Story: Hentai-Dye's Tales: Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete (all chapters)

Authors: Hentai Dye

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Chapter 1

Title: 1

It had been really generous of Leo to allow Hiro, Lucia, Lemina, Jean, Ronfar, and Ruby the use of the Dragonship Destiny on their journey. It was a powerful, moving sanctuary that not only gave them transport to wherever they needed to go, but also a place indoors to rest without having to rely on small tents and an inadequate campfire each night they spent without an inn.

But it would have been a lot MORE generous if he’d left them a CREW for the dratted thing.

Not that the ship couldn’t be handled by 5 people. So far, Hiro had run into few problems at its helm. It was, to Lemina, more of an issue with how empty the large ship felt at night. The quiet, dark, unfamiliar room that she used for herself at night was, at times, very unnerving to lay in when she couldn’t get to sleep—in fact, it was probably a good part of WHY she sometimes couldn’t get to sleep. The real problem, though, was that she didn’t have the comforting knowledge that her friends were near her if she needed them. The personal quarters on the ship were, for reasons the magician didn’t bother to consider fathoming, spread out from one another all across the ship. At least with a real crew for the ship, there would have been more people here and there, and Lemina could be reassured by that. She may not have been afraid of silence, or the dark, or being alone…but the combination of those three things WAS unnerving.

Didn’t really improve while she was walking down the corridors, either, for that matter. The sooner she got to Jean’s room, the better.

Why was she going to Jean’s room? Well, this was a question that Lemina herself would have trouble answering. She had to a purpose, mind, but explaining it would be difficult. Ever since everyone had found out about Jean’s darker past, Lemina had been meaning to tell Jean that it didn’t matter to her…that as far as she was concerned, Jean was still the same woman she’d been back when Lemina had thought her nothing more than a skilled dancer. Her past didn’t matter to the blonde sorceress, only who she was now—a very decent, kind, compassionate, good person, as beautiful within as she was without. Now that she had just recently put her past to rest by defeating Lunn and his group of assassins, Lemina had decided that she really just had to do this.

Yes, okay. There WAS a large gap of time between those two events. But they’d all been mega-busy! And, well, other things sometimes took precedence in her mind. And sometimes it was just a bad time. And…and…and anyways, what really mattered was that she was going to go do it NOW, and get it done with, right?

Why WAS this corridor so long, anyways? She’d have to complain to someone. Its length gave too much opportunity for internal self-criticism.

Finally, though, she had reached her destination. Oh, good, there was light coming from the door crack. Jean must have still been awake. With a deep breath, she slowly opened the door.

To see Ronfar sleeping on his back in bed, completely naked.

That door was a lot faster closing than it was opening.

Lemina made a few notes to herself. One, to always knock on people’s doors before entering. Two, to get a clear idea in the future of who slept in what room. Three, to never look Ronfar in the eyes again. Four, to look up the possibilities of a selective amnesia spell. Five, that there were things much more unnerving that the silent darkness on this ship. Six, that there was no way that she could make money selling any magical photographs on the black market of what she had just seen. Seven, that the human mind was said not to be able to concentrate on more than seven things at once, so it was time to stop listing things and find Jean’s room.

Good thing, really, because any further mental notes might have involved self-inflicted permanent damage to the girl’s eyes.

Soon enough, after a bit of wandering during which time she tried to get back into a more serious frame of mind, Lemina came to another of the rooms her friends were using for themselves. This time, the light wasn’t on, which, all things considered, might just as well have been for the better. Nuts on manners; it was better to rudely wake her friends up than to get an eyeful like the last one.

After having the presence of mind to give a few soft knocks, and getting no response, Lemina quietly opened the door and peaked in. Too dark to tell who was in here, and whoever was sleeping was doing so very quietly, so she couldn’t tell from the breathing.

“Jean?” she called out softly.

There was a sudden sound of someone letting out a breath they’d been holding. The light was flipped on, and Lemina beheld the green-haired woman she sought, dressed in regular white underwear for sleeping, hair down for the night in an emerald waterfall. She was sitting straight up in bed, wide awake and looking vaguely…relieved?

“Lemina, it’s you…phew, good,” Jean said, bringing her breathing rate to normal.

