Story: Titan's Reach (chapter 1)

Authors: darkwoofe

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Chapter 1

Title: Prologue


Sailor Pluto sighed sadly to herself as she watched the young woman grimace with the pain of another contraction. This was a part of her job that she despised more than most of the others. She could and *had* altered events to bring about battles and even wars, all to keep peace in the Moon Kingdom. But altering events to make the foolish kill each other was far different form what she was doing now. For now a child was about to be born, a child that she couldn't afford to let live. Worse still, a child who was supposed to be destined to be a Senshi, an ally against the many evils in the galaxy. A child she would be force to kill.

The current rulers of the moon world of Titan were once long, long ago before Setsuna had taken up the mantle of Senshi Pluto, the rulers of a planet called Nemesis. As with the other royal families in the solar system the first born daughter of the royal house of Nemesis was always chosen to become Senshi Nemesis, protector of her world and of the ruler of the Moon Kingdom along side her sister Senshi. But when Nemesis was without warning overcome by an age of ice the royal family gathered as many survivors as they could find and fled the frozen wasteland their home had become. As reward for their loyalty the High Queen of the Moon at that time offered the survivors of Nemesis a new world. And thus Titan, which had long stood abandoned because of the fear of Senshi Saturn, became the home of Senshi Nemesis and her people. In honor of her new home she took the name Senshi Titan and began to draw her power from this new world they had been gifted with as was only fitting, buy still kept close ties to her frozen home world as well.

And so now it was all firstborn princesses of the royal family form the Moon World of Titan who were destined to become Sailor Titan, Senshi of Chaos, Order, and Energy. But with the sudden disappearance of Chaos from the galaxy disaster had struck. It was discovered that the chaos energy that should have been so simple for Sailor Titan to control was in fact now completely random and uncontrollable. No one had known that chaos was such a vital part of everything in creation until the Sailor Titan of that era had begun to have problems controlling her power. In the end she had destroyed the planet of origin for her people, and five of her fellow Senshi while trying to defend the planet Nemesis from an out system entity intent on taken the frozen planet for its own. What had been left of the planet would later mostly become known as the asteroid belt, although a large chunk about the size of earth’s moon retained the name Nemesis. After discovering the cause of such a devastating loss of control was the extremely low levels of chaos left in the universe, it was reluctantly decided that the Senshi of Titan were too unstable to be allowed to live. It fell to the past Senshi of Pluto and now to Setsuna to assure that none of the first-born girls of the royal family lived more than a few moments after their birth.

Over time the disappearance of chaos was forgotten by nearly all, as was the legend of Sailor Titan. The only ones to remember were the High Queens of the Luna, the Senshi of Pluto, who learned of it as part of her training, and the heads of the Royal Family of Titan.

Queen Sakura looked up from her newborn the joy on her face quickly fading into dread as Sailor Pluto entered the Royal Birthing Chambers. "Setsuna" she greeted the Senshi warily.

"You know why I'm here," Setsuna told the small woman before her, and keeping her own face impassive while on the inside her own grief was becoming unbearable. She didn't like what she had to do, but it was a task that she had done far too often before and would have to continue to do for a long time to come as had all the Plutos who came before her. She *would not* let her emotions sway her from her task.

"I...I won't let you!" Sakura challenged. “I forbid this!,” she hissed at her longtime friend.

"I cannot allow that child to live. You know what will happen if she does." countered Setsuna.

Queen Sakura clutched the child desperately to her as Setsuna wearing her Pluto Face closed in. "What if there were another way?" Sakura asked, her voice filled with panic.

Pluto sighed, "We both know there is no other way. The firstborn daughter always inherits the power of Titan and that power is uncontrollable. If she were allowed to live she would cost countless lives. Believe me, if there was a viable alternative it would have my full support and undoubtedly that of the Queen as well," she told the distraught mother. Even to this day, the Luna Queens put an enormous amount of effort into finding a way to regain control of Titan’s power. Unfortunately there was little progress and if this child or any other of Titan’s first born daughters ever assumed the power of Senshi Titan, there was little doubt that the damage would be colossal.

"But that's just it!" the red haired Queen exclaimed in triumph, "What if she were no longer a girl? She wouldn't have any power and she...he'd be able to go on and live a full life!" she told Pluto.

Setsuna stopped beside the bed with a thoughtful look on her face. *It couldn't hurt to try it* she thought *If it doesn't work I can always kill the child later, and if it does I'll never have to kill Titan's Senshi again* That decided thought alone made up her mind, and with research help from some of the kingdoms top mages the baby girl was soon after changed into a baby boy and grew up to have a full and happy (if somewhat chaotic) life as did all future firstborn princess of Titan.

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