Story: Freind for Starfire (chapter 1)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: This is the first of the Freind for Starfire story.  I currently have about 3 sections done, three parts per section.  I hope to have the fourth done soon.

Friend For Starfire

Part one: Starfire's Solo sweep: Meeting Kashmire

    It had taken the better part of two weeks to convince Robin to let her take a solo sweep, Starfire felt she could handle it though Robin didn't like risking her.  The other's had stayed out of the discussion for obvious reasons.  Starfire had eventually wore him down and he agreed to a late night Wednesday sweep for two reasons, it was the middle of the week and there would not be anyone out.  Starfire was soo happy to have her chance and made sure to double cheek each sweep point, being very careful.  She was on her final sweep back toward the bay when a swarm of mini-missiles rose up from an alley trying to hit her.  Starfire tried to dodge but got caught in the blast and fell onto a roof.  She shook her head clear and stood up.
    "From where did that attack come?  There were no enemies here earlier."
Her answer came when a Slade bot climbed over the edge of the roof, then another and another.  She reached for her comm. only to find it had been blown off by the blast.
    "I should not fear, I can handle several of these..."
Her sentence trailed off as there were more than several, almost 3 dozen or more!
    "I am in trouble..."
    "Hey, need a hand?"
Starfire and the bots actually paused to look around.
    "Up here..."
The voice emanated from a girl about Starfire's age.  She was dressed normally, short hiking boots, shorts, a t-shirt and red jacket, her hair in two ponytails.  The thing that wasn't quite normal was the fact that she was floating over them!!
    "Need some help."
    "Most appreciated strange girl."
    "Good on three, go straight up as fast as you can."
Starfire noticed an odd glow behind the girl's hand.
Starfire shot straight up as she girl let what looked like a point of light fall toward the roof, just before it hit, it expanded to fist sized and exploded, sending Slade bots into the air in bits.
    "Thank you for helping me." Starfire said as she hovered over the girl.
    "No problem...opps, problem." she said as several bots survived and were flying at them.  She turned and flew off toward the bay.  As they flew after her she pivoted and flew backwards, putting a mobile shield between her and them, grinning.  The bots poured on the speed as she dove toward the bay then back to the shore.  The bots followed as planned, Starfire was waiting.  She had sensed the strange girl's plan and positioned herself to catch them.  As the bots flew under her she unleashed a storm of star bolts, obliterating them all! The girl smiled, they had completely forgot about their first target who know took out the last of them.
    "Good shooting tex...not bad at all."
    "Many thanks, but who are you?"
    "Name's Kashmire, and you?"
    "Starfire...are you from earth??"
    "Nope, I'm from way out in space."
    "So am I!! From which world do you originate."
    "Maris Prime, in the Marisian Cluster."
    "Maris Prime!! That is only two light-years from Tamarin, my home world!!"
    "Tamaranian huh, that does explain a lot...what are you doing all the way out here?"
    "I am a Teen Titan, I protect the city with my friends."
    "Titan huh, I've heard you do good work. Glad to know there's another girl like me in the city."
    "Agreed, you must come meet my friends."
    "Well, to be honest, I have to be somewhere, tell you what, tomorrow night, same time, I'll meet you at the giant T you call home, on the roof."
    "Agreed, we shall talk of things, then you must meet my friends, they will be most surprised."
    "Okay, deal...I'll see you tomorrow night."
Starfire waved as Kashmire turned and flew off into the city, another girl from her sector, what wonderous news. She raced to the tower, only to be the subject of a question and answer period.
    "Where were you, you're late?!"
    "I am unharmed, there was an attack by Slade bots..."
    "Slade??? Why didn't you call..."
    "I lost my communicator when the missiles exploded..."
    "Do not be worried Robin, Kashmire saved me."
    "Yes, a girl from my sector of space...she is living here on Earth, I will be seeing her tomorrow is wonderous!"
    "Wait, a Tamaranian??"
    "No, no, a Marisian, a neighboring world."
    "Oh...wait, you're gonna see her tomorrow night? Are you sure she isn't an agent of Slade?"
    "I do not know, but she is the first I have met who is like me and I do wish to speak with her again. I shall ask her upfront if she is involved with Slade."
    "Where are you meeting?"
    "On the roof, but do not join us...she may be nervous around you."
    "Okay, but we'll be close enough to come to your aid if you need it."
    "Many thanks Robin...I must rest now."
After Starfire left, Robin relayed the what she said to the others.
    "Dude, another alien girl? That's all we need.", Beastboy gripped.
    "I don't know, if she turns out clean, she could be good for Star to spend time with.", Cyborg commented.
    "I'm just curious as to how this girl has gone undetected for soo long.", Raven pondered.
    "Starfire didn't say, but we'll be ready, we are not to get involved with their meeting, so we'll have to stay down here, but be ready for anything."

