Story: Tenchi Muyo: Conquest (chapter 13)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 13

Part Twelve

"Urd lightning strike!" the goddess Urd cried out, showering their gathered adversaries with pinpoint lightning strikes. The tall white haired woman had a impish grin on her face, she was clearly enjoying the thrill of battle.

The troops scattered, howling madly as they tried to escape.

"That's not bad," a grinning Lum chuckled, "but now it's my turn!" The Oni girl dressed in the tiny tiger stripped bikini soared over the commando team's head, and threw a massive stream of lightning down at them.

The entire ship rocked, another explosion going off nearby.

"That's it," Ryouko growled, "I'm getting in on this!" Her red and black battle garb clung to her body, her eyes glittering angrily.

"No," Minagi barked, "you're getting married first. I don't care who these fools are, I'm not letting them spoil this!"

"She's right," Ayeka put her hand gently on Ryouko's arm.

Ryouko hesitated, then nodded slightly. She looked up, "All right, let's do this."

With a firm nod Belldandy opened the holy book up again, and took up reading where she had left off in the ceremony.

'How in the world did this happen?' Ayeka sighed, trying to focus on Belldandy's words.
"So why are we standing here like this?" Ayeka asked the others quietly. She, Ryouko, Minagi and Kiyone were all standing on one side of the docking bay, waiting for the latest arrivals.

"Because they aren't coming here by ship," Minagi grinned.

In the middle of the docking bay a white light began to build up, expanding into a rainbow of colors that soon reached up to the high ceiling. There was a bright flash, a sudden displacement of air, and they appeared from nowhere!

Ten young women looked around them curiously, two younger girls and the rest of them adults. Hair colors and styles varied a great deal in the group, running from short blue hair to long blonde tresses. A tall, long haired blonde haired woman separated from the mob to walk towards them, her hair tied up into two little balls.

"Hello, Queen Serenity," Ryouko nodded respectfully.

The blonde pouted, "You know you can call me Usagi, Ryouko."

Ryouko decided just to let that one pass. "This is my sister, Minagi, that's the Captain of the Washu's Revenge, Kiyone, and," Ryouko paused, her pride evident in her voice, "Ayeka, The Queen of Jurai and my future bride."

Usagi looked at Ayeka assesingly, then she smiled suddenly. "I'm impressed you could snag Ryouko," she said cheerfully.

Ayeka smiled back at her, "It's more like she snagged me."

The nine other members of the Moon Kingdom's court stepped up beside her, and the introductions were soon made all around.

"I thought that the queen of the Moon Kingdom was only into girls," Kiyone stepped aside to ask Minagi quietly.

"She is," Minagi answered, "why?"

"Isn't that a boy over there?" Kiyone pointed discretely.

Minagi looked, then chuckled softly, "That's Lady Haruka of Uranus, and she's definitely a girl." A green haired woman took her arm, and Minagi added, "Lady Michiru of Neptune and her have been life partners for years."

"Are the stories about the Queen's Court true?" Ayeka asked curiously.

"Pretty much," Minagi grinned.

"If you wish, I can escort you to your rooms," Kiyone volunteered to the toga clad young woman. As she led them out, Ryouko heard her say, "Lady Ami of Mercury, Washu mentioned she and Yume would be honored to see you again..."

"I'm surprised you escaped them alive," Ayeka smiled, taking Ryouko's arm.

"It was a near thing," Ryouko answered dryly. The left the docking bay together, moving to where their next group of guests were expected. Most of the Manticoran and Jurai dignitaries had arrived, and now the representatives of the remaining great powers were coming soon.

A soft announcement came over the ship's internal broadcast system, "The Galaxy Police delegation are arriving at dock number five. Repeat, the Galaxy Police delegation are arriving at dock number five..."

"Should we?" Ayeka asked Ryouko curiously.

"Kiyone and Minagi are meeting them," Ryouko answered with a smile.

Ayeka raised her eyebrow, "Is that such a good idea?"

"Kiyone actually asked me if she could," Ryouko said. She looked thoughtful, "Something about a question she needed to ask the Marshal..."

