Story: Goddess' Light (all chapters)

Authors: KaitonLocke

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Chapter 1

Title: Part I - Wind and Water

[Author's notes: Alright, this is a lemon. So far, only part two has the parts of a lemon, but there WILL be more. As of now, I have the first three parts done. I am almost finished with four, but as we all know, roadbloacks in or works do occur. I REALLY need some comments and cronstructive criticism. Arigato and Ja ne!

Outside of a Japanese restaurant, deep in the city, stood a beautiful woman. She was about 5’8” with the body of a beauty queen and bright red-gold hair that fell around her jaw line. Her head was down, her eyes hidden from view. After a moment, her hair moved slightly and her eyes fell on the door of the restaurant. They were an elegant green and filled with sorrow and bitter memories.


Kara Kinahara sighed as she stood in front of the door to an all too familiar restaurant. ‘*Sigh* I don’t want to do this, but ... I need to move on.’ She strengthened her resolve, and brushed a loose strand of her newly cut hair. Kara took a deep breath, and pushed the door open, walking into the finely lit restaurant

“Ah, it’s good to see you Ms. Kinahara!” Hiragashi said brightly. “Should I set your usual table tonight?”

“Thank you Hideo,” Kara replied, smiling fakely. “That would be fine.”

“Yes, yes,” Hiragashi said bowing slightly. “Right this way.”

Kara followed Hideo Hiragashi to the all too familiar table in her favorite restaurant. She fought back tears as several happy and painful memories came flooding into her mind. She now remembered exactly why she hadn’t been coming to the restaurant for the past seven months. It hurt too much to be here, but she needed to move on. She took her seat and thanked Hideo quietly. He returned after a few minutes with a drink and asked her for her order.

“Should I bring your normal order?” Hiragashi asked as Kara took her seat.

“No thanks Hideo,” Kara answered kindly. “I think I’ll try something else tonight.”

“Ok, do you want to order now, or should I return after you’ve looked our menu some more?” Hiragashi asked politely.

“I’d like to look at the menu a bit longer if that’s ok,” Kara said returning the polite manner Hiragashi had shown.

“OK then, I’ll be back shortly,” Hiragashi said giving Kara a small bow before turning and walking away.

Oh goddess, I wish I hadn’t come back here.’ Kara thought letting a painful sigh escape her lips. ‘The memories that are held here are just too much.

Kara continued to curse herself as she gazed at the menu blankly. She had hardly read any of the dish selections when Hideo had returned.

“What will it be tonight Ms. Kinahara?” Hiragashi asked pulling a small note pad from the pocket on his white coat.

“I think I’ll try your Unagi and a small sample of the Tempura please,” Kara answered.

“Ah yes, fine choice Ms. Kinahara,” Hiragashi said scribbling on the notepad. “I’ll have Mitsuko come and cook for you tonight.”

“Thank you Hideo, that’s very kind,” Kara began, “but I don’t want someone to go through the trouble ...”

“It’s not any trouble,” Hiragashi said cutting her off. “I’ll send her out immediately.”

“Hideo, please, you don’t have to ...” Kara tried to say as Hideo Hiragashi rushed away.

Damn, now why wouldn’t he just listen to me?’ Kara thought wearily. ‘I wish he would just hear me out for once. I guess that’ll happen when hell finally freezes over.

Kara sat quietly for a minute or two before she saw Hideo walking back towards her. She sighed and closed her eyes and told her self not to get angry with the over-pleasant restaurant manager. As she opened her eyes, her breath got caught in her throat. The woman following Hideo was absolutely gorgeous. Kara stared in awe at the angellic woman approached her, behind Hideo. She was about 5’5” or 5’6” with long, shining jet-black hair, warm and gentle Honey-brown eyes, soft and delicate pink lips, and a body that most women would kill for. Kara remained not only breathless, but speechless as Hideo introduced the amazingly beautiful young woman and chef.

“Ms. Kinahara, I would like you to meet Mitsuko Mihoshi,” Hiragashi said introducing her. “Mitsuko, this is Ms. Kara Kinahara. You will be preparing our special Unagi and a sample of our best Tempura for her this evening.”

“Yes Hiragashi-sensei,” Mitsuko said bowing to Hideo. “I shall make a meal she will never forget.”

“Good, good,” Hiragashi said returning Mitsuko’s bow. “I shall leave you then.”

“Ms. Kinahara?” Mitsuko said facing Kara.

“....” Kara sat silently staring at Mitsuko.

“Ms. Kinahara?” Mitsuko said slightly louder.

“Oh, yes?” Kara replied snapping out the trance.

“Would you like me to begin now?” Mitsuko asked making small motions with her small and flawless hands.

“Oh, right,” Kara said starting to blush slightly. “You can start doing whatever you like.”

“Ok Ms. Kinahara,” Mitsuko said preparing her cooking instruments.

“Please, call me Kara,” Kara said trying to hide her reddening cheeks.

“If that is what you wish,” Mitsuko replied.

Kara watched in silence as Mitsuko prepared her meal. Kara didn’t want to take her eyes off of Mitsuko’s angellic face. She stared on, hypnotized by the young chef’s beauty. She couldn’t help but imagine pinning Mitsuko down and totally ravishing the young woman’s stunning and flawless body. Kara snapped back into reality as Mitsuko’s hand grazed hers as the chef placed her plate in front of her.

Did she plan that!?’ Kara thought excitedly. ‘Or was it all an accident?

“Ms. Kara?” Mitsuko said sweetly.

“Yes?” Kara asked in reply.

“Would you like me to stay here while you eat? To see if the food meets your liking, of course,” Mitsuko asked in her honey-toned voice. “Hiragashi-sensei told me to do everything you asked of me, and I just thought that since you had been staring at me, you’d like me to stay.”

“Oh,” Kara giggled nervously turning bright red, “that would be ok, I suppose.”

“I will stay here then,” Mitsuko said sitting across from a flustered Kara.

Kara slowly ate the meal Mitsuko had prepared. She closed her eyes as the amazing taste overwhelmed her taste buds. She sighed in contentment as she finished the last of the well prepared food. Mitsuko smiled kindly as Kara sat back in her chair almost full from the exquisite meal. As Mitsuko cleared away Kara’s plate, here hand once again grazed Kara’s.

Okay, she did it again.’ Kara thought quickly. ‘It couldn’t have been an accident both times could it?

“Ms. Kara, would you like dessert?” Mitsuko asked sweetly.

“Yes, I would,” Kara replied politely. “And you don’t have to call me miss.”

“Yes, Kara,” Mitsuko replied as she walked toward the kitchen.

Mitsuko returned quickly with another pot to cook the dessert in. She began to pour some unfamiliar ingredients into the pot in front of Kara. As a very sweet aroma filled the air, Mitsuko placed a small bowl in front of Kara. Once again, her hand grazed Kara’s as she placed the bowl.

