Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 9)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 9

Title: The Muffin Woman

Chapter 09: The Muffin Woman

This is the "bad part" of London. You know, the part where all the British gangster movies take place, right? The dark alleyways? The shady Londoners who have accents that no American or Irish would understand?

Anyway, Ginger Baker, dressed in a brown trench coat and t-shirt that is advertising her website[i], walks into the one of the shadiest pubs of all London--the Etticoat Pub. This badly lit pub is filled with the surliest of surliest, the trampiest of tramps, and for some odd reason they all have bad teeth. Ginger hardly ever brushes her teeth and her teeth remained straight and intact. To her, the smiles these people show would give a French dentist a hernia, a stroke, and then a heart attack. The bespectacled Ginger keeps her eyes out for anyone who dares to assault or at the very least steal her digital camera, which she bought from a street vendor whose lackey stole it from a Japanese tourist. Then she thought for a moment, that at least they aren't playing the Spice Girls[ii]. She prayed to Satan hoping that her Red will not taken a liking to that monstrosity.

She makes her way from the entrance and sits down on the stool by the bar. Ginger looks over and reads the nametag on the butch female bartender: Nancy Etticoat. She must be the owner of the bar as well as Ginger's target.

"What'll ya have?" asked Nancy.

"I'll have a Bud," said Ginger.

Nancy and two shifty men two seats away give Ginger a offensive stare.

"I mean, just give me your best British beer," corrected Ginger.

"London Pride it is," said Nancy as she serves her a mug from the tap.

Ginger drains two mugs and waits for about a minute. She signals to Nancy to come over to her.

"Nancy Etticoat?" Ginger asked.


"I need to ask you a question..." Ginger looks to her left and to her right. So far, everyone is conversing amongst themselves and have no probable cause for eavesdropping.

"Do you know the Muffin Man?" Ginger asked.

"You mean the Muffin Woman?" corrected Nancy.

"Yes, the Muffin Woman."

"Do I know the Muffin Woman?"

"That's what I'm askin'."

"Who lives in Drury Lane?"

"Yes. Can we get on with it?"

Nancy looks to her left, and then to her right for any eavesdroppers.

"Yes, I know the Muffin Woman," said Nancy. "She doesn't live on Drury Lane anymore."

"Drat," said Ginger.

Nancy leans in closer to Ginger's ear. "But I do know her present location. To whom am I revealing this information to?"

Ginger smiled arrogantly, and uttered, "Becky Wolfe."

Nancy raises an eyebrow. She straightens herself up and heads on over to serve another customer. Then she passes by Ginger.

"Meet me in the back room," Nancy uttered. She points her nose to the door with an old torn-up poster advertising the Beatles' Yellow Submarine album.

"This better not be a trick," said Ginger.

"There would be no way we can trick Olde Wolfe Ears and get away with it."

"Fine then."

Ginger discreetly heads over to the backroom. With her gone, Nancy motions to the two shifty men, which are her thugs, to follow her inside. After they do so, Nancy then finishes wiping the last of her beer mugs and immediately goes into the back room.
The lights flicker on. Inside the dingy back room Ginger now has a black eye and is now tied to a chair. The two men stand to her side with brass knuckles at hand. Also inside is a rickety wooden table used for illegal poker tournaments, a couple of empty bookshelves, and a life-sized stand-up of poster of Posh Spice.

"Damn that Sis!" cried Ginger. "She told me this would work!"

Nancy heads to one of the bookshelves and takes out a long rectangular case. She opens it up and procures a cutlass. With the cutlass at hand, Nancy walks over and pushes it into Ginger's crotch.

"Who the hell are you, and who sent you?" Nancy demanded.

"I'm Becky Wolfe!" cried Ginger.

"Liar! I know Becky, and she would not tolerate anyone calling her 'Olde Wolfe Ears'."


"Now answer my question you twit! Who the hell are you, and who sent you?"

"Fuck you!"

Nancy applies pressure with her sword. Ginger expels tears of fear and pain.

"All right, I'll talk!" she cried. "I'm Ginger Baker, and Sis sent me!"

"Ginger Baker? Ginger Baker as in the Gingerbread Grrl who defaced our Majesty's website?"

"Er, no! That must be another Ginger Baker! I'm Ginger Basil Baker! You're looking for Ginger Nutmeg Baker!"

Nancy uses her cutlass to open up Ginger's trench coat and read her t-shirt.

"So, how many people Ginger Bakers are there on" Nancy asked.

"Uh, two?"

"And which one of you posted the picture of our queen getting shagged by Uncle Sam?"

"You stupid cunt! That was supposed to be a pic of the queen getting fucked by a Statue of Liberty who is wearing a double dildo strap-on!"

Realizing what she had just said, Ginger shuts down her obnoxious arrogance and her mouth seals itself shut. Nancy furrows deeply with nationalistic anger and pride. She then lifts her cutlass in the air and aims its tip right at Ginger's head.

Suddenly, there is knock on the door to the bar. Nancy hesitates, and one of her thugs starts to head over to answer the door.

"Don't answer it!" she barked.

"Hello?" said a young female voice from behind the door. "Is this the bathroom?"

"Go away!"

"Are you in there? When are you going to be done?"

"Are you some kind of idiotic twit? I said go away!"

Two gun shots ring out, and two bullets strikes the doorknob. With one swift kick, Red bursts through the door dressed in her usual crimson riding hood and an amusing t-shirt that reads "I'm an Angel and I shagged your Queen!"

"I guess this isn't the bathroom," said Red.

Ginger hops her chair up and down so she can turn towards her sometimes-dimwitted gun-totting pyromaniacal savior.

"Red!" she screamed. "Get me out of here!"

"Get her!" barked Nancy.

Thug number one dives in with a punch. Red catches his arm and flips him over, thus sending him crashing to one of the broken stools that sat next to the door. Thug number two pulls out his knife and dashes towards her. Red immediately disarms him and knees him deep into his stomach. He goes down and starts wailing like a little boy.

"Gee, I'm really sorry mister," Red said.

Nancy moves behind Ginger and holds the blade of her cutlass to her throat. Sensing the danger being applied to her friend, Red immediately pulls out her handgun and aims it directly at Nancy's head.

"Don't you move little one," threatened Nancy, "or this girl gets it!"

"For the love of God, Red, don't shoot!" cried Ginger.

"Put a sock in it!"

Red and Nancy are at a standstill, and Ginger's life hangs by their hands. Then suddenly, Becky swaggers in with a bottle of whiskey in her possession.

"Red-chan, did you find the bathroom yet?" Becky slurred.

"You..." gasped Nancy.

The wolf ears on the top of her head; the numerous ring piercings on her face; the long black leather trench coat. It is her all right; the fabled assassin-mercenary. What does she want with Nancy?

"Don't you move Wolfe Ears!" cried Nancy.