“Uh…what’s wrong?” Lemina asked in confusion.

Jean shook her head dismissively. “Nothing. Just woke up suddenly and heard someone sneaking into my room, and…well, old habits die hard,” she said with a small laugh, reclining back against the wall that the bed was situated by.

“Ohh, right. Sorry, that was dumb of me, sneaking around!” she said, rolling her eyes in light-hearted self ridicule.

“It’s no problem,” Jean replied, stretching her arms a bit. “So, what are you doing here waking me up in the middle of the night, anyways, Lemina?”

Ohhh, right, there WAS a reason she was here, wasn’t there?

It was a funny thing, actually. In all the time it’d taken her to get around to doing this, she’d never once actually thought to go over in her head exactly what she wanted to say.

With Jean’s strong eyes focused solely on her own, it was suddenly hard to think of how exactly she wanted to say this.

“Well, Jean, uh…I’ve been meaning to say this for a while,” Lemina began. Good beginning!

…yup, good beginning. Now to think of the rest of it. Preferably before Jean got irate with her for wasting her time and sleep.

“What I want to say is,” Lemina continued, “we all know about your past now…and I realize that it’s something that’s always going to be with you, good or bad. But…to me, you’re still just Jean, okay? I still think you’re kind, and generous, and decent, and a mega-great person! I haven’t ever thought anything less of you for your past, and I wanted you to know that.”

There! She’d said it. It was great to finally get that off her chest, and…and Jean was now staring at her. Not in a grateful, or ungrateful, or happy, or angry manner. It was just…a blank stare.


“Um, Lemina,” Jean spoke after a moment, “I, ah, haven’t thought that you or any of our friends felt any different towards me because of that for a, uh, good while now.”


Jean chuckled a little. “I appreciate the sentiment, though, Lemina. But as far as I’m concerned, my past and I are reconciled, and I know everyone who knows about it are okay with it, so it’s all settled for me.”


Lemina felt about as low as she ever had at that moment. This thing that seemed so important to do for her friend, that she’d been so determined to do a few minutes before, turned out to be…unneeded. Redundant. Empty. Worthless.

Yeah, worthless seemed just about right.

She forced a quick, joking smile on her face. “Well, ha ha, guess that’s that, then! Boy, I sure am dumb! I’m going to go back to bed and stop bothering you now. See you in the morning!”

She turned to leave, but Jean reached out to hold her wrist, saying, “Hey, wait a second, Lemina, you’re not bothering me and you’re not dumb! I really do appreciate…”

The martial artist trailed off as she looked at Lemina more closely. Lemina turned her head away in embarrassed anger, but she knew it was too late. Jean had seen a tear forming.

“Hey. Hang on now. What’s wrong, Lemina?” Jean asked in a serious tone.

Lemina stood for a moment, debating with herself whether she ought to just sit down and talk to her friend, or see if she could jerk her arm away fast enough to break Jean’s iron grip and escape back to bed. Not that there was much to debate, though…there wasn’t much doubt in Lemina’s mind that her arm wasn’t going to be freed from Jean’s grasp until Jean herself decided it should be.

She plopped down on the bed near Jean’s lower legs, staring hard at the floor. As Jean rose up into a cross-legged sitting position, Lemina answered the question truthfully. “I don’t know.”

“You’re near tears,” Jean responded quietly. “Something’s upsetting you. And badly, too, because you’re almost always bright and cheerful. What is it, Lemina? Did I hurt your feelings by laughing? I didn’t mean--”

“No, no,” Lemina interrupted, still staring intently on the floor. “Wasn’t you. It’s just…it seemed so major, you know? So important that I tell you that…but I screwed it up by waiting too long, and it was pointless, and…I just feel mega-lousy about it.”

This was true…but even as she said it, Lemina knew that there had to be more to it. She wouldn’t be getting this upset over something like that…

Jean took her hand from the blonde girl’s arm, laying it on her shoulder and lightly squeezing it. “Lemina, listen to me. You didn’t screw up, okay? The important thing isn’t whether I knew already or not what you wanted me to know. What’s important is the thought behind it, and I really do appreciate that, Lemina. You didn’t mess anything up just now…”

Out of the corner of her eye, Lemina saw Jeane’s expression change to a more thoughtful one, as though an idea had just occurred to her. “…and you won’t mess up when we get to Vane, either,” the dancer finished.