Again!?’ Kara’s thoughts showing on her face. ‘That most definitely wasn’t an accident.

“Here is your dessert Kara,” Mitsuko said as she poured the simmering confection into the bowl. “Would you like me to sit here while you eat again?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, of course,” Kara replied innocently.

“It isn’t a problem,” Mitsuko replied sweetly.

“Thank you Mitsuko,” Kara said looking at Mitsuko and smiling.

“You are welcome Kara,” Mitsuko replied smiling back.

Kara reached for her chopsticks, but grabbed a spoon instead. She filled the spoon and blew lightly on her steaming dessert. Once again, her taste buds were overly pleased with the flavor and texture of the sweet confection. Kara only closed her eyes and savored the taste. She placed her spoon down for a moment and looked over at Mitsuko.

“Does it not please you?” Mitsuko asked, worried.

“Yes, it pleases me,” Kara said slowly, “but, it’s too good to eat quickly.”

“Wonderful!” Mitsuko said, clapping her hands joyfully.

“Yes, wonderful,” Kara said gazing into Mitsuko’s welcoming eyes.

“Ms. Kinahara?” Hiragashi said, breaking the silence. “Was your meal okay?”

“Yes, yes it was,” Kara answered honestly, her eyes still focused on Mitsuko’s. “I also enjoyed the company of Mitsuko as well.”

“That’s good; that’s very good to know,” Hiragashi replied excitedly. “Mitsuko, you may have the rest of the evening off, if you’d like.”

“Thank you Hiragashi-sensei,” Mitsuko replied standing and bowing. “I would like that very much.”

“You are welcome Mitsuko,” Hiragashi replied. “Do you need anything else Ms. Kinahara?”

“No, thank you very much though Hideo,” Kara replied kindly. “I’m fine.”

“Ok, but ask if you do need something Ms. Kinahara,” Hiragashi said bowing.

“I will take care of everything sensei,” Mitsuko said bowing at Hideo once more. “I am glad to serve Kara.”

“Very well Mitsuko,” Hiragashi said thoughtfully. “Do ask if you need help my child.”

“Yes sensei,” Mitsuko said bowing once more as Hideo walked away.

“Serve me huh?” Kara quipped.

“Um ... yes, Kara,” Mitsuko replied blushing slightly.

“Is that a blush?” Kara said playfully.

“....” Mitsuko’s face grew hotter, and she giggled nervously.

“It is!” Kara said, laughing. “I made you blush!”

“It’s nothing compared to how many times I made you blush!” Mitsuko replied, matter-of-factly.

“Well ... I ... uh ...” Kara said, a blush returning to her cheeks.

“See?” Mitsuko said, folding her arms triumphantly.

“So,” Kara said, her face still pink, “I’m blushing, it’s not a big deal.”

“Then why’d you make a big deal out of my little blush?” Mitsuko asked with a smirk.

“Because you’ve been so straight faced all night!” Kara said quickly. “Especially when you purposely touched my hand three times!”

“I thought you had noticed,” Mitsuko replied, a mischievous smile crossing her face.

“What are you thinking?” Kara said the playful tone back in her voice.

“Wait and find out,” Mitsuko replied, grabbing Kara and dragging her out of the restaurant.


Kaiton’s afterthoughts:

Was it bad? I hope that you at least enjoyed the first installation of my first Shoujo-ai fiction. I’ve writing other fictions, but this is my first fiction that focuses solely on lesbian relationship(s). Well, more later!

Please, by all means, R&R; I need it. My e-mail is, or I prefer the hotmail account, but I won the g-mail account in a fan-fiction contest, and I don’t use it much. Oh, and if anyone has the time, can I get some beta and proof-readers? Possibly an experienced chief editor?

Chapter 2

Title: Part II - Fire and Ice

[Author's notes: Here's the second installment of GL nad I hope that the lemon scene fits the norm and is as enjoyable to read as it was to write. Please R&R! Ja ne!

“It’s still raining,” Kara said softly.

“And I’m more comfortable here,” Mitsuko added with a smile.

Kara returned the smile and sat on the sofa next to her. She settled in and pulled Mitsuko close. “You’re a minx, you know that?” Kara joked. “It’s one of your many qualities I love.”

“Thank you,” Mitsuko cooed. “You’re chest is so warm, can I sleep here?”

Kara chuckled a bit, “You know I love having your head on my chest.”

"I’ll remember that ... " Mitsuko said, yawning. “G’night.”

“Night, love.” Kara whispered. ‘How’d I ever manage without her?’ She mused silently. ‘She’s like an angel on earth.’ “I love you Mitsuko.” She whispered, stroking Mitsuko’s hair.

“Ditto,” Mitsuko said in her sleep. “Always.”

Kara smiled wistfully and turned the table lamp off. ‘Good thing I dimmed the lights earlier.’ She thought, closing her eyes. ‘Sweet dreams’


“Keia Ordelain is energetic, friendly, and very reliable. Her deep-set, dark-red eyes are like two rubies, displaying several layers of emotion. Her silky, oak-brown hair is worn in a style that reminds people of a waterfall. She is tall, at a leggy 5’10”. Her skin is smooth and light-colored. She has the long-fingered hands of a musician. Her wardrobe is complicated, with many outfits that are coordinated hues of green, blue, red, gold, and black,” a smaller-looking girl described the woman next to her.

Keia had her head lowered, embarrassed at the amount of detail in the description. “Thank you,” she murmured softly. She took her seat, hiding her face for the entirety of the class. The bell chimed about after an hour, and the students fled the large room.

“Hey Keia, what’s up?” Kara called, catching up with her. “I heard the introduction you had. From my point of view, the proverbial nail was hit on the proverbial head.” Kara smiled, then burst into a fit of giggles. “You should have seen your face! Man, you were BEET-red girl!”

Keia said something that couldn’t be heard and then looked at her long-time friend. “You would laugh,” She replied demurely. “Maybe I should have that girl give YOU an introduction. She went a little too into detail.”

“Whatever,” Kara said, her laughing fit finally over. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed, it was all true.”

“I bet,” Keia replied sarcastically.

Keia and Kara made their way through the crowded hallway of the community college. They chatted animatedly about how weird the day had been so far. Keia still, slightly flushed from each mention of the detailed introduction from the class they just finished. In the student lounge, they bought some food and nabbed the last table to eat and do some work they had been given. They both had the next hour free for study, so they chatted and did some of the smaller projects they had accumulated during the morning. Keia finished her day’s assignments and decided to take the rest of the free period to relax. She had just closed her eyes and laid her head back when Kara tapped her arm.

“Hey Keia, looked behind you,” Kara said pointing to the table directly behind them. “That’s Jura isn’t it?”

“I don’t think so,” Keia said, turning in her chair. “If you think she’s here, then you must be ...” The sentence dropped with Keia’s jaw.

