Story: Mother Güse Must Die (chapter 6)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 6

Title: The Old Woman who Lives in the Shoe Factory

Chapter 06: The Old Woman who Lives in the Shoe Factory

Mira could not sleep.

Perhaps it is the striped pink wallpaper that is keeping her awake. Perhaps it is the faces of the disgustingly handsome faces of boy band members on posters plastered all over the walls and ceiling.

Mira can hear the muffled moaning of her roommates through the walls. Then she hears passionate kissing, slurping, and sucking.

Mira is getting uncomfortably wet. She starts to fondle her hardening nipples as the roommates start to shake the bed.

She had enough.

Mira leaps out of her bed and walks out to the hallway in nothing but a large t-shirt. She turns left and immediately enters the room.

Mira interrupts Becky and Red from making out. They are naked under the covers.

"What is it, Mira?" asked Becky.

"I can't sleep," she replied. "Can I sleep with you guys?"


Becky and Red push the sheets aside to make a clearing for Mira. Seeing that it is hot and sticky on the king-size bed, Mira takes off her large t-shirt that reveals her pale Pakistani skin, though she is still in her white bra and panties. Mira leaps from the floor and lands between Becky and Red. As she settles in, Becky proceeds to take off her bra and while Red proceeds to take off panties.

"W-what are you doing?" Mira asked.

"We're still horny," said Red.

"We took a couple of the Double-E pills," added Becky.

"Those haven't been tested," said Mira.

"We know."

Becky starts to nibble on Mira's ear.

"Stop," said Mira.

"What?" said Becky.

"What's wrong Mira?" asked Red. "Don't you want to be in a threesome?"

"Your nipples are hard, and you're wet. Are you sure you want to sleep with us?"

Mira rolls her eyes. She is tired of all the questions.

"Oh, just fuck me," said Mira, "and give me those pills."

Mira ingests two of the Double-E (Ecstasy Extreme) pills and proceeds to make out with Becky and Red.

That night Mira had the best and wildest sex ever.

Patrick Spoon cupped his crotch as photographers took pictures of the body of a large Arab. The blood from the Arab's crotch seeps through the white cloth when the forensics team covers the body up.

It is morning in the warehouse district of Nashville. After hearing reports of a fire and gunfire, the FBI sealed off the area and warehouse A89.

"Agent Spoon."

Spoon turns around. He sees agent Chandra Plate before him.

"Yes?" he answered.

"The police have found one of the child workers in the apartments not far from here," said Plate.

"Oh! Um, good. Get one of our men to question him."

"Yes sir."

Chandra walks away from him with a smile on her face. Spoon decides to head over and enter the warehouse office.

He sits down on the chair. On the desk are flag marks indicating female ejaculation stains of two familiar girls. He then looks over to see a tray full of red pills (Double-E) and a tray full of blue imitation Viagra pills. He picks one of the fake Viagra pills and starts to finger it.

"Mister Spoon?"

Spoon jumps and drops the blue pill. He looks over to see Chandra Plate entering the office.

"Ah, yes?"

"I came to tell you that the chemical analysis tests confirm the identity of Becky Wolfe and Red Little."

"As I expected."

"So, um, where's Dish?"

"He's investigating a crime scene at a Hispanic neighborhood."

"I see."

Plate lingers in the office looking around, playing with her hair, and bouncing her hips.

"So, what are you doing tonight?" asked Plate.

Spoon gulps hard.

"Me?" said Spoon. "I think I'll be going over the possible hideout locations of Wolfe and Little."

"That's too bad."

"Yeah. Fork has been breathing down on me and Dish for missing those two."

"I see. Well then, I'll see you in a little bit."


Chandra Plate leaves the office.

Spoon reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out his Nokia cellular phone. He immediately dials.

"Hello?" answered a voice.

"Jonathan?" said Spoon. "You know we have Caller ID on our service."

"Oh, yeah," said Dish. "So how are things going on your end?"