Not far away on the docking level of the Washu's Revenge, the hatch hissed open and Kiyone reached in, helping both of them out into the ship. Mitsuki stepped out first, and the Marshal followed her. Both of them were dressed in the Galaxy police formal uniforms, and Kiyone was mildly surprised at their beaming smiles.

"Daddy!" Mihoshi squealed, hitting the Marshal with a flying hug.

The tall man handled it well, whirling her about easily. "Good to see you, precious," the Marshal chuckled softly.

"Thank you for the invitations," Mitsuki smiled at Kiyone. The slim redhead looked pretty good, her uniform starched to perfection.

Kiyone though about claiming it was just a formality that they were invited, but suddenly she was tired of the ongoing hostility between her and the GP. 'I'll let it rest,' she thought. "You're welcome," Kiyone said with a smile.

The Marshal paused, looking at her thoughtfully. "How is the groom dealing with things?" he asked, remembering his own tension on his wedding day.

"Only mild panic so far," Kiyone smiled.

"And Ayeka?" Mitsuki asked curiously.

"Calm on the surface," Kiyone reported. They walked along for a few moments when Kiyone stopped them, a gentle hand on the Marshal's arm. "There's something I wanted to ask you," she smiled up at him.

"Yes?" the Marshal asked curiously, Mihoshi walking beside him.

Kiyone took a steadying breath, Mihoshi moving over to stand at her side. "I'd like your approval," she paused, "for me to marry your daughter, Mihoshi."

There was a moment of silence, with both Mitsuki and the Marshal left speechless.

The Marshal looked at Kiyone a moment, thinking of the disgraced officer she had once been. Now, she stood tall, a powerful and respected woman within the Manticore fleet, a person who's reputation was already on the way to becoming legendary.

"Yes, you have my permission," the Marshal smiled.

"Thank you, Daddy," Mihoshi squealed, hitting him with another flying hug.

"Thank you, sir," Kiyone shook his hand firmly.

A hand rested on her shoulder, and Kiyone turned to meet Mitsuki's gaze. Her former partner shook her hand firmly, "Congratulations."

"Anyway," Ryouko said, "Kiyone promised to be on her best behavior."

Another announcement came over the ship's broadcast system, "The Demon, Goddess, and Oni representatives are arriving at dock number eight. Repeating, the Demon, Goddess, and Oni representatives are arriving at dock number eight..."

"Oh, dear," Ayeka said faintly.

"They're all arriving at the same time?" Ryouko groaned, holding her head in her hands. She shook it off, "We'd better get over there, fast!"

Ayeka and Ryouko rushed down the halls to dock number eight, soon running into Kiyone and the GP running there from the other side. The Marshal and Mitsuki looked serious, Mihoshi grinned, and Kiyone was sweatdropping.

"What's going on?" Ayeka sighed.

"From what I can hear," Kiyone groaned, "the Goddesses are fighting the Oni, and the Demons are betting on who'll win." She pulled her pistol, resetting it to the highest stun setting.

"Marvelous," Ryouko sighed. She looked over at Mitsuki and the Marshal, "You mind helping out?" Both nodded. "All right," Ryouko took command, "On three!"

Ayeka put her hand on the door activation switch, nodding her readiness.

Quietly, Ryouko counted down, "One.. two... three!" Ayeka hit the switch on cue, and Ryouko led them inside.

"Skuld Bombs away!" the young, dark haired Goddess cried, throwing a handful of her explosive devices at the Oni party.

"I saw you looking at my darling," the flying girl angrily cried, picking off the bombs midair with her lightning bolts. The tiny tiger striped bikini she was wearing was holding back her many charms, but just barely.

Urd and Mara stood together talking, money exchanging hands. "I'm switching my bet to Ryouko," Urd sighed, the goddess looking vaguely disappointed.

"Why?" Mara asked curiously. Not that the demon minded taking Urd's money, but she thought she smelled a rat.

"There's no way she's going to let this drag on," Urd made a face. Softly, she grumbled, "Just when it was getting good, too."

Ryouko stood there a moment, watching the pointless argument continue. She clenched her fists, "I have had just about enough of this."

"Get down," Ayeka quickly advised the Marshal and Mitsuki, noting that both Mihoshi and Kiyone had already ducked for cover.