There, like Kara said, sat Jura Chanein. The peaceful woman Keia had been in love with for nearly two years. She had eyes of the deepest emerald-green. Her amber-colored hair is long, silky, curly, and worn in a style that makes people think of a comet's trail. She is a lithe 5’6, and has a highly feminine build. Her skin is a tanned and smooth. She has a strong chin and small feet. Her form-fitting wardrobe is always impeccable, and consists of many shades of red, yellow, green, and brown.

“Um ... Keia?” Kara whispered, “you might want to pick up your jaw.”

“R ... right,” Keia managed. “I didn’t realize she had enrolled here.”

Seeing them, Jura waved and rose from the table. She walked over and gave a beautiful, radiant smile. “Hey you!” She beamed. “I didn’t know you two went to this college! Is Mitsuko here too?”

“I wish she was,” Kara said truthfully. “My day would be a load better if she was enrolled.”

“Hi ... Jura,” Keia stuttered without embarrassing herself. “It’s good ... to see you! When did you enroll?”

“Three months ago,” Jura replied, sitting next to Keia. “I started today. What about you two?”

“I enrolled a year ago, and have been attending for nine months.” Kara replied, taking a drink of her soda.

“Same as you,” Keia replied quietly. “I’m having a good day too.”

“Oh good!” Jura exclaimed. “What classes do you have later?”

“I’ve got Business Politics and Advanced Trig,” Kara said with a sigh. “Long three hours for me.”

“I have Advanced English for Writers and Orchestra,” Keia replied. “Being a music and English major isn’t a picnic these days.”

“Hey, I’ve got those classes too!” Jura exclaimed happily. “We can sit together, and we’ll walk to the dorms together afterwards!”

“Ye ... yeah,” Keia replied hesitantly. ‘Oh no! I’m going to make a fool of myself!’

“Have fun you two!” Kara teased. “I’m off, see you after class!”

The two classes passed agonizingly slow for Keia. Whenever the professors had stopped lecturing, Jura sat and talked to Keia. Keia was rigid with fear for the full three hours, constantly examining her words before saying them, to keep herself from making any embarrassing comments. At the end of their last class, Keia and Jura headed toward the campus courtyard to meet up with Kara. They found the older girl waiting for them, on the hood of her old car.

“You still drive this old thing huh?” Jura asked, barely able to contain her mirth.

“Unfortunately for me and Mitsuko, she does,” Keia groaned. “I still think you need to get a newer car Kara.”

“I don’t need a new car when this one runs perfectly fine,” Kara said defensively. “Besides, who else gives you a ride?”

Keia moaned in defeat. “I’ll never convince you that this thing is an eyesore, and that the seats are torture on a person’s ass,” she sighed. “I’ll be doomed to ride in a car with seats that nearly kill the nerve endings in my ass until I can buy a car of my own.”

“Cheer up Keia,” Jura said hugging the tall girl, causing a blush to color her cheeks. “At least my butt will be sore with yours.”

Keia chuckled nervously. “Heh, that’s a little comforting,” she admitted. ‘But ... I’ll be dying of blood loss if she stays this close to me,’ she groaned inwardly. “I’m looking forward to it ...”

Jura just held onto Keia and smiled as if today were the best day of her life. “Okay! Let’s get going!” she exclaimed, dragging Keia into the death trap of a car. “On to the dorm building!”

The car ride was peaceful and eventless. Keia was miserable, considering that she was getting to the point if she got any redder, she’d have fainted. Then there was the teasing Kara was dishing out, coupled with the most painful car seat in existence on earth. ‘Goddess ... if this was any worse ... I’d be fleeing the country by midnight,’ she thought mournfully.

”Keia, do you need ointment for that rash on you’re face?” Kara asked, teasing Keia yet again. “I’m sure we can find something for shyness!” Kara then broke down into a massive fit of laughter.

“Kara, now that wasn’t nice,” Jura scolded. “Keia, you don’t have a rash do you?”

Keia looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “I ... um ... that is ... I ... well ... no,” Keia stammered. “It’s just ... I ... I’m ...”

“We’ll, trip’s over,” Kara said, her laughter subsided. “I’ll leave you two to do whatever, just as long as it’s outside my car. Later!"

“Kara, wait,” Keia started, but was waved off. “Jura ... I ... I have to ... to um ... um, go. See you later okay?”

“I guess so,” Jura said, lacking the earlier enthusiasm. “Can I come by later?”

“I ... um guess so,” Keia said, her face still flushed. “It’s building 4, second floor, room 215. I’ll leave the spare key in the same place my mom had hers.”

“Okay, I’ll stop by sometime.” Jura said, walking away sadly. “I’ll see you.”

“Bye Jura,” Keia said softly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Keia sat at the desk in her dorm room and sighed ruefully. ‘I knew that I’d hate myself after that.’ She sighed for what seemed like the billionth time and let her head slam lightly against the desk. ‘Why’d I act so damned stupid!?’ Her thoughts made her mood far worse than it had started. She wanted to take some blunt object and let a complete stranger pummel her to death. “I’m such an idiot.” She finally said out loud.

“How are you an idiot?” A soft, airy voice asked from behind her.

‘Shit!’ Keia’s mind scrambled to come up with a coherent and somewhat believable reply. “I’m an idiot, plain and simple,” was all that came to her. ‘Damn… That’s a smooth reply. Way to go, Keia!’

“You sure are a magician with words, Keia.” The voice said, laughing and moving closer. “I’m still curious as to why you’ve barricaded yourself up here, when you could be having fun somewhere with me. We haven’t really hung out much lately. I was hoping that we could go shopping or something.”

The voice’s source grew nearer and Keia tensed visibly. ‘Oh … what am I gonna do now!? She’s only a few feet away and I’m still as jumpy as I was when I made a fool of myself!’ “Umm ... I ... uh ... that is ... well ... I have to study!” Keia said, hurriedly grabbing her textbooks from her schoolbag. “I’m already falling behind and my teachers are on my case about my grades,” Keia said, trying to hide her obviously tomato-red face. “I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. Okay, Jura?”

“Okay ...” Jura replied, her voice heavy with disappointment. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh, and Keia?”

“Yeah, Jura?” Kei said, still hiding her face.

“I don’t think you’re an idiot,” Jura said softly. “I think you’re less of an idiot than any other person I know. I thought you’d like to hear that.”

‘Oh goddess ...’ Keia felt a pang in her chest, and berated herself yet again. ‘I can’t let her leave feeling like that.’ “Jura, wait! Please ... wait.”

“Yes, Keia?” Jura looked up at her hopefully.

“I’m ... not really good at being articulate. That’s why I’m an idiot. And I’m not really behind on my homework. I ... I made that up.” Keia admitted hesitantly.

“Why?” Jura asked simply.