…Bang. Oh yeah. Jean had definitely hit the nail right on the head there, Lemina realized as she started really tearing up.

“That’s what it is, isn’t it?” Jean asked sympathetically. “You’re just under a lot of stress because we’ll soon be in Vane.”

The blonde nodded. “I just…I don’t know, none of my plans to help Vane have worked out…and I’m worried about my mother…I don’t like that fat tub of goo being anywhere near her…”

Lemina just couldn’t help it, no matter how hard she tried…she sniffed, and a few tears ran down her cheeks. Jean waited, quietly patient, while Lemina wiped them away, sniffed again, and brought herself back under control. She wasn’t going to sob over this…and even though the saying was that a good cry makes a person feel better, she still felt much better just from a couple tears and Jean’s steady, understanding presence.

“Sorry…sorry about that,” Lemina said once she was composed, finally looking away from the floor and at Jean’s kind eyes. “Guess you ended up doing more comfort for me than the other way around, huh?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s fine, Lemina, we’re all entitled to a few tears when things get to be too much,” Jean told her, taking her hand off the girl’s shoulder now.

The young sorceress nodded gratefully, then stood up. “Thanks, Jean…that helps a lot. Thank you…I’m going to go get some sleep now. Probably be at Vane tomorrow, so I gotta get my beauty sleep! Good night, Jean.”

She was halfway out the door when Jean said, “Good night, Lemina. And try not to worry, alright? Everything will be fine, and we’ll all be with you no matter what.”

That…stopped Lemina. She turned back to her companion, and asked, in a curious tone, “Really? You mean that, Jean?”

“Really what?” asked Jean. “You mean really will everything be fine?”

“No,” Lemina answered, “I mean, do you really mean that you and the others will be with me no matter what?”

Jean looked disbelieving that she would even ask such a thing. “Lemina, of course I mean that. We’re your friends; of course we’ll be there for you! Why would you think we wouldn’t be?”

Lemina wasn’t sure if she was more surprised than Jean at this point. “Well…I guess I just…never really thought of it that way. I mean…I didn’t know…that you all felt for me that way, Jean. I know you all need me for my magic…but I…”

Hmmm. How to say this? It was hard to put feelings into words for Lemina at times, and she wasn’t one who had much practice with it.

“…I guess I just thought I annoyed you all too much for you to really…think of me as a real friend, I guess? I know I’m pretty obsessed with making money sometimes, and you guys usually roll your eyes or something when I get going on the subject. I thought it annoyed you?”

Jean gave a small laugh and rolled her eyes. “Well, yes, you’re definitely way too interested in finances, Lemina. But you know, we don’t really get annoyed by that. You’re just…quirky.”

“Quirky?” Lemina tried it out. Quirky. Huh. “No one’s ever called me that before. I think I like it.”

Better than greedy, anyways. And penny-pinching. And money-grubbing. And a few more choice names that others had called her before.

Jean grinned. “Sure, quirky. But that’s not the important thing. We know part of why you’re like that anyways. The important thing is, you’re friendly, and nice, and a good person. That’s why we care for you, a lot. I’m surprised that you wouldn’t think we’d consider you a very good friend, because that’s how you treat us.”

“I do?”

But even as she asked it, and Jean nodded in response, Lemina realized she really did treat everyone that way. She trusted them, she felt comfortable around them, she treated them with a respect and honesty that she didn’t anyone else. She hadn’t ever considered it before, but she supposed that she DID think of them all as very important friends to her.

“Really weird…I never really thought about it. But I guess you guys are important to me. It’s really weird, though, what you can know but not really think about,” Lemina said, both to Jean and to herself.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that,” Jean said. “It’s really strange…sometimes you can just not know something that you yourself feel, until you’re talking with someone, and…it just hits you.”

As she finished this thought, Jean locked her eyes on Lemina’s, and her face took on an odd expression.

Lemina didn’t really take much notice of this. She was busy coming to full grips that Jean, Hiro, Ronfar, Ruby, and even Lucia all really did care about her…that she cared about them. That she had…friends.