Becky pulls her sheathed Shinseiki sword out of her belt and shoots the scabbard off the blade. The scabbard strikes Nancy's eye. She falls back along with the tied-up Ginger, and the cutlass barely misses her face as it falls down to the ground.

Nancy crawls backward clutching her right eye, which is now black and bruised. Becky gives Red her whiskey bottle for consuming, and then heads over to check on Nancy.

"Sorry about that Nancy," said Becky. "I sure hope Ginger didn't give you any trouble."

"You sent me here to die you alcoholic bitch!" cursed Ginger.

"We sent you because you will arouse the least suspicion."

"Oh, sure. We're three Americans and one Pakistani who also happen to be the greatest criminal minds in the underworld. And of the four of us, I happen to be the least suspicious!"

Becky helps Nancy to her feet while Red helps the two surprisingly cordial thugs to their feet. The thugs leave room, while Becky, Red, and Nancy gather around the table and sit on the other three chairs. They unintentionally leave Ginger on the floor and still tied to the chair.

"It's been a while," said Nancy. "So what brings you back to London, Becky?"

"You know what I'm lookin' for," replied Becky.

"The Muffin Woman..."

"The one who lives on Drury Lane."

"Kitty doesn't live there any more."

"When is the last time you came contact with her?"

"Ever since you came here and killed Polly Flinders."

"Who is Polly Flinders?" Red asked.

"She along with Kitty, Robin, and I were part of the most notorious and deadliest lesbian mafia in all of London. She died when she visited the chiropodist."

"What's a chiropodist?"

"A foot doctor," said Becky. "When I was trying to kill her at the chiropodist's office, I accidentally set her toes on fire and she fell three stories to her death."

"That was an interesting way to die."

"Anyway," continued Nancy, "I don't know where Kitty is currently residing, but my men have reported her being seen in the park on Tuffet Street. Do you know where that is?"
"Not quite," said Becky.

Nancy explained in detail on how to get to the park on Tuffet Street. Unfortunately, Becky is slightly drunk to remember, and Red her self is not good at remembering things. Ginger, still pissed at the fact that her friends forgot that she is still tied to the chair on the floor, remembered word for word but have no idea what the points of reference look like.

"You got it?" Nancy said.

"I think so," replied Becky as she scratches her wolf ears.

"Kitty will usually sit under a tree on a small grassy mound at exactly twelve o'clock in the afternoon."

"Thanks, Nan. Sorry about what I did to you."

"It is all right. I cannot thank you enough for saving us from Polly."

"Right then--let's go Red!"

"Okay!" cried Red.

Becky and Red leap from their chairs and head back to the bar.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Nancy said.

Becky and Red stop. They slowly turn around and realize that Ginger is still tied up. She looks very pissed.

After being untied, Ginger leaves the pub along with Red, who is walking off with a large pack of peanuts, and Becky who is sneaking away with ten bottles of alcoholic beverages under coat. Waiting for them outside on the street is Mira who is minding both the blue Volkswagen Beetle and HLS, who is on a leash.

Before then, HLS had shagged every female dog that came. Sometimes she used her double dildo strap-on, and at other times she didn't. In an incompressible English dialect, those dog owners began screaming at Mira and telling her stop HLS from fucking their dogs. Mira played dumb and pretended that she didn't understand English by responding to them in her native Pakistani language, Urdu. A couple of the London dog owners tried to strike Mira, but she quickly knocked them and their dogs out with her tranquilizer pistol and piles their sleeping bodies into the nearest dark alleyway. In anticipation for Ginger's future actions, Mira steals their wallets and gives the dog owners and their dogs two swift kicks to the gut.

When Ginger approached the car, Mira surprises her with the wallets she had stolen. Without thanking her, Ginger snatches the loot from Mira's hands and jumps into their car and immediately counts the British pounds. Mira sighs, for she had failed winning Ginger's approval once more.

Everyone piles into the New Beetle. Just as the doors close, Ginger notices something odd about the vehicle's ride height. Suddenly, Becky pulls out her the stolen alcoholic bottles and shoves it all down to Ginger's lap, who is sitting in the back seat.

"I admire your kleptomania, Sis," Ginger started, "but couldn't you have stolen the cash register instead?"

"It wouldn't fit with the three kegs in the trunk," said Becky.


Suddenly, Nancy and her two thugs burst out of the pub in anger.

"Give me back my beer you bitch!" Nancy screamed.

Becky floors it and drives far and away from the "bad part" of London. Somehow, she had stolen and/or drank all the beer in Etticoat Pub.

"So she still owes you?" Ginger asked Becky.

"Owes me what?" said Becky. "I saw the kegs sitting there so I couldn't resist."

"Are you telling me that you sent me to death just so you could get your fat ass drunk with these kegs?"

Becky shoots her right palm right towards Ginger's face.

"See this?" said Becky. "This is a hand. It goes where your butt is. It slaps your butt. This is your last warning, Gingerbrat. Call me fat ass again and I will..."

"Fat ass," Ginger uttered.

Becky screeches the Beetle into a halt, thus causing a major traffic slowdown. She pulls Ginger out of the car and starts spanking her in front of many Londoners and tourists. Thinking that it was some kind of performance art, they all took pictures. None of them noticed Mira enjoying the sight of Ginger's exposed butt being slapped by putting both her hands into her soaking crotch, nor did anyone notice HLS shagging two female dogs with her double dildo strap-on.

The spectacle is over. The girls get back in the car. In the back seat, Mira tries to comfort the Ginger using cold beer cans to ease the pain on her black eye and her butt. Mira even suggested using her hands as a cushion for Ginger's butt, but Ginger was too busy jumping up and down on the seat while cursing relentlessly to Becky without using the words "fat" and "ass" together.

Becky drives the car into the "slightly nicer part" of London where Nancy had mentioned where Tuffet Street is located. She ends up at the roundabout trying to remember where she has to go next.

The minutes pass. Becky is still on the roundabout trying to remember. Red, Ginger, Mira, and HLS are getting bored. Ginger especially--because she wants to smash things or piss people off just to relieve the day's stress. Then she gets an idea.

"I have an idea!" she exclaimed. "Let's do a mooning contest!"

"I'll start first," said Red. "Mooooooooo..."

"I said a mooning contest, not a mooing contest. What we do is pull our pants down and flash our butts to anybody we see. The one who shocks the most people wins."

"I didn't bring my taser."

"Just play the game, dumbface. Anyway,"--Ginger turns to Mira--"how about you Mira?"

"I'll pass," she said.

"Then how about you keep score?"

"Okay then."

The game thus starts. Ginger and Red starts to moon many people, from married mothers, single mothers, babies, horny teenagers, Asian tourists, Muslims, priests, and probably one of the members of the Royal Family. Somebody had called the constables on them. The constables arrive only to stare in bewilderment as two near-adult girls flash their buttocks at them. As usual, pictures were taken, but not of good quality because the photographers were not using the right film or did not set the proper shutter speed.