“Because ... because I’m ... not really sure Jura,” Keia replied truthfully. “I do like hanging out with you, but lately ... I don’t know what’s going on with me.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jura asked bluntly. “I’m here if you do.”

“I’m ... not sure about now, but I can talk later,” came Keia’s reply. “I do feel like going to a small café near the mall, though. Care to join me?”

“I’d like that,” Jura answered, smiling.


The café’s door chimed as the two girls entered. Keia and Jura walked towards an empty table when they were spotted by Mitsuko.

“Keia, Jura, over here!” Mitsuko called. “What brings you two here?”

“Ah, Mitsuko!” Jura said beaming. “We came for the chocolate pie and a soda. Is Kara here with you?”

“Yeah, I’m right behind ya,” Kara’s voice said from behind, “and you’re blocking my path.” Kara patted Jura’s arm and gave her a big grin. “You two finally out on a date?”

Keia suddenly froze and started sputtering nervously. “Uh ... a ... uh ... a ... d ... d ... date!?” she stammered. “N ... n ... not that! We ... were .. we ... uh ...”

“No, not a date,” Jura said, laying a hand on Keia’s shoulder to calm her. “We just came to spend some time catching up while having a good piece of pie, and maybe a soda or two.”

“I’m sure,” Kara said, grinning ferally. “You wanna join me and Mitsuko? I’m sure the four of us can have some fun on a nice evening like this.”

“It’ll be a blast,” Mitsuko said, enchanted. “We can do lots of thing together!”

“I ... uh ... ah, what the hell,” Keia said, caving. “What do you say Jura?”

“Why not?” Jura said, her smile growing. “We can spend a few hours together, then we’ll head back to the dorms.”

“Why not share a room with Keia tonight?” Kara said, her smirk growing as well. “It’ll be easier for you two to get caught up that way, right?”

“What a good idea!” Jura exclaimed jubilantly. “We’ll have so much fun!”

“Yeah ...” Keia agreed weakly. She sat next to Kara, on the opposite side of Mitsuko. “Kara,” she whispered sharply, “you know how I feel about her. Why are you doing this to me!? Tonight is going to be torture!”

Kara was still grinning ferally. “C’mon Keia,” she whispered back, “you’ll thank me later. This will solve everything!”

“Thanks,” Keia gritted. “I’ll pay you back somehow.”

“No payment needed,” Kara whistled. “We’re the best of pals. What are best friends for?”

“Putting people through living hell,” Keia muttered under her breath. ‘I’m going to hate myself after this night is over,’ Keia thought, her head dropping.

Two hours later, an exhausted Jura and Keia came to the door of Keia’s dorm room. ‘Now, into the night of living hell,’ Keia mused sadly, and pulled out her key. “You’re welcome to use anything you need,” she said, walking into the kitchen to grab some drinks “The tub and hygiene products are included in that,” she mended. “You have any night clothes?”

“I was thinking of using one of your triple extra-large t-shirts,” Jura called back. “Do you mind?”

“No, not at all,” Keia replied. “You need anything else?”

‘Shower, night-shirt, am I missing anything?’ Jura listed it all in her mind. ‘I can say I want something else, but should I?’ “Nope, that should be everything,” she replied. “Are you taking a shower soon?”

“Yeah, if you want to first, go ahead,” Keia replied, walking into the living area with a plate of cookies and a two-liter of Hawaiian Punch. “I like fruity beverages, hope you don’t mid it,” she said sheepishly.

“Not an issue,” Jura replied with a smile. “I love Hawaiian Punch.”

“Okay, then,” Keia said, setting the refreshments down. “What about the shower, you want it first?”

“You go ahead,” Jura answered. “I don’t want to be a burden.”

“You’re no such thing!” Keia admonished. “You sure, it’s yours if you want it.”

“No, I’m fine,” Jura replied. “I’ll wait till you’re done. Then we can talk until the sun rises, okay?”

“Yeah,” Keia says with a chuckle. “I’ll be out in a bit, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jura replied, with a teasing shove. “Off with you, get that grime out of you hair, you look awful.” Jura grinned and waved Keia off. ‘Okay, I guess it’s now or never.’ Jura sat occupied by her thoughts for a few moments. After a brisk nod, she rose and strode over to Keia’s bathroom. ‘If I don’t do this tonight, I’ll never do it.’ Her resolve strengthened, she opened the door. She tiptoed over the floor, pulling her clothes off silently. Approaching the running shower, she took a deep breath. ‘Here goes ...’ She pulled the shower curtain back, and stepped into the tub silently. She opened her eyes and laid a hand on Keia’s shoulder timidly. “Keia, I need you to know something.”

‘Oh Goddess! She’s in the shower!’ “Yes Jura?” Keia squeaked.

“This should say it all,” Jura replied, turning Keia around and placing her lips on Keia’s firmly. The kiss was electrifying, for them both. The water of the shower fell on them, but they couldn’t have cared less. After a minute, which felt like ten to them, they parted. Keia’s breath was deep and ragged. Jura’s was lighter, but coming in short gasps. Their arousal was apparent, and they knew what they wanted,

“You have no idea how much I wanted that,” Keia panted. “Jura, what’s gotten into you?”

“Love,” Jura replied simply. “Love has gotten into me. I’ve loved you for ages Keia. You’ve been in my dreams since I met you and I need you.”

“I’ve been blind, haven’t I?” Keia asked with a slight chuckle. “Where do we go from here?”

“I have an idea, but we’ll need to shower again afterwards,” Jura replied, her voice lowered. Kissing Keia again, Jura let her hands roam the taller woman’s body. Her left hand grasped the cheek of Keia’s ass, while the right flicked Keia’s hardening nipples. Kneading Keia’s firm, round breasts with her right hand and her ass with her left, Jura reduced Keia’s coherent speech into moans. Breaking the kiss, Jura’s lips moved downward onto Keia’s neck and collarbone. She stopped her hands long enough to turn the water off, so they could clean up later.

“Jura, goddess,” Keia moaned. “I, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Shush, enjoy this,” Jura replied in-between kisses. “Tonight’s purely an expression of my love for you Keia.”

“I love you Jura,” Keia said huskily. “That’s the truth.”

Jura smiled and kissed the hollow of Keia’s neck, dragging her tongue over the flesh. She kissed back up the side of her neck and took the lobe of Keia’s ear into her mouth and nibbled it gently, eliciting a small purr from Keia’s throat. She then kissed her way down Keia’s neck, back to her collarbone. She planted a light kiss in the center and brought her left hand back up to Keia’s breasts. Using the index finger and thumb on both hands, she tweaked Keia’s aroused nipples. Keia’s head lulled, and she moaned deeply.

“Goddess Jura,” Keia purred, “please don’t stop.”