"The usual. Becky Wolfe and Red Little strikes again. This time, they hit a warehouse that was making knockoff drugs."


Spoon starts to fiddle with the fake Viagra pill.

"How about you?" Spoon asked.

"The usual, likewise. We find a bunch of Arab mobsters headed by a very distant relative of a Saudi Prince, and German gangsters headed by an ex-Nazi scientist who went under the name of Ronald Stilzchen. It seems that there was a car chase that lead downtown, and Stilzchen got stuck on a pothole. He was then cut in two by what seems to be a Samurai sword."

"Becky Wolfe."

"You guessed it. However, the men we found dead by the blown up house have suffered from intense groin hemorrhaging"


"I know."

"Damn dykes. They killed some up over here in a similar fashion."


Spoon suddenly hears screaming at Dish's end.

"What is that screaming?" asked Spoon.

"Some woman claiming to be the younger sister of Shania and Gene Biggs."

"I see."

Spoon lingers on the line for a bit longer.

"Say, Jonathan."


"What are you doing tonight?"

"I'm taking my wife to dinner."


"You can come along if you want. She really wants to meet you."

"Actually, I'm kind of busy. I'll be working on pinpointing the location of Becky and Red. You know about our supervisor."

"I see."

"I'll talk to you later then."

Spoon hangs up, and puts his cellular phone in this pocket. He takes one good look at the blue pill, and then immediately swallows it. As he reclines back on the office chair, Plate bursts into the office.

"Agent Spoon."

She stops. She looks down at him and her eyes widen.

"What?" said Spoon.

Her jaw drops.


Spoon looks down. There is a bulge on his crotch.

"Oh, fuck."

After a long night of hot lesbian (tribade) threesome, Becky and Red awaken in the morning to find that Mira is gone.

"Grandma," said Red. "Where's Mira?"

Becky shrugs her shoulders.

"I hope we weren't too rough on her."

Then they hear singing. Then they hear the sizzle of a frying pan. Then suddenly they can smell the aroma of something delicious.

Becky gets into her kimono-like silk robe while Red puts on a t-shirt that reads "I'm an Angel, and I set things in fire!" The two of them run downstairs into the kitchen where a shining and singing Mira finishes up breakfast.

"Good morning, you two!" smiled Mira.

"Good morning!" they said.

"That smells nice!" said Becky.

"You're just in time," said Mira. "Oh, Red, I've prepared biscuits, bacon, and sausages for Miss Lindenberg."

Red takes a plate of bread and sausages and goes outside in the back. The new female dog, Huckleberry-Lindenberg-Snagglepuss, or HLS, springs from a hole she had dug and runs over to Red. Red puts down the plate and pets HLS as it eats. Tied around HLS's neck is a thin leather necklace Red gave her. Dangling from the necklace is a key ring with a fleshy prosthetic nose hanging off it.

Becky and Red begin to eat a good breakfast they had in a while. As they ate, Mira finds herself staring longingly at the two who are discussing trivial things, such as how Queer as Folk would be more interesting if they all the male characters were expert assassins working at a flower shop as a cover.

Already, Mira is enamored by Red's childish innocence and by Becky's easygoing strength and confidence. She simply cannot decide on who to stare at.

In no, time, Becky and Red finishes their meals. Then they look at Mira.

"Mira?" said Becky.

Mira blinks her eyes and snaps out of her fantasies.

"Uh, what?" she said.

"You haven't eaten your pancake."

Mira looks down.

"Ah, yes," she said. "Hold on."

Mira quickly wolfs down on her pancake.

"That was good."

"Not what do we do, Grandma?" Red asked.

"Hmm, let met think," said Becky, "...let's have sex!"

"What?" gasped Mira. "But we just did that last night!"

"I know, but I wanna do it again. This time, we'll tape it."

Becky throws off her silk robe, thus revealing her trimmed nude body. She heads to the living room to get the digital camcorder ready.

Red starts pulling Mira into the living room for another threesome romp.

