Story: Once Again (chapter 8)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 8


Love Hina: Once Again


“Ami sempai,” Ema said, the long brown haired girl smiling as she hurried to catch up. “Going to another mock test?” she asked curiously.

“Not exactly,” Ami smiled back, her short blue hair ruffled a little by the breeze, “I’m going to a advanced study group for med students.”

Ema felt her heart skip a beat as she looked up at the handsome older girl, then forced herself to calm down. ‘Remember,’ she reminded herself, ‘you don’t know what sort of relationship she has with her roommate.’ Taking a steadying breath she said, “It must be hard, studying to be a doctor.”

“It’s been a ambition of mine for a long time,” Ami said, her blue skirt fluttering around her legs. Gently she asked, “How about you?”

“Huh?” Ema blushed.

“I mean,” Ami asked, “what do you want to do? Why are you working so hard to get into Tokyo University?”

“I’ve been told that getting into Tokyo University can make your dreams come true,” Ema shyly admitted as they walked. She looked embarrassed, “To be honest, I think I’d like to be a librarian.”

“Then I think you’ll be a good one,” Ami offered.

Ema mentally gave a fan-girl squeal, but in reality offered a soft, “Thank you.”

Rei Hino watched from the roof of the Hinata Inn as she saw Ami walking, Ema looking up at her in more than a bit of awe. ‘I hope that Ami lets the kid down easy,’ the black haired miko thought, ‘Ema’s a nice kid, and I don’t think Ami wants to see her hurt.’

“Good morning,” A amused voice came from behind her.

“Morning,” Rei called as Mitsune Konno, also known as Kitsune walked along the peak of the roof towards where Rei was perched.

“May I?” Kitsune gestured to the open space beside Rei on the edge of the roof. When Rei nodded she sat down, the sandy blonde haired woman looking entirely relaxed.

“You look a little under the weather,” Rei noted diplomatically. In fact Kitsune’s eyes were a bit bloodshot and she was visibly bedraggled. If Rei knew her better she’d have guessed Kitsune had been out drinking, or something.

“Oh yeah,” Kitsune winced. “I still do some freelance writing and a few of my work associates got together at the Café for a party last night,” she explained. “I sent Mutsumi and Shinobu home, but I never got to bed till three am.”

“Ouch,” Rei winced. Her grandfather had a similar party nature, and she had been the one to take care of him then.

Kitsune drank from the cup of steaming coffee she carried, her shorts and t-shirt clinging to her shapely body. “Have you had a chance to think about my offer?” she asked.

“To join that ghost busting thing you’re doing?’ Rei asked.

“Yeah,” Kitsune smiled.

“I’ve committed to train part-time at the Higurashu shrine by my Grandfather,” Rei said as the breeze made her long hair swirl about, “that’ll take a lot of my time.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Kitsune admitted.

“But,” Rei said after a moment, “I’d be willing to help where I can.”

Kitsune grinned suddenly, “Good.”

“For a reasonable cut of the profits, of course,” Rei added with a smile.

“Of course,” Kitsune nodded. She paused, “The Higurashu shrine?”

“Yes?” Rei blinked.

“I think you’re going to have a interesting time there,” Kitsune said thoughtfully, “at least if the stories I’ve heard are right.”

“The demon of Higurashu Shrine?” Rei nodded knowingly. She looked away, lips twitching with amusement, “I’ve met him.”

“Seriously?” Kitsune looked at her in surprise.

“Yeah,” Rei smiled, remembering the meeting a few days ago...

Checking the address on the sheet of paper her Grandfather gave her Rei saw the aura of the place before she even saw the shrine, feeling the faint crackle of power. Pausing by the front gate she hesitated a moment, then Rei continued on.

A black haired young woman was sweeping the yard, dressed in a green and white school girl’s uniform from the region. “Hello,” she looked up.

“Hello,” Rei nodded politely, “my name is Rei Hino. I’m here looking for the priest of the Higurashu shrine.”

“You’re looking for gramps?” the girl looked surprised. “My name is Kagome,” she offered her hand, “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you,” Rei took her hand then visibly stiffened as she felt the power simmering within the girl. Not only was this a miko, but she was a wondrously powerful one, maybe even Rei’s match as Sailor Mars.

“Ahhh,” Kagome cried out in surprise, jerking backwards.

“Kagome!” a boys voice cried out in alarm.

“Oh no,” Kagome muttered, “wait!”

Bursting from a nearby building the white haired boy swept towards Rei with a hand extended, fingers curved like claws. “Get away from Kagome,” he yelled, swinging as his red Hitoe coat shifted in the breeze.

Rei ducked under the first strike, reaching into her coat for a paper charm as she chanted softly. “Whoop,” she side stepped another strike even as she slapped the charm on his forehead and finished the spell.

“Urk.” the white haired boy froze even as unearthly power swirled around him. Suddenly the power flared around him and he shook off the charm, giving Rei a deadly glare as he growled, “Why you...”

“InuYasha,” Kagome said forcefully, “SIT!”


In a burst of spiritual energy InuYasha’s face hit the ground with a thump, the boy stunned for a moment by the impact. His rage at Rei forgotten for a moment he rounded on Kagome, “What the hell’d you do that for?”

“You were going to hurt her,” Kagome shot back, “and she hadn’t done anything!”

“So why’d you yell?” InuYasha demanded.

“I was startled,” Kagome said a bit defensively, “I’ve never run into a modern person with that kind of spiritual power before.”

“So I had to rush out here for nothing?” InuYasha looked disgusted. “You’ve got to be kidding me...” he shook his head.

Kagome scowled, “SIT boy!”

WHAM! Another face plant.

Rei blinked, taking in the whole odd situation. “What?” she asked mildly, “is going on here, exactly?”

“It’s a long story,” Kagome sighed.

Sitting on the roof of the Hinata Inn Kitsune finished off her coffee as Rei finished a edited version of that meeting. “So this Kagome has a half-demon servant?” she blinked then chuckled, “Poor guy.”

Rei chuckled, “I think get along pretty well.”

To be continued...

Notes: I’m putting Rei and Kagome’s powers at the same level arbitrarily, since it makes it easier to write them. InuYasha doesn’t kill Rei immediately because he’s holding back a bit, as well as Rei having experience fighting demons.

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