Story: Fallen Raven (all chapters)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: This is the first section or chapter of this story and I hope to add more in the future.

Fallen Raven

A TT/SW fan fic cross over

By Curb

The council chamber was quiet as a young Jedi entered. He was dressed in standard robes, a pair of goggles given to him by his father before he left hung around his neck.
" are here, we may begin.", one council member said.
"We are assigning you an important task, the retrieval of a fallen jedi."
"A fallen jedi master Windu?"
"Yes, she has not yet become one with the dark side, so we believe she can be brought back into the fold."
A hologram hovered to lift showing a young woman in dark blue robes.
"She calls herself Raven, she left the order two local years ago, since then, she has been responsible for taking down dozens of smuggling and criminal operations."
"IF she is doing that, why bring her back."
"Seek her out the Sith do."
"I there a last location for me to go on?"
"On Bespin she is seen many times."
"Good, I'll leave immediately."
"Wait, a partner you will have."
"Robin, as much as we trust in your skills, a bit more tact will be needed with this one, she is very skilled and is rather stubborn, we've assigned Knight Starfire to go with you."
"A woman?"
"A woman Raven might open up to."
"I agree Master Yoda, now Robin, you're partner is on the transport waiting for you, bring Raven back to us."
"I will not fail."
Robin bowed and left the chamber, though there were some misgivings.
"Headstrong he is."
"Yes, but he is the best for this assignment."
Robin rode the lift the pad were a Republic Transport sat waiting. In front stood Starfire, a red haired lightly orange skinned young woman who was to be his partner.
"Greetings Knight Robin, I am Knight Starfire, I hope that this will be a successful venture."
"Me too, let's go."
She noticed his coolness, perhaps he just needed time to get to know her...
As the transport slipped off into the starry night, Master Yoda sat in the council chamber with Mace.
"What is it Master Yoda."
"Not sure the path of Raven I am."
"What do you mean?"
"No presence of the Dark Side I feel."
"What could that mean, could she really just have left to seek a new life?"
"Not sure am I...but discover the truth they will."
The Red and white transport slipped into hyperspace, but Robin had yet to even accept Starfire's assistance on the mission. While she chatted with the crew and learned more about where they were going, she had never been there, he spent most of the trip meditating and preparing. He knew that this could only end in defeating this so called Raven and bringing her back, he didn't understand why they had saddled him with Starfire. Starfire was hoping that this mission would convince the council that she was ready for more traveling and more missions on her own or with a teammate. She was soo tired of doing nothing but research, though she did enjoy working with the few little girls that came in every few months, she felt like a big sister to them and often helped them with problems. She hoped her skills would allow her to speak to this Raven and learn of her reasons and help her to re-embrace the guiding hand of the council.

Meanwhile, back at Cloud City....

Raven lay stretched out on a bed in a moderately priced suite. She was half asleep, a sheet draped across her pale form, the only light from a terminal that was being used by her companion.
"Any luck?" she asked.
"Yes, Crisis is the closest to us, only a day away, maybe day and a half."
"Good, contact him and please ask him to come pick us up...I really want to go home."
"Alright, I think I should let you know that we may be targeted again, they are rather set on finding you."
"The council can sit and spin for all I care...they know why I left and why I wont come back."
"That may be true, but that won't stop them from doing what they 'say' is right."
"I'd rather just not have to worry."
"We could go underground someplace?"
"And be farmers or something, they'd find us, I prefer not to have to worry about someone trashing my property looking for me. Let them come..."
"We could always go privateer...that's profitable."
"Get some rest, I'll make all the arrangements."
Raven rolled on her side as her companion went to work, her fingers dancing over the keypad, Raven had been lucky to find her, even luckier to have her stay by her side. She drifted off into a slightly fitful sleep.
As the Republic Transport slipped out of hyper drive, Robin set about to put his plan into action. He didn't need to be slowed down so he came up with a viable excuse to separate their little team. But he would have to wait till they arrived to put it into motion.

Starfire had begun to feel that Robin didn't feel a need for her presence. She could sense it, heck, anyone with eyes could see it. She felt a bit miffed but ignored that feeling, it was dangerous to think that he was going to put himself before a council order, no one would do that...would they?

Raven stood on a balcony overlooking one of the mall complexes, she watched the ebb and flow of the crowds, she found it rather fascinating. She sighed and knew that something was coming, it always was when she went anywhere but home. She checked her chronometer and chuckled, she had dinner in an hour...she best not be late.