“I don’t plan to,” Jura replied stepping out of the tub and bringing Keia with her, “but we need more space and support.” She then began to lay Keia on the floor taking her lips once more in a fiery passion. Breaking the kiss Jura moved down to Keia’s breasts. She kissed one nub lightly, then repeated the kiss on the other. She licked around the areola, eliciting another set of moans from Keia. Using her hand to tweak the right nipple, while teasing the left with her tongue, Jura had Keia moaning and begging for more.

“Jura,” Keia panted, “please ... don’t tease me.”

Smiling wickedly, Jura continued her slow torture on Keia’s round orbs of flesh. She repeatedly licked and nipped at the hard nubs in the center, bringing several small whimpers from Keia. She finally stopped her torture, and began her decent to Keia’s center. Planting light kisses on her abdomen, Jura moved downward. She paused for a second to give a small, teasing lick in Keia’s navel, and then continued on slowly. She reached the small, trim patch of brown at Keia nexus, and drew her fingers through it slowly. Keia’s musk of arousal, filled Jura’s nostrils and she loved it. Planting a kiss above Keia’s swollen and protruding clit, Jura parted her nether lips, drawing a small moan and shudder from Keia.

“Please,” Keia gasped, running her hand over Jura’s head, “please ... I need you, Jura.”

Hearing Keia’s plea, Jura lowered her lips to Keia’s awaiting pussy, causing Keia to push forward to increase the contact. Jura parted her swollen, pink lips and let her tongue flick out slowly over Keia’s throbbing clit once. She slid the tip up and down Keia’s slit, drawing a loud moan and a quick thrust of her hips from the writhing girl beneath her. She used the fingers holding Keia’s pussy lips open to part them even further, snaking her tongue into the dripping hole. Jura used her tongue to probe the soft, moist flesh of Keia’s cunt, making her buck and grind her hips against Jura’s mouth to maximize the stimulation. Keia’s right hand was tangled in Jura’s hair, holding her head in place. Jura’s tongue swirled around inside of Keia’s pussy, pushing her closer and closer to the brink of her explosion. Jura savored the taste of Keia’s juices, enjoying every second of it.

“JurAAAAA!” Keia cried. “You’re ... driving ... me ...ohhhhhhhhh ...”

Jura pulled her tongue out and flicked it over Keia’s clit experimentally. Seeing the pleasant reaction, Jura then kissed the tiny nub softly. She heard a throaty, guttural moan from Keia, and became fascinated with the small bundle of nerves. She flicked her tongue over it again, then placed her lips back on it and sucked softly.

“THERE!” Keia moaned. “Don’t ... ohhhhhhh ... stop doing THAAAAAT!” Keia writhed under Jura’s expert ministrations. She bucked her hips and grasped Jura’s head in-between her thighs. “Ohhhhhhh GODDESS that feels gooooooooood!”

Jura kept sucking on Keia’s sensitive clit, and drew her right index finger up her slick and sensitive pussy lips. She parted them, and probed the moist outer folds slowly. She pushed past Keia’s outer lips slowly, and deeper into the flesh of Keia’s pussy. Sucking on her clit and slowly thrusting a finger in and out of Keia’s pussy, Jura was sending Keia closer and closer to a massive orgasm.

“JURA!” Keia gasped at the penetration. “Ohhhhhhhhh GODDSSSSSSS. DON”T YOU DARE STOP!” Keia thrust her hips against Jura’s hand, matching the pace and rhythm of the thrusts. “I’m getting close,” she panted. She closed her eyes, feeling the intense pressure building in her gut like a tsunami. She panted and thrust herself on Jura’s fingers harder. She grunted and let a primal growl escape at Jura’s addition of her middle finger and the flick of the tongue over her clit. “I’m gonna ... ohhhhhhhhh GODDESS ... I’m gonna cum!” Keia screeched as her climax tore through her. At her peak, sigil of flame glowed a bright red on her forehead while a faint glow of the same hue enveloped her body at the.

Jura’s hand became drenched with Keia’s release. She lapped up what she could, licking Keia’s pussy and thighs clean. Keia’s spasming stopped, and with them, the flow of juices and the fading of the sigil and aura. Jura then lifted her hand to her mouth and repeated the cleaning process. “Mmmmm ... that was good. How do you feel?”

Keia’s eyes were rolled back in their sockets and her breathing was short and ragged. “That ... was ... that was unbelievable!” she proclaimed. “I’ve never had an orgasm like that!”

Jura laughed lightly. “You okay now? That should have been exhausting!”

“It was,” Keia replied, glowing, “but I’ve still got some energy left in me.”

“I’m sure you do,” Jura said smiling. “C’mon we’d better clean up.”

“Not just yet,” Keia said, smiling mischievously. “You’ve been kind enough to me, and you’re MY guest. What kind of hostess doesn’t return the favor!?” Keia made her move quickly, pinning Jura to the floor by her wrists. “It’s your turn, and fair play’s fair play.”

Jura feigned distress, barely fighting Keia’s restraining hands. She wiggled against her experimentally, pleased with the resulting stimulation. She was already wet and she wanted Keia to return the torture she had given her.

Keia was grinning like the Cheshire cat, and she dove for Jura’s lips hungrily. Jura returned the kiss, giving Keia the same fiery passion she was getting. Keia broke the kiss moving down to kiss Jura’s chin then the base of her jaw, up to her ear, blowing in it gently, and causing a small quiver in Jura’s body. Keia drew her teeth over the lobe, listening to the purr rising from Jura’s throat. She released Jura’s ear and kissed her way down to the hollow at the base of Jura’s neck, giving it the same treatment as Jura’s ear. Moving on, Keia place a triad of long kisses on Jura’s collarbone, then dragged her tongue down do the firm orbs of flesh that rose and fell sharply with each ragged breath. She raked her nails over the flesh gently, cause Jura to shudder and grunt.

“This ... is payback ... isn’t it?” Jura hissed. “You ... vixen!”

“You bet,” Keia growled primally, flicking her tongue over Jura’s left nipple, and pinching the right with her fingers. Jura writhed lifting her hands to Keia’s head, raking her nails through her scalp. Keia, nibbled on the nipple in her lips, flicking her tongue over it after each. She took her mouth off and mirrored her actions on the right nipple. She kneaded the left with her hand, drawing her thumb over the nipple several times. She pushed the two breasts together and gave the nipples a final kiss, releasing the orbs after. She then repositioned herself and began her trail of kisses down Jura’s abdomen.

Mimicking all of Jura’s earlier actions, she finally reached the patch of short amber hair above Jura’s core. Keia inhaled Jura’s scent, savoring the musky quality. She rubbed her right palm over the soft patch, using her left to part Jura’s thighs. She lowered her head, inhaling the scent once more, then placed a soft, promising kiss on Jura’s swollen clit.