How long had it been since she had had friends? Real, true friends who cared for her? It was hard to remember, really…not since she had been a child, certainly. For all her cheerful demeanor and attitude, Lemina was really something of a loner, and had been for years now.

“Thanks, Jean,” Lemina said happily, real gratitude in her voice. “Thanks for everything.”

Lemina was, among many other things, a very whimsical person. Not to say she didn’t plan things through ever. She had plan after plan for many things, most all of them to do with making money. However, at the same time, much of what she said and did were done on whim alone, and heck, even some of her plans relied more on spur-of-the-moment action than anything anticipated (such as earlier, for that matter, when she’d realized she didn’t know HOW to say what she’d wanted). So she didn’t really question her whim at this moment, but just acted on it, and leant over and kissed Jean.

It was nice, and Jean seemed happy to kiss back. Lemina liked it. Her lips were…sweet, somehow. Hey, friends kissed, right? A little kiss between friends was nothing strange or anything. Friends kissed all the time!

Wait a sec…did friends french?

It was a question that popped into her mind, but not one that seemed all that important as Jean’s tongue lightly caressed her own now, so gently that it almost tickled. And she did the same back, trying to be as delicate in her own actions as her friend, loving the sensation. So warm, and exciting, and nice…

Much like the feeling she was getting from her hands as they moved along Jean’s strong back, pressing and caressing the woman gently but firmly. Wait, when did she start doing that? Was it before or after Jean had started doing the same to her, pushing and kneading her back through her nightgown as though giving a massage? For that matter, who had taken the kiss to the next level?

There was a nagging voice asking these questions, and as nice as this all felt…she knew that nagging voice to be Reason, and that it could only be ignored for so long.

Lemina retrieved her hands from Jean’s back, placing them on the girl’s shoulders to gently—or perhaps the better term is reluctantly—push away and separate the girls’ lips. Both sat back, their breathing a little harder, less controlled, and looked at each other, knowingly and curiously. Something had to be said…both knew that. But what?

“You’re a good kisser,” Lemina noted, quietly smiling.

Okay, well, something needed to be said, and yes, that wasn’t it. But hey, it was true.

“Th-thanks,” Jean replied, tiniest hint of a smile playing at her lips and a blush at her cheeks even as her appraising look stayed. “So’re you…”

“Really?” Lemina said, giggling a little out of happiness, a little embarrassment, and not knowing what else to do. “You mean that?”

Now there was a definite blush to Jean’s darker complexion as her eyes suddenly found something positively riveting to look at to her side. “Well, I, ah, don’t really have anything to compare it to…but I’d say so, yeah,” she replied with a small laugh.

Silence for a moment as each girl wished the other would say it for them.

Realizing someone had to say it sooner or later, though, Lemina broke the silence and said, in a very straightforward tone, “That wasn’t just something friends do, was it?”

“Um, not usually, I think.”

“Who, uh, started the…”

“That was you, I think.”

“Did I start the other...”

“No, that was me.”

“Uh…” Lemina said, immediately mentally wincing at how terrifically intelligent she sounded. She held up her hands to form a T. “Could I get, a, um, a quick little time-out here?”

Jean’s eyebrow raised slightly, and there was a little mirth in her reply. “Alright…”


So…along with starting the kiss in the first place, which she was now wondering whether it was just a whim of friendship after all, she’d been the one that first took things further. Which…which meant what, exactly? Was her mind trying to tell her something she didn’t already realize? Did she feel something for Jean, or would she have done that to any of her newly-realized friends under the same circumstances? Well, except Ronfar. Or was it just spur-of-the-moment out of just raw attraction?

Okay. Too hard to figure out. She could start small. Was she attracted to Jean?

That took less time to figure out than it had taken to ask. Yes, of course she was. You’d have to be completely uninterested in women whatever not to be attracted to the strong, skillful, exotic, slim, tall, gorgeous…okay, enough adjectives. That was getting almost spooky. But yes, she was attracted to Jean. Physically, anyway.

One thing down. Hopefully Jean wouldn’t be asleep by the time the rest was sorted out.