The Republic transport entered the planet's atmosphere and arranged landing pad 8D for their use. Robin was ready. As the ship settled down, he put his plan into motion.
"Starfire, I want you to go to the City Controller and inform them of our mission and that we may need the assistance of the city guard, then head for Mall complex 3, I'll meet you at Tomak's."
"Where will you be going?"
"I have a contact here on Cloud City, I'll see if he has anything new on our target then meet you to begin searching."
"Agreed, I would rather have the City assisting us rather than hindering us."
As they split up, Robin took the first lift down to Mall Complex 3...she had to be here.
Starfire met with the City Controller who agreed immediately to assist them, She then made her way to the apartments one level above Complex 3. It was logical that if she was seen in the area, she must have a room close by. She met with each section chief to begin her search.
Robin was glad to be on his own, he worked better that way, at least in his mind. He wandered through the mall, his goggles on, they doubled as an image capture device. He worked his way through the crowd, he knew she had to be here.
Starfire had found out that a girl matching Raven's description had been seen in the traveler's lodgings recently, though what room was not know. She had been right to check the rooms. She also learned that another girl had been seen with her. Perhaps a friend or ally of Raven's? She wasn't sure. She decided to head down into the mall.
Raven sat at the table with her companion enjoying a light meal. She hadn't put much worry on anyone attacking her in public but was still prepared. She felt someone watching her and didn't like it.
"someone's staring at us." Raven said softly.
"I know, but the door, two of them, I'm getting a creepy vibe of em."
"me too...that can only mean one thing."
"Great...wait, their set up a trap?"
"Most likely, did Crisis say when he would arrive?"
"Soon, maybe an hour."
"we should move out soon."
"Our bags are packed and in the hanger."
"Good, you go ahead, I'll see what's going on."
Raven's companion slipped out through the crowd as Raven paid and headed in the opposite direction.
Starfire spotted her from a balcony, but decided to use discretion and follow her quietly. Robin spotted Starfire and realized she must be following Raven or someone who knows where she is. He moved through the crowd watching Starfire till she slipped through a door. He swore a bit under his breath then moved with the crowd to the closed door and slipped through.
Raven knew she was being followed even before he called out.
"Raven, by order of the Council, Halt!"
Raven paused and then looking over her shoulder, "The council can go to hell." then ran! Robin gave chase through several small rooms and passageways till they entered another large hanger bay, an empty one. As he reached the half way point, blaster fire from above caused him to dive for cover, giving Raven time to slip through the far hatch. He poked his head up and captured the image of a woman in a purple black outfit holstering a pair of blasters and saluting him before slipping into the shadows.
"She had a partner?"
Starfire entered the hanger and paused.
"What is going on?"
"I lost her."
"As did I, but she slipped through a lower hatch when I lost her."
"I gave chase, she has a partner."
"You gave chase? We were told not to do that!!"
"I know, but I had her..."
"Let us try to catch up."
"She went through there."
Starfire nodded and lead the way.
As Raven approached the hanger, her comm unit chimed.
"I took care of that Jedi following you."
"Great, but I think we have trouble."
"I know...wait, I got company...I'll catch up with you Raven."
Raven paused and sighed, she hoped she was okay.
The girl smiled as a pair of men in black outfits caught up with her on a catwalk.
"Where is she?"
"The Jedi bitch, our master desires to speak with her."
"Hmmm...master Sith boys are less than subtle."
"Where is she?"
One lit a saber as a warning, Jinx smiled and tilted her head...
"Heads up!"
They looked at her then each other till several cargo containers from the level above rained down on them. She smiled and slipped through the door and force twisted the lock. By the time they got out of her trap, they knew they would have to back track.
Raven arrived at the hanger bay just a moment before Jinx dropped down to join her.
"What did you run into?"
"Sith acolytes."
"I see..."
They turned to see 5 acolytes of the Sith standing behind them, the Outrider was parked on the far side of the hanger.
Jinx smiled as the acolytes lit their sabers and stalked toward them. She pulled what looked like a double saber from behind her back and lit both ends before separating them and striking in two blade stance.
"A blade dancer?"
"Impossible...they are just myths."
"Get them!"
As they rushed in, Jinx leap into the midst of them, twirling, twisting, dancing as her blades found targets, sometimes deflecting a blade, mostly soft fleshy targets. The other two, who she faced earlier, were on a balcony watching.
"Damn it...the rumors were true..."
"We'll have to report in..."
"Lets go."
Jinx slipped her blades back into place and surveyed the bodies, she shook her head and paused to collect the sabers of the fallen acolytes. As she and Raven turned to leave...
"Raven, don't move."
"Wait, do not be harsh about it..."
Raven sighed and turned.
"You again...and you brought a cute friend this time."
Starfire blushed a bit.
"Listen, I don't have time to play with you two, so be good Jedi and go home."
"I'm under orders of the Council to bring you home."
"Home...home....that place isn't my home."