Jura pushed her hips forward to meet Keia’s mouth, moaning expectantly. Keia granted herself the pleasure of using her tongue to part Jura’s engorged pussy lips, savoring the sweet taste of Jura’s wetness. Wrapping her long arms around Jura’s pelvic area, Keia used them to hold Jura against her mouth and tongue. Keia folded her tongue, then pushed it into Jura’s pussy. She raked the tip of her tongue over the moist flesh experimentally, and all Jura did was clamp her thighs, and moan incoherently.

“Mmmmm ... ohhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhh ... GODS your GOOD!” Jura panted throatily. “THERE, lick there ... aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s it ... ooooooooh.”

As the pressure in Jura’s gut built, a faint ice-blue glow surrounded her, and a small crystalline sigil began to glow dimly on her forehead. Keia continued her pleasing ministrations, unaware of this. Keia pulled her tounge out of Jura’s slick pussy, clamping her lips down on Jura’s clit and sucking madly. Jura bucked her hips and guttural moans grew deeper. Keia unwrapped her left arm, and used her long, tapering fingers on Jura’s labia. She drew her nails over the soft, sensitive flesh a few times, then plunged her first two fingers deep into Jura’s slick core. Jura dug her nails into Keia’s scalp, thrusting into her hand as much as Keia would allow. Jura’s orgasm hit her hard and fast, sending spasms through her lithe figure, and soaking Keia’s chins and hand. As Jura’s climax faded slowly, so did the glow of her aura and sigil. Keia released Jura and sat on her knees. “Keia ... goddess’,” Jura panted. “No words can describe that orgasm."

"There is more, for the both of us,” Keia purred throatily. “Think you can survive another orgasm, with enough energy to shower and dress?”

“I’ll manage,” Jura laughed, “as long as it’s your fault I’m drained.”Keia laughed too, moving herself over Jura straddling her pelvis.

“This is the first time I’ve done this, so ...” Keia admitted. She lowered her still wet pussy until it touched the slick lips of Jura’s. She thrust her hips forward slowly, causing friction between their clits. Jura released a cry of lust and pure rapture. They fell into rhythm quickly, thrusting their hips against each other lustfully. They were moaning and grunting, both of them building towards the largest and most satisfying orgasms of their lives. As their soared into the realms of pure pleasure, the bright aura of fire around Keia, and the brighter aura of ice around Jura mingled. They created a new, more substantial aura of a deep, clear emerald. Their sigils glowed brighter than they had during the first orgasm, and they quickly filled the room with their power and lust.

"Jura ... I’m ... I’m about to ... GODDESS I’M GONNA CUM!” Keia shrieked, thrusting madly against Jura.

“GODDESS I’M CUMMING TOO!!!!!!!!” Jura wailed with her release.

As their orgasms ripped through their bodies, the room was filled with the bright glow the emerald aura. They collapsed against floor and each other after their orgasms subsided. Their sigils and auras didn’t fade away, but dimmed to a calm red, and placid blue. They lay on the floor, complete sated and sexually exhausted. They kissed lightly after resting for a moment.

“Jura, that was amazing,” Keia exclaimed in a whisper. “I’ve never felt this happy. I love you so much."

“Amazing isn’t the word love,” Jura whispered back. “Happy doesn’t cover it either. And I love you just as much."

“You’re right,” Keia said, smiling wistfully. “Let’s take our shower and mop up the evidence of tonight off of the floor.”

“Will you bathe me? I’m exhausted,” Jura whined. “I don’ think I can even walk.”

Keia laughed and hefted her lanky self onto her feet. “I warned you didn’t I? You’ll listen for now on won’t you.” Keia stated lovingly. She pulled Jura’s drained form off of the floor and held her close. “Now, we’ll work together to clean ourselves and our mess.”


Three floors down from Keia’s room, Kara and Mitsuko lay holding each other on Kara’s couch. They were watching a DVD, and eating popcorn from a large bowl on the floor. Mitsuko sighed wistfully and Kara kissed the back of her neck. Kara inhaled the scent of jasmine and rosemary from Mitsuko’s hair and smiled.

“I wonder what Jura and Keia are doing?” Mitsuko pondered to her girlfriend. “They haven’t called, and it’s been over 40 minutes.”

“I’m sure they found something to keep them busy,” Kara mused playfully.

“You eechi!” Mitsuko cooed with a laugh.

As they wrestled on the couch, the sigils of wind and water lit up dimly and went unnoticed on their foreheads. They felt a slight tingle and the stopped moving, looking at each other carefully.

“You felt that too?” Mitsuko whispered.

“Yeah,” Kara breathed. “What was it?”

“I don’t know.” Mitsuko said in reply.



Kaiton’s thoughts:

Damn, that took FOREEVER! It’s done, and part one was edited to match the feel and theme of this addition. What is the premise you ask, just wait for part three for the answers.

Thanks again to Kaiser (of the archive) for his words, which got me back working on this addition.

Chapter 3

Title: Part III - Thunder and Earth

Keia woke slowly with a groan. She rolled over to right, seeing a smiling Jura. “Jura, last night ... last night was ...”

“Indescribable?” Jura asked.

“Yeah,” Keia breathed. “I’m feeling a lot better today than I ever have before. How are you feeling?”

“Happy,” Jura sighed. “I’m happy that I could spend the night with you like that.”

“It doesn’t have to be just a night,” Keia whispered. “We could make it much more.”

“Do you really want that?” Jura asked softly. “I mean, we’ve been friends for ages, do you want to risk that?”

“For you,” Keia answered firmly, “I’d take on the world. I do love you Jura. I meant that.”

“Keia ...” Jura sighed. “I’m glad you said that. I love you too. I have and will, as long as you want me.”

Keia pulled Jura into a tight embrace, holding her close. Keia moved back slightly, and then planted her lips on Jura’s firmly. The kiss wasn’t hungry or passionate, just loving and reassuring. Breaking the kiss, Keia looked into Jura’s eyes and held them firmly. “I’m not letting you get away in this lifetime.”


Kara knocked on the door again. ‘Damn ... what are you doing in there Keia?’ Pounding the door a third time, Kara glared at the large wooden obstacle. “Keia,” She growled, “open your damn door!”

Keia pulled the door open, standing in the open frame in her t-shirt. “What is it Kara?” Keia muttered with a scowl. “Jura and I were still napping. Is it important or what?”

“Share a bed did you?” Kara teased, her frustration forgotten. “I’m sure you’ve got a thank you to give someone, right?”

“Alright, alright,” Keia conceded. “Come in, I’ll get something ready for breakfast. How’d you figure out that she liked me?”

“Didn’t figure nothing,” Kara replied. “You both told me how you felt. I’d been planning to do something about it, but I got sidetracked by my break-up. Then I got sidetracked by Mitsuko. Heheh ... you know about that though.”

“Yeah, I know,” Keia muttered dryly. “How long has this plan of yours been brewing?”