"C'mon Mira!" said Red. "Let's have another threesome!"

Mira sighs. "Oh, okay."

And so, Becky, Red, and Mira had sex, while the camcorder recorded and HLS staring at the trio quizzically.

Afterwards, Becky had to go over to the Soul Food Bar to give Venus Gottmutter the latest report on her finished assignment. As usual, the pretty black waitresses blush and smile whenever they come within Becky's proximity or line of sight.

After Gottmutter confirms her success and the pay, Becky then receives an advance pay on her next assignment concerning an old woman who lives in a shoe factory.

Before Becky could go back home, Gottmutter called her back concerning a question that was asked a long time ago.

"Becky," said Gottmutter, "you asked about the existence of a certain glass slipper?"

"Why, yes," answered Becky.

"I hear rumors of a certain pair glass slippers that are the key or guide to some sort of treasure. It is so elusive that very few people know of its existence. It is the most sought-after items in the underworld."

Gottmutter smiles. "I am looking into it, Becky dear."

Something in Gottmutter's voice made Becky uncomfortable. However, she cannot be disrespectful of her employer, mentor, and friend.

"Thanks, Gottmutter," Becky smiled back.

Becky gives her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. Then she leaves for home after tipping the cute waitresses.

Back at home, Mira and Red had finished uploading the video of their recent threesome onto the Apple Powerbook, and did a rough edit. Mira got annoyed when Red insisted in putting Britney Spears' songs as a soundtrack for their video.

Afterwards, Mira cleaned up the house while Red and the dog HLS played outside. As Mira sweeps the back porch, Red sets fire to bee's nest, a hornet's nest, a squirrel tree, and an anthill. Luckily, Red emerges from each situation unscathed.

As Red sets some crickets on fire, Mira tells herself that what the little 17-year old is doing is somewhat wrong, yet that is what makes her attractive. She could not help but smile and become envious of the playful innocence of a girl trapped in a world of danger and deceit.

"Little Red!" Mira called.

Red turns around.

"Yes Mira?" she yelled.

"You've got scorch marks on your skin and clothes."

Red looks at herself, and then makes a funny face.

"I guess I did," said Red.

"Come over here."

Red complies and walks over to Mira who immediately proceeds to wipe the scorch marks off her forehead.

"Oh, wait am I going to do about you?" Mira said.

Suddenly, Red gropes one of Mira's breasts. Mira is taken aback, but does not retaliate.

"You have nice boobs," said Red. "Grandma likes to play with mine, but my boobs are small. So she plays with my nipples instead."

"Oh really?" said Mira.

With her breast, groped, Mira leans closer and closer to Red's lips. Red does not move an inch and stares deep into Mira's eyes. Half-hesitantly, Mira lands a kiss on Red's lips. After that kiss, they kiss again and proceed to make out.

They go inside the kitchen where Mira sets Red on the table. Mira immediately takes off her blouse and her bra, upon which Red excitedly starts to suck her nipples.

The two of them did not hear the screech of the blue Honda Civic Si sedan out in the front. Nor did they hear the bang of the screen door opening.

"I'm home!" yelled Becky.

Becky sees Red licking Mira's nipples. They've been caught.

"Um, it's not what you think!" exclaimed Mira.

Wait a minute, Mira thought. I just had sex with both of them at the same time--twice! Why do I need to say that?

"Grandma!" yelled Red. "Come join us!"

"Okay!" said Becky.

"Hey, wait a minute," Mira exclaims as Red and Becky start to lick her nipples.

From then on, Becky, Red, and Mira had hot sex on the kitchen table, while HLS stood watching them quizzically.

After sex, they lay in each other's arms until Becky said:

"I'm hungry."

"Me too," added Red.

Since Mira couldn't make lunch while engaging in a hot lesbian (tribade) threesome, Becky, Red, Mira, and HLS went over to the town to eat at the cafÇ-general store managed by the old couple, Petersons.