Robin took a step forward...but was stopped by a voice.
"I wouldn't do that, I'm a very busy captain and don't want my passengers to be late."
A man dressed as a ship captain leapt down from the top of the Outrider and landed between Raven and Jinx and Robin and Starfire. He flicked his arms out to have a saber slide out of his sleeves and into each hand.
"I know you have a duty but I have a job, soo don't make me regret coming here today."
Robin started to lift his saber to light it when Starfire put her arm on his.
"There is no need for bloodshed, please...we wish to speak with Raven."
"I your weapons."
Starfire clipped her saber to her belt and Robin reluctantly followed suit, the new player had yet to light his and simply lifted his arms to have the sabers slip into them.
"if you wish to be diplomatic about" he tossed them a data pad "take this to the Council...and have a nice day." He smiled and turned to escort his passengers onto the ship. Moments later, the sleek ship slipped out of the hanger as Robin and Starfire backtracked to their ship and left, returning to the Council.
The Council was rather concerned that Robin and Starfire had discovered Sith Acolytes were present on Cloud City and that another saber wielding individual had been the one to retrieve Raven.
"Hmm, so you are saying that he had two sabers, but didn't activate them?"
"That is correct Master fact, he seemed reluctant to." Starfire commented.
"Robin, you said that you spotted an odd individual?"
"Yes, I managed to get a image of her before we found her boarding the ship with Raven."
Robin plugged his goggles in to the projector that had been brought in for the debriefing. The images showed a young woman with oddly purple hair.
"I don't know who she is, but she's good with a blaster that's for sure. She was the one carrying the fallen acolytes sabers onto the ship."
"A mystery this one is...a bodyguard raven has hired?"
"Doubtful...Raven was rather good at finding force sensitive individuals, perhaps this girl is one."
"Masters, we have a message to be played for the council from the one that intercepted us." Starfire said as she pulled the data pad into the projector.
An image of a young man, possibly in his late 2, early third decade appeared. He was dressed as a pilot. He bowed before speaking.
"Members of the council, you do not know me but I represent Lady Raven in this matter. You may call me Crisis, captain of the Outrider, leader of the Outriders. We have come to embrace Lady Raven as one of our own and will protect her accordingly. If you wish to speak with her, you may send a maximum of two jedi to speak with her at the following coordinates and address. We Outriders prefer to do things properly in this area and do not take attacks or attempts to capture one of our own lightly. Lady Raven has left your Order, if you wish to know why, come and speak with her. "
The Image faded to a star map then a city map.
"Hmmm, a strong leader he seems."
"Yes, and he seems to be protective if her."
"A lover he is?"
"Again doubtful..."
"Master Yoda, Master Windu...please allow me to travel to the coordinates and met with Raven." Starfire said suddenly.
"Hmmm, yes, I think it would be safe to say that you would have a better chance...but I want Robin to go with you..."
Robin nodded, he might still pull off his capture.
"Yes...assist you he will, but follow your lead he must."
Robin hid his shock well.
"Raven has been difficult to deal with when she was a member of the Order and she did not like to take orders or even instruction from males. Starfire will attend the meeting while Robin will attempt to learn more about Crisis and his Outriders."
"Thank you Masters, I will do all that I can to make this a success."
"Know you will we do."
"We've arranged a civilian transport for you this time, to be on the safe side. The captain has worked closely with us in the past."
The pair nodded as they were dismissed but separated after leaving the Council Chamber, Robin citing that he had to get prepared for the trip. Starfire prepared by changing to a more discreet outfit then heading to the hanger bay that had been assigned to the ship.
Starfire arrived shortly before Robin, she was dressed as a casual traveler for easy for getting around without being spotted. She met with the captain, Captain Faith V'Tine, a sometimes smuggler who has aided the jedi order now and then. Capitan V'Tine was thrilled at a chance to aid the Order again, She was a force sensitive but had been discovered too late in life to be trained properly. She had used her abilities to help make a living over the last few years. She greeted Starfire with open arms.
"It's good to see a friendly face around here, no masters with you?"
"No, just myself and another Knight, he should be arriving soon."
"Okay, just so you know, the Cowgirl is a cargo ship but fast, according to the data I received, it'll be a short hop from here, a planet called Arath."
"I examined the data on it, most curious."
"Don't go by those dry files. Arath is a bustling world with hive like cities and massive forests, rather a nice change from most places I’ve been."
"I see...oh here is my associate."
Robin arrived and nodded to them and boarded the ship.
"Oh him, that one I've ferried around before. Not very friendly."
"he is just...himself..."
Capitan V'Tine nodded and escorted Starfire onboard and headed to the bridge. Starfire found Robin had chosen a room for himself while she was content to stay in the main area of the ship, it would only be a short jump of a few hours. The Cowgirl slowly lifted from the pad and rose into the sky, weaving it's way through the traffic to clear the planet and jump.