Ginger and Red weren't too concerned about their score as they laughed and enjoyed the fact that they are messing with peoples' minds. That is fortunate because Mira, did not keep score. Instead, the soaking-crotch Pakistani woman took the opportunity to catch sight of Ginger's vagina. The first time, she missed it. The second, she missed again. Mira shoves HLS to the other end of the car and leans closer and under Ginger so she can see in its perfect beauty something she has been seeking ever since she laid eyes on the rude and outspoken brat.

Becky sees a fence surrounding small mounds of rolling grass dotted by a good mount of trees. Then she looks up at the street sign and realizes that she had went past Tuffet Street on the roundabout and the park for a good minutes. Showing complete disregard to all British traffic laws, Becky spins her car around and swerves between the cars so she can get on Tuffet Street.

The sudden movements sends Red and Ginger tumbling from their "moon" mission. Red bounces off Becky and then falls back into the front passenger seat. Meanwhile Ginger dives forward and slams her head into HLS, who then whelps in pain. Without realizing it, Ginger lands on top of Mira, who was already under her trying to get a good look of her vagina. Mira's nose is driven deep into Ginger's vaginal opening. It did not come in contact with the clitoris, so Ginger did not ejaculate or become aroused. For Mira, her goal has been attained though she cannot see anything at the moment. Unfortunately, she could not savor the moment for she is suffocating for being smothered with womanly goodness.

"We're here," Becky announced as she parks the car by the park. She turns around and sees Red with her pants down, HLS pinned to the side by Ginger's head, and what seems to be Mira giving Ginger oral sex. Becky scratches her right wolf ear in bewilderment and wonders why she didn't notice that there was action going on to the side of her and in the back seat.

Struggling to breathe, Mira grabs a good portion of Ginger's right buttock. Ginger's ass became ultra-sensitive after being spanked so many times, and the grip sends out a sharp, painful sensation that made her scream out:

"Oh, fuck! My butt!"

The pain causes Ginger to leap off the seat, thus releasing HLS and freeing Mira's nostrils and mouth so she can breathe the free air. Then suddenly, Ginger's knees lands right on Mira's face and causes her nose bleed. Ginger clambers out of the car, pops open the trunk, and pours beer out of one of the kegs in order to soothe the pain her butt. Seeing this, Becky becomes distraught over the sight of beer being wasted as an ointment. So once again, Becky spanks Ginger on the bare butt painfully. Just like last time, spectators are watching, pictures are taken, and HLS shags two more female dogs. However, Mira could not see the spectacle because she is unconscious and her nose is bleeding.

Afterwards, Ginger sits on a cold bottle of beer on the sidewalk in order to alleviate the swelling. Red tries to fan Mira back to consciousness. With them in check, Becky along with HLS enter the park where it is filled happy children pushing each other off the jungle gyms, swings, slides, and hobby horses. Further into the park the kids are giving each other wedgies and wailing out loud to their stressed-out parents because they aren't allowed to have a second helping of ice cream or because their bratty sibling called them doo-doo head.

In the very same locale, there are single men trying to hit on young mothers, and older women hitting on unsuspecting and maturing boys or young men. Becky also sees four sets of couples making out on the benches. One of them is straight, one of them are lesbian, one of them are gay males, and they other she is not quite sure of. The couple she could not determine their genders let alone their sexuality are later seen having sex behind a tree, in a tree, and behind the bushes. What scares Becky is the complete mystery behind their gender identity.

HLS on the other hand spots two canine couples having sex out in the open in front of their owners. She snorts and turns her nose away from such sights because all four of them are straight.

After passing by a soccer game that soon erupted into fisticuffs, Becky sees a clearing. In that clearing is small green hill with a tall tree on top of it. Sitting on that green hill is a woman who is eating something from a plastic bowl. Becky approaches her from behind.

"You came," said the woman.

Becky looks down and sees that the woman in her late thirties is eating curds and whey.

"Sit down darling," said Kitty Muffet.

"I can't believe you still eat that stuff," exclaimed Becky.

"I have to watch my figure."

"What are you talking about? You're skinnier than the last time I saw you."

"What I meant I have to watch my tongue's figure."

"Oh. Oh, now I see. I almost completely forgot."

Becky sits down next to Kitty Muffet.

"So you know why I am here," said Becky.

"That is correct," said Kitty. "The underworld is stirring with many rumors. Soon enough the rumors will become fact. And that fact will bring chaos to this little planet."

"The glass slipper..."

Something stirs in the tree above them.

"Those who find the fragments will be rewarded greatly," continued Kitty, "and there has been hot competition lately. Becky you have to watch your back."

A thin, shaven man dressed in a skin-tight leather sneak suit slides quietly down a nylon rope that hangs from the strongest branch. Closer and closer he approaches Becky and Kitty. As he does so, he pulls out his knife and gets ready to strike.

"Oh look," said Kitty, "your dog is doing two dogs at once."

Becky turns her head and spots HLS shagging two female Labradors. Suddenly, she catches the sparkling glint of a knife at the back of her eye. Becky tumbles forward. She unsheathes her sword and in one slash kills the dangling marauder. The cut was so fast and brutal that blood sprayed out from his fresh wound and landed on the grass, the tree, and Kitty's bowl of curds and whey. Dead, the man drops his knife. His limbs dangle downwards, and he slowly swings from rope on the branch like a hanged man.

"Great," said Kitty. "You ruined my lunch." Kitty tosses her bowl and spoon onto the grass.

"Who is this guy?" Becky asked.

"Mister Spider. He's one of Robin's men. I could not move from this spot because I have no weapons on me to take him down. Your coming was sheer providence."

"Robin? I thought she was still in prison."

"Not anymore. Come, let us get out of here!"

Becky whistles, and HLS pulls its dildos out of the Labradors and creates a thread of white milky female dog ejaculate from their vaginas for about a second. HLS follows the running Becky and Kitty as they run and jump over dogs, toys, bushes, children, and a threesome in progress. At the sidewalk by the street, they find Ginger, Red, and Mira idling away by the blue Beetle.

"Get in the car!" Becky yelled.

The girls, their dog, and Kitty jump inside the car. Kitty was the last person to dive in, and she lands straight across Mira and Ginger's laps in the back seat. As Becky starts the car, Kitty sniffs the air and smiles.

"Darling, this car smells like a vagina juice," noted Kitty.

"That's because your nose is on my vagina," said Ginger.

Mira's jealously flares up and then she pulls Kitty off of Ginger and seats her in the middle. Of course, the vagina smell is actually emanating from Mira's wet panties.
With some fancy driving, Becky pulls out from the curb and immediately slams head on to another Volkswagen Beetle on oncoming traffic. Apparently, she forgot that people drive on the left side in London.

"All those in favor of Sis's sobering up say 'I'," Ginger said.

"I," said Kitty, and Mira. Ginger's vote is automatically counter because she suggested the poll. Red and Becky couldn't vote because their heads are buried in the rapid deployment airbags. Even though HLS said "bark", the girls in the back seat took it as another "I" vote.