"Why, hello little Red Little!" greeted the elderly Mrs. Peterson. "You brought some new friends!"

"Hello grandma Peterson!" greeted Red.

HLS barks. The gruff Mr. Peterson, who is sweeping the floor looks up and sees the dog in his store.

"You cannot bring the dog here," he said.

"I'm sorry, little Red," said Mrs. Peterson, "but you have to let your dog wait outside."

So Red takes HLS outside and tells her to wait. After Red goes back inside, HLS sees another dog, a brown terrier, coming out of the alleyway of the general store. HLS springs to her four feet and chases the terrier back into the alleyway.

Back inside, Becky, Red, and Mira ate homemade sandwiches, chips, and soda.

"Ah, that is good food," said Becky after they all finished their meals.

"They just made their sandwiches with store-bought bread and meat," Mira noted.

"What we should we do now, Grandma?" Red asked.

"I know," said Becky. "Let's make out!"

And so they did, since Red and Becky sat next to each other.

Behind the counter, Mr. Peterson grumbles at the ungodly sight.

"Kids these days," grumbled Peterson, "pretty soon, the whole nations is gonna be filled with queers and fags."

"Oh, just relax," said Mrs. Peterson. "They're in love! Besides, we were like that when we were young."

"And your dad beat the shit out of me every time I made out with you."

Suddenly, they hear the yelp of a dog. Mr. And Mrs. Peterson goes out to the exit to the alleyway to behold two dogs humping each other.

Mrs. Peterson screams. Becky and Red ignore the scream until Mira taps them back to reality. Then they see Mr. Peterson running back to the counter.

"I want you all out!" he screamed.

"Huh? What happened?" Becky asked.

Mrs. Peterson stumbles back to the counter dazed and confused.

"Your dog is screwing with out pure-bred terrier!" yelled Mr. Peterson.

"How can that be?" Becky continued. "It must be your terrier screwing with HLS, however improbable that may be."

"No, I saw it with my own eyes. Your black dog is screwing our dog."

"But HLS is a girl!" exclaimed Red.

"If your dog is female, how can she screw our female terrier?"

The entire cafÇ-general store falls silent. Then Mira receives an epiphany and slams her fist into her other hand.

"Miss Lindenberg must be a lesbian!" exclaimed Mira.

"Tribade," Red corrected.

"Oh, sorry--I meant tribade."

"First us," grumbled Mr. Peterson, "and now it's the dogs as well! And I can't believe you gave your dog such a dirty name!"

"Huckleberry-Lindenberg-Snagglepuss is a dirty name?"

Becky leaps off the bench and heads over to calm Mr. Peterson down.

"Hey, relax," said Becky

"Don't touch me!" snapped Peterson.

"Aw, you know that's not good for your health. You should take my second rule of Assassin Mercenary Methodology to heart."

"Say, Mira, do you know the rules?" Red asked Mira.

"Kind of," said Mira.

"So what's the first rule, ladies?" Becky asked.

"The first rule of Assassin Mercenary Methodology is to kill only those who pose a definite threat to your life," recited Red and Mira.

"I'm itching to use that rule against you dykes," mumbled Mr. Peterson.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," said Becky. "And the second?"

"Always try to be relaxed," recited Red and Mira.

"And the third?"

"Scat is gross!"

"I'm thinking adding a couple of rules making watersports gross and foot fetishes illegal for those with foot fungus."

"Get out of my store," said Mr. Peterson.

Becky sighs. She then pulls something out of her pants pocket and tosses it to the still-dazed Mrs. Peterson.

"Here," said Becky.

"What is this?" asked Mrs. Peterson. She sees that she is holding a packet of two red pills.

"Double-E--also known as Ecstasy Extreme."

Without hesitation, Mrs. Peterson ingests the pills.

"Now you're a drug dealer?" exclaims Mr. Peterson.

Becky then shows him a packet containing one blue pill.

"This is yours," she said.

"I'm not taking it."