raven sat in her apartment on Arath, a small cozy place on the upper levels of Metreon, one of several hive cities that dotted the planet. She wore only a bodysuit, no need for her traveling robes or cloak. Across the simply appointed apartment, in the kitchen, Jinx, Raven's companion, was busy poking through the cabinets to find anything that hadn't gone bad, luckily, Crisis had brought them new supplies.
"You know, he's sweet on you." Jinx smiled
"I know, and I do like him, but it's just not safe to start anything with him with the Jedi breathing down my neck now and again."
"Well, if this meeting thing goes well, maybe they'll leave you alone for a while."
"I don't know, they'll probably send some aged master to talk to me again."
"Maybe that cutie will be the one."
"What' have you heard?" raven asked, raising a delicate eyebrow.
"A little birdie told me that she and that other fellow left on a transport a few hours ago, most likely coming here."
"Well, then maybe it won't be too bad."
Jinx chuckled.
"Oh and don't be soo mean to Crisis, ask him out, I'm sure he'll be ever the gentleman to you."
"I know...I will, after this whole meeting thing is over."
Jinx shrugged and went about putting a meal together.

As the Cowgirl hurled through hyperspace, Captain V'tine invited her passengers to join her for dinner. The dining area was spartan, like most cargo ships but the meal was anything but. Captain V'tine's ship's cook made a most delicious meal for her and her guests.
"No need to rely on rations for this journey." she smiled, lifting a glass of ale.
"Many thanks, I was a bit fearful that rations were on the menu."
"Not at all, for honored guests like you, fresh meals are the norm."
Robin picked at his plate a bit then looked to the captain.
"What can you tell me about the Outriders."
"What makes you think I know anything?" Faith responded with feigned ignorance.
"You fly this route alot, I doubt that you don't know the locals and I doubt that you don't know what I need to learn."
"My my, such a cranky boy...fine." Faith swirled the ale in her glass a bit. “The Outriders are not what they seem, they run cargo, smuggle a bit, and run patrols in the city where you two are headed."
"What do you mean by patrols?" Starfire asked.
"Well, first off, it's not what he thinks," Faith pointed her nearly empty glass at Robin "They live in a section of the city that they protect, they keep crime down, work with the local law and are actually respected."
"So why are they helping a Sith."
"She is not a Sith Robin, the masters would have said so if she was."
"Fine, but I don't trust her not to be one."
Faith rolled her eyes and laughed.
"My goddess, You are a traditionalist...oh man, and here I thought you just had a stick up your ass."
Robin was getting upset, visibly as he pushed his plate back.
"Please, there is no need for such words."
"Sorry...couldn't help it...this is the Rim where we are going Jedi, things aren't black and white out here, nothing is quite what it seems." Faith put down her empty glass and smiled, "I shall retire for the evening, we will arrive in the morning."
As she left, Robin lead Starfire out of the room and turned to her.
"We have to be on our guard from now on, we can't trust anyone, not even this captain."
"She has not done anything that has seemed derisive, I have sensed only honesty from her."
"She is a sensitive, she could be masking her mind."
"I am not a novice, I am not that easily fooled."
"Listen, just be on guard."
Starfire sighed and nodded as they separated and rested for the rest of the trip.


