Story: The Coming Storm (chapter 2)

Authors: BillGopher

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Chapter 2

Title: Opening Moves

The Coming Storm
Book One of the Storms Series

By Bill Gopher and Iceflame55

Disclaimers - Joss, Mutant Enemy, Rob Tapert and RenPics own pretty much everything. I'm just borrowing them.

Spoilers - Not really. Canon up to Season 4 except for Faith not turning evil.

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Chapter One:
Opening Moves

Buffy hurried thru the Quad on her way back to her dorm room at Fischer Hall when from behind she heard Riley’s voice.

“Hey Buffy! Hold up a sec!”

Sighing loudly, Buffy stoped and waited. Moments later Riley appeared next to her slightly out of breath. “Hey, Buffy we haven’t spoken in over a week, since that…” he stops as a student passes by. “…Well since you know. The clock tower.”

Frowning Buffy says curtly, “Fine.” and walked over to a bench they passed off the Quad. Sitting down Buffy looked over at Riley but kept her distance. “Fine, what do you want to talk about Riley? Could it be that ‘oh by the way Buffy I work for a secret, government, paramilitary organization’ or something else?” Buffy said sarcastically.

“Hey, it’s not like you weren’t keeping secrets either Buffy.” Riley replied, annoyed.

“Yeah, but I keep what I do a secret to protect my family and friends. And what’s with the Hostile this and HST that?? They’re demons Riley, not soldiers or animals.” Buffy said sharply.

“There’s no such thing Buffy. They’re animals, period! Some are smarter than others, but still animals…” Riley said defending the Initiative.

“And what about someone innocent who gets bitten and turns furry 3 nights a month?”

“Look Buffy I know about Daniel Osbourne aka Oz, Willow’s old boyfriend…WE could have helped if you had trusted me Buffy. We’ve got doctors who can treat mental illnesses like this ‘lycanthrope’ stuff.”

Buffy looked at Riley in surprise, “Its not an illness Riley…”

“It’s just a symptom of a larger mental issue…I’ve seen patients ‘change’, but that’s just part of the psychosis. Besides it was probably best for her anyway. This way he can’t hurt her, now or later…”

As Buffy was about to reply she saw Graham and Forest wander over, both are laughing loudly but stop several feet away.

“Hey,” Forrest whispered, “isn’t that the dyke’s roomie talkin to Riley?”

Rage flooded thru Buffy as her Slayer hearing let her overhear what Forrest said. Calmly she walked over to Forrest and Graham and stopped just in front of Forrest. “How are your balls feeling?” Buffy asked sweetly.


As the look of confusion ran over Forrest's face Buffy let loose a front snap kick into his stomach doubling him over. As Forrest held his stomach, the wind knocked out of him, Buffy stepped in and grabbed the back of his head slamming it down on her knee which was going up. She found the sudden crunch as his nose broke and gushed blood everywhere to be highly satisfying, as she released him she blocked a weak punch and snapped his wrist. "YOU BITCH!! You broke my arm!!!" Forrest yelled hysterically.

Everything seemed to slow down for Buffy as she heard the ground crunch behind her and dropped down to her knee as Graham’s kick swept over her head. Her fist snapped out as Graham’s leg was extended and Buffy hit him in the crotch. Graham fell with a whimper.

Buffy stood up and looked down at Forrest, “You never answered me.” And kicked Forrest twice between the legs, leaning down next to him she whispered so that only he could hear her. “If you EVER say Willow’s name again and I hear about it…I’ll make you wish you were dead. If you see her you will walk in the other direction…do we understand each other?” Without waiting for an answer, “Good.” Buffy smiled and stood up walking back towards the bench where Riley stood with an angry look.

“What the hell did you do that for Buffy??” Riley yelled at her.

“Cause he deserved it. That’s why.” Buffy replied absently as she looked at her nails. “Damn, chipped another one.”

Angry at what she did and her apparent dismissal of him, Riley grabbed Buffy’s arm to spin her around to face him.

“Don’t ever try and manhandle me that way Riley!”

Riley suddenly realized as he lay on the ground looking up at Buffy, that he had never seen her move, but here he was on the ground. “What are you?? Are you a demon?” Riley reached back for the cell phone clipped onto to the back of his belt.