"You'd better. Your wife is going to be very horny in thirty seconds, and she'll be riding you like a bronco for thirty minutes. Besides, you two definitely need to get it on."

Mr. Peterson looks at the pill hanging before him. After much deliberation, he snatches the packet and ingests its contents.

"If this doesn't work," he said, "I'd better not see your face in this store ever again."

"If it does?" asked Becky.

"Then, just keep your lesbian..."


"Whatever--just keep your gay dog off our terrier."

"Remember the second rule," winked Becky.

So Mr. Peterson takes the hand of his already wet and horny wife and leads her into their small office. They close the doors and immediately begin having sex.

"Becky," started Mira. "I can't believe you gave them two untested pills to that couple!"

"Old Bible-thumpers need get laid once in a while," said Becky as she lights up a cigarette.

Unfortunately, Becky had delayed the others from their purchases of groceries and other items. To pass the time, Red reads the latest issue of Seventeen that featured an interview of Britney Spears, Mira reads a descriptive article teaching women on how to be nasty to your man in Cosmopolitan, and Becky looks high and low for a pornographic or a rock magazine.

"Damn small towns," grumbled Becky. "I can't find anything good to read."

Then Mira shows Becky a picture of a woman with exposed breasts inside Cosmo.

"Mira, you dirty slut," smiled Becky.

Thirty minutes passed. Becky, Red, and Mira have already gathered up their groceries at the checkout counter. Soon enough, HLS, who is done grinding the vagina of the Peterson's dog with hers, comes inside, and Red immediately pets her.

"I know old people take a while to finish having sex..." said Becky, who is leaning on the counter and tapping away.

"Maybe they're sleeping," said Mira.

"They shouldn't. They have customers waiting."

The impatient Becky gets off the counter and walks straight into the office.

"Uh, guys," she said. "I think we have a problem."

Mira, Red, and HLS burst into the office. They gasp. What they find is Mr. and Mrs. Peterson dead, naked, smiling, and in a loving embrace.

Mira checks their pulse.

"They're dead," she said.

"...Jim," added Becky. "I'm not doing mouth-to-mouth."

"Neither am I."

"Maybe we can jump start their hearts by kicking them."

So Becky and Mira repeatedly kick the naked Petersons, which creates bruises on their bodies. They stop until Mr. Peterson's (or was it Mrs. Peterson's?) urine spills to the floor.

"They're alive!" cried Becky. "They can pee!"

"No, that's just the bladder expelling the urine due to a lack of muscle resistance," explained Mira. "Or, it could be that we kicked them a little too much."

"Can I do clit-to-clit resuscitation?" Red innocently asks.

"Um, just on the living," said Becky, "like Mira and me."

Soon enough, the paramedics pick up the dead naked old couple and drives off. Becky and the others are relieved to hear that the cause of death was simply exhaustion from having really rough sex as evidenced by the bruises, not the pills themselves.

Unfortunately, they have no one to ring up the groceries they wanted to buy. So in their good intentions, Becky and the others left the closest amount of money for their purchases on the checkout counter in the event some relative will come over and takeover the cafÇ-general store. They left with their bagged goods not knowing that the resident crackhead (there's only one) will break in and steal the money they left behind, a pack of M & M's, one liter of orange soda, and an issue of Cosmopolitan to masturbate to.

After arriving home, Becky goes out to back to the woods to train, Mira prepares dinner, and Red and HLS sat in the living room editing the homemade lesbian porno and browsing the Internet on the Apple Powerbook notebook computer.

While waiting for the roast to finish, Mira heads out to the back and goes over to the forest where the Wolfe is training. Quietly, Mira dodges from tree to tree so she cannot interrupt Becky. Mira finally stops and pokes her head out to see Becky dressed in nothing but white panties and a black tank top. Her tall and trimmed body is completely covered in sweat, and her two wolf ears on the top of her head are damp.

Becky notices Mira. Mira jumps and hides behind a tree. She is blushing.