Was she attracted to JEAN, though? To the woman herself, who she was? Well…Lemina thought about Jean for a moment. What did she feel when she thought of her friend? Trust…someone who was honest and loyal, that you could depend on. Kindness and generosity…Jean had always thus far thought of others’ needs and wants first, treating everyone with respect…but not being boring about it, either. She could banter as well as any of them, which was what made this journey a lot of fun sometimes. And she wasn’t a pushover, that was for sure. When she DID need time for herself, she made sure she got it. It wasn’t an emptily self-sacrificing generosity; she realized she had her own needs, too. Which was somehow very comforting about her…Hiro kinda weirded Lemina out sometimes, how unquestioningly devoted he was to Lucia. Not that it was a bad trait, it was just his way…but still, it was something Lemina had trouble understanding.

Hiro…Lucia…wait, why was she making that comparison? Hiro was in LOVE with Lucia! Lemina wasn’t in love with Jean, was she? Well…she was attracted to her, physically, and she had to admit mentally as well…but that didn’t mean love, did it? Then again, what WAS love, anyways?

Lemina’s eyes wandered to where Jean was sitting and saw that the fighter had rested her shoulders on her crossed legs, and her chin on her raised, joined palms. She was watching Lemina, smiling…not quite in an amused way, but there was some kind of mirth to it, nonetheless. Or perhaps something else that resembled quiet mirth.

“H-hey!” Lemina said in an embarrassed and annoyed tone. “Quit staring at me! I can’t think while you’re looking!”

“Lemina, what do you have to think about, anyway?” was the reply, as its speaker failed entirely to take her eyes off the sorceress.

“Lots!” came the indignant retort. “I’m trying to figure out if I love you!”

At that, Jean laughed gaily for a moment, and Lemina glowered at her. “THAT is not helping, either.”

“Lemina,” Jean said after her brief fit, voice still containing traces of her laughter, “I don’t think you love me. You’re not the type that gets that attached that quickly, and anyways, I think you’d probably KNOW if you were in love with someone.”

“Then why do I like you?” the magic-user asked in earnest. “Why did I want to do that? Why do I…why do I want to do it again? And keep going?”

“Well,” Jean said, serious now, “I think you’d know better than I would. But maybe you…I don’t know, are like me and are interested in seeing if more could come of it? That’s…how I feel about you, I mean, so maybe it’s the same for you.”

“You do? You like me? Like, like-like?” Lemina asked, inwardly irritated that she’d tingled a little when Jean had said that.

“Er, well, assuming that I understood that last one,” Jean answered, rolling her eyes at her companion’s flippant wording, “yes, I do.”

“Since…since when? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I think I have for a while now. And, uh,” Jean continued with a sheepish grin, “I didn’t tell you because I only realized it a few minutes ago. You know how I was saying that sometimes realizations of how you feel about things just hit you? Well, that sorta happened when I said that…just sort of looked at you, and it hit me: hey, I really LIKE this girl.”


Lemina tried to gather her thoughts. Which was hard because Jean was looking at her AGAIN and it was distracting!

“So…I like you…you like me,” she stated, sorting it out verbally and mentally.


“But I don’t love you. And you don’t love me.”

“Pretty much.”

Okay, this sounded right so far.

“But…we’re both interested in each other…and maybe seeing if we could love each other?”


Jean uncrossed her legs and laid back until she was on her back, looking up at the ceiling of the room. “I don’t know…I’d just as soon not think of the word “love” just yet, even as future possibilities. It’s so powerful a thing…but it’s so casually thrown around by people these days, you know? I don’t think we should be thinking of being interested in love right now…maybe just the path.”

“Yeah, that makes sense…so we just want to…see where it could go?”

Jean turned her head to look at Lemina. “That’s what I want. Is it what you want?”

“Yes,” she answered after a moment.

“Okay,” Jean said simply.

Okay. One of the most common, simplest of words, both in meaning and pronunciation, in language. And yet, it meant so very much in this case. It filled Lemina with a warmth she’d not really felt before, much like the feeling she’d had just minutes ago on fully realizing the truth of her friends.

“So…” Lemina started. She felt like she should say something…what, though? Thank you? Not really…but that was really the only thing she could think of that came close to expressing her feelings.

“I, uh, don’t know what to say,” she finished lamely, grinning a bit goofily.