Becky and Red collapse out of the car after being smothered by the airbags. An angry young male Londoner gets out of the Beetle Becky crashed into and starts yelling obscenities at her.

"Miraaaaa..." slurred Becky.

Mira sedates the young man with her tranquilizer pistol and drags him away from Becky. Ginger jumps out to kick him and steal his wallet.

"I know of a place we can stay in," said Kitty. "Hurry before the police arrives!"

Everyone climbs out of the car and disappear into a dark alleyway. After dodging the sights of the police and observant tourists, Becky and girls make to the back alleyways of the "not quite shady part" of London. Kitty leads them to the back door of a brick building and gives it a sequence of rhythmic knocks. The eyehole slides open, and peering out the door are the beautiful eyes of a woman.

"What's the password?" asked the female bouncer.

"Little Miss Muffet, sat on a Tuffet," Kitty replied.

"Eating her curds and whey..."

The door flies open. It turns out that the female bouncer is nothing more than a fifteen-year old girl dressed in a tight tuxedo and a red bowtie.

"Miss Muffet!" cried the young bouncer as she runs and hugs her.

"Paula darling!" cried Kitty.

"It's been a long time!"

"My have you grown!"

"Are these your new friends?"

"Let's just say they're my hired guns."

"I see. Please, come inside all of you!"

"Hired guns, huh?" grumbled Ginger.

Paula Parrot leads Kitty, Becky, and the rest of the girls down the dark hallway passing two dressing rooms and many beautiful women who are either scantily-clad or dressed provocatively in showgirl outfits. Finally she leads them out of the backstage and into the main hall of a smoky and noisy burlesque house. The place is packed, and there are numerous showgirls and waitresses flirting with the men and women (and vice versa). But upon closer inspection, Becky and her girls realize that the most of the men were actually butch women.

There is a comedic act currently going on the stage involving two lesbians (who are not going out with each other) with the stage names of Girly and Winter. Usually, Girly would start the act off with a funny adult joke, then she hands it over to Winter to answer. Before Winter could even answer, Girly would take a giant inflatable dildo and whack Winter's head. Winter in turn would hit Girly back with a giant inflatable vibrator, and then act would degenerate into a sword fight using two rubbery air-filled phallic props.

"What is this place?" asked Mira.

"You're in the Sapphic Cabaret," answered Kitty. "A place for lesbians and female bisexuals for all of London. I heavily invested in this place when I was part of the Lesbian Mafia. That Polly almost did something terrible to the women here..."

"What did she do?"

"When Polly turned straight, she wanted to cater this place to men and rename it the 'Phallic Cabaret'. Luckily, we hired Becky to do her in before she put these women to shame."

"Hey, it's the Muffin Woman!" screamed a Scottish teenage girl.

All of a sudden, all the girls and women in the cabaret swarmed Kitty Muffet. They become overjoyed and moved to tears by her surprise appearance. Then the situation becomes weirder when they all start dropping their pants and panties before her.

"Please Miss Muffet," cried a girl, "do me!"

"Do me!" said another.

"Okay, okay," said Kitty. "I promise to do each of you one at a time."

Mira, Ginger, Red, and HLS have been pushed far back and away from Kitty. Then they realize that Becky is missing.

"Where's Sis?" Ginger asked.

"She didn't get trampled, did she?" wondered Mira.

Red points, and the girls spot Becky drinking away at the bar. She has already finished ten whiskey bottles and ten mugs of beer.

With a lot of effort, Mira, Ginger, and Red part Becky from her beer and haul her upstairs to the one of the luxury suites designed for and by Kitty Muffet for private erotic female-to-female sessions such as lap-dances and outright sex. Inside, the suite has one large king-sized bed to which the girls drop Becky on.

"Is there anything you girls need?" Paula asked. She was the one who showed the girls to the suite.

"A keg!" cried the drunk Becky.

"Four bottles of mineral water--got it."

After Paula left, the girls take off Becky's trench coat and haul her into the bathtub in the adjacent bathroom. They fill up the tub and left Becky's head soaking in the water.

Back in the suite, Mira tries to rest on the king-sized bed while Red and HLS jumps up and down on the other side. Ginger busies herself by counting all the money that is found in all the wallets that was stolen. Then she pockets all the credit cards and decides to blow it all before she and her crew leaves London.

"I'm going downstairs," she announced.

Hearing this, Mira leaps off the bed and eagerly runs to Ginger's side.

"Do you want me to come with you?" said Mira. "I mean, there are a lot of tribades there, and I could fend them off by pretending that I'm your girlfriend or wife."

"I'll just tell them I'm a celibate New Age junkie." Ginger walks away.

Celibate? The word nearly gave Mira a heart attack. She quickly catches up to Ginger and follows her like a lost little girl.

"You're not serious about that, are you?" Mira asked Ginger. "I mean, you do want to have sex with someone someday, right?"

"Why should I?" retorted Ginger.

"Because, you know, people have these urges..."

"As of right now, I have no urge to screw anyone--except when it comes milking dough off them and pissing them off."

Mira's heart sank. "This cannot be," she said.

When the two of them reached the first floor, the suddenly stop dead on their tracks. The entire cabaret is dead silent, save for a couple of men dragging their unconscious and bi-curious wives and girlfriends out of the building. All over the place, all the girls and women lay unconscious with a sexually satisfied smile on their faces as well as their pants and panties down.

Mira and Ginger turn and find Paula rising from the tables in a zombie-like state.

"Paula?" said Mira.

Paula takes a couple of steps towards Mira and Ginger. She then smiles, and falls face forward on the ground. She too is pants-less and panty-less.

"What is going on here?" Mira asked. When she turned her head, Ginger was already busy raiding the women's wallets, purses, and jewelry. Though they were gay or bi, Ginger decided not to move the women's hands into each other's private places.

Rising from the table where Paula came from is Kitty. She wipes a milky-white thread of saliva off her mouth and stares dead on to Mira.

"What did you do to them?" Mira asked.

Kitty shrugs her shoulders. "Gave them the usual. These darlings are so demanding, and now my tongue is parched."

Kitty pulls up an empty chair to the table and pats it down so Mira could sit there. Mira obediently sits down while Kitty heads over to the bar to grab two bottles of mineral water.

"Don't worry about them," said Kitty as she sat with Mira. "They're only out for a couple of hours or so."

"What did you use?" Mira asked. "Did you use an perfume agent? Do you knock them out through poison applied to your fingernails?"

"I only used my tongue."


"I am an expert practitioner of Holistic Cunnilingus, and my skills are passed down from mother to daughter through many generations of Gypsy families."

"Holistic Cunnilingus?"

"A woman's clitoris has about 5000 nerves. By stimulating the clitoris in a certain way, a practitioner can alleviate and at many times cure the female patient of stress, diseases, cancers, and psychological disorders. It also has an added effect of giving the patient a time of her life as well as extending her life. However, the side effect is that the woman falls into a state of blissful unconsciousness for many hours or so depending on how the practitioner stimulates her clitoris."

