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