"Mira," said Becky. "What are you doing out here?"

Mira emerges from hiding. "I came to check on you."

"I see."

Becky sits down and throws a towel over her shoulders. She starts to drink from her bottled water. Mira watches as Becky flexes her shoulders.

"Are you sore?" Mira asked.

"A bit," replied Becky.

Mira heads over behind Becky. She drops to her knees and starts massaging her shoulders.

"Ooh, that is nice," said Becky.

"It's a good thing I took massage therapy class in college," said Mira. "But I only got halfway through the course."

"What happened?"

"I had to dropout because my parents were unable to pay for my tuitions. They died."

"I'm sorry."

"After that, I met this Pakistani chemist who offered me a job, but instead sold me off to Shadazz. I then had to rely on Ronald Stilzchen for my education in chemistry and medicine or else the situation would have gotten worse. Shadazz would have..."

Mira slumps down and accidentally, or perhaps half-intentionally, rests her hands on Becky's breasts. Realizing this, she jumps away from Becky in embarrassment.

"Oh, sorry!" she said.

"Huh, what?"

Becky turns around to see Mira about ready to cry. She goes over to her and puts her hands on her shoulders.

"Hey, hey," said Becky. "Don't cry. I've rescued you from Shadazz and Stilzchen remember? I even saved your son."

"You've done so much for me, Miss Wolfe," said Mira.

They stare deep into each other's eyes.

"Do you want to kiss me?" Becky asked.

"No," replied Mira. "I want you to kiss me."

And so, Becky kisses Mira passionately. Again. And again. Becky collapses on top of Mira on the forest floor and continues to make out with her. As she kisses her, Becky cups Mira's breast one hand while using the other hand to run her fingers inside her pants.

"Miss Wolfe," said Mira.


"Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

"I will."

Mira's blouse and bra comes off, so that Becky could peck her all the way down to her groin. Mira and Becky are now completely naked. Becky dives between Mira's legs and starts stimulate her orally.

Mira reaches the first orgasm. Becky the moves up so that she is directly above Mira from head to toe. Mira happily anticipates Becky's next dominating move.

"Grandma!" cried a familiar voice.

Becky and Mira turn their heads to see Red and HLS.

"Red-chan!" cried Becky.

"Damn," said Mira. "I meant..."

Before she could say anything further, Mira ends up in another hot threesome with Becky and Red, while their dog watches them just as quizzically as before.

By the time they were finished, dinner was ready. So they ate dinner. Mira served cornbread as desert, which everyone ate gleefully.

After dinner, Becky, Red, and Mira had another threesome.

Afterwards they took a hot bath together, upon which another threesome occurred.

Then they called it a night and slept in the same king-sized bed of the master bedroom. Hours later, they had another threesome.

Jonathan Dish had always made a habit not to trust anyone (except his partner, Patrick Spoon) with his government-issued FBI Taurus sedan, even though he is coming back from a dinner with his wife, whom he have not seen for months. Thus, there is nothing of value inside his car except his own self.

After parking the sedan in the parking garage of a four-star Nashville hotel, Dish takes an elevator up to the third floor. He walks down the hallway to his room and gets ready to open the door. Suddenly, a woman comes out just as she buttons up her blouse. Dish looks up and immediately recognizes her.

"Oh, Agent Dish!" said Chandra Plate.

"Agent Plate?"

"Um, I'll see you at work."

Ms. Plate nervously walks down the hall and disappears as she makes a turn into another hallway.

Dish enters his hotel room and sees Spoon tying the belt of his robe.

"John!" said Spoon.

Dish looks around the two-bed hotel room. He sees some of Spoon's clothes thrown on the floor. He then takes off his jacket and tie.

"It's really unprofessional to sleep with your co-workers during a crucial assignment," lectured Dish.

"What about you?" said Spoon. "It seems hypocritical to say that after you had dinner with your wife."

"My dad and Fork was with me."

"Oh, yeah. I forgot. Your father and Fork go back a long way."