Ryouko summoned her sword and dove right into the middle of them. Her eyes flared blood red, she swung her sword down, and the room was rocked by an explosion. The shock wave blasted everyone in the room backwards, and as the smoke cleared they gaped at Ryouko.

The deck smoked, buckling where she had struck as she floated a foot above the ground. Ryouko glared at the goddesses and Oni, her voice cold, "This place is neutral territory as of now." She narrowed her eyes, "Anyone who starts something has to answer to me."

"Told you she'd handle it," Urd whispered to Mara.

"Not very diplomatic," Belldandy smiled, "but most effective." The brown haired goddess walked over to where Ryouko stood, "It's good to see you once again."

"Hmph!" Lum turned from the goddesses to fly over to the other Oni. "Darling," she exclaimed, throwing her arms around a dark haired young woman.

"Why me?" Benten whimpered softly.

"I could have beaten her," Skuld complained. But the dark haired young goddess complained quietly, not wishing to incur Ryouko's wrath.

"Good to see you, Ryouko," Mara smiled. She stood on one side of Ryouko, Urd on the other, and she smiled impishly, "I seem to remember you once thought about a threesome?"

"That won't be necessary," Ayeka steeped up to firmly take Ryouko's arm. She didn't say anything else, but then again she didn't need to, her tone of voice said it all.

Urd smiled slightly, looking Ayeka over. "You've found yourself a good one," she smiled at Ryouko, took Mara's arm, and moved off.

"Belldandy," Ayeka turned to the dignified young goddess, "we have a favor to ask of you."

"What is that?" Belldandy smiled.

"Would you be willing to perform the ceremony for us?" Ryouko asked.

Belldandy looked a bit startled, but she smiled broadly, "I'd be honored."

"The ceremony starts in about an hour," Ayeka said apologetically. "I know it's very short notice, but..."

"I'll be fine," Belldandy reassured her.

"We should go get ready," Ryouko said to Ayeka reluctantly. They paused there, exchanging a long, searching glance.

Ayeka took a half step forward, pressing her lips to Ryouko's. "See you in an hour," she murmured softly, turned and went to get dressed.

"I'll take you to your quarters to prepare," Kiyone smiled, leading the Goddesses, Demon, and Oni away from the mildly surprised Ryouko.

Ryouko smiled and shook her head, her fingers brushing her lips lightly. 'She still surprises me even now,' she thought. Not long after she was pacing the small waiting room nervously.

After a bit of debate, Ryouko had been dressed in a modified version of her battle garb. Red and black fabrics hugged her body from neck to feet, giving her absolute freedom of movement. But this version included outer robes, giving her a more regal aspect, going along with the simple gold circlet she wore on her brow.

Washu and Yume slipped in, both dressed in their finest clothes. Washu still looked like a pint sized maniac, but there was no helping it. "The hall is ready, and the guests are all seated," Washu reported cheerfully.

Yume looked up at Ryouko seriously, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"It's a little late now," Ryouko's voice was a bit strangled.

"No, I think we can get you away clean," Washu said with a little smirk, "though I doubt Ayeka would ever forgive you."

"Ayeka," Ryouko murmured softly, thinking back to the young woman who had caught her eye all those months ago, and eventually won her heart. "I'm sure," Ryouko smiled at Yume and Washu, "I love her."

"Good," Yume nodded, "I'm glad for you." Both her mothers steeped forward to hug her gently before stepping out to wait with Belldandy.

Minagi joined her a few moment's later. "You've got the ring ready, right?" Ryouko asked.

With a sigh Minagi slipped the little black box out of her pocket, opening it up to reveal the shining metallic ring. "All ready," she reassured her. Music started, and Minagi put her hand on Ryouko's shoulder, "Ready to go?"

"Ready," Ryouko nodded, and the two stepped out.

Just across the way, Funaho stepped back to take a good look at her daughter. "You look beautiful," she smiled.

Ayeka smiled, her traditional robes of Jurai falling around her body. Dressed in white and silver, she looked almost like an angel, her dark eyes shining out from under her white hood. "This is wonderful," she sighed softly, "thank you."

"My daughter's getting married," Misaki said, her large eyes glittering with unshed tears.