Crisis sat at his desk at the Outpost, home of the Outriders. It was on the upper mid level of the #4 tower of the city of Metreon. The Ship, the Outrider, namesake of the group, was being serviced as he went over paperwork from the other ships located one level down.
"Hmm...looks okay...a bit behind on the last two runs..."
"S'cuse me boss." A young woman approached.
"I have a message from our people on the station...a transport matching the one that left the Jedi Council has arrived and is in bound."
"Thank you Yukina...please inform Lady Raven and have her move to the meeting point."
"Yes Boss."
He smiled, Yukina was still a bit young but eager to prove herself, she got her blade just recently and was eager to put it to use in protecting the innocent. He just hoped she wouldn't need to. He made a few calls.
"So it begins."

As soon as the Cowgirl settled onto the landing pad, Robin was already putting his plan together, yet Starfire threw him for a loop...almost literally.
"Knight Robin, I will proceed to the meeting, you will journey through the city and gather what information you can on your own. You are not to interfere with the meeting at all."
Robin blinked as Starfire suddenly became rather proper and commanding.
"Of course..."
"Good, Captain V-Tine, I'm sure you will be ready to leave if we should need to?"
"Ready and willing."
Starfire nodded and went to the nearest cabstand and headed toward the meeting as Robin blinked, shook his head then headed off on his own.


Raven and Jinx traveled to the meeting spot, a room above a bar. Both had turned their sabers over to Yukina, one of their escorts, she seemed bit young but eager. Jinx nudged Raven lightly in the ribs and winked as she mouthed 'cute jedi'. Raven blushed a bit, that girl had be rather cute...perhaps she would see her again. She was sure that they would send some old jedi master to the meeting. Jinx arched her back, the black leather bodysuit she wore creaking lightly as she smiled, thinking about the previous evening, about having her lover in her arms all night...soo much joy and pleasure...she wondered if Jedi knew what they were missing...she doubted it. She had already put her plan to get Raven into Crisis's bed as soon as she could, she might have to join them to make sure Raven didn't slip away, not that Raven didn't enjoy last night, Jinx was sure of that.
Raven and her party arrived first at the facility to be used for the meeting, a small cafe on an upper level. They were escorted inside to a private room and waited for their counter to arrive.

Starfire arrived a few moments later, she was scanned, her saber taken then let in. She sat across from Raven before pulling her hood back.

Raven was surprised, but managed to hid it, that they had seen the cute jedi, Jinx's mind was already spinning new plans.

"I am here to discuss your return to the Order."
"I can't go back."
"Why? You have broken no laws that we know of, you have not fallen to the dark side..."
"I can't go back because of how I was treated, how I was ridiculed."
Starfire blinked and tilted her head.
"I do not understand..."
Raven sighed.
"How long have you been a knight, a full knight?"
"It will be 6 years local time next month."
"And how many assignments have you had?"
"two but....oh......."
"They send out the male jedi more often, keeping us at the temple to train and 'be ready for our time'. The order is male dominated, a simple fact."
"But, they would not risk a jedi on assignment unless they were sure..."
"Face the facts, you were sent on this mission because they thought a young woman might convince me to return. Did they tell you why I left?"
Starfire shook her head as Raven got up and got a drink.
"I was a top knight, just finished my training, ready to go do good. But I kept getting passed over for assignments outside of training younglings. Perhaps it was my wearing of darker colors that worried them, it shouldn't have, my pale skin and all. I ended up wandering around the capital more often then not and that's where I met Jinx, working in a club. She was strong with the Force...I wondered how she had gotten passed over as a child. I mentioned to the council that I had sensed a strong force around a young woman and was told she was simply to old to train. Shortly there after, I found out someone had taken a shot at her. I reported it to the council who said that someone must have a problem with her and it was no concern of theirs. I started to see Jinx on a regular basis, first to help her hone her skills, then more for her company and even more for what she made me feel, joy and happiness. Somehow the council found out and forbade me to see her, saying I was going on a dangerous path. How could joy and happiness lead to darkness?? I asked and was given some cryptic crap that made no sense. It was then that I simply packed what I had and left, I couldn't stand to be away from the woman I loved. We traveled for some time and ended up making a home here. I would travel around, helping others but even now and then, the council would stick it's nose in my business and try to reclaim me as if they owned me. I won't go back and you shouldn't either, they'll just bury you in low tasks till you die of old age."
Starfire was shocked and amazed, that such a thing could happen. Had she been blind? No, the council trusted her to bring Raven back but...if they did, why send Robin if not to make sure she didn't fail? She was confused.
" difficult to understand...I must meditate on this..."
"There is a small room to the right you may use." Jinx said as she guided the Jedi to it. Starfire thanked her and closed her eyes, focusing her mind, it was soo much to take in...