"I just needed a break, that's all."

"I need a break too, you know."

"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried, but..."

"But what?"

"Never mind."

Spoon angrily jumps on his bed and faces away from Dish.

"Look, you just don't understand my situation," Dish said.

"Yeah, whatever," mumbled Spoon.

Dish and Spoon said nothing further to each other and slept through the night on their own separate beds.

In the next morning, Becky, Red, Mira, and HLS had breakfast. Immediately afterwards, Becky, Red, and Mira had sex while HLS watched like any confused dog would.

Today is the start of Becky and Red's second job. So they waved goodbye to Mira and left for Memphis. Left all alone in the cabin near the woods and a river, Mira decides to re-watch the taped videos of her threesome with Becky and Red. Feeling hot, she then masturbates the entire day about her two lovers while preparing lunch and dinner in between. At the same time, HLS scoured about town humping any female dog she sees.

After a long drive across the state of Tennessee, Becky and Red finally arrive at before the shoe factory in the Memphis factory district. As Gottmutter had said, the large factory the old woman Schumacher ran and lived in is distinguished by a worn-out giant mock-up of a brown worker boot above the front entrance.

They parked their car far from the factory and went out on foot. As they approach the building, Red puts on her silencer and takes out two guards patrolling the south wall. With them down, Becky and Red run to the windowed side entrance.

Becky peeks inside. She can't see anything. Becky gives the signal to Red and the two of them quietly sneak in. They tiptoe through the narrow and dark hallways until they can see light. They poke their heads to see something disturbing to children's rights activists.

There are a great number of adolescent and teenage children assembling shoes to sell in budget shoe stores. The children however, were all very special. Almost all of them show signs of mental retardation, and about one-third of them are afflicted with Down syndrome. Overseeing them are seven low-paid Mexican foreman shouting commands in broken English and sometimes beating an underperforming child. There are also ten white guards patrolling the inside with machine guns. There is a metal stairway leading up to the heavily guarded second floor offices, where Becky believes the target Schumacher is.

"Those poor kids," said Red.

"I'd go in guns ablazin'," said Becky, "but I don't have a gun. Besides, I don't want my conscious to be weighed heavily if they get hurt."

"So what do we do?"

"We go upstairs."

Becky discovers an enclosed stairwell leading up to the second-floor catwalks of the factory. They stand behind the door ready to attack.

"This way the guards will be shooting up towards us instead of down, thus lessening the chance collateral damage," Becky said. "You take out the guards on the catwalks while I run into the office."

"Got it," nods Red.

"If possible, try to get the kids out."


Becky counts down from two.

Immediately, a young woman with a long black trench coat and wolf ears on the top of her head burst out of the door a long with a girl decked in a crimson riding hood. Becky unsheathes her Shinseiki katana and immediately takes out the guard in front of her as she runs down the catwalk towards the office.

Gunfire ensues. While the guards fire at Becky, Red unloads her two handguns and takes her position to shoot all of the guards on the second floor dead with deadly precision. She immediately takes cover as the five remaining guards on the factory floor fire up towards her.

Becky successfully breaks into the offices. Meanwhile, Red shoots two of the machine gun guards dead on the first floor. Three more take cover behind the assembly benches and machinery. While the children take cover, Red leaps from the catwalk and kills one more guard. She then leaps and rolls over the benches and in one move she kills the remaining guards with one bullet each.

Then suddenly, six of the seven Mexican foreman start assault Red with their clubs. She dodges all of their attacks by jumping on the table. She shoots them down in their non-vital areas such as their shoulders, arms and thighs. She hears a scream. Red turns her head and sees the last foreman holding a stout Down syndrome girl with his club to her neck. He is shouting something incomprehensible to Red in Spanish. Red takes her pistol and shoots the Mexican foreman in the foot. The girl is now set free.

Red leaps off the table and opens the front door. She immediately shoots down the two guards guarding entrance, and then turns to the mentally challenged children.

