Story: Goddess' Light (chapter 1)

Authors: KaitonLocke

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Chapter 1

Title: Part I - Wind and Water

[Author's notes: Alright, this is a lemon. So far, only part two has the parts of a lemon, but there WILL be more. As of now, I have the first three parts done. I am almost finished with four, but as we all know, roadbloacks in or works do occur. I REALLY need some comments and cronstructive criticism. Arigato and Ja ne!

Outside of a Japanese restaurant, deep in the city, stood a beautiful woman. She was about 5’8” with the body of a beauty queen and bright red-gold hair that fell around her jaw line. Her head was down, her eyes hidden from view. After a moment, her hair moved slightly and her eyes fell on the door of the restaurant. They were an elegant green and filled with sorrow and bitter memories.


Kara Kinahara sighed as she stood in front of the door to an all too familiar restaurant. ‘*Sigh* I don’t want to do this, but ... I need to move on.’ She strengthened her resolve, and brushed a loose strand of her newly cut hair. Kara took a deep breath, and pushed the door open, walking into the finely lit restaurant

“Ah, it’s good to see you Ms. Kinahara!” Hiragashi said brightly. “Should I set your usual table tonight?”

“Thank you Hideo,” Kara replied, smiling fakely. “That would be fine.”

“Yes, yes,” Hiragashi said bowing slightly. “Right this way.”

Kara followed Hideo Hiragashi to the all too familiar table in her favorite restaurant. She fought back tears as several happy and painful memories came flooding into her mind. She now remembered exactly why she hadn’t been coming to the restaurant for the past seven months. It hurt too much to be here, but she needed to move on. She took her seat and thanked Hideo quietly. He returned after a few minutes with a drink and asked her for her order.

“Should I bring your normal order?” Hiragashi asked as Kara took her seat.

“No thanks Hideo,” Kara answered kindly. “I think I’ll try something else tonight.”

“Ok, do you want to order now, or should I return after you’ve looked our menu some more?” Hiragashi asked politely.

“I’d like to look at the menu a bit longer if that’s ok,” Kara said returning the polite manner Hiragashi had shown.

“OK then, I’ll be back shortly,” Hiragashi said giving Kara a small bow before turning and walking away.

Oh goddess, I wish I hadn’t come back here.’ Kara thought letting a painful sigh escape her lips. ‘The memories that are held here are just too much.

Kara continued to curse herself as she gazed at the menu blankly. She had hardly read any of the dish selections when Hideo had returned.

“What will it be tonight Ms. Kinahara?” Hiragashi asked pulling a small note pad from the pocket on his white coat.

“I think I’ll try your Unagi and a small sample of the Tempura please,” Kara answered.

“Ah yes, fine choice Ms. Kinahara,” Hiragashi said scribbling on the notepad. “I’ll have Mitsuko come and cook for you tonight.”

“Thank you Hideo, that’s very kind,” Kara began, “but I don’t want someone to go through the trouble ...”

“It’s not any trouble,” Hiragashi said cutting her off. “I’ll send her out immediately.”

“Hideo, please, you don’t have to ...” Kara tried to say as Hideo Hiragashi rushed away.

Damn, now why wouldn’t he just listen to me?’ Kara thought wearily. ‘I wish he would just hear me out for once. I guess that’ll happen when hell finally freezes over.

Kara sat quietly for a minute or two before she saw Hideo walking back towards her. She sighed and closed her eyes and told her self not to get angry with the over-pleasant restaurant manager. As she opened her eyes, her breath got caught in her throat. The woman following Hideo was absolutely gorgeous. Kara stared in awe at the angellic woman approached her, behind Hideo. She was about 5’5” or 5’6” with long, shining jet-black hair, warm and gentle Honey-brown eyes, soft and delicate pink lips, and a body that most women would kill for. Kara remained not only breathless, but speechless as Hideo introduced the amazingly beautiful young woman and chef.

“Ms. Kinahara, I would like you to meet Mitsuko Mihoshi,” Hiragashi said introducing her. “Mitsuko, this is Ms. Kara Kinahara. You will be preparing our special Unagi and a sample of our best Tempura for her this evening.”

“Yes Hiragashi-sensei,” Mitsuko said bowing to Hideo. “I shall make a meal she will never forget.”

“Good, good,” Hiragashi said returning Mitsuko’s bow. “I shall leave you then.”

“Ms. Kinahara?” Mitsuko said facing Kara.

“....” Kara sat silently staring at Mitsuko.

“Ms. Kinahara?” Mitsuko said slightly louder.

“Oh, yes?” Kara replied snapping out the trance.

“Would you like me to begin now?” Mitsuko asked making small motions with her small and flawless hands.

“Oh, right,” Kara said starting to blush slightly. “You can start doing whatever you like.”

“Ok Ms. Kinahara,” Mitsuko said preparing her cooking instruments.

“Please, call me Kara,” Kara said trying to hide her reddening cheeks.

“If that is what you wish,” Mitsuko replied.

Kara watched in silence as Mitsuko prepared her meal. Kara didn’t want to take her eyes off of Mitsuko’s angellic face. She stared on, hypnotized by the young chef’s beauty. She couldn’t help but imagine pinning Mitsuko down and totally ravishing the young woman’s stunning and flawless body. Kara snapped back into reality as Mitsuko’s hand grazed hers as the chef placed her plate in front of her.