Raven sighed.
"You think she understands?"
"I don't know boss...but to be sure, she'll think on it."
Starfire sat for several hours in the small dark room, trying to focus her mind, trying to make sense of all that Raven had said to her. Much of it made little sense at first. She was sure the Council had it's reasons for not sending her out on missions, she was sure they were right. But as she focused her mind on the past, on all she had seen and done, things began to make sense. She had seen few female knights go out on assignments and there were few female knights to begin with. She realized that some of what Raven said was true!! This rocked her faith in the order, but not completely. This was very much confusing and made her realize she would need to do something very difficult for herself. She needed to make a strong decision.


Robin had been running around the city trying to find out more about the Outriders. Every place he went he got the same story, which was very irritating. One: The Outriders were local heroes and good guys, they kept the neighborhoods safe and the young kids with the gift out of trouble, and Two: no one wanted to start anything that would get them in trouble because of #1. Robin was starting to get upset, he decided to go to the meeting, collect Starfire and Raven and leave...


Raven was sipping on some tea when Jinx escorted Starfire back to the meeting table.
"I hope you have had time to think about what I said."
"I have about some of what you have said, but there is much I do not understand."
"I see...and what will you do now?"
Starfire took a deep breath.
"I wish to travel with you for one local year, I wish to see your side of your story, so that I may fully understand the situation. I will contact the Order to let them know and have them recall my partner."
Raven all but spit out her tea, this was not quite what she expected.
"Are you serious??"
"Very much so...I would like to make the arrangements as soon as possible...."
Raven sat there stunned...
Robin wandered the city, going from level to level searching out info, but coming up short more often then not. He had lost his temper a few times and this was being seen by someone following him. He felt what he thought was a single person following him till he heard three voices speaking as one.
"Hold and surrender your weapon."
Robin turned to find triplets standing behind him, each holding a deactivated saber. Robin lit his and prepared to fight them, but they had other ideas. The trio rushed toward him, moving at superhuman speed. Robin recognized the force skill known as knight speed, he braced and was ready to use force push to knock them down, only they suddenly split their formation and leapt up onto the buildings on the sides of the street, bouncing around. He couldn't target them and they all flipped in, pressing an deactivated saber to a vital point on his body, one against the back of his neck.
"Surrender and come with us."
He had no choice, they could take him down even if he managed to get one of them. He lowered and deactivated his blade, handing it over, moving with them to their aircar. He was cuffed and put in the back as they skimmed toward the upper levels. His trip took him to right to the Outrider base, two hanger bays on an upper level. There he was off-loaded and put in a cell for about an hour. After that, a tall leggy redhead entered. She was dressed oddly, a short skirt and red blouse under a short jacket and heels.
"Knight Robin, origin: Jump City, partner of Knight Starfire, origin: Tamarin. I see you are unharmed. Those won't be necessary."
She waved her hand and the cuffs dropped off.
"I am Prima, I will be your guide on this tour."
The cell unlocked and he ventured out.
"That is why you are here, to find out about us. This way."
She lead him along a hall to an overlook where over a hundred young people were training. Prima explained that they were training using an ancient skill know as Kendo. She showed him where the advanced students were awarded their sabers and were training.
"This is all against the Council's Orders!!"
"The Council doesn't rule here, we are all force sensitive who were passed over and told we were too old to train. We gathered here and began to train, using our powers to aid those in need."
"But, this is a Sith site?"
"Sith, oh no, we follow a code of honor and serve the people."
Robin couldn't believe what he was hearing. But here it was...this was an affront to the council! Before he could say anything, the world went black and he awoke back on a ship. There was a hologram of Starfire that was transmitting to his room and the council at the same time.
"I have chosen to examine Raven's life and those of her associates. I will be gone for a standard local year. I shall contact you after I have learned all I can."
Again, another shock and as he rose, he realized that the ship was on final approach to Corisant...