Part two

Dinner out: Kashmire's suspicions
As the sun set, Starfire sat on the edge of the tower, wondering if her new friend really would come. Downstairs the others prepared to comfort her with this girl she had met didn't show. It would be about an hour before Kashmire floated up over the side of the tower.
    "Hey, how you weren't waiting long?"
    "I am fine, I did worry you would not come though."
    "Hey, a promise is a, shall we talk?"
    "Yes...there is much I wish to know about you."
    "There is a lot and not a lot to say."
    "Then I shall ask this first...How did you get here?"
    "Ahh, the eternal question. Well, as best as I can remember, my folks left Maris Prime when I was little, we traveled a lot, seeing other worlds. When I was old enough, I decided to set off on my own. By accident, I ended up crashing here."
    " you did not plan to visit this world."
    "Oh I planned on visiting, didn't plan on a meteor knocking me out of orbit."     "Ahhh, I see, please continue."
    "For a while, I spent time trying to learn about the planet, but everyone seemed wary of me, till I met my friends who helped me settle in and get adjusted."
    "Wonderous, friends make any place a home."
    "That is true. What about you?"
    "I came here to find myself, to fine my place...and with my friends I have found it."
    "That's great, listen, lets get something to eat, I know a place on the wharf you might like."
    "Yeah, my treat, call it a girls night out."
    "I should inform my friends first."
    "Sure so they don't think I kidnapped you."
Starfire smiled and opened her communicator.
    "Friends I will return shortly, I am attending dinner..."
    "Okay, just be careful."
    "Of course."
Starfire smiled and floated up, Kashmire following suit...
    "What does this place serve?"
    "Seafood, like you get on Tarsis."
    "Really?? I love Tarsisian seafood!"
The pair winged toward the wharf...Robin was almost ready to send Beastboy after them, but Raven stepped in.
    "Let her go, she needs to spend time with someone who knows about her past. To be honest, I think it's a good thing for her to have a new friend."
    "Okay, this isn't like you Raven, you normal would be against it." Cyborg commented.
    "True, but how often does she get the chance to make a new friend who knows of her homeworld and it's customs."
    "True, and I think Star can handle herself."
    "Okay but you two better be ready for anything, hey, BB you got any comments."
The café, as it was, was only a little hole in the wall place. Starfire was nervous walking into the place, it seemed dark and smoky. Kashmire smiled and pulled her along. The bartender was about to say something to the two obviously underage girls when Kashmire said something in another language. His face lit with a smile and he gestured to a door in the back.
    "What did you say?"
    "Two Tarsisian specials."
    " he knows of other planet's foodstuffs?"
    "He's from Yaris, so he's been around."
    "A Yarisian?? They only leave their world as traders."
    "Yep, he's the local off world specialist, if you need anything, you come see him."
In the back, Starfire was amazed to find a much cleaner, more homey place. It was like being on another world. The bartender smiled.
    "I don't get many off-worlders here this hour."
    "There are more?"
    "Sure, a lot come through this sector, mostly traders, smugglers and the like, but good folks all around."
    "I am curious if you know of my world."