Jean gave a small grin of her own (considerably less goofy, though). “Don’t worry. I know how you feel, and I feel the same way. I doubt I could really put it to words myself.”

Lemina nodded. After a moment, she shyly asked, “So, can I kiss you again, Jean?”

The dancer stared. “You just kissed me without any warning a few moments ago before either of us knew the other was interested. For that matter, that was before you knew YOU were interested. If I had no objections then, why do you think I’d have any now?”

“Well, I don’t know,” the light-haired girl responded defensively. “It just seemed polite to ask.”

Jean shook her head to herself, chuckling. “Lemina, you are one of the quirkiest people I have ever known. Yes, I would love another kiss, and no, you don’t need to ask permission in the future.”

Lemina wasted no time in taking advantage of this privilege. She moved over a little to lay down beside Jean, and, with a quick deep breath, pressed her lips against those of the green-haired woman’s. Once more, Lemina was taken by how sweet her now more-than-friend’s lips were. Not in a sugary way, but in more of a subtle, striking way, like a ripe berry’s subtle mix of flavor, sweet, and tart. Intrigued by the sensation, Lemina this time was conscious of her tongue running against Jean’s lips, as if it had uttered some password, Jean’s mouth opened with a slight “Mmm” and gave it entrance.

Once again, the girls gently massaged one another’s tongues as they kissed, soft moans occasionally being heard from deep in each one’s throat. This time, it was Lemina whose arms went to loosely embrace her companion, one sliding over Jean’s side while another made its way under her until Lemina’s hands joined one another by Jean’s tanned shoulders. As they began to slowly move back and forth, caressing and kneading, Lemina could feel Jean’s arms moving to mimic her, and shifted slightly to let the one trying to get by her on the bottom have better access. Soon she could again feel the pleasurable, comforting strength of Jean’s touch through her thin nightgown run slowly along her back.

They stayed this way for a time, content in basking in the mutual touch. After a little while, though, Lemina became increasingly annoyed with the clasping strap on Jean’s bra. It was distracting and got in the way, and the sorceress decided that it really just had to go. And so, with a quick action, it was undone, and with a whisk of one hand, off.

Of course, with the freedom of distraction for her hands to roam Jean’s back came another result—namely, that Lemina now had a clear view of Jean’s breasts. The girl broke the kiss for a moment as she backed her head away a little to get a better view. They were…nice. Fair-sized, bordering on large, but not quite there, round, most of them a shade lighter than the rest of her—they’d been covered for most of this journey while the rest of her hadn’t, after all, back while she’d worn her dancing outfit. Her nipples were small and dark, standing tall at the moment (which gave Lemina a small rush of pleased accomplishment).

“Do you…um…are they…good?”

Lemina tore her gaze away and looked up at Jean’s hesitantly expectant face, a definite blush coloring her cheeks. “Beautiful,” she answered, smiling.

Jean’s blush stayed, but her small apprehension vanished from her face. “Thank you…um, Lemina…how, uh, far do you want to go here?” she asked.

“Well…let’s just…see where it goes,” she answered with a light-hearted smirk.

“Alright,” came the quietly eager answer.

Lemina removed her hands from their place behind Jean, and now brought one slowly, deliberately, and (she had to admit) a bit shakily forward towards Jean’s bosom. But her hand was stopped before it reached its destination by Jean’s own.

“Let me see you first?” came her request.

Lemina nodded nervously. Only fair, after all. She got up off the bed, and quickly so she could have no doubts, pulled her nightgown over her head. She typically wore nothing else to sleep, so she now stood totally exposed for Jean to gaze at.

And gaze the woman did. As Lemina crossed her arms over her abdomen and blushed, shifting from one foot to another, Jean’s eyes traveled up and down her body. She was too short, she knew that. And way too pale…everyone was always telling Lemina she needed a tan, but she’d never really gotten around to getting one from always being indoors reading and scheming. And she was sure that she’d recently started to show a couple extra pounds in the midsection…she could never really help herself around exotic foods, and you run into those a lot on a journey. And she wasn’t exactly well-trimmed down there, either. And she’d always thought her arms were a bit gangly. And her chest wasn’t as nice and big as Jean’s. Great Althena, she must look a total mess—

“You’re gorgeous.”