Chapter 2

[Author's notes: The continuation of Raven's Story

As Robin was approaching the Council Tower, Starfire was beginning her first day as an Outrider.  She had to give up her knight robes and was given a more uniform bodysuit for the time being.  Jinx sighed as she looked at her in the mirror...
"We just have to get you shopping, something that will look better on you."
"I do not understand why I must dress like this?"
"For your time with us, you are an Outrider, you have to dress like us and go through what we do every day."
"I see...this will be a learning experience."
"That it will be."
Jinx smiled and looked around the room Starfire would be using.
"Okay, bathroom through there, bedroom we are in...there's a small living area and kitchen if you cook, not all of us can, the comm. unit is preset to call mine or Raven's if you need anything while home alone.  We'll head to the shrine first then to work."
"All shall be revealed..." Jinx said in a spooky voice and grinned.  Starfire blinked as the purple haired girl lead her out into the hall and down to the landing pad for the apartments was.  Starfire, for the first time, could actually appreciate the view and gasped softly.
"It is mostly lovely here...there is much greenery in many places."
"We like out nature to be part of our homes.  You'll find parks everywhere."
Jinx straddled a swoop bike and gestured for Starfire to get on back.
"Hold on."
Starfire put her arms around Jinx and rested against her back, unable to see the smile on Jinx's face...she was right, Jedi girls were snuggly.  She revved the engine and took off down the ramp, Starfire gasped out loud and hugged tighter, Jinx was very much enjoying the ride.  They followed ramps and roadways for about an hour and arrived at a park.  Jinx parked outside the gate and approached, bowing her head in respect before entering, Starfire felt it prudent and did the same.  Once inside the ornate gate, Starfire found herself in a veritable paradise, tall trees, lush grass, dense bushes.  The sound of small animals scurrying through the brush was the only sound, not even Jinx spoke till they arrived at the center of the shrine, where a large tome was set into the ground.  It was a large stone sarcophagus with an engraved lid showing the image of a man with a down turned saber in his hands.  Jinx smiled as she touched it lightly.
"This is the one who created the Outriders, years ago.  He came here from the Council, a man disillusioned with the Jedi order.  He was tired with their bureaucracy and rules and sought out a new life.  When he arrived, our world was in the grip of a crime syndicate, a big one.  We were fighting a losing war.  He chose to join us and his presence on the battlefield helped turn the tide.  It was then that he saw the first of us, untrained force users doing what we could to battle the enemy.  He helped us win, to drive out the syndicate and then turned and gathered all those who were special to him.  He chose to train them, not in the way of the Jedi but in another way, he chose to use ancient techniques, ancient styles and a code of honor we understood.  We soon became stronger and took to the streets and began to clean up our world, to bring more special ones into the fold.  It was then that he chose a name, ‘Outrider' and dubbed us with that name as we rode out into the stars to find all those the Council left behind."
"I did not know such a thing could happen...he chose to leave...chose to start a new life..."
"That he did...he molded the first into strong leaders and they in turn did the same for each group that followed.  There are more of us than all the Jedi combined."
"That is amazing...soo many left behind?"
"Yes...because of foolishness about age.  They want young they can mold into their mirror image, not someone who might differ in opinion."
"Who was he?"
"He asked to have his name lost to time...we all call him Father."
Starfire gently touched the tomb, almost fearful that it might crumble.  Jinx smiled and lead her to another monument.  It was a tall obelisk engraved with names.
"This is where the name of every Outrider who has fallen is recorded, so Father can guide them in the afterlife."
"There are many..."
"We have many enemies, syndicates, Sith, close minded individuals, the Jedi are counted as well, though they rarely try to kill us."
"That goes against the code."
"Well, now that Father has met you, let's get to work."
They left, Starfire looking over her shoulder at the monuments, this was more than she had thought, a Jedi on his own, choosing to go his own way and to create from what had been left behind.  The ride to Tower #4 was quiet, Starfire reflecting on her education for the day.  They arrived at the mid level area of the tower and moved the swoop bike onto a lift that took them up to the Outrider base.  There were three hanger bays, training levels, quarters, offices and communications, or so Jinx told her during the trip up.  Starfire looked around as Jinx maneuvered them off the lift and into a parking slot.  They were on the lower level where two of the large hangers were located.  The one they were in housed about 6 ships of varying designs.  Crews were working on them, she was surprised to see the use of Force to do repairs as parts were floated up to where they were needed.
"They use the Force for work?"
"We use it all the time...we immerse ourselves in the Force, become closer to ourselves and the source of the Force."
"That is very odd...I must learn more."
"You will, Raven's waiting for you."
Starfire nodded and they headed across the hanger and onto a smaller lift to go up to the office level.  There Starfire was brought into Raven's office.  Raven smiled as she stood up and took Starfire by the hands.
"It's good to see you, I half feared you might have changed your mind."
"No...there is soo much I must learn...I was introduced to Father."
Raven smiled and guided Starfire to a seat.
"All new Outriders are taken to the shrine.  It helps to knew a bit of our history."
"I am sure there is much more to be learned."
"There is, and I'm sure you want to hear the bad and the good."
"Yes to learn all I must hear all."
"Well to be honest, we do have to do some things the Council would not approve of, smuggling is one, though it is usually stuff that is hard to find or that is needed somewhere but is being blockaded."
"I see..."
"We do what we can to keep in operation, ships need parts and fuel, people need food and shelter.  We make ends meet."
Starfire nodded as a young twi'lek girl entered with some drinks."
"Ahh, thank you Lorani.  Don't forget you have a class this afternoon."
"I will not forget...someone must teach them how to properly pilot a ship."
As she left, Raven chuckled.
"Lorani was found by one of our Captains and is a very skilled pilot, on par with the best the Order has to offer."
"Yes...she's proven it twice so far."
Starfire sipped her tea and contemplated what she had learned soo far, a noble beginning, though some criminal activity to support themselves.  She did not sense anything of the Sith, though she had never tried to before.  She sensed nothing but positiveness all around her, though she did sense something odd from Jinx, but she was unsure of what that was.  She looked to Raven and smiled.
"I would like to know what my duties will be for a year with you."
"Ahh, work it shall be...You will ride with me on pickups and work in the training hall with the light saber.  You will also help out with the patrols once you are settled in."
"I will do my best."
"Good, now, shall we eat?"