"So why does it have to done with the tongue of another woman?"

"Only a woman will know how to properly do it once they experienced it themselves. A man cannot do it, and he will only make the female patient sick or at the very worst turn her off. Also, using a tongue provides the invigorating wet softness that a finger, a penis, or even a dildo or vibrator cannot provide. My special ability allowed me to climb into the top ranks of the Lesbian Mafia."

"Let me get this straight," Ginger interrupted (she had just finished stealing everyone's money and credit cards), "you mean to tell me that you can knock women out by sucking their pussies?"

"As you Americans put it, yes of course."

"I don't usually say this to other people, but that is so cool! Is it possible that you can kill someone through muff diving?"


"Can you do it?"

"Well, I tried to once, but I got knifed in the head by the person I was trying to kill. She escaped, and I was sent into a coma. It took me a year to recover."

"Actually, I take it back. Killing someone through pussy-sucking is stupid."

"But if you do it right, the target will be immobilized and she won't have chance to strike back. In actuality however, I hesitated in killing her. And so she got the better of me."


"It's because..."

"You loved her, didn't you?" Mira said.

"Anyway, we should probably go check on Becky."

"Wait a minute," Ginger interrupted, "I want you to do that Holistic Cunnilingus thing on Mira."
Mira's heart jumps. Did Ginger realize Mira had a crush on her? Does she want to kill her just because of that?

"Didn't you call my special ability stupid?" asked Kitty.

"Yeah, but I really want to see how it is done--on Mira."

"Eep!" cried Mira.

"Okay then," said Kitty. "Mira, please pull down your pants."

"Wait a minute! You're not going to try that technique you two discussed about on me, are you?"

"Don't worry. I'm not going to kill you. I'll relieve you of your tensions and frequent nose bleeds."

"Just as Kitty says," said Ginger, "you'll have a blast."

To Mira, Ginger seems to be eager seeing her getting pleasure from another woman. Is Ginger doing this to spite her? Or does she want to get off at Mira moaning in pleasure?

Kitty leads the nervous Mira to one of the lounge couches. Kitty pulls Mira's pants and panties down and off her legs and immediately bends her head into Mira's crotch. The tip of her contact slightly brushes the tip of the clitoris. Mira's waist buckles a bit, but she soon relaxes and allows Kitty to do her magic while Ginger watches with excited curiosity.

Soon enough, the pleasure reaches Mira's mind and she starts moaning with passion. As Kitty holds on to Mira's legs as she strokes the little vaginal bud with tight precision. Mira's body began to shake and quiver with enough force that it nearly rocks the couch. She grips the leather upholstery with unbridled ferocity as she goes deeper and deeper into ecstasy. The act of Kitty giving Mira her special treatment disappeared from Mira's mind, for which she thinks about her one and only true love.

At the final orgasm, Mira screams out loud, "Oh Ginger!"

Ginger's eyebrow rose at the loud utterance of her name.

With a smile across her face, Mira falls silent and unconscious. Kitty rises from Mira's crotch and wipes the female ejaculate off her face. Kitty has always been known to make any woman cum, so this is quite normal for her.

"Whoa," said Ginger. "I take it back. That was kinda cool."

"Shall I do you then darling?" asked Kitty.

"I'll pass. Say, let's do Sis!"

"Great idea."

After Ginger steals Mira's wallet, she and Kitty run upstairs just in time when Becky pulls her head out of the overflowing bathtub.

"What the?" she said to herself.

Becky lumbers back to her feet and walks into the suite to where Red and HLS are still jumping up and down on the bed. Judging by the noise they made, she thought two hot girls were having sex while she was sobering up.

"Okay," slurred Becky. "Who left the bathtub water running?"

Ginger and Kitty finally made it to the suite.

"Yo Sis!" Ginger cried out.

"What?" Becky responded.

"Looks like she's still drunk."


With Becky distracted, Ginger runs and immediately pulls her pants and panties down.

"Now!" Ginger cried.

Kitty lunges in and her mouth come in contact with Becky's clitoris. Becky is immediately immobilized in pleasure. She staggers backward and falls onto the bed. As Kitty orally stimulates her, Red and HLS stop jumping and watch the entire process of Holistic Cunnilingus with gaping awe. With her revenge fulfilled, Ginger laughs and gloats at Becky's downfall.

Later, Becky falls unconscious with a smile on her face. Ginger had stopped laughing minutes ago and feels dissatisfied at her "act of vengeance". Becky is down, but she isn't pissed.

"Damnit!" cursed Ginger. "Can't you do anything to make her frown?"

"My abilities only stimulate pleasure," said Kitty, "whether it is for good or otherwise."

"One time," Red started, "HL-Snagglepuss gave cunnilingus to a female bulldog wearing a cute pink ribbon for ten minutes or so."

Annoyed, Ginger glares at Red for saying that.

"Do her," Ginger commanded.

Kitty pounces Red onto the bed, pulls her pants and panties and down and gave her oral sex. Ginger sits on the nearest chair watching boredom. HLS also watched, but with great interest.

Since everyone is going to be out in an hour or so, Ginger and Kitty decide to stay in the suite and start playing poker using a sexually provocative "Lesbian Deck". Kitty gladly accepted Ginger's challenged to use money and whatever item they can use as barter, such as the clothes on their back. Little did Ginger know that Kitty is an ace poker player. Thus, she loses all the stolen loot, her glasses, and all her clothes to the practitioner of Holistic Cunnilingus.

"You don't suppose you have a brother that does Holistic Fellatio," Ginger said.

"Of course not," replied Kitty.

"Can you do Holistic Fellatio?"

"I do not fancy men, darling."

"Do you have a cousin that does Holistic Analingus?"

"No. Why do you keep asking?"

"Just 'cause."

"Oh, by the way--Full House."

"Damnit!" Ginger only has two queens.

"It looks I win again; but I already have your underwear."

"Fine," yawned Ginger. "You can do me as well. Just don't wake me up."

Ginger slumps forwards and dozes off in the nude on the table. Kitty sighs and decides not to do Ginger because it is against her code to give oral sex to sleeping women. She cleans up the table and heads downstairs to clean up as much as possible. Along the way, she hauls Mira back upstairs and puts her next to the unconscious and panty-less Red and Becky.

Eventually, all the women downstairs in the main hall wake up. Some of them remembered what happened to them, and some did not. Most of them became shocked at the fact that their pants and panties are missing for some odd reason.

Back in the suite, the panty-less Mira wakes up and her eye is caught by the sight of a beautifully nude Ginger sleeping on the table without her glasses. She leaps off the bed and sneaks over to Ginger in order to get a better glimpse of her body. As if it had a mind of its own, Mira's hand draws closer and closer to Ginger's right breast.

Mira snatches her hand back and shakes her head. No! It cannot be this way! She thought to herself. Then she smiled gleefully at the thought of finally touching Ginger. But I suppose one grope would not hurt.