Well, maybe she didn’t look all that bad after all, she thought, as a happy warmth spread through her and increased her blush.

Jean curled her finger and wiggled it in a typical “come here” fashion, which Lemina was all too happy to oblige. She resumed her place beside Jean, and the two began to kiss once more, this time drawing closer until they were hugging one another through their kiss, breasts and thighs pressed together in needy embrace.

Before their kiss could get too deep and intense, however, Lemina once more drew away from it, making a little space between the two girls. Her hand came up, still shaky like the last time, to Jean’s chest. This time, it was not halted, and she laid it on Jean’s left breast (right then, the one on top). She let it lie for a moment, marveling at the sense of touching the lovely woman so intimately.

But that was only for a moment. Once it passed, she was gently running her fingers along its round sides, almost tickling it. Her hand began to stroke back and forth along the top as her fingers danced on the side.

While Jean murmured as Lemina brushed against her nipple specifically, the blonde girl began to plant many rapid, light kisses on her cheek, setting a comfortable pace on a trail downwards. By the time that Lemina’s play had progressed to using both her hands to run her fingers over both nipples, now more erect than even before, her kisses had found their way down to the apex where Jean’s neck flowed into her collar (this had taken a little repositioning on Lemina’s part, her having to slide down a bit to get better oral access to it). She now laid a strong kiss upon that joining spot, which turned into a flurry of smaller ones, each sucking gently, some even containing a light, playful nibble within them.

Jean began groaning in quite audible pleasure at that point.

After not many more than a few minutes of this, however, Lemina decided that, if Jean’s gasps and nipples were anything to go by, it was high time to move on. She drew away from her friend (to the sound of a somewhat disappointed yelp) and got up on her hands and knees, turning around until she was looking right down at the only article of clothing left on either of the girls: Jean’s plain white panties, now ever so slightly damp with arousal. She wasn’t looking at them for long though. Only as long as it took to move her hands (which were now, perhaps because it was the midst of the heated moment, calm and unwavering) to them, then bring them down Jean’s tan legs (and then up them, as Jean aided her by bending her knees) and off, placed carefully at the opposite end of the bed.

This, of course, resulted in Lemina having a very close and clear view of Jean’s sex, which she had much the same reaction to as she’d had to her breasts. Mainly, that of a simple gaze at it. Jean was, unlike her, diligent in shaving, her hair, a beautiful shade of green. Her core itself, for that matter, was very inviting, as was the way Jean had now spread her legs a little further apart. Well, Lemina hated to disappoint!

She lowered her face to her friend’s center and tentatively licked Jean’s outer lips. The happy gasp she received in return was all the incentive she needed to begin lapping eagerly at the entrance before her, enjoying the subtle, unique flavor.

“Ohhh,” Jean moaned, her hands resting on the curve of Lemina’s spine. “I wish…wish I could do you, too…”

Lemina took a quick break from her task to look back at Jean’s flushed face. “You can,” she replied with a mischievous smile. All that was needed was a little repositioning for Lemina to be directly over Jean, her own vagina directly above the green-haired woman’s head.

Without further ado, Lemina happily busied herself once more with Jean’s pleasure, now using her fingers to part the darker-skinned girl’s nether lips and allow Lemina’s tongue free access to her depths. As soon as the blonde had begun to dip her tongue in, however, she received a shockingly pleasurable sensation as she felt Jean do the same to her.

Oh Althena…she hadn’t been expecting it to feel THIS wonderful! Already she could not help but moan at Jean’s ministrations. So wrapped up in pleasuring Jean had she been that she hadn’t realized just how aroused she herself had been. But Jean was a very quick learner, and was making Lemina feel fantastic.

It was through sheer force of will, in fact, that she managed to concentrate hard enough to continue to lick Jean. Her own pleasure, however, aided in this task, making her strokes longer, harder, faster, further exciting Jean who worked harder to further excite her which made her work harder to repeat the cycle, longer and longer until finally, with one long, last, very hard lap directly at Jean’s clitoris, Lemina knew that the woman was climaxing. Her inner walls began to contract as her body shook and trembled underneath her, a high-pitched, soft “Lemina, ohh, oh yes, Leminaaaa…” escaping her lips. Through it all, Lemina kept pleasing her, enjoying the ever so slightly sweet liquid that came with the orgasm.

