Story: Once Again (chapter 11)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 11

Love Hina: Once Again


"So how did it go?" Shinobu asked gently, the group that had gathered in the café Hinata listening eagerly. The younger girl delivered their drinks, her short black hair gleaming as she sat down to join them.

Anthy Himemiya gave her friends a wry look. "Not bad, actually," the purple haired young woman confessed, "Utena was surprised to see me, but we talked about what happened between us."

"And are you going to see her again?" Kitsune asked, grinning as she brought over some breakfast orders for them. With her sandy hair and boyish look she was quite handsome, but she seemed to rarely notice others' interest.

Anthy actually blushed faintly. "She's promised to visit me here," she explained, "and I have her phone number too."

Motoko nodded, the black haired swords woman looking thoughtful. "Good, I'd like to meet her," she said, "to determine if she's worthy of you."

"Playing big brother again?" Kitsune teased.

"Something like that," Motoko agreed.

Kanako Urashima sighed softly, studying the intense warrior for a moment. 'She's lovely,' she admitted, pulling her eyes away reluctantly.

Anthy gave her a sympathetic smile, pausing to drink some of her tea. "Thank you," she addressed Motoko, "but I doubt that'll be needed."

As the chime above the door rang out Tennyo Masaki entered, her silvery white hair flowing gracefully. "Morning all," she smiled, heading by them to the main counter, "good morning, Mutsumi."

Mutsumi Otohime beamed as Tennyo walked up, the busty brown haired woman calling out, "Morning, Tennyo-san. What can I get you?"

"My regular, thanks," Tennyo answered. She found herself thinking of Kitsune's comment earlier and had to agree, it did look like Mitsumi had a crush on her. 'I just wish I knew what to do about it,' she mused.

"Here you go," Mutsumi said as she cheerfully dropped off the food then lingered to talk.

"What happened?" Tennyo asked as she nodded towards where their fellow inn residents were gently grilling Anthy.

"It seems Anthy finally met her long lost sweetheart," Mutsumi revealed excitedly, "and it went pretty well."

"I'm glad for her," Tennyo nodded as drank a bit then munched through her breakfast. Looking at the other girl curiously she asked, "Has anyone else met this paragon of virtue?"

Mutsumi giggled, "According to Su, she's no paragon."

"Oh?" Tennyo asked. Koalla Su was their resident mad scientist and techno whiz, so it wasn't surprising she'd be able to find out a great deal about someone if she wanted to. 'Besides, she's the type who'd want to look into a mystery like this,' she mused.

"It seems Miss Utena is quite the crusader, having been arrested several times helping other people," Mutsumi revealed, "her file reads like a adventure novel."

"Remind me to ask Su if I can borrow it," Tennyo chuckled.

Mutsumi hesitated a moment, "I have it back at my room," she said, "you could stop by later to read it."

Tennyo blinked, wondering if this was a pass or a friendly offer. "I'd like that," she said, smiling slightly.

"I'll have it ready for you," Mutsumi said cheerfully, only reluctantly moving off to help out another customer.

Meanwhile, two young women tiredly made their way up the steps to the Hinata Inn. "I wonder how long it'll take us to get used to this?" Ami Mizuno puffed, the blue haired girl pausing to rest.

Rei Hino took a deep breath, the black haired miko looking nearly as tired as her companion. "I don't think you do get used to it," she grumbled tiredly, "you just learn not to show it to others."

"Maybe," Ami admitted as they made themselves go up the final set of stairs. "How did training at the shrine go?" she asked curiously.

"The old coots a fake," Rei admitted, "but Kagome is the real thing. We've been exchanging demon fighting methods for the last few days."

"Oh really?" Ami asked, a slightly dangerous tone in her voice.

Rei reached out to squeeze Ami's shoulder once they began to walk across the flat top of the hill and towards the Inn itself. "Yeah, too bad her boyfriend hangs around all the time." A bit teasingly she added, "You'd think he didn't trust having a lesbian around his girlfriend."

Ami blushed, "Sorry."

"It's all right," Rei admitted, "I felt a few twinges when I met your professor and found out she was a babe."

"But she's married," Ami blinked as they walked through the main entrance and slipped out of their shoes.

"Jealousy does not understand logic," Rei answered, passing Ami her slippers and putting her own on.

"I'll try to remember that," Ami agreed.

"Rei, Ami!" Koalla Su exclaimed, the dusky skinned blonde haired girl bounding down the hall, "Anthy's back!"

"Did her trip to Tokyo go well?" Rei asked, fighting back a smile at the young girl's nearly infinite amounts of energy.

"I think so," Su agreed, "the others have her over at the café, questioning her about it."

"Poor Anthy," Ami looked amused.

Rei looked at Su curiously, "So why aren't you over there?"

"Akiko Taichi is over," Su explained, "we're playing deathmatch games for fun."

"Well, I hope you enjoy yourselves," Ami said as Su scampered off to get some snacks for her and her friend.

"That girl scares me at times," Rei confessed as she slid open the door to their room, waving Ami through first then following her in.

"Was that before or after she tried to burn us with the blowtorch?" Ami wondered, setting her bags on the desk.

"Both," Rei chuckled, moving up behind Ami and wrapping her arms around her.

"Oooh, Rei..." Ami murmured as she kissed the back of Ami's neck.

"I've been waiting all day for this," Rei murmured as she squeezed gently, then nibbled Ami's ear.

"What if someone comes by...?" Ami gasped softly.

"I bet questioning Anthy should keep most of them busy," Rei slid her hands up to caress Ami's breasts.

Ami purred, arching her back. "You are a bad girl, Rei..." she murmured happily.

Rei grinned, "And you wouldn't want me any other way."


"Should we really be watching this?" Akiko asked as they watched the feed from the spy camera Su had planted on them. The brown haired girl's twin ponytails bounced as she munched on the crackers Si had brought them.

"When are we going to have the chance to otherwise?" Su asked cheerfully.

"Wow," Akiko blinked, "I didn't know you could bend like that."

"Really," Su agreed, making notes.

To be continued...

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