As they were heading out to grab something to eat, Robin was standing before the Council, his anger barely in check.
"Still your anger you must or consume you it will."
"My apologies Master is just..."
"I know this seems like betrayal, but we've examined the full message and she has chose to use her time to discover the truth behind Raven and the Outriders.  This may allow us to learn more about them and if they are of any use to us."
"Use Master Windu?  They do not follow the traditions of the Order, everything I saw was an affront to me."
"A traditionalist you are and loyal beyond measure, but approach this from new direction we must."
"They may not be of our teachings, but they do resist the Sith and are responsible for keeping a whole planet relatively crime free."
There were nods around the chamber.  Yoda turned to Robin.
"Rest you must, purge these thoughts from your mind you will..."
"Yes are right..."
Robin was dismissed but still the anger brewed inside him...she had taken his glory, he was planning to bring Raven gain more support in the Council...he needed to rest...yes...

While they ate on an open terrace overlooking another hanging garden, Raven explained how the Outriders work.
"We're broken into sections.  There are three primary groups and three secondary groups.  The primary groups are the Retrievers, Riders and Defenders.  The Retrievers are able to sense the flow of the Force and find those who are able to use it, they travel to find those the Council and the Order have passed over and bring them here.  Riders are the Outrider patrols that keep the cities safe.  They work in teams or solo depending on the area and are skilled in mounted combat." Raven took a sip of her drink as she paused.
"Mounted Combat?" Starfire asked before enjoying another bite of her meal.
"Fighting from the back of a bike."
"Ahh, please continue."   
"The third group is the Defenders.  They are those who are called in to deal with large scale problems, like Sith attacks or the presence of large scale criminal activity."
"Are they needed often?" Starfire asked, a hint of concern in her voice.  Raven smiled reassuringly.
"Thankfully no, but they are still trained and ready for any situation."
"You mentioned three secondary groups?"
"Ahhh, well the first are the Mentors, they train the new arrivals and set them on the path.  Then there are the Support staff, mostly technicians, medical, clerical, they keep us running, and the last but hardly the least are our skilled pilots to get us where we need to be."
"A sturdy organization.  I can see how you have operated for soo long and maintained all you have for many years." Starfire nodded as she finished off her main dish and turned to her side dish.
"we do what we can, though it's harder these days, what with the Order's renewed intrest in me..."
"You have told me why you left, but I am not clear on some things." Starfire commented, punctuation her statement with the movement of her fork.
"Such as?" Raven asked as she leaned on the table and sipped her drink
"You love"
"Oh...OH!" Raven blushed a bit and almost choked on her drink...she cleared her throat and chuckled..."You don't know about that do you?"
"About what?" Starfire asked with a innocent look on her face.
"Listen, we'll discuss this back at base, it's not something you discuss in public."
Starfire blushed...she was unsure but she might have an idea now that it was something naughty!!  

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