    "Let me guess, Tamaranian?"
    "Good world, odd food but good people."
Starfire smiled and sat down as the bartender served two large drinks.
    "Yarisian Ale??"
    "Yep, brew it myself, it's good stuff, but don't drink too much, with your metabolism, this should be okay."
    "Don't worry, I'll make sure she gets home okay.", Kashmire smiled.
The bartender left to get the meals as Starfire sampled her drink.
    "Wonderous, I have not had such flavor in such a long while."
    "Well, just as long as you remember to invite me along, we can eat here a lot."
    "I is good to get out with a fellow alien...if that is a correct term to use."
    "I guess it is...since we are both from other worlds."
    "Kashmire...I am glad we met, I have been a long time without someone who knows of my world."
    "Well, to be honest, I'm glad to be able to relax and not worry about hiding my powers."
    "Why would you hide them?"
    "Not every human understands our abilities."
    "That I know as a fact. If not for my friends, I fear that I may have been attacked or hurt when I arrived."
    "I was...a few times, but I got lucky and met others who understood."
The bartender served up the seafood dished and left them.
    "I see that much hasn't changed on Tarsis." Kashmire said, poking her dish.
    "Yes, most delicious!!"
Kashmire sighed and laughed as she dug in. The pair ate in silence for a while, focused on the meal. Kashmire finally broke the silence.
    "Star, would you like to go downtown with me later this week?"
    "I would like that greatly!"
    "Good, I'll be a good chance for us to get out and enjoy some fresh air."
    "Yes. I'm sure we will find much fun."
Kashmire tossed some coins on the table to cover the meal and stood and stretched.
    "We better get going, your friends will be worried."
    "Um...there is something I must ask, for my sake."
    "Are you in the employ of one called Slade?"
    "Slade...hmmm, don't think I know that name."
    "I am glad, he is most evil."
    "Then I'll be sure to avoid him."
Starfire nodded and followed Kashmire out and up into the night sky. The pair leisurely flew to the tower, landing to find a greeting party, Robin and Raven.
    "So, this is your new friend Star?"
    "Yes, this is Kashmire, friend, these are my friends Raven and Robin."
    "Nice to meet you."
    "Nice to meet you too. Star, we were wondering what took so long?"
    "That would be my fault, the place we ate at is a bit specialist so it took time to get the meal."
    "Do not be worried friends, I was safe."
Robin nodded and lead Starfire downstairs, Starfire talking about the meal. Raven turned to Kashmire.
    " are from space too? Don't look like it." She said, walking with Kashmire.
    "I've had to adjust to survive, wasn't as lucky as Star."
    "I see, we worry about her sometimes."
    "I know, and for what it's worth, she's safe with me..."
    "I need to ask you something...what are your intentions?"
    "Intentions?? Outside making a new friend who understands me...not much."
    "I have no other, interests in her?"
    "I think I get where you are going with this and no...I don't...but I'm not the worried one."
Raven managed to hide a blush under her hood.
    "Listen Raven, Star's a special girl, it's good to have a friend like her. Listen, if you ever need to talk or stuff, let me know, Starfire knows how to contact me."
Kashmire rose up into the night sky and flickered then disappeared. Raven was still blushing, had she given too much away??