Buffy was faster and pulled the phone off his belt and crushed it in front of him before dropping it. “I’m Buffy and no I’m not a demon Riley.” Leaning closer she whispered, “I’m the Slayer.”

She looked down at the speechless Riley, her disgust evident, “Do yourself a big favor Riley, and leave me and my friends alone. Better yet, pack up your little group and go back where you came from before you get yourselves hurt.”

With that parting shot, Buffy turned and headed for her room at a fast walk. Watching her leave, Riley picked himself off the ground with a thoughtful look on his face [So she’s the Slayer that Prof. Walsh was looking for. I’d better report this at once.]

Forrest’s pained moan brought Riley back to reality. With Graham’s aid, they helped their wounded friend to his feet and headed slowly to the infirmary.

As the wounded trio left the area, a tall brunette stepped from the alcove from where she had witnessed the confrontation. She glanced at them before turning her gaze after the departed Slayer with a slight smile on her face [So that is the Slayer I’ve heard so much about. You look so small and helpless, until you move. It’s then your true nature shows itself, as you move like what you are, a predator born.]

The brunette shook her head a bit; as she thought about the skill the Slayer had shown during her scuffle with the three commandos even as she headed back to her lair. [There is no doubt she is formidable. They never stood a chance against her; I doubt even now they realize she was holding back even when she took them out. I think I had better learn how good she really is before I challenge her. It wouldn’t do to underestimate her as so many of her previous opponents have, and get myself beheaded.]


Professor Walsh read Agent Finn’s report, a tremor of excitement running up and down her spine. [So Ms. Summers is the Slayer!]

A small smile twisted the corner of her mouth as Walsh picked up the folder that held all the intelligence the Initiative had on Buffy Summers as well as her friends and family, a smile that vanishes at the knock at her door. “Come” Walsh said coldly.

Riley Finn opened the door and moved forward until he’s in front of Walsh’s desk, “Agent Finn reporting, Ma’am”.

“Have a seat, Agent Finn”, and he gingerly sat down in the chair she indicated.

As Riley Finn took a seat, Walsh continued to examine the information in the file on Buffy Summers. When she was done reading, she put the folder down and looked at Finn.

“You realize that you’ve complicated matters for me and you failed your assignment Agent Finn.” Walsh stated. “I’m having you temporarily relieved of command of Alpha Squad. You are to be their spotter and as well as any recon. Graham will be taking charge of the unit from now.”

Riley blanched as he realized how badly he’d screwed up, “Will this be permanent ma’am?”

“While you are doing your new duties for Alpha Squad you are to get me a schedule of activities and associates of each of Miss Summers’ friends. I want to know when they brush their teeth and what kind of toothpaste they use! Do you understand?”

Riley nodded. “Yes Ma’am.”

“Dismissed then. Report to Agent Graham for any other duty assignments he may have for you.”

After Agent Finn closed the door, Walsh opened the file on her desk and started reading the evaluation report again.

“Hostile 225 has responded remarkably well to his initial programming after the first weeks of disobedience. His reflexes, intuition, and versatility all will allow us several options for this HST as well as treatment and training future HST’s with the same mental illness.
“It is my belief that Hostile 225 with considerably more training will prove to be a valuable asset for the OMEGA program as well Project 3-1-4.
“Finally, due to the successful chip implantation as well as the programming Hostile 225 with the correct training, as determined by the Director, will be able to function as an independent yet utterly loyal asset within 3 weeks of completed training.”

Walsh smiled as she closed the folder. [Excellent, with a successful testing of the OMEGA program, Project 3-1-4, and acquiring the primary subject for Project Hunter I’ll be in a much better position. But first we need to test the Slayer to see if she will be pliable for our uses or if we’ll use her as breeding stock.]

Reaching down Walsh hit the intercom button, “O’Donnell, have Agent Graham and Agent Collins report to my office immediately!” [It’s best if I do not underestimate her abilities, I’ll send 2 squads out for her and order R & D prepare a decoy to have it seem she’s run away. Something according to her file she’s done before.]

Leaning back in her chair Walsh smiled…

End Chapter 1

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