“Day of graduation,” Kara answered casually. “Saw the two of you sitting with each other. I saw how you both stole glances at each other. I figured I do something about it.” Kara shrugged and tilted her head. “So, how much fun you guys have last night?”

“Ha!” Keia laughed. “Like I’d share. I’m not you, you know.”

“Keia, who’s here?” Jura asked, walking out from the restroom. “Oh! It’s you Kara.”

“Yeah, it’s me,” Kara replied with a small wave. “So, you two have a good night?”

Jura’s cheeks colored a bit. “I don’t think that’s something we’ll discuss,” Jura answered softly.

“Already told her that,” Keia said, bringing a massive stack of toast from the kitchen. “I’m cooking some bacon, sausage and eggs. How do ya want ‘em?”

“Scrambled,” Kara and Jura replied in unison.

“Bacon and sausage done and crispy,” Kara added.

“Yeah, *really* crispy,” Jura agreed, “but *not* burnt.”

“Sure,” Keia said, the sound of popping grease now audible. “So, what’re you here for Kara? Not to tease me until we start another wrestling match right?”

“No,” Kara replied casually. “Although, our matches are quite fun. I’m actually here because something weird happened last night. You know about Mitsuko’s and my “sixth” sense right?”

“Sixth sense?” Jura echoed. “What do you mean?”

“It’s a sort of spiritual sense Jura,” Keia explained shortly. “You were sick the week they spent explaining it to me. What of it Kara?”

“Well,” Kara began, “we sorta go one of those spine chilling feelings while we were watching a movie about forty minutes after our outing. It was really creepy and all.”

“What set it off?” Jura inquired with growing interest. “I’m sure something can explain it.”

“That’s just it,” Kara answered. “Nothing was strange until the feeling hit. I mean, we were just talking and watching the movie and then, pow, it hits outta nowhere.”

“Odd,” Keia mused. “You two only get the creepy, skin-crawling feelings when something off the wall happens to one of us. What does it mean?”

“I think I noticed something last night too,” Jura admitted. “While Keia and I were *cough* um ... in the bathroom, we had a sorta glow around us.”

“Yeah,” Keia agreed, “now that I think about it, Jura glowed an odd ice-blue color last night. I also noticed a weird light on her forehead.”

“Right!” Jura exclaimed. “But the glow you had was like a fiery red.”

“Wait,” Kara interrupted. “What did you two do last night?”

“That would be our business,” Keia said crisply. “You don’t need to know what we did with our time last night.”

“I think she should,” Jura said softly. “I mean, her and Mitsuko are kind of responsible for it happening. Plus, they’re our best friends.”

“You’re damn right about that!” Kara said proudly. “You gotta give me *some* credit. Besides, whatever that feeling was, might put our lives in danger. We can’t know for sure.”

“You’re ... you’re right,” Keia conceded. “Jura and I ... we um ... we made love.”

Jura’s face flushed a bright crimson. Kara sat silently for exactly one minute before breaking into a massive fit of laughter. “It’s about damn time!” Kara said after recovering from her laughing fit. “Damn, thought you two were going to wait till you were old maids for that!”

“Kara!” Jura squeaked.

“Kara ... “ Keia growled threateningly. “You’ll pay for that later.”

“Hell, it’s well worth any punishment you can come up with!” Kara chuckled. “So, did anything feel weird afterwards?”

“No details will be given, thank you very much!” Keia exclaimed. “And if you keep prying, I’ll make sure your food gets burnt!”

“Okay, okay,” Kara said peacefully. “I’ll stop asking, okay?”

“You know she wouldn’t,” Jura whispered conspiratorially.

“Yeah, but she’d get me for it eventually,” Kara whispered in reply. “It’d be a lot worse than burnt eggs then.”

“True,” Jura agreed, “but you sure about the danger part?”

“Can’t say for sure,” Kara said with a shrug. “Weird things have happened to us in the past right?”

“Also true,” Jura agreed. “So, does Mitsuko have a theory?”

“Another conspiracy for some surprise on me?” Keia asked with an arched eyebrow. In her hands she held three steaming breakfast platters on a tray.

“Never!” Jura said, scandalized.

“Right,” Keia said, her voiced laced with sarcasm. “I’ll believe that when my hair bursts into flames spontaneously.”

“Careful what you say,” Kara warned. “Stranger things have happened to the four of us before.”

“Like I can ever forget,” Keia said mournfully. “You won’t let me.”

They began shoveling food into their mouths unceremoniously. They ate like they had been starving prisoners in some torturous hell hole. After filling their stomachs, they continued to talk throughout the morning, interrupted only by a call to Kara’s cell phone from Mitsuko, asking for the news. Kara reported the ‘activity’ that Keia and Jura had participated in the night before, and Mitsuko laughed and congratulated the new couple. Kara left Keia’s apartment soon after, heading back to her own room that she shared with Mitsuko.


‘It’s about damn time those two got together.’ Kara laughed to herself. ‘They’ve been moping around about not being with each other for too long. I’m happy that they finally found out they’re destined to be like me and Mitsuko.’

Kara walked to the elevator and hesitated for a moment. She took that moment to decide to take the stairs down to her floor. She made her way to the end of the hall and pushed to stairwell door open. She started down the stairs thinking about how Jura and Keia looked so happy earlier. She soon heard someone coming up the stairs, so she moved to the outer side to make room for the person coming her way.

Kara paused a moment as the person ascending the stairs came into view. She saw the dark violet eyes that looked worn and sad. The woman’s black-green hair was pulled back into a long, shimmering French braid, and was bouncing a little with the moment of her body. She stood at a rigid and wary 5’8”, and was mumbling to herself slightly. Her body was hidden by the crisp tan trench coat she had on. Kara looked on as the woman came closer and closer.

‘I feel as if I know this woman, but I’ve never even seen hr before today.’ Kara thought with amazement. ‘Why is it that this woman makes me think I’m forgetting some destiny of greatness?’


‘What is that girl looking at?’ The woman thought as she ascended the stairs quickly. ‘I’m a normal woman, not some idol in hiding. What is she staring at me for?’

The tan-skinned woman continued to climb the stairs at the rushed pace. They closer she got, the bigger the odd feeling in her gut got. As she came to the platform below Kara, she noticed a small glow on hr forehead.

‘That sigil, it looks ... familiar.’ The woman thought. ‘What’s the strange feeling?’

Kara looked at the woman as she stopped on the platform. She saw the yellow glow of her aura, and then the small glow of the woman’s sigil caught her eye.

‘This is too weird.’ They thought in unison, and then they hurried past one another.

‘Gotta tell Mitsuko about that one.’ Kara thought to herself as she increased her pace down the stairs.

‘What in the hell was that?’ The woman thought. ‘I need to take a shower, maybe sleep the rest of the afternoon too.’