"Here it comes," Sasami muttered.

"Whaa!" twin geysers of tears shot out of Misaki's eyes. Funaho fished one of many napkins from her own formal robes and gently wiped at her co-wife's eyes.

After they had taken a few moments to recover, Funaho and Misaki each gave Ayeka a gentle kiss on the cheek, then they went out to join Washu and Yume.

"Ryouko's a lucky lady," Rhione stepped up to Ayeka's side and carefully wiped away a few tears without disturbing her makeup.

"So am I," Ayeka smiled happily, "I love her." She took a deep, steadying breath before asking, "Is the ring ready?"

Rhione took a black velvet pouch out of her dress, sliding it open to reveal the gleaming ring. "It's all ready," she smiled.

The music outside in the hall changed, and Sasami looked up at her, "Ready to go?"

"Let's do it," Ayeka smiled at the two of them. Sasami and Rhione fell into step behind her as they walked out into the great hall.

What had once been a plain dining hall was now a glorious temple, devoted to the fulfillment of love. Garlands hung from the rafters, the portals all opened to the glories of space and the world turning below them. Rows of seats bracketed the central aisle, and all the seats were filled with guests, nobles and dignitaries from all the worlds ruled over by Manticore or Jurai. Friends and family filled the front rows, while Kiyone and the other ship captains stood as an honor guard.

Ryouko turned to watch Ayeka walk up the main aisle, and for a few moments she couldn't manage to breathe. A vision walked up to where she was standing, only the impish twist of the lips revealing her humanity.

"Breathe," Ayeka urged her softly, "we can't have you fainting." Not that Ayeka wasn't having a few oxygen problems, herself. Ryouko was a striking figure, beautiful and dangerous in her black and red, looking almost like an angel fallen from heaven.

"Looking at you," Ryouko's voice was husky, "it's easy to forget."

Belldandy smiled, whispering, "If you two are done flirting?"

"Myah," Ryo-Ohki scolded them gently, perched on Minagi's shoulder.

Ryouko smiled, while Ayeka looked down modestly.

Belldandy opened up the holy book, "My friends, we are here for a most joyous occasion. Today, we are witnessing the joining of two ..."

Suddenly, the vessel rocked, something striking the ship so hard that the entire massive ship was moved. Ryouko reached out to steady Ayeka, "What's going on?"

Kiyone's expression was almost murderous as she raised her communicator to her lips, "Bridge! What's going on?"

Nicole's voice came through clearly, "Three cloaked ship's have attacked. Two have latched on to the hull and are offloading troops onto your deck, one is standing off and firing!"

"Yohko, Tita, Honor, Michelle," Kiyone gathered up the captains even as she turned to Ryouko, "we'll handle this. Finish the wedding." With that, they took off down the aisle, picking up the Marshal and Mitsuki as they went.

As they passed the Senshi, Lady Haruka and Michiru got up. "Would you mind, Princess?" Haruka asked eagerly.

"Have a blast," Usagi smiled and waved.

The captains, Galaxy Police, Haruka and Michiru charged out into the halls, and followed the sounds of battle to the invaders. The captains took up positions to lay down fire, but strangely, Haruka and Michiru stood out in the open in the hallway.

"What are you doing?" Tita squeaked.

"Uranus World Shaking," Lady Haruka cried out, a massive surge of energy forming around her fist, which she tossed at the enemy.

"Neptune Deep Submerge," Lady Michiru cried, and her sea blue energy bolt followed Haruka's into the charging troops.

"I'm impressed," Honor admitted. The enemy were staggered, but not stopped, and she along with the others opened fire!

"All right, let's try this again," Belldandy said cheerfully.

Another explosion shook the ship, almost knocking Belldandy off her feet. The doors to the hall slammed open, and troops poured inside, weapons raised. "This wedding is against all the ancient traditions of Jurai," the lead trooper declared, "we will not allow it to continue!"

"I hate party crashers," Urd muttered, rising to her feet.

Lum floated up from her own seat on the opposite side, "Shall we?"

"Lets," Urd agreed, and the two attacked.
'Which brings us back to now,' Ayeka thought.