Mira lustfully draws closer until:

"Don't touch my stuff!" Ginger cried.

She wakes up and throws her arms out. Ginger inadvertently strikes Mira in the face and causes her nose to bleed once again. Mira is knocked backward and falls to the floor and into a daze.

Ginger rubs her eyes and realizes that it was a bad dream that involved the IRS taking her money and the FBI confiscating her computers. She looks around and touches her body.

"Where's my stuff?" she asked herself.

Finally Red and Becky wake up. Red leaps off the bed and walks with HLS to the bathroom. Becky looks around and sees a naked Ginger searching through their duffle bags and Mira lying unconscious on the floor. Becky looks down below her waist and then says:

"Where's my pants?"

Everyone that Kitty gave oral to then put their panties and pants back on.

In the next couple of hours, Becky and the girls spent their time relaxing and having fun at the Sapphic Cabaret. Becky herself was allowed to drink again, but only in small amounts. With a generous heart, Kitty rented the clothes she had won from Ginger back to her. Ginger then went with Red and HLS to the alleyway through the back entrance to smash discarded light bulbs and beer bottles with steel bars. Mira hung out in the bar with Becky and Kitty. She then noticed that there were three Middle-Eastern women conversing with the bartender. She trots over to them and greets them in Arabic.

The three Middle-Eastern women introduced themselves as part of the OMAL, the Organization of Muslim and Arabic Lesbians[iii]. It is another fringe group like the OMAHM (Organization of Muslim and Arabic Homosexual Males) that is able to escape close scrutiny by their nation's theocratically inclined governments. Overjoyed to hear this, Mira chugs down a large mug of non-alcoholic beer and cried out:

"Yes! Thank Allah! I'm not alone!"

"So, um, do you want to go out with me?" asked Zara, a lesbian from Turkey. She is with her two Muslim friends who happen to be married and visiting London from Sacramento, California.

"I'm flattered, but you see, there is someone that I like."

"Is she a Christian?" asked Lama, wife of Huma.

"I hope she's not Jewish," remarked Huma. "Or at the very least not an Israelite."

"I'm not sure if she believes in God," said Mira. "Plus, she's American--from New Jersey."

Lama and Huma nod their heads, for they know what people from New Jersey are like.

"I see," said Zara. "Well then I wish you luck winning her over to you. Oh, and could you get her to join our organization? There is only ten--I mean, eleven of us right now, and we're traveling around the world to recruit new members."

"She's not a real people person..."

"Oh, please get her to join," begged Lama and Huma.

"I'll try."

The Sapphic Cabaret is situated in an unassuming four-story building in an unassuming neighborhood. There is no sign advertising its presence except for the Japanese kanji characters "shoujo" and "ai", which means "girl love", hanging from a sign above the unassuming front entrance. Three bouncers are guarding the front door; two of which are male, and the other, Paula Parrot, who happens to be a female bisexual. One of the men happily converses with Paula until suddenly two dark sedans and a short man on a motorbike pulls up.

From the first sedan comes an amiable-looking London woman in her late thirties dressed in a dark pleather jacket and a red blouse that is tightened to accentuate her cleavage. She is Robin Redbreast.

From the second sedan comes a tall handsome dressed in an expensive suit. He wears no tie, and his white shirt is untucked and opened up near the neck. He does a quick skip on the ground, and his hard boots shoes somewhat nosily. That man is Bobby Shafttoe. He was once a well-respected ballet dancer and kick boxer until he accidentally killed his partner during ballet rehearsal, so he claims.

Leaping from the fast motorbike is a short man of about four feet and nine inches tall. After taking off his helmet, it turns out that he is not at handsome as his co-worker Bobby, but he is still a ladies man and quick on his feet. The short mouse-like man is Tommy Tittlemouse. Tommy was once a popular thoroughbred jockey who was shamed because he and his trainer illegally doped their horse.

Coming out of the two sedans are eight shady young men dressed in schoolboy uniforms, sailor hats, and purple codpieces. They are part Robin's gang, the Clockwork Purples. They are all equipped with black canes and other walking sticks.

The male bouncers tell Paula to go inside and warn the Kitty and others. As she does so, the two men straighten their ties up and block Robin and her gang.

"Do you have an invitation?" they asked her.

Robin snaps her fingers, and in two blindingly fast moves Bobby obediently kicks the bouncers in the crotch. The bouncers clutch their blood-spurting crotches and collapse to their deaths.

Robin smiled and leads her gang into the Sapphic Cabaret.

Back inside, Paula talks to the all of the waitresses and female bouncers about Robin's arrival. The message is immediately relayed to Curly Locks, the elderly but still charming matron of the Cabaret. She interrupts an act performed the Shadow Girls and takes the microphone.

"May I have your attention please," cried Curly. "I am sorry to say this, but due to unfortunate circumstances we will be closing the Cabaret early today. Since the there is a problem with the front entrance, please use the side and rear exits. Our bouncers and waitresses will show you out."

"She's here," Kitty said to Becky.

Becky puts her hand on the handle of her sword anticipating possible attack. Mira parts with her newfound lesbian/tribade Muslim friends and joins up with Becky and Kitty.

All the patrons didn't take the closure too seriously until the front doors burst open. Out pours the Clockwork Purples using their canes to beat up anyone who stood in their way. As they scare the patrons away, Robin, Bobby, and Tommy walked with arrogance into the main hall. Robin's eagle eyes spot Kitty, and Kitty catches a glimpse of her sight. Before Kitty could run away, Robin pulls out her crossbow and shoots an arrow. The arrow lands and stops Kitty at her tracks. Becky leaps off her stool and draws out her Shinseiki while Mira draws out her tranquilize pistol.

Robin loads up another arrow and aims it at Becky's head.

"Don't any of you move!" she yelled.

"Robin Redbreast!" cried Kitty.

"Little Miss Muffet, who sat on a tuffet, and who used to live in Drury Lane. It looks like you have hired guns as well. But I never expected that you'd hire Little Wolfe Ears again."

"I take it you're after the glass slipper fragment as well."

"Of course not. I'm just after the reward. No get her!"

In one loud battle cry, all eight of the Clockwork Purples swarm in to fight against Becky. It a flash of zig-zag strokes, Becky kills all eight and immediately dashes into Robin.

Bobby Shafttoe suddenly appears right in front of her and deflects her blade with a high kick. Sparks fly, and it seems that his shoes are made of metal.

"What the?" gasped Becky.

"Becky, that's Bobby Shafttoe!" screamed Kitty. "One kick from him and you're a goner!"

"Oh great."

Bobby attacks Becky with a flurry spin kicks, high kicks, jump kicks, and standing kicks. Becky defends herself with her sword, and each time his shoe comes in contact sparks fly. His kicks are so deadly that every object such as wood, glass, concrete, and sometimes metal gets smashed and pulverized.

"Mira!" screamed Becky as she clashes her blade against Bobby's foot. "Get Kitty out of here!"