The green-black braid continued to bounce around as the tan-skinned woman climbed back to the floor that Keia’s room was on. She walked out the door and down the hall towards the same apartment, but stopped a door short. She pulled a key out and unlocked the room’s door.

“Finally,” the woman sighed. She looked around the spotless room and smiled a little. “Welcome home, Sugimoto Reiko.”


Kara shut the door behind her and furrowed her brow. Mitsuko entered the living area wearing a towel around her body while using another to dry her hair. She looked at Kara and then pouted her lips slightly.

“What happened?” Mitsuko deadpanned.

“Something strange,” Kara replied. She walked into the room and plopped herself down in the recliner. “I saw someone on the way down from Keia’s room.”

“And ...” Mitsuko trailed off leadingly. “What else?”

“Well, I had this odd feeling that I knew her,” Kara said, her hand stroking her chin. “Thing is, I’ve never seen her before. Then, something weirder happened.”

“Which was?” Mitsuko asked, plopping herself into Kara’s lap.

“Her body glowed yellow, and this weird sigil light up on her forehead,” Kara explained.

“You’re kidding right?” Mitsuko asked seriously. “I mean, so far, only You and I have had sigils.”

“Correction, Keia and Jura's *activities* last night awoke theirs,” Kara said.

“You’re serious?” Mitsuko asked, completely surprised.

“Yeah, it’s weird that I saw someone else too,” Keia said worriedly, “that’s why it’s making me fidgety. I mean, the four of us, and now a complete stranger.”

“Yeah, maybe we need to talk to her,” Mitsuko mused.

Kara laughed a little nervously. “Well ...”

“I’m not going to like this,” Mitsuko moaned. “What?”

“Thing is, it happened on the stairs in between the 3rd and 4th floors,” Kara said softly. “After that we hurried past each other and I didn’t see what floor she lives on.”

“Great ...” Mitsuko muttered.


Keia knocked on the door lightly. “Reiko, are you home?”

Reiko groaned and lifted herself off of her hid-a-bed sofa. She walked to the door groggily and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. “What can I help you with today, Keia?”

“Well, I heard you were gone for a while, so I used the key you gave me a few weeks ago,” Keia started, “and I cleaned up while you were out. I hope you don’t mind. Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to ask you to join me tonight at 7 for a little dinner at my place. It’d be nice for you to meet the rest of my friends.” Keia smiled and looked a Reiko expectantly. “And my new girlfriend,” She added weakly.

“New girlfriend?” Reiko asked, slightly confused. It quickly dawned on her and she beamed brightly. “Bout damn time girl, you’ve been single since you moved in! I’ll be there, I’m still a little tired, so I’m going to go back to bed, wake me up at 5:30 could you. You can use the key if you need to.”

“Okay,” Keia beamed back. “I’ll be over then. Anything you want to eat specifically?”

“Oh, I’ve been hankering for a big plate of spaghetti,” Reiko said thickly. “I’ve missed a good home cooked meal.”

“Good,” Keia said amusedly. “Then you’re going to love tonight.”

“See you at 5:30 then,” Reiko said, with a yawn. She closed the door slowly as Keia returned to her room next door. “Now, to get another three hours of sleep.”

Two hours had passed since Keia had asked Reiko to join them for the dinner. Keia had already finished preparing most of the dishes and had called Mitsuko and Kara, telling them of the arrangements to have them, Jura, and Reiko eat with her. She locked the door, and headed for the elevator. As she approached, a young woman ran out, and in her franticism, ran right into Keia.

“I’m so sorry!” The woman exclaimed, her voice frightful and her face streaked with tears.

“It’s okay,” Keia said rising and helping the woman to her feet. “Are you okay?”

“If I can find miss Sugimoto,” the woman said in a slightly wailing tone.

“You mean Reiko Sugimoto?” Keia asked curiously.

“You know her!?” The woman exclaimed fearfully.

“Yes, she’s my neighbor,” Keia answered. She turned around and motioned to the woman. “Follow me.”

The woman nodded and her ashen hair fell into her face. She brushed the shoulder-length strands out of her line of sight and followed Keia slowly. Her amber eyes were red, swollen, and bloodshot. It looked as if her off-white blouse had been torn in a fight, along with the denim of her black jeans. Her grey jacket was filthy and looked just as bad.

Keia led the girl to Reiko’s door and she pulled Reiko’s key from her pocket. “She gave me this so I could help her out while she was gone on her work assignments,” Keia explained quickly. “Come in, we’ll have to wake her.”

The woman nodded again and followed Keia into the darkened dorm room. She looked around nervously. She perked up slightly when she saw Reiko’s sleeping form on the hide-a-bed sofa. “She’s here,” She murmured, “thank goddess.”

Keia walked over to Reiko and shook her softly. “Um ... sorry to wake you early Reiko, but this woman wanted to see you,” Keia said softly. “She looks like she was attacked and seems highly frightened.”

“What?” Reiko asked groggily.

“Reiko-sama, It’s me,” the woman answered softly.

“Ayako?” Reiko murmured in surprise.

“Yes, I am Hashimoto Ayako,” Ayako answered. She walked forward, still seeming scared. She smiled brightly and then bounded into Reiko’s arms. “Reiko-sama! I’m so glad to see you again.”

Reiko sat stunned for a second, then she wrapped her arms arund the smaller woman. “It’s good to see you again too Ayako.”

Keia watched the whole exchange silently, this odd feeling bubbling in her gut. She smiled as Ayako broke into tears over how happy seeing Reiko made her. A moment passed in silence between the three before Keia’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

Out of nowhere, the three of them had begun emitting faint glows. Keia’s was red, Reiko’s was yellow, and Ayako’s was brown. Then, the sigils of their power glowed brightly. Keia’s flame sigil was slightly painful, as was Reiko’s thunder, and Ayako’s earth.

“Wh ... What’s happening?” Ayako wailed.

“I don’t know,” Keia muttered, “but I plan on finding out.” She pulled her cell phone from her pocket and speed-dialed Kara and Mitsuko. “Kara, can Mitsuko hear me?”

“Hold on a sec,” Kara replied, “I’ll put ya on speaker. Go ahead Keia.”

“I need you two to come up to my place NOW!” Keia barked. “I’ll be waiting.” She hung up and then started toward the door. “If we’re going to get answers, you’ll have to come with me.” She said to Ayako and Reiko.


Kaiton’s Afterthoughts:

Okay, part three completed. It’s a little longer than anticipated, but I’m happy with it. I had to leave it a bit of a cliffy because the explanation is going to be LONG. Hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 4

Title: Hiatus

[Author's notes: Those how like this, my apologies. I can't figure out hoe to make it work atm, so it's on the shelf.

This Story is on hiatus for an indetermined amount of time. I am unable to correct plot and idea errors atm, so I am taking a break from it as to see what come to mind when I get around to it again.

I hope you all enjoy it when I figure out what to do with the idea! 

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