Finally, as Jean calmed down after it had passed, breathing heavily, she brought her tongue back to Lemina’s folds and finished her work there. A little more licking, a few strong darts against Lemina’s clit, and Jean brought the blonde over the edge.

How Jean had managed to stay so quiet during her orgasm Lemina would never know, because the incredible pleasure that overtook her, completely eclipsing all else she sensed, was not something she could take quietly. Or even just without calling out Jean’s name very loudly and moaning just as loudly as bliss filled her, coming from the small organ that even now Jean licked savagely. It was tremendous, it was powerful, it was both long and short. And when it was over, Lemina could not fully support herself. It took a lot of effort just to turn herself around and crawl up to lie next to Jean once more, kissing her softly, loving the sensation of mixing the trace amounts of Jean’s taste on her tongue with those of her own taste on Jean’s.

They lay quietly there, looking at each other fondly, recovering from this happy thing they had just shared.

Finally, Jean spoke. “How did you know all that, Lemina? Best I could do was to try to keep up with you…”

Lemina shrugged, hand idly toying with a few strands of colorful green hair. “Reading.”

“And here I thought you were always doing research or tallying financial figures or something.”

“Hey,” Lemina replied, sniffing with an air mock-wounded pride, “I’ll have you know that’s precisely what I do! However, a lot of my research does involve personal records from my ancestor Mia and her friends, and, well, you’d be amazed at Jessica D’Alkirk’s diaries are like. Her husband’s leaves zero doubt that she made him more than content, but sheesh. To read hers, you wouldn’t even know she HAD a husband.”


“Yeah. She had a huge thing for the woman leader of the Vile Tribe back then, and I think she must have written down every single encounter she ever had with the woman. Not that she was the only one, but anyways, you ought to read more.”

“Hmm, I think I’d rather have a real-life demonstration than just read about things,” Jean replied, winking, to which both girls laughed.

“So,” Jean said after a moment, “Wonder how Ramus would take this.”

“Ramus? Who cares what Ramus thinks?”

“Well, you might if he wins that bet.”

Lemina snorted in a manner that was not very lady-like. Not that there’s really any way to snort in a manner that is. “I have no intention of losing that bet.”

“I wouldn’t think you would, but what if it happens anyways?”

Lemina shrugged, and looked up at the ceiling. “I don’t know. I guess my girlfriend would have to just step in and claim me. Win me over by chivalry and all that stuff.”

Jean seemed to consider that while Lemina waited with anxious breath, concentrating hard on the top of the room. After a minute or so, Jean finally answered, “Girlfriend, huh? Well. Beating Ramus? I think I can handle that.”

Girlfriend. Lemina had a girlfriend now. She supposed it wasn’t really any different than what they’d agreed on already, but…it was still nice to be able to say to herself that she had a girlfriend. The word did make a difference, even if it did not.

“So,” Lemina said with a grin that tried to be mischievous but ended up just genuinely happy, “Do you feel like you could be shown a little more of the benefits of historical research?”

Jean laughed softly. “Yes, I do, but I’m afraid I think we should save it for another time. We’re going to be tired enough tomorrow as it is, and we need to be alert and at our best when we get to Vane.”

Lemina pouted slightly, though she understood better than even Jean did how important it would be to be well-rested. “Alright, but I WILL hold you to that! And…Jean?”


“Could we, uh, keep this discreet? I’m not ashamed at all, or anything like that, and believe me I’d like nothing more than to let other people know, but…”

“…Ronfar is hard enough to deal with sometimes without him knowing that we’re an item,” Jean finished for her. “Yeah, I understand perfectly what you mean.”

“Great! Thanks for understanding that…big dope’s a nice guy, but he can be a mega-pain in the butt!”

Jean nodded. “So…would you like to sleep in here with me tonight?”


The girls embraced, and once Jean had turned out the light, kissed one last time for that night, and let sleep come to them. The last thought on Lemina’s mind before happy dreams of lotteries won and harvests of money trees was that it was nice to finally belong…to friends, and to one special person in particular.

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