"What about you?" Mira yelled back.

"I'll catch up!"

"You're not getting away!" screamed Robin.

Robin fires a flurry of arrows at the escaping Mira and Kitty. Mira counterattacked by firing tranquilizer darts. They finally escape through the back stage halls from where they entered.

Becky continues her duel against Bobby Shafttoe. After dodging his last kick, Becky slips and lands on the wooden floor by the bar. Bobby leaps from a chair and tries to dive-kick onto Becky's head. Becky rolls to dodge and then thrusts her sword to his crotch. Bobby's pants ripped to expose a purple metal codpiece.

"Oh, crap," she said.

Bobby leaps and tries to smash Becky's head again. Becky throws her sword out of the way and catches Bobby's attacking leg. Bobby tries to switch to another foot, but Becky anticipates and catches it. Becky thwarts all attempts made by Bobby, and ends up directly under him. With all her might, Becky pushes herself back to her feet and uses Bobby's legs to push him to the floor. Bobby tries to wrestle away from Becky's grip on his legs. Becky takes her foot and starts pounding hard onto Bobby's metal codpiece. Soon enough, Bobby's resistance is waning as the damaged metal from his groin protection starts to cut into his penis and testicles. Becky pounds further and further until Bobby becomes limp with pain. She drops his legs, and Bobby starts crying like a little boy. He then curls up into a ball and digs his hands into his pants in an attempt to alleviate the pain to his manhood.

Becky left him be, and then picks up her sword. He looks around the main hall and finds that Robin and Tommy Tittlemouse have already left. She immediately runs backstage and exits the Sapphic Cabaret. Outside, she finds a pumpkin-orange U.K. version of a four-door Volkswagen Golf. Red, Mira, Ginger, Kitty, and HLS were already inside the possibly stolen vehicle and waiting for Becky.

"Off all the cars you could have stolen," groans Becky, "why do you torment me with this shit?"

"Well, too bad Sis," said Ginger, who is currently at the wheel. "Now get in."

"I'm driving."

"Like hell you are! This is a British car! The steering wheel is on the--"

Becky pulls open the car door and punches Ginger. Ginger is sent tumbling to the passenger seat and lands upside down. Her butt is up in the air much to Mira's delight.

Becky floors the pedal and screeches out of the alleyway and into the streets. Almost immediately, they are hounded by two dark sedans belonging to Robin Redbreast.

"Who is this Robin Redbreast?" Mira asked.

"She's one of my former partners," said Kitty. "She was sent to prison almost a year ago for pimping."

"Why is she called Redbreast?" Red asked.

"Because she has a red breast... on the left breast. Actually, it's a reddish birthmark takes up about one-third of her left breast."

"Could someone help me back up?" whelped Ginger.

"I will," Mira said. She inadvertently touches Ginger's sensitive part of her butt, causing her to once again scream, "Oh, fuck! My butt!"

Becky's spins the steering wheel and loses the two sedans amidst the traffic.

"Did we lose them?" Mira asked.

Two bullets strike the back windshield of the pumpkin-orange Volkswagen Golf. All the girls, except for Ginger, duck down. Mira and Kitty peek from behind the back seat and sees a short man riding on fast motorbike.

"It's Tommy Tittlemouse!" gasped Kitty.

"Tommy Tittymouse?" said Red.

"He's one of the fastest and deadliest getaway assassins in this part of London! Becky darling, can you handle him?"

"Not while I'm driving," said Becky. "Red-chan?"

Red loads a magazine into her pistol. "I'm on it Grandma!" she said.

"Good. You get in the trunk with HLS and keep Tommy at bay. If there's one thing that Tommy doesn't have is the fact that we're American women!"

"What the hell do mean by that?" Ginger cried out.

"Hang on!"

Becky swerves onto the oncoming traffic lane while Red climbs into the trunk where HLS is busy keeping her balance. She opens the hatchback window and takes aim at the quick Tommy Tittlemouse.

"Did Sis merge onto oncoming traffic?" cried Ginger, who apparently could not see what is going on but can hear the honking horns of many angry drivers. "Somebody please tell me! If she is, we're gonna die!"

Red engages in a moving gunfight against Tommy while Becky swerve to avoid the incoming cars. Red fires a bullet straight into Tommy's helmet. With him distracted, Becky swerve to avoid a silver sedan. The sedan hits Tommy's motorbike sending him flying into the air.

"We got 'em!" Red cheered.

"What's going on?" Ginger cried.

Suddenly, something crashes onto the hood of their car. It is Tommy Tittlemouse, and he is still alive and determined to stop Becky. Becky tries to shake him off, but he holds on like glue. He takes his pistol and aims at Becky's head.

"Grandma!" cried Red. "Duck!"

Becky and all the girls duck as Red fires directly at the front windshield. A after a couple of shots, the windshield shatters, and a piece of the glass flies out and lodges itself onto Ginger's butt, thus causing her to shout the usual expletive.

In one shot to the head, Red kills Tommy and sends him hurtling from the car's hood and onto oncoming traffic where he then gets run over by a double-decker bus.

Becky finally swerves back to the proper driving lane.

"Yay!" cheered Red. "We did it! We did it!"

"For Ahriman's sake, what the fuck is going on?" screamed Ginger.

Suddenly two arrows strike the tires of the Golf. Becky loses control and swerves into the Tower Bridge[iv]. Another arrow strikes the engine, and then another strikes Ginger's butt, causing her to curse yet again.

The car slides into a halt. The bridge is deserted because it is being blocked off by black vans. After a dark sedan pulls up next to them, Robin walks out of the car and the van doors slide open. Out comes more Clockwork Purples wielding various blunt objects such as bats, machetes, chains, and wood planks with a nail on it.

"Get them!" yelled Robin.

In one great big roar, the Purples swarm to the downed Golf. Becky and HLS burst out of the vehicle while Mira and Red keeps most of the thugs at bay with her guns. Using her Shinseiki, she cuts off all the Purples' codpieces clear off their crotches. Becky pulls off HLS's toy prosthetic nose from her collar and throws it to one of the unsuspecting Purples.

"Get 'em," said Becky.

HLS growls and lunges in to the Purple who had caught her toy nose. Without his precious purple and metal codpiece, HLS rips out his penis and testicles and commences to do the same to the others.

One by one the Clockwork Purple's fall through Becky's sword, Red's bullets, Mira's tranquilizer darts, and HLS's jaws. Suddenly, they realize that Kitty has disappeared from the car.

"Where's Kitty?" Becky asked.

"She must've disappeared when we were shooting!" Mira yelled.

"Ginger, you're were supposed to watch her!"

Ginger had already crawled out of the car. She is on the ground on her stomach wincing in pain.

"Gee, Sis," started Ginger, "I suppose having a glass shard and an arrow stuck on my ass enhances my focusing powers tenfold."

Becky spots Kitty running into of the bridge towers. She then slashes her way through the Clockwork Purples and follows Kitty inside.