"You're free!" she cried in exuberance.

The children simply stare at her. Could they not comprehend the situation they are in?

Red pulls out two bottles from underneath her crimson riding hood. One bottle contains the red pills known as Double-E, and the other contains the blue pills that are the imitation Viagra.

"I've got candy!" cried Red.

The children's eyes widened and their faces brightened into a full smile. They start to stampede towards Red. Red turns around and starts running outside so the children could follow her.

Inside the offices, Becky takes out two lightly armed guards in suits in one move each. She takes no notice of the barrels of red and blue candy at the corner and immediately burst into the next room.

She ends up into a dimly lit meeting room transformed into a makeshift smut studio. To her left sitting on a couch is a yuppie thirty something couple frightened by Becky's imposing presence. Also in the room are two more lightly armed guards, an Italian producer, a cameraman, and the old Schumacher sitting on the director's chair. They are about to film a scene with a Down syndrome boy and girl in bondage gear in a backdrop of hanging crimson and black cloths.

Becky is stunned, and raises her eyebrow at this strange situation.

"Who the fuck are you?" Schumacher demanded.

The suited guards immediately draw out their pistols, but their hands get cut off by the Shinseiki before they can fire. Becky decides to quiet their screams by cutting their heads off.

As the yuppie couple runs away, Becky moves towards Schumacher. She punches the producer in the face, and kicks the cameraman in the crotch, who in turn falls onto his video camera and breaks it. Schumacher leaps off her director's chair and runs to the other end of the room and pulls out her gun. Becky immediately slices her hand off. Schumacher falls to the floor screaming and clenching her bloodied wrist with her left hand. Becky proceeds to start kicking Schumacher until she falls unconscious.

Later, Becky puts Schumacher's severed hand in plastic bag full of ice. She then takes the hand and Schumacher and shoves them both in the trunk of the blue Civic Si sedan. Becky drives through the factory district until she picks up a hitchhiking Red, who is successful in setting the children free.

They stop at downtown where Becky and Red get out to pull the semi-conscious Schumacher out of the trunk and stuffs into an old metal barrel. Becky writes a quick note detailing what Schumacher did in her factory full of mentally challenged children and puts it inside the barrel along with her severed hand and her smut videocassette.

Becky and Red tip the barrel down so they can kick and roll it down the street.

"Ready?" said Becky.

"Fucking..." uttered Schumacher.

"Two... one..."

"If Güse finds out, you're dead!"

Becky hesitates.

"If I were this 'goose'," started Becky, "you wouldn't have much long to live."

"Nobody crosses Darryl and gets live to tell about it, Old Wolfe-Ears," taunted Schumacher.

Becky's brow furrowed in anger. She bends down to start yelling right in Schumacher's face.

"Where is she?" she yelled. "Where is Darryl Güse?"

"Fuck you!" screamed Schumacher. She then spits at Becky's face.

Becky straightens herself and takes a deep breath. She calmly wipes the old woman's face off her face.

"Kick it," Becky said.

"Okay," said Red.

Red kicks the barrel and sends its contents rolling down the street.

Mission accomplished, but Red cannot feel happy about it. She had just witnessed something wrong about Becky's response when she heard the name of Darryl Güse.

"Grandma," said Red. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," said Becky. "I nearly broke the second rule."

Red is not satisfied with the answer. Becky looks and sees that she is about ready to cry.

"Hey, relax," said Becky as she pats Red's petite shoulder. "We got the job done, right?"

"I guess."

"Pretty smart of you to use Double-E and fake Viagra to lure those kids out of the factory. Say, I could go for some of those red pills right now."

"Um, Grandma."


"I gave them all away."


"I gave the children all the Double-E and fake Viagra pills when we reached the safe distance."

Becky's jaw drops in astonishment.

"Are you telling me that somewhere in Memphis a horde of mentally challenged and Down syndrome kids are getting it on?"

Red nods.

"And me without my camcorder," laments Becky.

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