Part 3

Shopping Trip: Explanations and feelings

Kashmire met Starfire early two days later. They pair headed out into the city to explore. Starfire enjoyed being with Kashmire, it was like having a sister who didn't want to kill her on a regular basis. Kashmire enjoyed being around Starfire, she was a breath of fresh air, a change from all those normal earthlings around her all the time. It was good to be reminded of home. The pair wandered the park, walked on the beach and headed toward down town, the whole time talking about this and that.
    "So let me get this straight, your sister tried to frame you for theft, then tried to take the crown of your home world."
    "That is true."
    "And you let her live...that's compassion."
    "Would you have done different?"
    "Yes I would have, but then again, I haven't had an easy go of life."
    "How so?"
    "well, I've been on my own for most of it. Only here on earth did I find friends, and you."
    "I see, so you have had troubles before?"
    "Many...but my friends back me up. Keep me from getting into worse trouble."
    "Friends are good for that."
They rounded a corner, again Kashmire noticed the stares they got. She sighed, it was the same everywhere, she realized that Starfire did stand out, but she knew that Starfire didn't notice the attention either.
    "Star, what's Tamarin like?"
    "It is a wonderous world, the people strong and proud, there is much celebrating and kinsman ship around."
    "I don't remember much about my world...I was little when my folks left to travel. I plan on going back, as soon as I can repair my ship."
    "You own a ship??"
    "Yep, it's a bit busted but my crew is working on it."
    "I would like to see it."
    "Well, as soon as it's in one piece, I'll bring you and your friends to see it."
    "That would be wonderous."
Kashmire smiled as she decided to do something nice. She took Starfire's hand and lead her toward the shopping mall. She picked a clothing store and smiled.
    "It's time you got some local color Star."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well, it's time you try wearing local clothes."
    "Is there something wrong with what I wear?"
    "Not at all. When I got here, I wore my peoples clothes, but everyone seemed to keep me at arm's length, not sure who or what I was. When I started to dress like them, they seemed to accept me more. Mind you, I don't mind that outfit you're wearing, very cute-sexy."
Starfire blushed a bit, perhaps that is how Kashmire went undetected and did not become a Titan, she blended in. Starfire wasn't sure what to do but she was willing to try.
    "Here you go, try these on. We'll pick two outfits for you."
Starfire nodded and went into the changing room. The first outfit was the earth equivalent of her normal one. A cute sleeveless top and skirt, both green. She exited and showed Kashmire.
    "Very nice, I think we'll stick with green since it matches your eyes...try the other one."
The other outfit was more covering, green slacks, and a green t-shirt with a red star on the front. She felt funny being soo covered but she did like the way it looked and felt.
    "I do enjoy this outfit, it is soo different, there is soo much I do not yet know about earth culture."
    "That is true, and there is a lot you don't need to know can be a confusing place, even when you know it all."
    "I see...what should I know then."
    "Well to be honest. Not too much. Just what your friends teach you, and a few things I know."
Kashmire smiled, paid for the outfits and lead Starfire to a local café.
    "Okay, earth 101, basic stuff. I'm sure your friends have helped you with questions and such right?"
    "Yes...they have been most informative."
    "Good, then I've only got a few things to teach you then. First off, cultures, earth's got a lot of them. Pick one that suits your homeworld, I think you'd enjoy the Japanese or Chinese culture, much like home. Two, clothes, we've already got you started on that. Wear your normal outfit for battle, earth clothes don't stand up too well in combat. Three, hobbies, do you have any?"
    "Outside of my Tamaranian hobbies, no..."
    "That's okay, try picking up something that sounds fun. Ask your friends and they'll keep you from picking something you might not like or might not be right for you."
    "I see, there is soo much to learn."
    "One more you share a room with that darkly cute girl, Raven?"
    "No. We all have our own rooms."
    "Hmm, interesting, listen Starfire, there is one thing I'm sure they didn't tell you about. Girl love."
    "Girl love?"
    "Yep, listen, I know the looks when I see them. You and Raven shared something were closer than the boys right?"
    " fact, we had our minds switched by an evil puppet and had to learn about one and other to survive."
    "That's closer than I thought...oh well...listen to me Starfire, Raven feels something for you, I can sense it...but she won't say or do anything about it."
    "Then should I??"
    "Yes...but it won't be easy...I can't show you what to do, that would taint it for you both, but I can tell you..."
    "Please, educate me..."
An hour later, Starfire was still in shock...
    "You are serious, that is what girls who love do?"
    "Yep, from a pro too, I'm like that with my girlfriend."
    "You are like that? Amazing...but will she agree?"
    "You have to be slow and gentle at first, like I told me, she will respond to you."
    " unsure but I do know that since the event that changed us, I...have thought of her fondly very often. Perhaps, she and I need to discuss this feeling."
    "Good, now, let's go have some fun."
    "What kind of fun..."
    "The only kind girls like us can."
Kashmire shouldered the bag and floated off the ground. Starfire smiled and followed her up.
    "Okay, catch me!!", Kashmire laughed and took off toward the bay! Starfire shot off after her, laughing as she tried to catch Kashmire, who dodged and twisted through the sky over the bay. They played tag for a good hour before Kashmire landed on top of the tower. She smiled as Starfire landed and hugged her.
    "It is good to play like that..."
    "Thought you would enjoy it. Lets show your new stuff to your friends."
The boys were out at the moment, only Raven was home. She was surprised to see Star and Kashmire back. Starfire hid behind Kashmire.
    "I thought you two were shopping?"
    "Called it quits, need your opinion though."
    "Oh what?"
Starfire stepped out from behind Kashmire, wearing her new green top and skirt. Raven's eyes widened just a bit, she managed to keep control of her reactions well, Kashmire made a mental note.
    "That''s soo you Star."
    "Many Thanks Raven, I was hoping you would approve."
    "Why would you need my approval?"
    "You are my best friend, I value your judgments and comments."
Raven paused, not sure what was going on. Kashmire smiled.
    "Well, I'm two have a fun day, I have to go check out a rumor."
    "About what?"
    "Oh, someone saw a nut with a big gun running around, nothing I can't handle."
Before Raven could say anything, Kashmire was out the door. She sat there, Starfire smiling at her...

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