Belldandy tried to read the ceremony again, only to be cut off by a stray energy bolt. "Urd," Skuld's scolding voice rang out.

"Sorry, Sis," Urd yelled back.

Belldandy blew a singed hair out of her face. "Let's cut to the chase," she said as she closed the book. She looked at Ryouko, "Do you promise to love Ayeka for as long as you both live?"

Ryouko stood up straight, "Yes."

"Ayeka, do you promise to love Ryouko for as long as you both live?" she asked Ayeka.

"Yes," Ayeka's voice declared.

"The rings," Belldandy prompted them.

Ryouko slipped the ring on Ayeka's finger, saying softly, "This was made of all the precious metals of Manticore."

The ring Ayeka slipped on Ryouko's finger was gleaming wood, "It's made of pieces of all the great trees of Jurai."

"By the power invested in me, I declare you married. You may kiss the brides!" Belldandy said happily.

Ayeka slid into Ryouko's arms, a gentle kiss that became more passionate by the moment. They slid apart, and Ryouko said a bit breathlessly, "If this is the start, I may not live through the honeymoon."

Ayeka smiled, "You'll make it, I promise."

"Now," Ryouko said dangerously, looking up at the enemy troops battling Mara, the Goddesses, and the Senshi, "let's finish this." Her scarlet energy blade flared to life in her hands.

Ayeka shrugged off her outer robes, electrical energy arcing around her body, "Indeed."

Exchanging smiles, the two of them charged into the battle together.
A few hours later, and the hall was a shambles, chairs scattered and walls singed. "That was one hell of a party," Haruka smiled. There was a bandage on her forehead, and her robes were a bit tattered, but she looked like she was having a good time.

"First a big fight," Kiyone shrugged, "then a big party."

Washu and Yume sat together on a couch, Misaki and Funaho sitting across from them. "Here's hoping that when Minagi or Sasami get married, it'll be quieter," Yume wished.

"Oh, I don't know," Misaki grinned, "I thought this went pretty well, considering."

"Who were they, anyway?" Lady Ami asked. She had been walking about helping provide medical aide to anyone who might be needing it when she heard them talking.

"The last gasp of the Jurai separatists, I suspect," Funaho smiled.

"I'd just like to know where they got those cloaked ships," Washu frowned.

"Where did Ayeka and Ryouko go?" Sasami asked. Asashi sat closely beside her, and the two hadn't been parted all evening.

"I think they're starting the honeymoon early," Kiyone smiled.

Ayeka looked up at Ryouko curiously, "These aren't your usual quarters."

Ryouko smiled down at her, "I thought larger rooms might be appropriate for us."

"Wait here," Ayeka smiled, leaving Ryouko to stand in the bedroom. She was gone only a few moments, her return leaving Ryouko breathless once again.

"Where did you get that?" Ryouko squeaked, looking at the x-rated lace number that Ayeka was barely wearing.

"Would you believe it was a gift from my mother," Ayeka slid into Ryouko's arms. They fell back on to the bed, relaxing there a moment.

"I love you," Ryouko said to Ayeka softly.

"I love you, too," Ayeka sighed softly, the gentle stroking of Ryouko's hands making her shiver.

In a surprised sounding voice a few moments later Ryouko gasped out, "Where did you learn that?"

Ayeka laughed softly, "Beginner's luck?"
Author's Notes: Belldandy, Urd, Skuld and Mara are from Oh My Goddess Lum and Benten are from "Those Obnoxious Aliens" Usagi and her Harem are from Sailor Moon. Yamamoto Yohko is from Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko. Honor and Michelle are from David Weber's Honor Harrington novels. Minagi and Yume, for those who asked, are from the Tenchi Muyo manga series.

So why did Belldandy get picked to perform the marriage? As both Ryouko and Ayeka are Queens, it's not like there's anyone in a high authority to do it. I thought of having Kiyone do it (a captain of a ship can perform marriages), but that didn't really work, either. But Belldandy is a goddess, not to mention very serene and holy, so why not her?

Now that I've pulled off the wedding, I'm taking a break on this series. There are a few different plot threads I've left open, and there's still the question of what happened to Tenchi in this universe, so I will come back. Eventually...

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