Story: Memories of Nothing (all chapters)

Authors: zephyr_petal

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Chapter 1

Title: Her Sadness

A cold, sinking feeling crept into Cassandra’s stomach.
“You want me to what?” she asked the man sitting across from her, her voice wavering. He sighed.
“I simply think it would help your situation if you took these,” the man replied, slightly agitated. He had a bottle of small blue pills in hand. “Your teachers have told me your performance is…slipping. I-” He couldn’t finish, as Cassandra had abruptly stood and gone to the door. She brushed back a few stray strands of her dark hair and turned to him.
“The only thing slipping is your sanity, I’m outta here.” She left. As Cassandra walked away from the school councilor’s office, she wondered if the same couldn’t be said of her own sanity…

Cassandra dodged uncounted wads of paper, spitballs, feet put out to trip her in the hallways, then- “Umph!” and she was staring at the linoleum floor. Several preppy girls giggled down at Cassandra as the bell rang and they went to class.
Unfazed, but hurt nonetheless, the girl quietly collected her books and stood. The hallway was empty. She stood there, staring at it for a moment. Nothing, emptiness, alone. The girl shook her head a little, then briskly walked to class. All it reminded her of was the emptiness inside herself…

“Mom, I’m home!”
Nothing. Cassandra slumped into a beat-up lounge chair. The television was turned on, and it cast an eerie light on the features of the dark room. Curled up on the sofa, was Cassandra’s mother. A syringe and several small vials lay empty on the floor.
The girl drew her knees to her chest, a tear in her eye. Another trailed slowly down her cheek. This, was her Sadness.

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