Story: Meet the Parents (all chapters)

Authors: angelronin

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Chapter 1

Title: One-Shot

Disclaimer: The characters of Mizuno Ami, Tomoe Hotaru, Ten'oh Haruka, Kaioh Michiru, and Meioh Setsuna are belong to Takeuchi Naoko and Toei Animation I using them for a humorous story

Ami is staring the three members of the outers. They have three different expressions on their faces. Haruka have look to kill (Well at least to paralysis) Michiru have a highly amusing look and Setsuna just blankly stare.

"You and Hotaru are dating?" Ask an inquiring Haruka. "Yes Haruka we are dating," Ami answer with hint of nervousness. "How this came about?" Ami remember the night when Hotaru seduced her.

"Well Haruka Hotaru asking my help for college entrance exam and..." Ami is trailing off leaving the explicit stuff. "Ami I know and you know that you are a up-standing moral woman but I never expecting you corrupting Hotaru I expect some college pervert," "Haruka I not the one doing the seducing," "They say about the quiet ones," Haruka humoring her opinion.

Michiru slipping her tea and ask Ami some more questions about their relationship.

"You and Hotaru..." She try figure how put this in delicate matter. "You of the shyest person I ever met and I never in my wildest dreams you being the bold one but I still support your relationship with Hotaru,"

Setsuna is just recovering from her initial shock. " Honestly I never seeing this coming in mile," The four just faceplam in amazement. "Anyway Hotaru almost a grow woman and this make her happy then we all happy," "I hope your sex life is well fulfilling," Both Haruka and Michiru spiting their tea and Ami and Hotaru are red as apple.

"Setsuna-mama please I almost twenty this too embarrassing," Hotaru still remembering the questions from Mrs. Mizuno and how she prying into their dating and sex lives. It is kind freaky when your girlfriend's mother understood and join an organization for parents of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders. "Setsuna-mama you causing Ami to be embarrass," "Well I am trying to help,"

"Setsuna I never in my life you are implicating that they need help in that area," Michiru try to suppress her laughter. "Oh Set-chan you ecchi!" "Please you guys that acting so immature!" "Ruka-chan please stop teasing Setsuna," After few minutes of laughter alter between Ami being embarrass, Hotaru wishing she doesn't know these people and Setsuna trying apologizing to both of them.

"Ami you dating Hotaru and I respect your decency but I some rules first rule don't try any funny business, the second rule bring her home at night around ten and final rule-" "Haruka! She nearly an adult she not a child," Michiru gave Haruka the look could put even the most hardcore fighter to shame. "Excuse her being overprotective as usual," "Michiru-mama we actually living an apartment together for couple of months now," This causing Haruka to flip. "You two are what!" "Ruka-chan! They are adults now please respect that," "Oh right I will respecting their living arrangement," Haruka grumbling.

"You have told the others having you?" "We told both Mamoru and Usagi and they support us." "Rei and Minako already knew about us but Luna nearly have a heart attack when she heard this and we haven't told Makoto yet." Setsuna envisioning the lunar cat having a fatal heart attack and poor Artmeis have revive her hearing two of her senshi involving in a relationship. Setsuna have to giggle at that.

"Now we are together and hope in the future we still be together. This is the woman I ever in love," Ami is blushing from sentimental. "Thanks Taru-koi I have learn love from her and enjoy every minute of it. The last seven months is very great and very exciting," Ami keep remember their nightly make-out session. "Oh how sweet it remind of us Haruka," Michiru is awestruck by display of affections between both Hotaru and Ami. "Ami please take care of hime-chan even she isn't a little girl anymore." "Thanks Haruka for that. I will take care of Hotaru,"

Both say their goodbyes to the three outers. "Ami I glad you talk them about our relationship and Haruka-papa didn't try to kill you." "We did enjoy our little talk with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna. Now they understand about our love." Both Ami and Hotaru went back to their apartment for night.

Author's Note: This story came to me and actually a sequel a story plan to write in near future. I actually finish this story under two hours. Setsuna is slight OOC in story but I using it for comic effect and how they react to her. Ami and Hotaru's relationship just started and planning write more stories about them. Constructive Criticism is welcome.

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