Did she plan that!?’ Kara thought excitedly. ‘Or was it all an accident?

“Ms. Kara?” Mitsuko said sweetly.

“Yes?” Kara asked in reply.

“Would you like me to stay here while you eat? To see if the food meets your liking, of course,” Mitsuko asked in her honey-toned voice. “Hiragashi-sensei told me to do everything you asked of me, and I just thought that since you had been staring at me, you’d like me to stay.”

“Oh,” Kara giggled nervously turning bright red, “that would be ok, I suppose.”

“I will stay here then,” Mitsuko said sitting across from a flustered Kara.

Kara slowly ate the meal Mitsuko had prepared. She closed her eyes as the amazing taste overwhelmed her taste buds. She sighed in contentment as she finished the last of the well prepared food. Mitsuko smiled kindly as Kara sat back in her chair almost full from the exquisite meal. As Mitsuko cleared away Kara’s plate, here hand once again grazed Kara’s.

Okay, she did it again.’ Kara thought quickly. ‘It couldn’t have been an accident both times could it?

“Ms. Kara, would you like dessert?” Mitsuko asked sweetly.

“Yes, I would,” Kara replied politely. “And you don’t have to call me miss.”

“Yes, Kara,” Mitsuko replied as she walked toward the kitchen.

Mitsuko returned quickly with another pot to cook the dessert in. She began to pour some unfamiliar ingredients into the pot in front of Kara. As a very sweet aroma filled the air, Mitsuko placed a small bowl in front of Kara. Once again, her hand grazed Kara’s as she placed the bowl.

Again!?’ Kara’s thoughts showing on her face. ‘That most definitely wasn’t an accident.

“Here is your dessert Kara,” Mitsuko said as she poured the simmering confection into the bowl. “Would you like me to sit here while you eat again?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, of course,” Kara replied innocently.

“It isn’t a problem,” Mitsuko replied sweetly.

“Thank you Mitsuko,” Kara said looking at Mitsuko and smiling.

“You are welcome Kara,” Mitsuko replied smiling back.

Kara reached for her chopsticks, but grabbed a spoon instead. She filled the spoon and blew lightly on her steaming dessert. Once again, her taste buds were overly pleased with the flavor and texture of the sweet confection. Kara only closed her eyes and savored the taste. She placed her spoon down for a moment and looked over at Mitsuko.

“Does it not please you?” Mitsuko asked, worried.

“Yes, it pleases me,” Kara said slowly, “but, it’s too good to eat quickly.”

“Wonderful!” Mitsuko said, clapping her hands joyfully.

“Yes, wonderful,” Kara said gazing into Mitsuko’s welcoming eyes.

“Ms. Kinahara?” Hiragashi said, breaking the silence. “Was your meal okay?”

“Yes, yes it was,” Kara answered honestly, her eyes still focused on Mitsuko’s. “I also enjoyed the company of Mitsuko as well.”

“That’s good; that’s very good to know,” Hiragashi replied excitedly. “Mitsuko, you may have the rest of the evening off, if you’d like.”

“Thank you Hiragashi-sensei,” Mitsuko replied standing and bowing. “I would like that very much.”

“You are welcome Mitsuko,” Hiragashi replied. “Do you need anything else Ms. Kinahara?”

“No, thank you very much though Hideo,” Kara replied kindly. “I’m fine.”

“Ok, but ask if you do need something Ms. Kinahara,” Hiragashi said bowing.

“I will take care of everything sensei,” Mitsuko said bowing at Hideo once more. “I am glad to serve Kara.”

“Very well Mitsuko,” Hiragashi said thoughtfully. “Do ask if you need help my child.”

“Yes sensei,” Mitsuko said bowing once more as Hideo walked away.

“Serve me huh?” Kara quipped.

“Um ... yes, Kara,” Mitsuko replied blushing slightly.

“Is that a blush?” Kara said playfully.

“....” Mitsuko’s face grew hotter, and she giggled nervously.

“It is!” Kara said, laughing. “I made you blush!”

“It’s nothing compared to how many times I made you blush!” Mitsuko replied, matter-of-factly.

“Well ... I ... uh ...” Kara said, a blush returning to her cheeks.

“See?” Mitsuko said, folding her arms triumphantly.

“So,” Kara said, her face still pink, “I’m blushing, it’s not a big deal.”

“Then why’d you make a big deal out of my little blush?” Mitsuko asked with a smirk.

“Because you’ve been so straight faced all night!” Kara said quickly. “Especially when you purposely touched my hand three times!”

“I thought you had noticed,” Mitsuko replied, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

“What are you thinking?” Kara said the playful tone back in her voice.

“Wait and find out,” Mitsuko replied, grabbing Kara and dragging her out of the restaurant.


Kaiton’s afterthoughts:

Was it bad? I hope that you at least enjoyed the first installation of my first Shoujo-ai fiction. I’ve writing other fictions, but this is my first fiction that focuses solely on lesbian relationship(s). Well, more later!

Please, by all means, R&R; I need it. My e-mail is, or I prefer the hotmail account, but I won the g-mail account in a fan-fiction contest, and I don’t use it much. Oh, and if anyone has the time, can I get some beta and proof-readers? Possibly an experienced chief editor?

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