At the tower bridge observatory, Robin had already shot Kitty in the shoulder with an arrow. Kitty lunges in and tries to wrestle Robin's crossbow out of her hands. Kitty pulls down Robin's blouse and the left breast with the reddish birthmark falls out. Robin meanwhile pulls out Kitty's small toupee that hid her scar she received from a knife Robin used to put her in a coma during their last encounter.

"I thought you were against Polly's ambitions to turn our girls into straight whores," Kitty cried "It turns out you want to cash in on her dreams by yourself!"

"Those girls should be treated like the dirty filth they are!" cried Robin. "Lesbian prostitution is not a profitable venture, and Polly knew it!"

"I was once a lesbian prostitute! What do you have to say to that?"

"With Polly killed, I would have made you an exception!"

"I cannot live with the fact that our girls will be forced to suck dicks against their own will!"

"If you were so against it, why did you hesitate when gave Holistic Cunnilingus #10 to me?"

Kitty did not answer, for it is obvious that she and Robin shared each other's bodies for so long, yet their opinions on businesses matters differed so greatly.

Kitty breaks free from Robin's grip. She takes one of her arrows out of her jacket and plunges into her right breast. Blood sprays out and Robin screams and clutches her wound. Kitty pushes her down and immediately pulls out Robin's pants and panties.

"What are you doing?" Robin cried.

"Something that I should have done a long time ago," said Kitty as she bends her head over to Robin's crotch. Kitty's tongue comes in contact with the clitoris, and Robin's lower half of her body is immobilized with utter ecstasy.

Robin resists Kitty's technique and pulls out a knife from her jacket. She hovers it above the scar on Kitty's head...

Robin hesitates. She lets go of the knife. Her entire body melts away in pleasure and grabs Kitty's head.

"Stop," Robin pleaded. "Stop. Please stop!"

"I am sorry my love," Kitty mumbled.

The treatment continues on for minutes. Robin's eyes well up with tears of ecstasy and sadness.

"Please stop, Kitty!" she pleaded.

"Robin..." Kitty's eyes were also full of tears of joy and sadness.

"Kitty... I love you!"

In one load moan, Robin came and sprayed her ejaculate onto Kitty's face. Robin's body becomes limp on the tiled floor.

Becky, HLS, and the other girls finally make it up to the top observatory.

"Whoa, she does have a red breast," noted Ginger. "Two of them to be exact."

Mira heads over to check the pulse on Robin's body. There is none.

"She's dead," she reported.

"Miss Muffet, are you okay?" Red asked.

Kitty wipes her tears and puts her toupee back on her bald spot. "I'm fine Red darling."

"We'd better get outta here before the cops come," said Becky.

And they did. Of course, they did not leave without the wallets Ginger stole from Robin and the dead Clockwork Purples.

Kitty, Becky and the rest of the gang went back to the Sapphic Cabaret to spend the rest of the day there. Becky got drunk to her heart's content, and Mira used her amateur surgery skills to patch up Kitty's wound. With great delight, Mira also patched Ginger's butt although she nearly slipped up because she was too busy gawking and drooling. In the middle of the surgery, Ginger accidentally causes Mira's nose to bleed again when she reacted to the pain of the glass shard being pulled from her ass. Afterwards, Ginger and Red assisted with the renovation of the Cabaret by smashing and destroying things that could not be fixed as well as some things that could have been salvaged. Also, HLS shagged twelve more female dogs.

Kitty announced that is going to leave for the United States and live there until things settle down in London. All the women who worked in the cabaret cried tearful protests and begging her to go.

"Do not worry, darlings," she said. "I will be back, but I will leave a parting gift for you all."

So, she gave a special session of Holistic Cunnilingus to all the women and girls who worked at the Cabaret. After she gave them oral, she left with Becky and her gang to the airport at the next day.

They arrive with their luggage at the waiting area where Kitty is going to reveal the location of the glass slipper fragment.

"Polly and the others said to keep it because it was worth something," said Kitty. "I never though a small piece of glass would cause so much trouble."

"Shut-up and tell us where it is!" cried Ginger.

"Okay, okay. Don't have a cow, darling. It's in a special box."

"To the lockers!" cried Becky.

Becky and her gang start marching to the lockers not far from the waiting area.

"Where are you going?" Kitty asked.

Everyone stops and turn back to her.

"Didn't you say that it is in some box?" asked Becky. "It's in a locker isn't it?"

"Yes, I did say it's in a box, but not that kind of box," smiled Kitty.

In broad daylight and in front many people, Kitty drops her pants and panties and reaches her hand deep into her vagina. After seconds of digging, Kitty pulls out a small plastic bag containing a shiny crystal-like glass fragment. The plastic bag is still slimy from Kitty's natural lubricants, and she hands it over to Becky.

"Eww," said Becky. "You can take this Ginger."

"I ain't touching that," complained Ginger.

Red snatches the plastic bag and opens it up. The fragment, which is surprisingly dry, sparkles and forms rainbows from the rays of the morning sun.

"So pretty," she said.

Mira takes a closer look on the fragment and discovers something interesting.

"It looks like there's some markings," said Mira.

"Yeah, I was wondering about that," Kitty said as she pulls her panties and pants back up.

"It's written in a certain Greek code," Red said.

"Finally dumbface says something intelligent," said Ginger.

"So if we find the rest of the fragments, some kind of message will appear?" Becky asked.

"Yes Becky," said Red. "And maybe we can find a clue to my past."

"What did you just call me?"

"I called you Grandma, Grandma!" Red smiled.

"Man, I sure we hope we get the other fragments easily next time."

The girls load up their luggage and waved a temporary goodbye to HLS who is put in a kennel to be stored in the cargo hold. HLS was never distressed to be left alone because she can always chew her way out of her kennel and mate with the other female dogs on board in the cargo hold in mid-flight. When it comes to male dogs, however, she either ignored them or bit their crotches.

The girls check into the gate using false identities and false passports created by Ginger, who had bought all the falsification materials from a shady London vendor using fake U.K. pounds.

A movie simply called The Matrix was being shown during the flight. Red and Ginger were simply awed by the awesome special effects and thought about doing the things the main hero does, such as bullet-time, in real life. Pretending that it was date movie, Mira attempted to put her hand on Ginger's hand or put her arm around her shoulder. Unfortunately, her plan failed because Ginger kept on throwing her arms out and hitting Mira's nose every time there was a cool action sequence. After the movie ended, Red and Ginger fell asleep, while Mira tried to stop her nose from bleeding again. During that time, Becky asked Kitty where she is going to stay after they landed.

"You could always stay at our cabin," Becky suggested. "Of course, we don't have many rooms left, but we could always get another woman for a foursome."

"Thanks darling, but I think I'll give my tongue a holliday," Kitty replied. "Besides, I always wanted tour this 'Land of the Free' of yours."

"In that case, may I recommend you staying at a friend's house?"

"What's t

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